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Every time you get confused about what to wear, shirts always come to your rescue. While on one hand, they are the most popular office wear, on the other, they prove to be the effortless fashion at any casual outing.

In this article, you would find the answer to some of the most asked queries about shirts.

What Is A Sports Shirt?

Polo Sport T-shirt

Sports shirts are informal shirts with a collar and a few buttons from the collar to the chest. We also know these shirts as Polo T-shirts. They are generally worn by sports people during games, from where they derived their name.

They are now popularly worn as informal wear both by men and women. In this shirt, you can be on the sports ground either to play or watch the game. It will suit both purposes.

You can wear it at any age during any casual outing or even to the office on Sundays. 

What Is A Tunic Shirt?

Tunic Shirt

It is a long shirt that extends past your hips with a quite loose fitting. We all are aware of the fact that loose-fitting clothes provide both comfort and class. So be it an outing with friends for a beach holiday at weekend, a tunic shirt can be your first pick.

They can be paired with fitting trousers or hot pants. If you are looking for greater comfort then you can try a pair of soft leggings also.

What Is A Slim-Fit Shirt?

Slim Fit Shirt

Shirts with the nearest fit around your body especially the midsection and waist are called Slim fit Shirts. This gives a very neat and professional look. Men who have gym bodies with those broad chests and fit abs, like to wear slim-fit shirts.

On the other hand, there are some slim-fit shirts, which are the tightest in arms while baggie around the waist. People with slim and lean bodywear such as shirts conceal the leanness of their bodies.

The reason for such fitting of slim fit shirts is the under stretchable material used in its manufacturing. Due to zero stretch, it is either tight or loose. There is no midway between.

Cleaning A Silk Shirt

Silk Shirt

Yes, we agree that silk is one of the most dedicated materials but that does not mean you have to get it dry cleaned from laundry every time you want to clean it. It not only creates an unnecessary burden on the pocket but is also not feasible always. 

So how to wash a silk shirt at home? Well, do not commit the mistake of putting it into the washing machine with other clothes. It is best to wash your fine silk shirt separately in a tub or sink. Fill it with water and mix some shampoo or mild detergent powder in it. Now dip the shirt for a few minutes in this solution. Remember silk releases dirt very quickly so there is no need of keeping it submerged for long hours.

Now take out the shirt rinse it in clean running water and let it air dry. Never use a dryer for it as it may cause irrevocable damage to your precious silk shirt.

How To Pack A Dress Shirt So It Doesn’t Wrinkle?

Packing Shirt

Folding a shirt in a way that it does not get wrinkled is an artistic mastery that comes with practice. For doing this, button your ironed shirt to the top button, now turn it to lay facedown on a clean and flat surface. Then take both the sleeves and make a cross pattern with them. Now again fold the sleeves in such a way that the cuffs reach the collar. After it, fold the sides and give the shirt two or three-fold. Put it carefully in a bag or cupboard.

How To Remove The Vinyl From Shirt?

Removing Vinyl From T-shirt

Sometimes you do not like the text written on your t-shirt/shirt and you may want to remove it but have no clue how the task is to be done. 

There are various ways of doing it. The best is to use a Vinyl letter-removing solvent that is available in the market. They work like a charm and you are done with your task in no time. 

Apart from this you can use a hairdryer but make sure the cloth can bear the heat of the hairdryer. Now start using the dryer above the vinyl print and let it get heated. This makes the adhesive soft. While it is still hot use a pair of tweezers or a knife to pull off the vinyl. 

If it is a small Vinyl print, you can also use nail paint remover but always do a patch test instead of doing it in one go. Once you are done give your shirt/t-shirt a quick wash to remove leftover residues if any. 

How To Remove Sweat Stains From A Shirt?

Sweat Stains On Shirt

Shirts are the most popular formal apparel, it is understandable to get sweat stains on them provided the long working hours in the office. Do not worry you do not have to compromise with your favorite shirt as here is a quick and easy way to get rid of sweat marks from any cloth.

Nowadays lots of cloth stain removal powder/solutions are available in the market. Pick any decent one for hassle-free work.

Apart from this, you can go for using home remedies like vinegar, lemon, or baking soda. White vinegar works like magic for sweat stains. Just dip your shirt into the water and white vinegar solution (1:3) for 20 minutes and rub the stains using a brush. Wash with detergent to remove the odor of vinegar. Once done you will see that the stains have gone. 

How To Get Makeup Off A White Shirt

Remove Makeup From Shirt

All the methods which you read above for removing sweat marks from shirts are used for removing makeup stains as well. 

If it is a small stain you can also use makeup wipes, nail paint remover, blow dryer for it. However it being a white shirt, it is always advisable to do a patch test before trying something new.

