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32 Tremendously Funny Tattoos

Tattoos don’t have to be solemn or sentimental all the time; they can be anything but. Over the past two decades, tattoo designs have evolved, and with them, the use of humor to convey a person’s personality and enjoyment of body art.

Irony, satire, sarcasm, and a great deal of fun have joined the time-honored stereotypes of rebellion, angst, and otherness as viable means of skin expression.

Funny tattoos, which were once confined to the realm of the bizarre and embarrassing, are now found in a wide variety of artistic mediums and pop culture at large. All you need is a good idea, a willingness not to take yourself too seriously, and the joy of making fun of yourself while needles prick you.

Funny tattoos are unique to each person, extending to their sense of humor. People can be amused or horrified by the same image or quote simultaneously. Funny tattoos are becoming increasingly popular because of the wide range of responses they elicit.

For the first time in human history, you must put your emotions into body art. To make you laugh, howl, or shake your head, check out these hilarious tattoos.

Funny Tattoos of Aliens

For Women

Women Alien Funny Tattoo

It’s a nice funny small tattoo. Adding highlights is easy with the white ink support used in this simple image.

Women Alien Funny Tattoo Small

Well-done black-line inking of an alien wearing stereotypical culture elements such as a smartphone and funny glasses with self-deprecating irony in an ironic “blonde” tee.

For Men

Men Alien Funny Tattoo

This funny tattoo idea depicts a cow being hoisted into an alien spacecraft crudely but amusingly. Improve the fun idea with a lot of work on the technical side. They appear to have been drawn freehand on the tractor beams. The cow must also be touched up to remove the black ink fill. The faded, old tattoo is a little scary; it needs to be reworked.

For Men and Women

Funny Tattoo Alien Men Women

This 3D new wave funny matching tattoo of a pair of religious aliens is fun. The Colour and solid fill look great, especially on parts of the alien’s interior and flowers. The image would make atheists laugh, but religious people would snort in disgust.

Alien Relaxing Funny Tattoo

 Funny small tattoo but mighty, this humorous tattoo on the inner bicep is something to behold. It’s straightforward, witty, and well-executed. Using a fine black line to convey a sense of fun is an effective way to convey the message. As a bonus, the coverlet is decorated with black zebra stripes.

Alien Smoking Funny Tattoo

Seeing the careworn alien scratching its face while smoking a cigarette is proof that the translation is correct. It’s a common sight on the streets outside of corporate headquarters worldwide.

Alien Cat Funny Tattoo

The message is conveyed through a simple, minimalist line tattoo, which works well in conjunction with the art. Help but laugh at the cat’s sad expression.

Women’s Tattoo Designs With Cute Animals

Shark Funny Tattoo

The only thing missing from this amusing tattoo is a few parties favors to get things started. Great white sharks and hats don’t mix well, but it’s a clever ploy for tactical advantage. Well-drawn ink with a masterful use of shading and shadow is what you’ll find in this piece.

Funny Couple Tattoo

“Things You Can’t Unsee” is the category for these birds of prey. They’re a classic pair of funny couple tattoos with a good sense of humor and a well-etched hybrid shading. In addition, it’s an impressive feat of engineering to put human legs on a chicken — or pigeon? — body. It doesn’t matter. In the first image, the beret adds a nice touch, and in the second, you can’t touch that raised wing.

Dolphin Funny Tattoo

This is wacky and brilliant. It’s a funny, minimalist tattoo that relies solely on its concept to succeed. A licensed professional should be called if a dolphin pops out of a banana.

Men only

Funny Quote Tattoo

An excellent etching of fine black line, the daddy longlegs is cleverly done in an almost dot to dot fashion, and detailing the body/head is not the goal of the art. 

Contemporary black tattoos of the Funny Tv Duck

Funny TV Duck Tattoo

One of the funniest tattoos you’ve ever seen features an adorable duck hooked up to an artificial brain stimulator. It’s a good one. The piece’s centerpiece is the television, with feet resembling hands and a retro feel to its shape and detail. Tattoo artistry at its finest.

Primitive Black Line Tattoo of a Small Crocodile

Crocodile Funny Tattoo

This alligator funny tattoo has a clean, cartoony design. It’s clean and straightforward, but it’s done well. Although there’s not a lot to it, it’s executive with cleverness, and the key over the long term would be to keep it isolated from other art to retain its distinct identity.

Bunny Black Line Tattoo Has Me Angry

Bunny Funny Tattoo

Love the idea of a small bunny and a bad day and the guy’s socks. The T-in does not look shaky and out of sync, and the white ink fills are a complete waste of ink when viewed from a technical standpoint. To make this tattoo even funnier, the white ink could have been used as a linework accent or in combination with a shading flourish.

Tiny Black Funny Line Tattoo of a Smoking Bin Chicken

Smoking Chicken Funny Tattoo

The most likely candidates are long-legged, winged relatives of the North American raccoon. During a typical workday, this man is strolling around, smoking, and brainstorming ways to feed his family while causing the most annoyance to other people. It’s an admirable goal, according to some.

Funny Shark Old School Tattoo

Funny Shark Tattoo

This remarkable white shark in a floaties funny tattoo is hysterically funny. There’s only one thing more absurd than an apex predator trying to navigate the ocean’s vastness. It’s a very finely etched piece of art, technically speaking. The low-key realism of the shading allows the brightly colored floaties to stand out against the contrasting shark, making them stand out even more. The large, hungry mammal is outlined in pure black ink.

Funny Frog Tattooed With Coffee Memes

Funny Frog Tattoo

You can imagine him spying on the neighborhood on his front porch and then spilling the beans to other old amphibians at the bar later on. For the simple, effective shading to work against the fat outline, the linework is essential in this piece.

