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All About Earrings That You Should Know – A Small Guide

 If we get the option of wearing only one kind of jewelry, most of us would choose a pair of dazzling earrings, and why not! A good pair of earrings has the capacity of raising your style quotient significantly higher. Some of the most popular earrings are hoops, studs, chandelier cluster-shaped, and thread earrings.

If you look into the market you would find plenty of designs. Those women who like doing creative stuff can make their own pair of earrings that are unique and personalized.

Women wearing earring

What Are Hypoallergenic Earrings?

Hypoallergenic earrings

Some women are highly sensitive to metal. They face the problem of skin itching, reddening, or inflammation upon wearing normal metal earrings even for a few hours. 

Normally the artificial earrings that are available in the market are made up of cheap metal like nickel. The skin of many does not like the composition of such metals and they get skin allergies. If you are one of those women but you still want to wear that attractive pair of earrings then hypoallergenic earrings are for you only. Such earrings are made up of pure metal like Gold, Silver, Titanium, Platinum, etc. Being pure, these metals have minimal risk of causing any allergic reaction. 

Those who can not afford 100% gold or platinum earrings can buy the ones which have a coating of one of these metals so that your skin does not come in contact with the allergy-causing metal. Though with time this coating gets removed and then you have to take them to your jeweler to get a new coating on them.

What Are Lever Back Earrings?

Lever back earrings

They are earrings that have an enclosed hoop. Once you wear them, you have to press the lever so that it gets closed completely. Such earrings are not only comfortable but also provide you assurance about not having to lose them while wearing them. 

They are the most chosen type of earrings when someone wants to purchase an expensive pair of earrings. Due to the closed enclosure, they do not get slipped off from your ear without you noticing it. Those with an active lifestyle should try lever-back earrings in their day-to-day life.

Also, unlike the open hook earrings, the lever back earrings have highly rare chances of causing itching or skin irritation to you. You may not sleep wearing such earrings which is not the case with lever back earrings.

How Long Can You Leave Earrings Out Before The Hole Closes?

Earring hole

We understand that you want to take a break from your jewelry staples. Though it is okay with other jewelry, you may get concerned when it comes to earrings. It is normal to wonder about the duration for which you can keep your earrings out without having to feel worried about your ear piercing getting closed.

Largely it depends on person to person and the ‘age’ of your ear piercing. If it has been more than 3 to 4 years, you can go several weeks without wearing earrings. On the other hand, if the holes are less than a year old, they can get closed in a few hours! Yes, you read it right. Newly pierced holes get closed very soon. In a recent piercing, the immune system is too prompt to heal the gape created by piercing. So if you have recently got an ear piercing then it is advisable to wear your earrings for some months ( at least 3) before taking an “earring break”. 

With time, the piercing holes get healed permanently which means the tissue around that area does not attempt to cover the pierced section and the hole remains as it is without any external barrier. In this case, the healing ability of your body also plays a major role. 

Though after weeks of going without earrings when you try to wear back the earrings, you may feel some resistance and some pain. This happens because the holes may get shrunk in the said time. In that case, do not wear earrings that have thick hooks. Let the piercing take some time to come in its old shape.

Why Do My Earrings Stink?

Stinky earrings

Your pleasant mood can turn down easily if you notice any foul smell coming from your earrings. 

It can be due to the mix of skin cells, natural body oil, and cosmetic deposition on them. If not cleaned for a long time, the earrings can smell foul. You can also feel itchy due to this buildup.

The best way is to clean your ear piercing tunnel every day while taking shower. If you do not take off your earrings while taking bath, then do the piercing clearing session twice a week. Also, clean the earrings using a mild disinfectant/ antibacterial soap.

How To Disinfect Earrings?

Disinfect earring

The best way to protect yourself from skin allergies caused by earrings is to disinfect them from time to time. The process is very simple and everyone can do it at home. 

To sterilize the earrings, begin with clean hands. Now take a small cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol/ hydrogen peroxide or any other disinfectant and start cleaning the earrings with it. Pay special attention to the hook that passes through your piercing tunnel. 

Now take another cotton ball and do the same process around your piercing tunnel. Once done, you can wear your earrings without having to worry about any infection.