Also from next time onwards, be a bit more careful when you wear a white shirt. Try using waterproof makeup products of good quality as they smudge the least. 

How To Get Ink Out Of A Shirt

Ink On Shirt

Rubbing alcohol on the cloth is the best way to remove ink from it. First, place a paper towel under the stain. Now start rubbing alcohol with the help of a sponge. If it is a dark shirt, the stain will go off completely.

If the ink stain is large, dipping and rubbing would be a better method instead. Use a stain removal detergent as they quickly dilute the stain.

What Kind Of Shirt Do You Wear Under A Cardigan?

Cardigan Tshirt

Cardigans are evergreen winterwear. They can be worn with both formal and casual wear. If you are planning to wear a shirt with a cardigan then opt for a button-up shirt. With it, you can also wear a tie for making the look more formal. 

Polo shirts are another good choice to be worn under a cardigan. When you are going for the shirt under the cardigan look, make sure that the color of the shirt is lighter than that of the cardigans.

You can pick one of those shawl-collared and chunky knitted cardigans for a casual outing with friends. 

How To Make A Shirt Look Vintage?

Ink On Shirt

Wearing clothes which look old and long worn is a different kind of trend. There are vintage-looking shirts available in the market but for them, you would have to pay a high amount. However, there is good news for you as you can make your shirt look vintage at home itself. 

For it, bleaching is the best option. Add bleaching solution (250 ml) in water (5 Liter). Wear a pair of rubber gloves and dip the shirt in the solution. Keep it for 7-8 minutes and then rinse with clean water. You will see a noticeable fade. 

If you do not have a bleaching solution, you can use any other bleaching agent like lemon, soda, etc available at home for spot bleaching. 

How To Tie A Knot In A Shirt?

Shirt Knot

Wearing a shirt while tying a knot around the waist is one of the coolest styles you can create. Many women opt for this look for a casual outing in the evening. You can pair the knotted shirt with a pair of hot pants or fittings. 

Short sleeve shirts look the best with a knot. All you have to do is to take the lower ends of the shirt, pull them for a clean look and tie a simple knot.

Also, if you have an oversized shirt you can create an alluring style by making a knot. In this way, a baggy look can be created that is close-fitted around the waist and loose around arms and shoulders. This is the best way to make an oversized shirt look cute without cutting.

How To Fix A Hole In A Shirt?

Fix Hole In Shirt

With the help of a needle and thread

This is the most convenient method which provides a permanent solution for small holes in the cloth. All you need is a needle and thread that matches the color of the shirt. If you can not find a matching thread then go for a darker colored thread than choosing a lighter one. From the inside of the shirt start making small stitches so that they do not get noticed later. Once done, secure the stitches with a tight knot.

Fixing hole without sewing

If it’s a very small hole, you can use glue to quickly fix it. You can find the fabric glue at any local craft or sewing store. The glue may get washed up after some time. In that case, use the glue again and you are good to go.

What Color Shirt Goes With Dark Brown Pants?

Brown Pant T-shirt

With dark-colored pants like brown, black, navy blue you should wear shirts of light color like white, beige, sky blue, yellow, baby pink, light purple, etc. 

If you are wearing a printed shirt then make sure that some of its print matches the color of your pant. 

How To Match Ties With The Shirt?

Tie Shirt

Wearing the right tie with your shirt has the potential of taking your whole appearance to the next level.

The skinny necktie which has a width between 1.5 to 2.5 inches can be worn for keeping the look more casual. If you are going on a date then it is a perfect choice. With skinny neckties, the collar of the shirt should also be small. 

On the other hand, for a more composed look, a little wider neckties are a good choice. 

As far as matching the necktie based on color is concerned it is advisable to take a necktie that creates a contrasting effect with the color of your shirt. Bold colors like electric blue, burgundy, red, green go well with any formal outfit.

The basic rule to determine the color of your necktie is to find the dominant color in your outfit and get a tie of that color. 

You get the broadest choice with a white shirt. Almost all the tie color and patterns complement it. 

How To Make A Memory Pillow From A Shirt?

Memory Pillow From Shirt

Memory pillows are one of the best ways to treasure the memory of your ones. By hugging the memory pillow, you can feel that your long-gone one is still around you. 

To make a memory pillow, try choosing a shirt that has print rather than one which has a solid base. Such shirts look better as pillows.

Now as you have chosen a shirt, first sew it from the front and bottom. Get the material that is to be stuffed inside the pillow. You can find the pillow cotton or foam at any craft store nearby. Put it inside the cover you just created. Now sew it from the top and Boom! Your memory pillow is ready. 

There is a shocking number of styling options available with shirts therefore they are a wardrobe must. 

One last but not the least tip for you is to invest in shirts than to buy those ill-fitted cheap shirts. A shirt that comes with a decent price will give you an amazing fitting too.

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