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26 Eye-Catching Sporty Hairstyles

If you have taken the resolution of hitting the gym, then there are a few things that will keep you motivated if you are a lazy bum like many. The first thing that comes to mind is the workout clothes and then the hairstyle. There are a lot of cool and chic sporty hairstyles for short hair to give you that extra pump of motivation. Even celebrities now have sorted looks for several occasions, including gym sessions. This article has listed quite some of the trending sporty hairstyles for you to start with. There is everything for everyone; from short hair to long hair, everyone can find a style to sport to look uber cool.  Let’s go backward and start with long hair; let us look at a few of the hairstyles that long-haired people can rock in the gym.

Ponytail and a Band

Ponytail Band Sporty Hairstyle

Another easy and hassle-free hairstyle is a high ponytail fashioned with a band. This is very time-consuming, and if you are fussy about things like these, then you can always just go with these super easy cute sporty hairstyles. For that extra oomph, put a headband along with it. Nothing screams sporty than a high ponytail and a headband. 

High Bun

High Bun Sporty Hairstyle

If the ponytail is not your thing, then try the high bun look. That will completely prevent any hair stand from falling on your face. If you are on the treadmill doing cardio and don’t want hair strands distracting you, then go for this sporty style. 

Low Bun 

Low Bun Sporty Hairstyle

Starting it off with one of the easiest sporty hairstyles. A low bun is just perfect for keeping your hair away from your face. Keeping it intact is excellent if you are swimming or involved in some other sport. If you want to be extra careful, then go ahead and secure it with a band or some bobby pins. 

Fishtail Plaits

Fishtail Plaits Sporty Hairstyle

This is one of the stunning hairstyles and one that never goes out of style. Add a little spice to your plain and boring plaits, and it gives you an edgy look, very feminine yet sporty at the same time. There are multiple videos online that you can watch as a reference to learn to make these fishtail plaits. 

Side Buns

Side Bun Sporty Hairstyle

If your exercises involve you lying, then side buns are life saviors. The pins and bands will prick your scalp if you do a regular bun, but with side buns, there are no hindrances for you to commit to your exercises, and it looks very sleek. 

Dutch Braids and Buns

Dutch Braids and Bun Sporty Hairstyle

Make your dutch braids workout friendly by twisting them in buns. Do your regular braids with a middle parting; then, in the end, secure the buns with rubber bands. Honestly, braids and buns are the basic hairdos; you have to mix and match things to keep them interesting. 

Braided Pigtails

Braided Pigtails Sporty Hairstyle

Firstly, do a side parting and then tie two loose pigtails. Braid the hair of those ponytails and secure them with rubber bands. Pigtails in every way are adorable, so turn up the dial on cuteness with braided pigtails. Sporty hairstyles for curly hair are also easy to make, so they will save a lot of your time, especially if you are running late. 

Rope Braid

Rope Braid Sporty Hairstyle

Sometimes if you are going for a vigorous workout session, then you should sport a hairstyle that will depict your regime. It certainly makes you look like you are all set to head out to the gym and burn those calories to the ground. Wear sporty clothes, to complete your look and channel your inner sportsperson through them, easy sporty hairstyles.

Messy Bun

Messy Bun Sporty Hairstyle

Well, that’s a classic one; messy buns are just the answer you need if you run out of everything. They just go with everything and every look. It gives a very sensual vibe. Things are falling apart yet together like most of our lives. It is maybe one of the few things that allow you to be messy yet turns out to be beautiful. Sporty hairstyles for long hair will give out the vibe of just waking up and rolling out of the bed. Just the thing you need. 


Sporty Cornrows Hairstyle

Girls and women with medium-length hair can quickly go for the edgy and sporty cornrow look. Small braids are sometimes had to do in the case of short hair. Some people are not comfortable with the exposed scalp that comes with this hairstyle but trust us, cute and easy sporty hairstyles give you a really sharp look; you will surely turn heads at the gym or on the tracks. 

Loose Braid Ponytail

Loose Braid Ponytail Sporty Hairstyle

Tie your hair into a high ponytail, then loosely start braiding your hair; tighten the braid as you reach the end. Tie up at the back with a band. It is a new way of amalgamating braid and high ponytails. These are very athletic cute sporty hairstyles.

Braid and Bun with a Swirl

Sporty Hairstyle Braid Bun with Swirl

Fashion a loose French braid into a swirly bun that is very cute and booksy. It is easy, these sporty braided hairstyles but it looks like you have put in the effort to create such an artistic style. Sport is also an art, so stay creative, and that will also show on the field.  

Low Twisted Ponytail

Sporty Hairstyle Loose Twisted Ponytail

Yet another ideal hairdo for the long-haired league of women. Tie a low ponytail, twist it until the end, and secure it with a band. It is perfect for any kind of sport apart from the water ones as it will wet your hair. 

Messy Bun and a Headband/ Bandana

Sporty Hairstyle Messy Bun Headband Bandana

Earlier on this list, we have the ponytail and headband style, and now another cool hairstyle. The classic messy bun is back, and this time it is accompanied by the headband, which is another classic. Most girls in their childhood have sported cute sporty hairstyles for long hair, especially the ones with long and lustrous hair. 

