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20 Incredible Anime Tattoos

To understand what kind of art form anime is, we must first look at manga. Manga is the Japanese equivalent of a comic book, consisting of a series of printed images with highly stylized illustrations that follow a specific “style.” Japanese anime is an animated cartoon adaptation of a manga brought to life using computers.

The Rise in anime tattoos undoubtedly comes in part due to the increasing popularity and consumption of anime worldwide. Of course, anime has been a part of the heavyweight subculture. Still, with the broadened accessibility to anime through major streaming platforms and TV networks in the U.S. and other countries outside of Japan, more people are being introduced to and watching anime.

As with all pop culture tattoos, there has to be a level of devotion or appreciation to want one in the first place, whether that be driven by die-hard fandom, emotional connection, and meaning, or purely aesthetic appeal. As the demand for anime tattoos has grown, so too has the skill and specialization of tattoo artists. Drawing and tattooing anime is a highly technical feat, as anime is an art form. It’s like requesting that someone ink a Van Gogh or Monet painting on your arm — which some tattoo artists do now. Even if an artist is replicating an exact image, it’s tough for clean lines, complicated shading, and solid colors to represent anime accurately. The good news, though, is that plenty of talented tattoo artists can do anime tattoos with no problem. 

Anime Tattoo Idea

Anime characters all have a similar appearance. They all have exaggerated jagged hairdos, huge eyes, and slight noses. The female characters feature large bosoms, impossibly slim waistlines, and usually have a distinct sense of style, while the male characters appear to be cousins.

Even while this stereotyped perception of the anime style is typically correct, there is still an opportunity for interpretation within this way of sketching, which keeps fans interested in the genre.

Though anime originated in Japan, it now has a global following, and other comics worldwide have been published over the years. This alone demonstrates that the possibilities are unlimited if you get one of these tattoos. You can choose from one of the designs below or create your unique design or image if you prefer something that no one else will have. Below you can get anime tattoo ideas:

Sailor Moon 

Sailor Moon Anime Tattoo

Sailor Moon debuted in the early 1990s. Despite being first shown in Japanese, it was later dubbed into other languages, allowing it to reach a global audience, with the characters becoming widely adored. Other popular Sailor Soldiers characters include Rei Hino and Ami Mizuno, who make fantastic tattoo images.

The Dragon

Dragon Anime Tattoo

Even though the Dragon is a mythical creature, it is associated with various things in Japanese culture. The head of a dragon, or the entire Dragon, creates a beautiful tattoo, and because it is so frequent, you can easily get a trendy totem because most artists can draw it. One of the most popular tattoo designs is an Uroboros, a dragon chewing its tail. Because of its deep importance in Japanese culture and other cultures throughout the world, this motif makes an excellent tattoo design.

Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka

Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka Anime Tattoo

Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka is a seinen dark anime that spans 12 episodes. The series aired between January 12, 2019, and March 30, 2019. The anime is set in a universe where the earth is attacked by blood-thirsty inter-dimensional beings called Dias. The Dias is undefeatable by ordinary human weapons. This causes a few girls to form a pact with the Spiritual Realm so that they can secure magical powers for defeating the Dias. Three years after the magical girls had their victory, the group disbanded. Four of the members provide individual military services. However, their leader Asuka Ootorii has chosen to become a high school student. Things take a turn for the worse when the magical girls realize that some members of the enemy side have managed to survive.

Skull Tattoo

Skull Anime Tattoo

Skull tattoos are, without a doubt, the most popular type of tattoo in the world and among small anime tattoos. And one of the very commonly used images for them is that of a deer skull. Therefore it’s not surprising that people who get deer skull tattoos want to know what they symbolize. 

As is often true with many different styles of their day, bikers were some of the first people to adopt this tattoo style. This was likely because several types are associated with these individuals- particularly road racers and outlaws.

Today, however, they’re also common among navy soldiers and those interested in or involved with cars. This is because of the racing association and the somewhat rebellious streak these tattoos represent.

People who choose deer skull tattoos as their love to show everyone how confident and dare they can be are free-spirited. Those who get them do so for various reasons but always want to display the courage and strength this particular Animal symbolizes.


Claymore Anime Tattoo

In a world where a monster named Yuma hunts and hides humans, the only hope for humanity is a new breed of a warrior named claymore. These silver-eyed slayers are half-human, half-monster, with incredible strength but are forced to combat their terrible instincts or lose their humanity entirely.

Clare and her fellow Claymores, Galatea and Jean, must battle the Awakened Beings holding them captive. In the process, they find their captors’ true motive: by torturing the warriors, they want to force them to awaken and join them in a gathering of Yoma. 


Isabelle Anime Tattoo

Isabelle has been one of the most popular Animal Crossing characters since she was introduced in 2012. While she was ten years late to the game, she has come to the mascot of the series. She even is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Sweet Home Tattoo

Sweet Home Anime Tattoo

Besides the adorable characters, the houses in Animal Crossing are also a cute tattoo choice. Much of the gameplay is based around houses. You slowly pay off your house to make it bigger while also collecting furniture to decorate it to your liking.


Blanca Anime Tattoo

Blanca is a unique anime character with tattoos, mostly because he doesn’t have a face. It is the player’s job to give Blanca a face, which can get silly sometimes.


