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Amazing Dreadlock Hairstyles For Women

Dreadlocks are the result of a treatment in which the hair is woven and tangled so that it has that characteristic shape, either on the whole head or in parts. They are originally from Africa and the Caribbean, although they later spread throughout the world, and today they enjoy great popularity. It is true, they can be worn loose, and dread styles for women can be adopted to make them look amazing.

Here are some amazing dreadlock hairstyles for women

Half Bun

Half Bun Women Dreadlock Hairstyle

One of the popular dreadlock hairstyles is the high bun with half of the hair left untied. A plus for something fun is to leave what is “excess” facing forward and falling on the forehead.

Take care of your hair with a shampoo that helps hydrate your hair. The ideal is to avoid the dreadlocks conditioner, so they do not disarm.

Two Half Rollers

Two Half Rollers Dreadlock Women Hairstyle

Two half buns, or we could also call them half-space buns. The grace is that both impellers are at the same height. 

Half Tail

Half Tail Dreadlock Women Hairstyle

Perhaps, one of the simplest short dread styles for women. It is a semi-updo, made with just one strand on each side. To give it a different touch, you can do the side parting and even use a fun accessory to hold.

Four Pigtails

Four Pigtails Dreadlock Women Hairstyle

In the absence of one, four! Willow Smith sets trends with her innovative looks, which is no exception. On this occasion, she divided her hair into four and created four pigtails that she held with red wool for greater contrast. One of the unique dreadlocks hairstyles in this selection. 

With Braid

With Braid Women Dreadlock Hairstyle

Pull your dreadlocks back into a ponytail, leaving a section aside to make a sewn-in forehead braid for detail. This look has it all: texture, volume, height, original accessory, and, not least, a clear face.

High Ponytail

High Ponytail Dreadlock Women Hairstyle

A perfect ponytail has its tricks, which also goes for dreadlocks. Some details make it a more special updo. In this case, she pinned her high ponytail with one of her dreadlocks. In addition, her natural curls at the top catch our attention. 

Mega Bun

Mega Bun Dreadlock Women Hairstyle

Some dreadlock hairstyles appear better than others once the roots have grown. This is ideal because the dreadlocks are concentrated in the wide bun located right on the crown.

Two High Tails

Two High Tails Dreadlock Women Hairstyle

This is one of those women’s hairstyles that every woman would like to keep wearing forever. The two pigtails, a look that works perfectly as a hairstyle with dreadlocks. What’s more, you can do them at different heights to achieve a unique effect.

Black and White

Black and White Dreadlock Women Hairstyle

If your hair is black or brown, take advantage of the contrasts to add some dreadlocks that can be blonde or if you dare, play with granny hair and monochrome. Wear your hair in a side ponytail, and you’ve added another look to your dreadlock hairstyle repertoire.


Horsetail Dreadlock Women Hairstyle

Not all dreadlock hairstyles are extravagant. In this case, the classic ponytail is very elegant and neat for every day. Fasten it with a rubber band with details of colored stones or even with a dreadlock.


Carved Dreadlock Women Hairstyle

Make a very high and voluminous bun at the base. Use it as a blank canvas and decorate it however you want! You can use flowers, ribbons, or glitter, there is no limit.


Separate the hair into two parts to make two low ponytails. To give it a more personal imprint, choose wire, ribbons, or any other material to hide the elastics.


How to Style Dreadlocks

You can style your dreadlocks to alter your appearance, whether you had them made in a salon or allowed nature to take its course. Your dreadlocks will last longer if you take good care of them and give them a little pomade before you style them. Dreadlocked hair can be changed in an infinite number of ways, but the two most common ways to do so are to curl and braid them.

Preparing Dreadlocks for Styling: Method 1

1. Consistently wash and fully dry your dreadlocks. For tight dreads that are simpler to comb, wash your dreads at least once a week using a shampoo that leaves no residue. After washing your dreadlocks, make sure they are thoroughly dry by compressing them with a towel. Before combing them, let them entirely air dry to prevent leaving any moist areas that can later develop into mold.

