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22 Exotic Braid Hairstyles For Men To Try This Year

Men’s braid styles are conventional closed braid styles close to the scalp. While the hair is often braided in straight strands for most styles, braids can also be made in curved and geometric shapes.

If you don’t want your hairstyle to look more conventional, you can still wear braids without beads or shells as decorations. However, the fact that simple cornrow styles for men are simple to maintain is what makes braids a preferred hairstyle for men. They are functional for a few weeks. Simply wash your braids and apply oil to your scalp to avoid dryness. Here are the best cornrow hairstyles for men.

Hairstyles with Feed-In Cornrows

Men's Feed-In Cornrows

Feed is the best cornrow styles for men to style. It involves beginning small and expanding gradually. The braids start out small at the hairline and gradually grow larger as they get closer to the middle of the head behind. Braids allow you to add any more styling options to your feed. They will look great on everyone!

Intricate Design

The remainder of your hair should be evened out in the back if you want to wear a particularly complicated braided hairstyle so that the crown receives the attention it deserves.

Most of the hair is kept on top, so there is no extra weight on the sides, making this style suitable for all face shapes except for males with long faces. If you have a long face shape, going for this look will lengthen your face, which will backfire. How, therefore, should this haircut be worn? Start by trimming the manes on the sides and back. With short sweeps on the sides and back, a lot of attention will be paid to the nice braids on top. Another great idea is to blend the shaved part on the forehead to indicate the crown of the head.

Braids Combined with Cornrows Crowns

Starting with braids in the middle, determine the thickness you want to wear as a crown to complete the design. Remember, this will be the center of your hairstyle.

Thick braids should surround the braids. With the exception of guys with long faces, this is a wonderful look for all facial shapes. 

Zig-Zag Patterning


One of the wonderful things about short hair cornrow styles for men is that they are allowed. You can try out several looks, especially if your hair is medium length. This zig-zag hairdo is a perfect illustration of how adaptable braids can be.

Men that have this hairdo rock a triangle form. You should search for a different style for males with faces that are shaped like circles, diamonds, or hearts. For all three of the aforementioned face shapes, it might not be a smart idea to wear this hairstyle because it emphasizes the sides and temple of the head.

Cornrows for Petite Men

With different assortments of braids in terms of size and shape, you can hardly fail to get your proper fit. Of course, most of the time, men choose smaller, more manageable braids. Although the mini-braid style began in the 1980s, it peaked in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

However, it is sure that this haircut will continue to be popular and that all men—especially black men who look beautiful in it—will continue to wear it. The hairdo looks great whether or not you wear a beard with it.

Trey Songz Cornrows

Trey Songz Cornrows

For a while, braids have defined pop fashion culture, and we’ve seen plenty of celebrity cornrows on stage or during the Grammy Awards. For instance, discussing braids in pop culture would be impossible without discussing Trey Songz. Take this haircut as an example if you want a straightforward, low-maintenance hairstyle.

Creative Designs

Mens Cornrows Creative Designs

The beautiful thing about braids for men is the unique and bizarre styles you may come up with. So why go for the standard designs when you can sport more elegant and sophisticated funky styles?

The quirky style features long, loose braids down the back and is most suitable for males with long hair. However, keep in mind that tight braids like these may not be forgiving for men with strong faces. So choose for loose braids to accentuate your forehead’s unique features and soften your jawline.

Tyga Cornrows Hairstyle

Tyga Cornrows Hairstyle

Tyga is another hip-hop artist who specializes in the art of using picture-perfect corn. The rapper-like straightforward braids that extend from the neck to the hairline.

However, compared to Trey Songz, Tyga’s braids are relatively thick. Do you want to wear this look? Grow your hair long enough to get enough volume to style thicker braids, and you can pull off Tyga braids effortlessly.

Light Brown Braids

One of the best ways to give your hairdo a new and distinctive look is to color it. In order to create a unique style, dye your braids in your favorite colors after styling them.

Also, blonde is always preferred for hair coloring, particularly in braids.

Simple Braids for Men’s Hair

If you wish to wear a cornrow style for men, there are a wide variety of braids you can select from. By altering the size of the braids, this hairdo is a straightforward single braid.

This is a great look for men with round faces from the temples, with the sides having the most volume. Men with diamond faces and hearts should avoid this style because of this.

This haircut involves styling different lengths of hair, which may not be the same as walking in the park. However, to achieve this look, start by creating thicker braids with long hair on top and then thin, short braids around the temples with hair on the sides.

Big Cornrows Hairstyle

If you have tried small braids, do not stop there because the braids allow you to experiment with others and are different in size and shape. Large grains are typically advised for guys with long, thick hair because they are lengthy and large enough to deal with.

Your huge braids can be styled however you wish because there are countless styling possibilities. However, the most common way to style large beads is by creating braids starting in the middle of the head that flow through the neck.

From the middle to the ears, the remaining hair is groomed. If you want, you can include a central part of the zig-zag that runs from front to back. Divide the braids into two parts, and it is undoubtedly attractive.