Stitches Anime Tattoo

Stitches are one of the cutest cub villagers Animal Crossing has to offer so fans would like a tattoo of him. He is a little teddy bear, a one-of-a-kind villager. He ties with Maple for the cutest of the cub villagers. His house is also a kiddie theme, which certainly suits his whimsical, child-like design.

Eyes of Anime Characters

Eyes of Anime Characters Tattoo

Anime has a specific drawing style that distinguishes it from other animations. Particularly the trend among artists to create characters with huge, expressive eyes. The expressions on a character’s faces in anime and manga reveal how they’re feeling. 

Many artists influenced anime’s trademark eyes. With time, this style of eyes became typical in anime, as it not only worked well for conveying various emotions, but it was also a simple, and hence less expensive, technique to animate. 

Bear Tattoo Meaning

Bear Tattoo Anime

The folklore associated with bears is among the most ancient, dating back to Paleolithic times, from which there is surviving evidence of bear clans. In Native American cultures, the bear is said to be the keeper of dreams, perhaps because the Animal hibernates once a year. The Vikings had the bear as a symbol of strength and fury. They would often dress in bearskins, eating hallucinogenic mushrooms to work themselves into a frenzy before entering battle. In many cultures, the bear is revered as a noble creature with human-like treats. The bear is also seen as a symbol of protection due to bears’ ferocity when protecting their cubs.

Bulldog Tattoo Meaning

Bulldog Anime Tattoo

In some countries, the bulldog symbolizes national pride and tradition, frequently connected with Winston Churchill and the British defense against Nazi Germany.

Cat Tattoo Meaning

Cat Anime Tattoo

Cats have always been prominent in folklore and mythology, and it’s one of the most popular motifs in tattooing. Of course, there can be many variations: for some people, simple anime tattoos can be a good option.

Geometric Animal Tattoos

The golden ratio is proof of mathematics in nature, as found in succulents, pinecones, sunflowers, and even the horns of a wild goat, commanding geometric style as a logical interpretation for animal tattoos.

Geometric styles are a sacred design – given the number of patterns and complex shapes influenced by cathedrals, temples, and pyramids – but are also signs of the human consciousness, creating a literal language in an attempt to comprehend the universe.

Even the human body exemplifies geometric symmetry, granting it the perfect template for a tattoo honoring the construction of other living creatures. Circles, hexagons, cubes, and precise line work are the building blocks for such artistry, while shading and Dotwork may fill in the piece’s negative space.

Geometric animal tattoos sometimes resemble origami, or they may solely utilize intricately overlapping lines. These tattoos may involve contours mapping the natural form of a polar bear, or a beastly lion may be reduced to basic shapes with vibrant hues that throwback to 90s street style. Some may apply watercolor to such a piece, or the owner may even keep half of the tattoo realistic with glossy bristly fur that gradually transforms and simplifies into an elementary profile of the Animal.

Geometric animal tattoos can harness a range of styles, and they may memorialize any animal that the wearer admires or relates to – even their pet. Bold triangular outlines can be a border for the ink and a divisionary tool within the tattoo that enables layers of content; imagine a piercing deer eye filling the frame, which hovers over the deer’s barren skull settled in the deserted background.

Wolf Tattoo

Wolf Anime Tattoo

Wolf is a very powerful spirit animal and also symbolizes freedom. Geometric wolf tattoos represent a strong connection with nature, loyalty, generosity, intelligence, respect, communication, strength, and appetite for freedom.

Lion Tattoo

Lion Anime Tattoo

In the realm of spirit animals, the lion is the most relentless fighter in the face of life challenges. Geometric lion tattoos symbolize courage, honor, justice, authority, strength, pride, accomplishment, and royalty.

Geometric Cat Tattoo

Geometric Cat Anime Tattoo

These tattoos anime represent femininity, mystery, wisdom, intellect, luck, independence, and mischievous nature.

Geometric Bear Tattoo

Geometric Bear Anime Tattoo

The primary meaning of the bear as a spirit animal is strength and courage. The geometric bear tattoo symbolizes warrior spirit, luck, power, strength, protection, and hunting prowess.

Geometric Deer Tattoo

Geometric Deer Anime Tattoo

Dear is the symbol of gentleness and heart energy. Geometric deer tattoos represent nobility, rebirth, kindness, peace, love, family, and intelligence.

Geometric Elephant Tattoo

Geometric Elephant Anime Tattoo

Geometric elephant tattoos symbolize family, community, maternal instinct, wisdom, success, peace, fertility, and nature’s deep connection.

Among all the multiple meanings behind a cat tattoo, some of the following:

• Symbol of good luck. In the early days of sailing, cats played an important role onboard ships, where they were kept to kill vermin such as rats, which had the potential to spread disease and ruin the cargo.

• Cats are known for having unique personalities. Sometimes, they showcase personality traits perceived as negative (mischievous, independent, skittish), and other times they showcase very positive traits (graceful, comical). This duality makes cats very appealing to different types of people that want to express themselves through a tattoo.


Most people associate anime tattoos with Japanese culture, and Japanese individuals wear them to show their pride and allegiance to their homeland. Having these tattoos is also the best method to demonstrate your enthusiasm for this art style, and having images from your favorite series is simply a means of demonstrating your interest in it.

A samurai design symbolizes power and courage, so putting one on your sleeve or back can help you express these qualities, while Sonic can indicate speed. Some anime ultra-hard-core fans will also use these totems to identify one another. It is typical to see fans of a certain series join a club, and the totems symbolize their undying devotion to their favorite series.

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