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16 Eye-Catching Black Kids Hairstyles For Girls

African braids are one of the most popular hairstyles when the nice weather comes because they never go out of style. They flatter all face types, provide volume to the hairstyles we create with them and are the best to wear in the summer.

A Lot of Braids

Black Kids Girls Braids Hairstyle

It’s easy, so it’s the hairstyle that appears most often these days. A lot of braids seem to be a standard hairstyle for black children. It’s easy and easy, though.

All you have to do is divide it into 5 or more parts and braid each one. The trick is to block each part so that it looks like a circle instead of being vertically long. If it is asymmetrical, there is no issue. When blocking the back of your head, make sure that the braid is in a position where you can lie down.

Faux Mohawk with Braids of Africa

Black Kids Girls Mohawk Hairstyle

You can also wear this look with your linked African braids if you are aware that loose hair with a shaved impression on one side flatters you.

It involves gathering one side of the hair into braids and fastening them in place with invisible hairpins, allowing the remaining hair free to hang loosely or be pulled back in a ponytail or in braids. It is a method to wear African braids differently without having to gather all the hair.

The first step is learning how to do these hairstyles with African braids in order to know how to accomplish them step by step. 

African Braids Loose with Two Bows

Black Kids Girl Two Bows Hairstyle

Making two top knots and leaving the rest of the hair loose is another hairstyle you may wear with loose African braids. All you have to do to create these African braided hairstyles step-by-step is the following:

1. Separate the braids at the height of the crown.

2. Turn each part over on itself after dividing it into two.

3. Gather the remainder of your hair loosely and pull it back into a bun.

High Ponytail

Black Kids Girls High Ponytail Hairstyle

If you’re seeking hairstyles with simple African braids, a high ponytail is quite attractive for women who wear all their hair in braids. The impression the braids create when they are collected offers the ponytail a lot of volumes, and you can also get it done quickly. For a more cool and natural finish, please take one of the braids and wrap it around the ponytail to hide the rubber band.

You’ll find it simpler to accomplish this if you incline your head downward and then draw all of your hair up into a high ponytail while doing so. Roll the hair into a bun once the ponytail is finished.

Braids In a Low Updo

Black Kids Girls Braids In a Low Updo Hairstyle

Who said you couldn’t style your braided hair in a chic updo? The benefit of braids is that you may create any hairstyle on your own because braids are an embellishment in themselves and make any hairstyle you choose sparkle. Strands can be gathered, rolled, or arranged however you like.

Braided Boxers

Black Kids Girls Braided Boxers Hairstyle

A fashionable option to wear your hair up is with boxer braids, which are in right now. Did you not realize that these could be performed while sporting African braids?

You can leave the end unbraided or follow the same instructions as if you weren’t braiding your hair; the key is to watch how much hair you take so they don’t get too thick. This look is also great if you’re looking for African braids hairstyles for girls because the braids are hard to mess up and will hold the hair in place all day.

Braided Side Updo

Black Kids Girl Braided Side Updo

The side updo is a highly flirty and enjoyable way to arrange your hair with African braids. It is extremely easy to do. Just gather the hair into a low-side ponytail, then start putting the braids in and winding them until they are all gathered in a bun. Use invisible or bow hairpins to aid yourself.

Toupee with Braids

Black Kids Girl Toupee With Braids Hairstyle

If you enjoy toupees, give it a try with braided hair; you’ll be surprised by the outcome. In this instance, you won’t need to tease the hair; instead, do it as follows:

1. Divide the hair from the top portion, leaving the remainder loose or pulled back in a ponytail.

2. Push the top braids forward, so they add more volume to the front of your hair.

3. Secure them with bobby pins, so they stay up.

African Braids Draped Loosely Over a High Bun

Black Kids Girl African Braids Draped Hairstyle

Making a really high bow for a top knot is a cool way to show off your braids all over your hair on the hottest days. Simply gather a section of your hair and roll it up into a bun. Secure with a hair tie. This hairdo will look even better if you have braids with extensions.

Double Braid

Black Kids Girl Double Braid Hairstyle

When you don’t know what to do with your braids and want something easy because the impact is quite cool, you only need to braid your hair normally, using a straightforward three-strand braid. The appearance will change drastically if the hair is braided heavily. Do it with each section of hair until you feel that it is enough, and leave the rest of the hair loose.

Braided Scarfs

Black Kids Girl Braided Scarfs Hairstyle

A variant of the traditional African braids. In this situation, a thin ribbon in the color of your choice should be used to secure the hair strands. You can braid it as many times as you wish, and the outcome will be really unique.

Since no matter the length of the hair, these are great hairstyles for short African braids.