Tiny Funny Colored Cartoon Tattoo Malcazone by Malcazone

Funny Unicorn Tattoo

This funny tattoo of an underwhelmed pink unicorn is one of the funniest. An Adventure Time character’s cranky animal, or a discarded piece of Matt Groening’s think tank, does not need to say anything more. The wafer cone-shaped horn is an excellent contrast between the subject’s skin tone and the clean pink color fill of this horn. The flowing white ink mane cleverly complements it. This guy isn’t afraid to get wacky with his tattoo art, as evidenced by the nearby black line snowflake and tasty, tasty sundae.

Tattoo of a Pug Love Wave in Black Work

Funny Pug Tattoo

This pug on a surfboard is awe-inspiring. Watch a television show devoted to big wave puppy surfers and binge-watch it. In addition to his fine detailing, he also rides exceptionally well on the shortboard. Even though it was a reasonable circle, with well-detailed white caps and shading, you assumed it was too long. ‘ There is a pug hero surfing like a vintage Kelly Slater, so it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Tattoo of a Hawaiian Monkey in Black and Grey

Funny Monkey Tattoo

Around 15 years ago, when you had about a dozen tattoos and were already heavily illustrated, my mother stopped crying about funny tattoos. Would have used sulfuric acid to remove the ink, a wire brush, and a barrel full of it if you had gotten a well-etched monkey with his nuts out mooning everyone who looked inked on me anywhere. This is a hilarious tattoo, but it will take a lot of mental fortitude for the wearer to keep it up over time.

Traditional funny tattoo of Homer Simpson in epic proportions

Funny Homer Simpson Tattoo

This grey rat has given “flash” a whole new meaning. This cartoon funny tattoo has excellent use of grey ink with a white highlight and a big front tooth. A classic car salesman with a lifetime supply of free Brylcreem, his back hair is casually brushed in a classic style in this photo.

Camel Tattoo on Toes of Friendship

Funny Camel Tattoo

The interpretation of the camel toe is quite interesting. An excellent location and a group’s commitment to having fun with an alarming occurrence make this a great video to watch. An attractive camel outline and an excellent black solid fill are the results of the artist’s hard work.

The Most Disgustingly Horrific and Ingenious Tattoo

Funny Ingenious Tattoo

Although you can’t fault the grit, you can fault the artistry. Although the placement and concept are daring, this tattoo falls flat on its face. To make matters worse, the alternate brown line is splotchy and unusable. The flies are the best part of the ink, but the body fill and wing shade depth could be improved.

The Worst Tattoo Ever: No Step On Snek Funny Black Line

Funny Snake Tattoo

Hahahahaha. The script’s deliberate crudeness works with the professional delivery because of the popular snek’ meme. Although the sneak appears to be drawn by a child, it serves a purpose!

Tattoo of a Hilarious Giraffe

Funny Giraffe Tattoo

The subject’s nipple is what this giraffe craves. This amusing funny tattoo results from the clever use of scale on the part of the artist. Instead of being stumpy, the giraffe is long, lean, and proportionate. Despite the lack of detail, the black fill of patches has been etched effectively.

Cute Tattoo of a Biking Fish with Smoking Fish

Funny Fish Tattoo

Even though the goldfish-on-bike gag is a classic, this guy has seen a lot, as evidenced by his wide eyes and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Clean and straightforward, the bicycle is complemented by line tattoos, and dotwork alt fills. At 8:00 a.m., a fish is rushing past you at the bust stop to the liquor store, his wheels squealing and his brakes screeching.

Funny Drinking Frog Tattoo for the Badass

Funny Drunk Frog Tattoo

This frog isn’t here to tamper with anyone’s feelings. Almost as bad as that party where one of your friends shows up with a magnum of sparkling wine and demands that you play. The match-strip linework style and the light fill scratches are unique effects, but they could have been more effective if done as dotwork or hybrid hash lines.

Cute Sloth Tattoos That Will Make You Smile

Funny Sloth Tattoo

As long as you don’t need this message to get lucky in the future, you must have done something wrong. A lot of work went into the white highlights on the claws, which look like they belong on a wolverine. He looks like a nice guy.

Tattoos in Black and Grey

Funny Stair Tattoo

This stunning funny tattoo combines the exceptional black line and negative space with a cool, fundamentally sound geometric application. The rest of the tattoo wouldn’t work without the impressively fresh linework of the actual ladder, which allows the angles to be on point.

Elegant Black Line Tattoo Nail Art

Funny Nail Art Tattoo

Once again, a fun tattoo that combines a clever idea with an easy-to-understand execution method. An excellent way to make the minimalist hands stand out is to use red ink, but you could use any bright color next to the black line instead.

Tattoo on Uterus in the Form of a Small, Light-Hearted Joke

Funny Uterus Tattoo

This funny tattoo perfectly encapsulates a woman’s monthly cycle. Despite its simplicity, this piece of body art packs a powerful message into a small space.

Cute Gay Scissors Tattoo

Funny Gay Scissor Tattoo

This is an interesting metaphor. It’s like how the artist distinguishes between the two types of scissors he uses – heavy-duty fabric scissors on the left and more general-purpose scissors on the right. With the lines etched sharply against the negative space to give the left-hand scissors more radiance, the shading perfectly advances the innovation.


These designs are great for funny best friend tattoos or couples who want to get matching tattoos. These concepts can be as simple as the old-fashioned emoticon on a finger, as depicted in the illustration, or they can be more complex and have a deeper meaning. You can also incorporate pop culture references into your tattoo design if you prefer.

All of you laid-back souls out there will appreciate these lighthearted tattoo designs. If you’re looking to branch out from the norm, come up with an original concept and work inking it up!

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