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11 Eyelash Extension Tips You Need To Learn Now

Everyone loves long and dense eyelashes. Some have them naturally but if you are not one among those lucky ones then you do not need to lose your heart as there are other options available for you by which you can make your lashes look desirable.


You can try having eyelashes extensions. Though a bit costly, but it is still the best way to get those fuller lashes on an everyday basis.

How much do eyelash extensions cost?


Before deciding on getting an eyelashes extension, you should know that it is a serious financial commitment. At the first sitting, you would need to spend a minimum of $120 which can increase further depending upon the density of your natural lashes. After each month, another sitting would be required to add more extensions to balance the lost leashes. For it, the cost would lie between $50- $60 in each sitting.

How to apply for eyelash extension?

The individual eyelash extension treatment is better done by professionals but you can apply eyelashes extension available in the market by yourself.

This would save you both time and money. The process is much faster and if you use good eyelash extensions then they would last on your eyes for up to a whole week without having to do frequent touch-ups. The best thing about them is they would cost you way lesser than the typical eyelashes extensions. The “at-home” extensions are only for $10 and can be used twice.

The lash extensions come in different lengths. It is good to choose the ones with short and media medium-length as the long lash extensions may look quite fake. So now as you have chosen the lash extensions, here comes the applying part.

After getting dried, the glue you use should match with the color of your lashes so that it does not look fake. Apply eyeliner after the extensions as it helps in hiding the glue line in case if it is visible.

Take the artificial lashes and start applying glue to their bottom while holding the lashes with the help of tweezers. Now quickly stick the lashes to your eyelids. Please remember that you have to be real quick in this step otherwise the glue would dry before you stick the eyelashes on your eyelids.

Start applying the eyelashes from the outer corner of the eye and come towards the inner side. This makes the lashes look more natural.

How long does eyelash tint last?

Eyelash Tint Durability

Those who neither want extensions nor can devote a significant time to use mascara and eyelash curler every day can try getting eyelashes to tint.

It is a kind of semi-permanent artificial dye on your lashes that lasts for a long time. Though it does not give your lashes a volume or lift, it intensifies the color of your lashes. Lots of women have eyelashes the color of which is blonde or faded. The tint is a boon for them as after this treatment, their lashes will look fuller.

One eyelash tint session would take just 20-30 minutes and the pigment would last until your lashes complete their life cycle. Only when several new lashes are grown at the place of the old ones, you would notice the tint getting faded. Once 75% of new lashes replace the old tinted ones, you would be needed to undergo the tint session again.

How to make eyelash extensions last longer?

Generally, eyelashes extensions last for 3-4 weeks but if you take proper care then you can stretch this time up to 5 weeks.

Here we are sharing some tried and tested tips. The first thing is to maintain cleanliness. Every night during your makeup removing session, use a lash extension-safe foaming cleanser to clean the eyelashes. As it is formulated to remove excess oil, you must apply a good moisturizer around your eyelids once you remove the makeup. All the skincare products used by you should be eyelashes extension friendly. It is already said that eyelashes extensions are not for everyone so if you have decided to get them then take proper care otherwise the money you already spent would be futile.

Avoid using mascara and lash curler if you want your eyelash extension to last for a longer time. If you have an active lifestyle or you live in a humid area then you should use an eyelash extension sealant as it helps in holding the adhesive for a longer period. Use the sealant twice or thrice a week.

How to clean eyelash extensions?

After you complete your eyelashes extension session, you are advised to make sure that the lashes do not come in direct contact with water for the first 24 hours. After it, you are needed to clean the extensions from time to time otherwise they may fall immaturely or give you a skin infection.

Like any other body part, the lash extensions also need cleansing. As said above, you must use an eyelash extension friendly cleanser. Never use makeup removing wipes available in the market as they contain chemicals that can make eyelashes adhesive weak. Gently clean the extensions with the motion of your fingers and dry them using a soft towel.

What does eyelash primer do?

Eyelash Primer

Using eyelashes primer before applying mascara is the most effective way of making your eyelashes look dense without having eyelashes extension.

All you have to do is to apply one or two coats of eyelashes primer before you apply mascara on them. It would not only make your lashes look dense but also help to hold the mascara pigment for a longer period.

Women who do not have eyelashes extension or even do not want to use eyelashes curler every time can achieve dense lashes by using a good eyelash primer and several mascara coats.

How to use an eyelash curler?