Ponytail in the Middle with Braids on Sides

Sporty Hairstyle Middle Ponytail Braids

Another adorable combo is a ponytail in the middle with two braids on the sides, and everything is fastened into a ponytail to complete the entire look. It is a very urban look that you can sport to your sports practice. Nobody said you could not do styling; if you are into sports, creativity always finds a way. 

Bubble Braid

Sporty Hairstyle Bubble Braids

Another exciting way of transforming the plain old braid into something exquisite. People with thin hair face a lot of problems while deciding on a hairstyle, nothing accentuates their hair. This bubble braid hairstyle is just the thing that you all need. 

Boxer Braids

Sporty Hairstyle Boxer Braids

Do a middle part and start the braiding from your forehead. Short or medium-length hair is ideal for this hairstyle. It can be often seen sported by the athletes. It is very practical and stylish at the same time. 

Half Buns

Sporty Hairstyle Half Bun

Women do not like to sport long hair always, and there are a lot of women who want to keep their hair short to shoulder length or so. For them sporting some of these hairstyles mentioned in our list is difficult. So for them, this half bun style is the best; with this, no hair strands will fall on their face, and they can comfortably concentrate on their practice. Try sporty hairstyles for medium-length hair.

Keep it Down

Sporty Hairstyle Keep It Down

Everybody likes to keep their hair up for the gym or sports practice, but there is no denying the fact that it accumulates sweat and it becomes uneasy and filthy. So people with short hair always have the advantage of wearing it down, which allows for better air circulation. The sporty hairstyles for women. 

Space Buns

Sporty Hairstyle Space Bun

Space buns are also very dorky and cute hairstyle for short-haired people to sport. You can always style it up with a headband for something extra. This is a very girly look, and if that is your aesthetic, then you should definitely give it a try.  

Pinned Back Style 

Sporty Hairstyle Pin Back Style

People with way too short hair have difficulty keeping it away from the face. Sporty curly hairstyles look fantastic and pretty on several other occasions, but on the field or in the gym, it kind of becomes the biggest hindrance. So pin them back, that way, your cool look is maintained. 


Sporty Hairstyle Braid Band

Headbands are very common, so why not try out something different? If you are so fond of putting on bands, then you should definitely try this one out. Twist the braid over the head just like a headband and secure it with bobby pins or hairspray. 

Colorful Headwraps

Sporty Hairstyle Colorful Headwraps

Bandanas and head wraps are very chic ways to put your hair in line and let you focus on your goal of losing weight or getting in shape. Headwraps are easy to style, and they come in different colors and patterns so that they will be new and stylish for you every day. Sweatbands are the upgraded versions of headwraps, but both are pretty fashionable. Headwraps actually give out a bohemian vibe. So if the boho-chic thing is your style, then look no further, get those headwraps, and just hit out. These are quick sporty hairstyles.


Sporty Hairstyle Sweatband

Sweatbands are an unconventional method of styling your hair. Short hairs are really hard to manage not many hairdos are there to do that. So, try out this retro look with the sweatband by putting it around the forehead, which will both keep the hair off, and it is super edgy. 

Side Bob

Sporty Hairstyle Side Bob

Getting ready for something sets the mood for that thing, and you feel excited to do it naturally. So hit the salon and tell your stylist to give you this chic side bob to wear at the gym or for that field practice. 

Pixie with Bangs

Sporty Hairstyle Pixie With Bangs

Well, bangs do not actually scream sporty, but a bang along with a pixie cut is quite edgy. There have sportspersons who have this hairstyle, so if you think that it will be a problem, then think again. It is pretty, it is girly, and most importantly, it is fantastic. 

Here are a few tips for maintaining quick easy sporty hairstyles and your hair in general. 

  • Any kind of hairstyle or anything looks prettier if it is healthy, so maintaining the health of your hair is also essential, especially after a sweaty workout, as it accumulates sweat, dirt, and grease that clogs the pores and damages your hair. 
  • Wear sweat bands apart from using them for styling, try to wear them regularly as they will suck the sweat and prevent damage. 
  • Try to invest in a good shampoo. Use a ph balancing shampoo that will definitely help in breakage problems that follow with sweating and grim on the scalp. Go for a shampoo with a low ph that prevents the hair from getting frizzy. 
  • Shampooing the hair will keep it clean, but the hair will get dirty first, so that can not be averted entirely, but to some extent, you can take care of that problem. Dry shampoo is the answer to your problem. In addition to investing in a good shampoo, invest in a good dry shampoo as well. Dry shampoo helps in reducing sweat, and it also absorbs excess oil from the glands. 
  • Finally, you can always go for hair extensions to get that trendy hairstyle. They will help you achieve every kind of hairstyle you want. 


In today’s world, styling and trending are significant, and that is not wrong at all. When you dress up and style up, you automatically feel motivated for the part you are working for. Doing mundane things slowly takes away your interest in going to the gym or perhaps going for sports practice. Exercise is essential for maintaining your health, and it should not be left out ever. People owing to busy lives, often overlook their health which is the biggest mistake one makes. So, good health comes from a good diet, sleep, and exercise. 

Sports do not mean all masculine these days athletes take the time to make sure that people with dainty hairdos are also serious about it, and there is no harm in being graceful about it both with sports and with your look.

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