2. Every night when you sleep, wear a silk cap. Sleeping with a protective night cap on allows you to keep your dreadlocks frizz-free and ready for styling. A silk hat lessens friction from the pillow and keeps moisture in your dreadlocks. Every morning when you wake up, your dreadlocks will be well-hydrated and ready for styling.

3. Before styling, use a setting pomade to tame frizz. Apply a tiny amount of setting pomade with your fingertips to unruly hair at the base of each dreadlock. Work the pomade into your hair to hydrate it, and then twist each strand in the direction that your hair grows to help tuck in flyaways. Run your fingertips along each dreadlock to remove any setting pomade residue.

• Using this pomade technique can help hold your style in place and help set it, similar to hairspray.

Dreadlocks Being Curled and Braided: Method 2

1. Use the dreadlocks to create an established braid. Put your dreadlocks in one or two ponytails if they are at least chin length. Divide each ponytail into three equally sized dreadlock parts. The right section of the triangle should be crossed over the center section. On the left side, repeat these motions. Up until the ends of the dreadlocks, alternate crossing the sides of the braid over the middle.

• Use hair bands to keep loose or ponytail braids from unraveling.

2. The dreadlocks are French braided. Take three equal dreadlock portions off the top of your head. Start the sections with a conventional braid. Add more dreadlocks to the side parts of the braid gradually from each side of the head. Continue doing this until the braid thoroughly incorporates all of the side dreadlocks.

• With a hair tie, hold the braid in place.

• With the dreadlocks, you may also create two, three, or more French braids.

3. Use rollers to curl the dreadlocks. To wet the dreadlocks, mist them with water. After that, curl one end of a dreadlock so that it twists away from your face by wrapping it around a foam roller covered in satin. The thread is wrapped around the roller until it reaches your scalp. The roller is fastened with a bobby pin. 

Smaller rollers will produce tighter curls, and larger rollers will provide looser waves; either way, leave this style in a hot dryer for 15 minutes or let it sit overnight without heat.

4. Use dreadlocks to create a braided dread styles for women. Holding one section of the dreadlocks in each hand, divide them into two equal pieces. Draw a dreadlock from the outside of the left portion with your right index finger. It is added to the right part of dreadlocks by crossing it over the left bunch and pulling it under the right segment. Use your right bundle of dreadlocks and index finger to complete this operation now.

• Use a hair tie to hold the hairstyle in place.

5. Use the dreadlocks to make basket braids. Take two short dreadlock portions from the top of your head. Overlap one with the other. Gather two fresh portions from a little lower down, one on each side of the head, and cross them over the fresh sections to secure them. Continue doing this until all of the dreadlocks on the sides of the head are gathered and crossed.

• The basket braids should be fastened with hair ties or bobby pins.

• By creating basket braids from your crown to your ears and fastening them may create a half-up hairdo. The remaining dreadlocks can be left free.

6. Make cute dread styles for women into stitched African braids. From your forehead to the nape of your neck, divide the dreadlocks into vertical rows with your fingertips. To keep the integrity of the components, knot off each segment using a hair tie. Make thin rows of braided dreadlocks by starting at the forehead and braiding each area separately.

• Use a tiny hair tie to hold each braid in place.

Try Out Other Hairstyles: Method 3

1. Create a ponytail. The dreadlocks can be gathered into a single mass using your fingertips. With one hand, press the group of dreadlocks on your scalp. To pull your dreadlocks up into a ponytail, wrap a hair tie around the base of each strand.

• Play around with the ponytail’s position. You can draw it up on your head and create a pop star-worthy theatrical ponytail, or you can secure it at the nape of your neck for a lower haircut.

• You might alternatively swap out the component. You can use a deep side part, a center part, or perhaps no part at all.

2. Attempt to form a bow. Gather the dreadlocks into a ponytail if they are shoulder length or longer, then twist them while holding the twist in place with your fingers. To create a spiral bun, encircle the base of the ponytail’s hairband with the braided dreadlocks. Add another hair tie or bobby pins to the top to keep the bun in place.