Split-Top Ponytail

Black Kids Girl Split-Top Ponytail Hairstyle

Another attractive alternative if you want to wear your braids loosely but away from your face is to pull them up into a half ponytail. 

A Thick Side Braid

Black Kids Girl Thick Side Braid Hairstyle

In this instance, creating a side braid out of all the hair is the goal. The result of having your hair completely braided will be an extremely thick braid that will completely change the look of your hair. All you need to do is pull your hair all the way to one side and braid it from the top down.

Turban or Scarf and African Braids

Black Kids Girl Turban or Scarf and African Braids Hairstyle

One of the most popular accessories for African styles is brightly colored turbans or scarves, and they look wonderful with your African braids! To add extra volume to the hairdo and wear the turban of your choosing with it, you can opt to create a high bun or a high ponytail. Whether you have rooted or loose cornrows, this accessory goes with any style!


Black Kids Girl Ponytails Hairstyle

Ponytails are a great alternative for people with long hair who want to style it quickly and effortlessly because they are high, combed, and tight. Your entire head of hair should be pulled back in a mid-height ponytail. It will look more vintage if you tie a 90s hair ties around the end. You might have a more commanding appearance if you like a simpler ponytail. Everything will rely on the level of detail you choose to add!

Ponytails are a common hairstyle for young girls, and why not? They can also become one of your favorite and simplest looks as you get older.

Low Braids

Black Kids Girl Low braids Hairstyle

Low braids are ideal for you if you enjoy braids and a boyish appearance. It is a very pleasant and uncomplicated hairstyle to achieve in just a few basic steps. To create two pigtails, divide your hair into two portions on either side of your face, and braid each section. 

How To Make Braid in Hair

Braided hairstyles have swept away and have become a strong trend. In addition to being very comfortable and practical, they are ideal to complete any outfit we will wear because the possibilities of braiding are endless. Boxer braids, two Dutch braids on each side of the head, are very fashionable and that we have already seen in the look of many celebrities but also on the red carpet. If you want to learn how to do the boxer braid, pay attention to the steps in this article, and you will see that it is much simpler than it seems. You will discover a comfortable and super chic hairstyle at the same time.

Steps To Follow:

1. Many celebrities and models have joined the trend of boxer braids, a hairstyle that is perfect for showing off a casual or carefree look but at the same time very trendy. It is nothing more than two root braids located one on each side of the head, which fall backward, leaving the face completely clear, so they are an incredible option to be perfectly combed when exercising or on those days when there is a lot of hair, humidity in the environment and the hair tends to frizz.

To carry them out, you just have to divide your hair into two sections and know-how to do some root braids, which consist of dividing each section of hair into three parts on the forehead and braiding towards the nape-taking side hair.

2. To do your own boxer braids at home, it is very important that you start by brushing your hair and untangling it. In case you don’t have very clean hair, don’t worry, because this is one of those perfect hairstyles to hide dirty hair and go great combed even if you haven’t had time to wash it.

When there are no tangles, it is best to apply a little wax or to fix gel to your hair, do it only on the top of the head if you do not want that wet effect to be visible throughout the hair. By applying this product previously, you will ensure that there are no hairs left outside the braids and they are much more polished.

Let’s do it! First of all, divide your hair down the middle, that is, into two sections that are different but have the same amount of hair. Since you are going to work with one and then with the other, for now, hold one of them with a rubber band so that it does not bother you when doing the first braid.

3. Next, you must start making a root braid by following the steps detailed below:

• From that first half of the hair, you have to take the initial part of the hair, the strand closest to the forehead, as you can see in the image because that is where the braid will begin.

• Separate that strand into three different partitions and start braiding them. The procedure is to make two braids and take strands of hair from the sides (of the hair that has been left loose) to join them and braid them with the initial strands.

• Repeat the above procedure until all of your hair is done, creating a perfect root braid. 

Once you’re done, repeat the process on the other half of the hair, and your boxer braids will be complete. To keep the hairstyle intact for hours and hours and not fall apart, spray a little hairspray, trying to distribute it evenly throughout the hair. Avoid applying this product very close to the hair, as it could be too weighed down.

4. Not only can you create this hairstyle with root braids, since it admits many possibilities and there are girls who do it with four-strand braids or spike braids, keep trying the different options and, thus, but you will also be able to discover new styles and very flattering hairstyles for you.


In the event that you do not look very good with your hair, all combed back, or you do not have a lot of hair, the following trick will come in handy: once the hairstyle is done, gently pull the braided strands so that they are a little fluff. You will visually show off a greater density of hair. You can also let down some thin strands at the front for a more tousled look.

And if you are one of the most original and you love to give your hairstyles a creative touch, add some other adornment to your boxer braids, such as small flowers, clips, bows, brooches, etc.

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