15 Cool Baddie Hairstyles For Awesome Look

Do you want to feel badass and rock your hairstyle just as badass? With the right hairstyle, you can be completely wild and confident. Due to celebrities’ desire to remain fashionable and unique, baddie hairstyles have exploded in favor recently. You can design your own cute baddie hairstyles with a few pointers and inspirational photos in mind. Furthermore, if you want easy baddie hairstyles for curly hair, you do not need to grow or straighten your hair to a specific length to attain the desired baddie curly hairstyles. There are numerous ideas for various hair kinds and lengths to include in your daily 4c baddie hairstyles. Are you ready to broaden your hairstyle horizons?

The awful top hairstyles that are popular everywhere are listed below. 

Search “baddie hairstyles” on the Internet to see all the good hairstyles you can do with your hair (and the bad girl behind it), or check out the most popular bad hairstyles. 

Top 15 Baddie Hairstyles

Let’s take a look at some of today’s most popular haircuts now that you know what it means to be a badass. We have everything from ponytails, buns, pigtails, knots, weaves, braids, and even hair with accessories.

Half Up and Half Down Fountain Ponytail

Half Up and Half Down Fountain Ponytail

There’s no better way to pull it off than with a half-full ponytail that is also a favorite among baddies.

Long, sleek, and Flowy Hair

Long Sleek and Flowy Baddie Hairstyle

What looks more sexy than really long straight hair baddie hairstyles

Keeping your beautiful hair smooth and long is one of the best ways to look perfect baddie. You should do this at least once, even if it is not your favorite style. It’s just one of the baddie hairstyles for long straight hair.

This look is unavoidable if you truly want to be a baddie; all of the finest baddies on Instagram have their hair styled in this manner. Also, you are not limited to running around with your amazing and possibly fake hair and grabbing your amazing curves. You can also add a high ponytail to the top of your head for an elegant look. As long as you have extra long hair (maybe fake) for baddie hairstyles for long hair, you can style it in a high ponytail over your head, or the baddie’s luscious proportions were worn down to graze.

Classic Pigtails

Classic Pigtails Baddie Hairstyle

Isn’t it true that we all adore Harley Quinn? In fact, many baddies around the world channeled their inner Harley Quinn by classic Pigtails, a brand of the early 2000s.

baddie weave hairstyles look is not one of the “past things” to keep in mind. It’s made a big comeback, and if you’re a badass girl who wants to look stylish, this is a must.

You can also choose to wear your hair with half up and half down hairstyles or tie your hair up in an entire braid. 

Space Buns

Space Buns Baddie Hairstyle

Also, in the baddies rulebook, everything looks good every time. Of course, that is two ponytails, two braids, and two bows or buns. So it’s no wonder that space buns (or two buns on the sides of your head) are a very popular choice for baddies.

Remember that the wider and more texturized your buns are, the better and more show-stopping you’ll seem, as opposed to the sleek and tight buns of the past. For best results, use hair spray.

Smooth Bun

Smooth Bun Baddie Hairstyle

Being a badass also entails embracing your natural beauty, and one of the finest ways to do so while improving and displaying your natural hair texture is to wear your hair in a huge and beautiful poof on top of your head. natural baddie hairstyles are dazzling and messy enough to highlight your fun personality.

Sleek Half-Up Topknot

Sleek Half-Up Topknot Baddie Hairstyle

If you have straight hair and want to rock your baddie ponytail hairstyles, a slim, half-up bun is the way to go. It has a really exquisite appearance and is extremely simple to accomplish.

This look can be shaken even if the hair is very curly. You can change the look to make the braids look beautiful or wear a wig to design dumplings. Either way, you will look like you are totally banging.

High Topknot

High Topknot Baddie Hairstyle

As one of the best bun baddie hairstyles, there is nothing that beats a high topknot that looks simple yet absolutely stunning. You can tie your hair up first to tighten the knot (if you are not a fan of the messy bun) or use buns to add volume.

Brazilian Body Wave

Brazilian Body Wave Baddie Hairstyle

Suppose you are a baddie girl and want to change your natural waves and curls with a little bounce and extra frills, the best way to get super sexy baddie hairstyles for curly hair is Brazilian body waves. As you will see, many of them is to wear a hair extension or wig so you can achieve ultra-glamorous Brazilian body waves with highly desirable texture and attractiveness. Baddies prefer to flaunt their natural curls and waves, but wearing a wig or hair extension isn’t always an embarrassment. Brazilian body waves are a very attractive and highly desirable hair texture. False hair is the best way for baddies to keep rotating some extra hairstyles. If you are a badass girl, you would like to switch between several baddie prom hairstyles. Because natural hair can only provide so much, synthetic hair is sometimes the best option.

Accent Braids

Accent Braids Baddie Hairstyle

Accent braids are one of the most popular baddie hairstyles braids look when it comes to hairstyles. If you want to look like a baddie, they are a must-have look because they’re not only simple to make and pull off, but you also have the option of wearing “simpler” accent braids or pairing them with another baddie haircut for a more customized glam appeal. This look is effective because it may be worn alone or combined with different hairstyles.

baddie braid hairstyles that can be put to the entire head are known as decorative braids. 


Cornrows Baddie Hairstyle

Any woman can be a baddie girl. For those of us who have naturally curly black hair, curly baddie hairstyles are one of the best ways to give ourselves a long-lasting, brave and hard look.