Face Frames

Mens Cornrows Face frames
Mens Cornrows Face frames

There are countless braid hairstyles for guys that allow you to look different and showcase your personality and sense of style. For example, this framed hairstyle suits men with triangle, heart, and diamond shapes.

This complicated braid style is perfect for depicting rough facial contours since it uses concentric patterns.

Hyper Long Locks

Mens Cornrows Hyper Long Locks

If you have naturally long hair or are thinking of adding hair extensions, extra-length hair gives you many styling options, especially for black men.

Most face shapes work with this hairstyle. However, for the finest appearance, you should combine your braids with a beard for men with long faces.

Long-haired men can wear braids that are stylish and easy. Apply thin, straight braids from the forehead to the back to start, adding alluring waves.

You can alter the thickness of the back plate at your neck to produce a clear, noticeable contrast if you don’t want your hairdo to look overly boring. When you have long hair and want to maintain it without having to worry about keeping it long and down, this is a terrific hairstyle to wear.

Angled Cornrows

Mens Cornrows Angled Cornrows

If you choose a bracelet, the Expert recommends a wide range of styles, some of which will confuse you. However, brokers consider several factors before recommending a particular braid hairstyle.

As an illustration, angled braids take your forehead, head shape, face, and hairline into account. This hairdo looks best on males with striking features. The hairstyle is unique and wonderful, as you can see below.

The Shaved Detail

Most guys believe that in order to style their hair in men’s braids, they should have medium-length or longer hair. That is not the case, though. You can look great with comfortable calluses and short hair.

Therefore, you should choose a style like this if you don’t want to have your entire head covered in braids. The hairdo is simple to do. To provide a distinctive feel to your hairdo, start by shaping two braids with your crown and then adding dramatic features around your temple.

This haircut can flatter most face shapes depending on where your stylist lays the braids. However, men with triangles, squares, and heart faces should include a part instead of the bold detail.

Jumbo Cornrows for Black Guys

Do you want to draw attention to your braids? Big braids styled as the focal point of your hairstyle are the only surefire way to achieve this. Jumbo braids are not only eye-catching but also ridiculously easy to style and have no problem maintaining, especially for men.

Jumbo braids are thick, but they get thinner as they reach closer to the neck, so keep that in mind.

Braids and Braided Bangs Together

One of the most well-known haircuts for males this year is this one. The result of combining two cornrows is a hairdo that is deserving of center stage.

Start by making distinctive braid patterns, then make two or three braids at the front and let them hang over your forehead to complete the look. Creating loose braids that fall over your face gives you an outstanding look. Add an undercut to your braids to elevate your style a notch. However, it will depend more on the shape of your face.

This is a really distinctive style that might not be connected to strong facial features. Therefore, you should avoid this hairstyle for males with a prominent jawline and forehead.

Bryce Harper Cornrows Hairstyle

If you are a baseball fan, you have undoubtedly seen Bryce Harper’s hairstyle. This was his main hairstyle of him in 2017. Even if the haircut was the subject of numerous disputes at the time, here is a wonderful illustration of how stylish guys with thick, straight hair can still be.

Athletes can adopt the Bryce Harper braids hairstyle as it is very practical and aesthetically appealing.

Crisscross Cornrows

When it comes to styling his braids, there are no restrictions. For example, you can go for two thick braids that stretch from front to back and complement them with thin crisscross braids on the sides. This hairstyle will change your look completely.

Diamond Cornrows


There are countless ways to style braids. If you’re still not convinced, this next braiding technique should convince you beyond any reasonable doubt.

The diamond braid design is undoubtedly an attention-grabbing style. The level of artistry used in the design of these braids is highly recommended, and one should appreciate it.

Cornrow Mohawk Colour-Style Para Hombre

Cornrow Mohawk Colour-Style Para Hombre

You can customize any appearance with braids and showcase your greatest features and personality. For example, you can easily style the Mohawk with your braids and look outstanding. And to make your hairstyle stand out, make sure you wear long braids and shave your hair on the sides.

By creating braids in the middle of your head and styling them at the back, you can get fun, low-maintenance hair that’s a common ‘look .’Your hair type will determine how thick the braids are. You can go for thin or super thick braids.

For men with a square facial shape, this appearance is perfect. The style might be inappropriate for people with alternative face shapes.

Cornrows Hairstyle Combination with Knit Top

Cornrows Hairstyle Combination with Knit Top

This is a classic style of braids for men wearing modern men’s hairstyles. The cut includes a top knot, undercut, and braids.

Adding an undercut is a fantastic approach to making your braids pop with this hairdo. However, you should specify whether you want a top knot or a bun before the stylist begins creating this style for you.

You must tuck your braids inside if you want to wear a bun, especially if you want your bun to be a little taller than usual. 

What are braids? This is more than a haircut.

Due to the importation of enslaved people from sub-Saharan Africa, men cornrow styles have become a common hairstyle in this region of Africa. Corn is a sign of social status. They submit things like ethnicity, religion, age, and relatives. This is a fantastic technique to highlight your hair’s natural texture.


Braids are unquestionably here to stay, despite minor alterations throughout the end of the year. Choose the one cornrow braid styles for men that best suits the shape and personality of their face, and enjoy a new look. 

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