• Instead, tie a bowknot for a more laidback appearance. Pull the free dreadlocks through the final loop of the hair tie only halfway to create the ponytail. 

3. Design an updo dread styles for women. A short set of dreadlocks will allow the mohawk to stand up straight. If your dreads are longer and heavier, you can style them to either side if you’d like.

• Your dreadlocks can be clipped into a Mohican style and held in place with bobby pins if you don’t want to shave the sides of your head. 

4. Play around with a fade. Request a haircut from your stylist. The result will be spiky if the dreadlocks are short. You can comb your dreads to the side or pull them back into a ponytail if your dreads are lengthy.

5. Position the center of the dreadlocks. Your thumbs should connect behind your head after traveling around the sides of your head above your ears. The top section of the dreadlocks should be pulled back into a ponytail with a hair tie, leaving the bottom section free.

• To make a different version of this hairdo, braid the top portion of the fastened hair rather than pulling it back into a loose ponytail.

6. Style your hair as a Gibson bun. She divides the braided dreadlocks over the headband and pulls the free ponytail through the gap. On both sides, this will provide a braided appearance. She threads the dreadlocks’ loose ends through the opening, but this time she fastens them to the bottom of the braided section using bobby pins.

• The finished appearance will be that of a chic gathered wrap.

For this hairdo, you’ll need medium-length to lengthy dreadlocks. Remember that wearing dreadlocks will be heavier the longer they are. As many bobby pins as required should be used to secure the hairstyle.

7. Have fun with beads and wrappers. To discover hair jewellery that can retain your dreadlocks, like as ribbon wraps or metallic beads, browse your favorite online shops and beauty supply stores. These should be taken off at night in order to sleep because they are typically applied for a daytime hairstyle.

• To avoid having frizzy dreadlocks, avoid sleeping with jewellery in your hair.


Your neighborhood hairstylist can assist you in creating distinctive appearances with dreadlocks, especially for important occasions. Numerous salons employ locators who have received special dreadlock maintenance and styling training.

How to Create Dreadlocks in Detail

The dread lock styles for women are a type of hairstyle made by dividing the hair into pieces, either naturally from neglect or artificially by applying wax on the hair, twisting, and rolling it. It takes time, patience, and a lot of maintenance to maintain healthy hair and gorgeous dreadlocks.

What To Do Next:

1. Use a gentle, residue-free shampoo to wash your hair; skip the conditioner. Natural or baby shampoos are both good choices. Completely let your hair air dry.

2. Create pencil-sized portions in your hair by dividing them. Make divisions on either side of her skull. Work either around the skull in a spiral pattern or in layers, so the lines stagger. Rubber bands can be used to fasten each segment.

3. After releasing the rubber band one portion at a time, put the remaining hair back with a hair clip. Begin from the root and comb in a backward motion. To entangle the hair, work toward the end. Backcombing takes time and can be uncomfortable because you are effectively pulling your own hair out. The best tool is a metal comb because it won’t crack under additional tension from the knots.

4. Form the portion into a cylinder shape by twisting it, then comb it back. Go to step 6 if you’ve decided not to use the wax.

5. Use the tip of your fingernail to scoop a tiny quantity of wax out of the jar. As you work the wax into your dreadlocks, keep in mind that less is more. Start at the root and twist your way to the tip. To get rid of extra wax, wipe your hands on a towel or a rag.

6. Twist the recently created braid ferociously back and forth between your palms. The friction produced by this motion, which is comparable to rubbing your hands together to stay warm on a chilly day, will help lock your dreadlocks. This procedure, also called “palm rolling” is crucial for producing well-shaped dreadlocks.


• Getting started with assistance from another person might speed up and simplify the process.

If you use wax, melt it with a hair dryer to assist your newly produced dreadlocks to maintain their shape.

• Even after starting your dreadlocks, keep rotating them with your hands. 

• The complete build and shutdown process can take several hours. This will help them retain an even shape and healthy appearance.

• It can take anywhere from three weeks to three months of consistent upkeep, depending on your hair type, to properly tighten and form your dreadlocks.

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