Eyelash Curler

To make your mascara reach its full potential, using an eyelash curler is a must. You can also use it without applying mascara for a completely natural look. When you are looking forward to having a “no-makeup” look, the eyelash curler is a wonderful tool.

Now as you have decided to use eyelashes curler, you must know that it is of two types. One is the classic manual one and the other is the advanced heated version. Though the latter one is the most ideal for stubborn eyelashes hair which is hard to curl, if you have never used an eyelash curler before then you must pick the classic one. Some women have also reported having irritation in eyelids after using the heated lash curler so it is better to use the traditional curler if you are a novice.

Now to curl the lashes, hold the curler to the root of your lashes. Make sure you do not take the skin around your eyelids in. However, do not hold the lashes too far from the roots otherwise you would notice a visible crimp in them after curling. Now close the mouth of the curler gently before actually squeezing the lashes. This is done to avoid any possible injury you can cause to yourself upon the initial use of an eyelashes curler. Now hold the curler for 5-10 seconds and then open it.

Once done, you can apply 2 or 3 coats of mascara or simply enjoy the whole natural style with those lively looking eyelashes.

How to curl your eyelashes without an eyelash curler?

No doubt using eyelashes curler can make your lashes look fuller and more awaken. But what to do in case you do not own a lash curler or do not know how to use one?

In that case, you eagerly look for some other effective way to curl your lashes and you would feel happy to know that we have some such ideas which are both effective and time-saving.

Maskara is your magic wand

Your mascara can prove to play a very important role in changing your eyelashes for the complete good. It would not only make your lashes look thicker but curl them as well.

Start by applying one coat of mascara on the lashes and let it dry. Now apply another coat using a zigzag motion. Let it dry again before doing the final step. In the third coat, you have to hold the mascara wand at the tip of your lashes in a way that they are curled at that time. Keep your hand in this position for the count of 10. Now slowly remove your hand. You would see that your lashes are curled now which would last for the whole day.

Using warm spoon-

Take a steel spoon and make it warm by dipping it into hot water for some time. Now carefully place it over your lid, keeping the curved side against the lashes. Make sure that the spoon is not too hot or else you may burn the skin around your eyes.

Now as you have placed the spoon on your lids, start pressing the eyelashes against the curved side of the spoon and hold it for 15-20 seconds. You would notice a significant difference in your lashes after it. If you want then you can repeat the process for better results.

What is eyelash perming?

Eyelashes perms is a much cost-efficient way of getting fuller and voluminous eyelashes. Also, they are much easier to maintain as compared to eyelashes extensions.

For perming the lashes, a cylindrical rod with a perming solution is used over the eyelids to curl them. These perms last for 3 to 4 weeks.

The best thing about eyelashes perming is that you can choose the amount of curl you want for your lashes. Get them done by a professional and we promised that you would not regret your decision.

How much does an eyelash perm cost?

Eyelashes perming is slowly getting popular among women as it looks more natural as compared to the professional eyelashes extension. Also, the eyelashes perming process does not cost much. You have to spend between $125 to $175 while the actual price varies from salon to salon.

It takes about 45-60 minutes for one eyelash perming session and the results lasts for four to six weeks.

How to apply eyelash serum?

Eyelashes are one of the most ignored body parts when it comes to taking care and provide nourishment. You must keep in mind that cosmetics like mascara, eyeliner are used on them which contain chemicals. Also, using a lash curler, eyelashes extensions over the period of time can damage them. So it is advisable to add eyelashes serum to your night care routine.

Eyelash enhancing serum is used for achieving thicker and longer eyelashes. It makes the lashes stronger and stops preventing eyebrow hair fall. It also helps to repair the eyelashes hair which got damaged due to excessive exposure to chemicals.

If used regularly you would start to see the results in four to six weeks. Start with a clean and dry face when you are to apply the eyelashes serum. It is super easy to apply the serum as it comes in a bottle like one of your mascaras with that super convenient wand. All you have to do is just take out the wand from the bottle and roll it along the root of your upper lash line. Just let it sit on your lashes so that they can get the complete nourishment, there is no need to rub it.

Also, do not apply the serum on your lower lash line as it can go inside your eyes and cause irritation.

If you do not find time for applying it at night then you can do it in the daytime also. Just remember to wait for at least 15 minutes before applying any other make-up product to your lashes so that they can dry properly.

You saw that there are several ways by which you can enhance the beauty of your natural lashes which would boost your confidence. One can choose a certain method according to one’s budget and availability of time. If you have any other questions in your mind then you can ask below.

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