How To Organize Earrings?

Organised earrings

You can use earring holders available in the market to organize your earrings in the most hassle freeway. Such holders are available in various attractive designs which can either be hung on the wall or kept on your dressing table. 

You can use separate boxes to keep the delicate earrings made up of diamond, pearl, gold, platinum, etc. 

How To Clean The Earrings

Cleaning earrings

Upon wearing any pair of earrings regularly, it is normal to get the dust and dirt accumulated in them. To keep the earrings always shining, it is best to clean them in regular intervals. On the other hand, if you wear the earrings occasionally, always clean them before putting them back inside the jewelry box. 

When you clean your jewelry, refrain from using any chlorine-based ingredients. Bleach and chlorine are harmful to the shine of your earrings so it is best to avoid them from the beginning itself.

Also, it is important to remember that you must not clean the earrings near the sink. A large number of people have lost their precious jewelry through the holes of their washroom sinks.

We have provided some tips to wash different kinds of earrings. Keep the points in mind when you are to wash your favorite pair of earrings the next time.

How To Clean Diamond Earrings?

Diamond earrings

When it comes to diamonds, everything that matters is their shine. You can maintain the sparkle of your diamond earrings by cleaning them from time to time. 

To clean the diamond earrings, you would need a brush which has got soft hair. Soak your jewelry for some time in the solution of some water and cleaning agent. You can find one such cleaning agent in your kitchen itself. It is sodium bicarbonate which is also known as baking soda. It can effectively clean your earrings in a quick time. Make a thick paste of it using water and apply it to the earrings for a few minutes. After it, rub the piece of jewelry using a brush and clean it with water. You need not put any extra effort to get it dried as the air around you would do its best here.

How To Clean Gold Earrings?

Gold earrings

Gold is one of the most popular materials when it comes to making earrings. You can wear it anywhere without having to worry much about it getting worn out as gold is one of those materials which does not react much with other elements. All you have to do is to clean them from time to time and you can wear your shiny gold earrings for a long time.

The most feasible way is to use a gold jewelry cleaning solution that is easily available in the market. You have to mix the solution with water, soak your jewelry in it for some time, rub them with a brush, and then wash the earrings with normal water.

If you do not have such a solution then you can use some home ingredients as well. Prepare a solution by mixing some detergent and a few drops of ammonia in warm water. The rest of the steps are the same as explained above. Once done washing with normal water, pat dry with a clean cloth or simply airdry them.

How To Clean Pearl Earrings?

Pearl earrings

Unlike diamond, pearl is a delicate element and can get damaged easily. Therefore you have to be extra careful while cleaning your pearl earrings. It can also lose its luster if not cleaned from time to time.

The best thing you can do about maintaining the shine of your pearl earrings is to clean them with a soft cotton cloth every time you take them off. It would remove any dirt, cosmetic particles, or body oil from the jewelry. 

The pearl jewelry should never be cleaned by using ultrasonic jewelry cleaning technology as the outer layer of the pearl may get damaged by it and if it happens then you would never see that amazing shine of your pearl jewelry again. 

It is best to take your pair of earrings to a good jeweler once a year because nothing can substitute for a professional cleaning. Your earrings would be thoroughly cleaned without you having to worry much about the quality of your earrings getting compromised.

How To Make Earrings At Home?

Traditional earrings

It is very easy to make traditional earrings on your own. You can use pearls, diamonds, small tiny mirrors, crystals, beads, or any such thing as your base material. Use one for each earring or more if you want to enhance the length of your earrings.

Apart from the antique, you would need craft wire, a jewelry plier, and earring hooks. Once you have all the supplies start by taking the antique you chose, putting it into the craft wire, and closing it using the plier in a twisting motion. If you want to use more antiques in your earrings then put them inside the wire in a similar fashion followed by twisting the wire step.

Once you are done with the base now comes to the hook attaching part. For this, you have to create a loop in the craft wire you just twisted by using the pliers. Attach the earring hooks in this look and close its mouth. You would finally have your beautiful DIY earrings.

If you like colorful earrings then you can use seashells, beads buttons of poppy colors as your main antique. Such earrings look amazing if worn during outings around beaches, forests, and mountains. 

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