It does take some time and talent to learn, so if you’re a beginner, you may need some assistance, but we can assure you that the effort is well worth it once you see how you look in the mirror. Plus, you can make cornrows work for short hair with the help of sophisticated or colorful feed-in hair!

Boxer Braid

Boxer Braid Baddie Hairstyle

In recent years, it appears like everyone, especially the baddie lady with curly hair baddie hairstyles, has a boxer braid. It is a major hair trend that can be seen on the street and at major entertainment events. As the name suggests, cute baddie hairstyles for curly hair are inspired by the way boxers tie their hair before a fight to make it look good without disturbing it.

baddie hairstyles with box braids are easy because you only need to tighten two braids from the top of the head to the back. You can even put extra-nourishing hair to the braid to make it look longer or even color it.

Slayed Edges

Slayed Edges Baddie Hairstyle

If you try too hard to polish and look perfect, but baby hair around the hairline gets in the way of perfection, you need to know how to trim or style the edges. It’s a baddie staple that gives you a more polished baddie sleek hairstyle. In fact, it is common all over the world to use edge control gels and toothbrushes to smooth these edges and tame and style baby’s hair in different styles. All baddies require slain baddie edges hairstyles. Edges generally refer to a child’s hair growing around the hairline. 

Blunt Vibrant Bob

Blunt Vibrant Bob Baddie Hairstyle

You can cut your hair into a blunt vibrant bob for an easy, maintenance-free look that is super stylish and eye-catching. These are also known as baddie hairstyles for short hair. This means it is smooth and straight with no texture or seams. The Blunt, vibrant bob is cut with a straight line or “stump,” and there is no lift. baddie bob hairstyles mean that the haircut has no layer or texture. It should be slim and straight. Some affordable wigs are for sale if you are not ready to pamper yourself. It is an accessory that every badass girl needs in her wardrobe. For more trend points, make sure to have shiny, unnatural hair colors like dark blue or purple.

baddie hairstyles for medium hair can look really cool, especially when combined with colorful hair colors. If you don’t want to cut your hair short, you can always experiment with an inexpensive wig. Check also hair color melts.

All Clipped Up

All Clipped Up Baddie Hairstyle

Do you want to go back to your childhood with baddie hairstyles for school? You can ideally do baddie hairstyles with hair clips by decorating your hair with colorful butterfly clips that you can find and pick up the sections along your hairline. It’s easy and fun to make. And there are endless ways to get creative with how to achieve this look. Enjoy and fly!

Rubberband Galore

Rubberband Galore Baddie Hairstyle

Another sweet and adorable addition to our childhood is the baddie rubber band hairstyles with the cross hair and elastic bands in many colors. It’s stylish, adorable, and sure to be a hit. You can style baddie hairstyles with rubber bands, incorporate them into one of the other hairstyles described above or divide your hair into small connecting strands that cross the hairline.


Fashion for Baddies

Some of the most popular Instagram models have inspired the Baddie style considerably. Crop tops, camo leggings, tube tops, and bodysuits are all part of the Baddie look.

  • Skinny jeans
  • A range of sneakers, trainers, and tennis shoes (expensive shoe brands) 
  • Name-brand apparel 
  • Sweatpants and hoodies
  • Hoop earrings 
  • Long acrylic nails 
  • baddie hairstyles with bangs
  • Graphic T-shirts 
  • Hoodie strings are frequently knotted in a bow

Baddie makeup emphasizes thick eyebrows, heavy eyeliner, and lips, contouring the face with cosmetics, fake eyelashes, and a lot of clear lip gloss. Baddies usually have hair, hairstyles, and hair accessories that are also quite essential.

  • Straight, long, dark wigs
  • Braids 
  • Colored wigs (the color is optional)
  • Natural curly/wavy Hair (either their own or a wig)
  • Barrettes
  • Waves 
  • black baddie hairstyles
  • Edges (also known as “baby hair”) 
  • Scarves for Hair
  • Du-rags 
  • Lip gloss
  • Dewy cosmetics 
  • Perfect brows 
  • Cut Crease 
  • Long falsies (false eyelashes) 
  • Bright highlighter
  • baddie bandana hairstyles


What does the word “baddie” mean?

What’s a baddie girl? She is a confident and tough “bad girl” who wears perfect makeup, sharp eyebrows, and fashionable outfits. Her weight is in place, and she knows how to show off her curves, she can pull off her tight dress, and her trendy tracksuit looks cute and does not have time for drama. To put it another way, the baddie girl is the one who comes to slay. Bad girls who are beautiful and always look good. She is aware of current trends and usually wears nude, peach, brown, black, and purple. They are usually thin and thick, whether in a bodycon dress or a sweatshirt. 

Are you good enough to be a baddie girl?

Are you capable of meeting the high criteria of perfection? Can you promise always to put on your makeup, get shapely nails and wear trendy clothes in your closet?

You’ll need the right baddie haircut if you want to be bad. But before you go, remember that what you see on the Internet is not always genuine. People work hard to offer a perfect life in the world, but we do not know what it looks like behind the scenes. Baddie things are fun but do not take them too seriously. Perfection is an unachievable goal for anyone to accomplish. 

Parting Words

It can be hard being a real baddie girl. The level of perfection is very high. You should always be completely composed of nails and fashionable clothes. You must also complete your ensemble with a poor hairstyle. Fortunately, this part is very easy. Because there are many baddies looks to choose from.

But it’s the gooey stuff on the inside that creates a baddie, not the glitz on the outside. A baddie must be self-assured, fearless, harsh, and powerful while being kind, caring, and sympathetic.

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