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Bald Men Styles That Makes Everyone Look Twice

 In this hectic era, it is normal to lose hair. Various factors like stress, unhealthy food habits, irregular lifestyle, and pollution lead to this issue.  The problem of hair loss is common in both men and women but men are more likely to face troubles because of this.

Stylish Bald Man

Every one out of three men is suffering from the problem of severe hair loss and pattern baldness. After a few times, the baldness starts to get visible and it raises the tension for the person. A feeling of insecurity and low confidence about the looks is common in such cases but remember, nothing can stop you from looking desirable, not even those hair which you lost due to different reasons. 

A good hairstyle can be a game-changer for you and you can surely feel a positive change in your personality after picking the right hairstyle. 

Once you read this article, you would find a suitable style for bald guys. Here is a long list of bald-style haircuts. Choose one according to your hair texture and personality. 

Bald Head With Beard Style

Full Shaven Head

Full Shaven Head

If you are one of those bold personalities then a full-shaven head is for you. This is one of the most effortless styles yet very attractive. Various studies have proved that women like bald head men more. So in 2022, if you are looking for something experimental then you can try this hairstyle for sure.

If your workplace allows you to have facial hair then we would suggest you have a bald head with a beard style. This style can instantly make you look attractive without putting in much effort. So next time when you find yourself unable to think of a good hairstyle then go for a bald head style with a beard and we promise you that you will not regret it.

For our readers, we have tried to enlist some of the best beard styles for bald headmen.

A Full Beard

Full Beard Bald Style

If you are one of those blessed men who can grow charming facial hair then try having a full face beard. Men of any age can have this look and look different from the lot.

This beard look is a win-win for men with a not-so-prominent jawline. The beard would hide the roundness around your jaw and give you an attractive look.

Circled Beard

Circled Beard Bald Style

Looking for something decent and well-groomed? If your answer is yes then your quest ends here. Go for a circled beard with your full bald head style. This style is the perfect balance between masculinity and decency. In a circled beard, the mustache hair and chin hair are connected to form a circle shape. 

Those who are looking to embrace a geeky personality for some time can try this beard style. You must have seen Walter White in Breaking Bad so we are not needed to tell you that the circled beard looks very attractive with a bald head.

The Goatee

Goatee Beard Bald Style

Each one of us has grown watching our beloved Rock having the Baldhead with Goatee look. You can pair a Goatee with the slight visible beard and mustache or go for simply a Goatee. You can have various looks with a single Goatee so you should try this if you are one of those experimental personalities. Also, people of all ages can go for this beard style.

Van Dyke Beard

Van Dyke Beard Bald Style

Want to put the least effort towards beard styling? Try Van Dyke Beard. In this style, only the hair on the cheeks is shaved and the remaining facial hair including those of the mustaches is allowed to grow. 

You can adjust the length of your beard once a week. Men who have a short and round face would love this beard as it provides some extra length to the face and gives the illusion of a sharp jawline.

Short Beard

Short Beard Bald Style

Feeling not so experimental then it is good to have a short and trimmed beard style for a bald head. Also, men with hairstyles like Comb Over, Ivy League, Slicked Back hair can join the scalp hairline with the beard for a more uniform and natural look.

This is a perfect office look for those who are incorporated and have to attend meetings and presentations frequently.  

Boxed Beard

Boxed Beard Bald Style

It would not be an exaggeration if we say that Boxed Beard is one of the best beard styles for bald men. It is everything one can desire while talking about beards. With the Boxed Beard, you can give a good dimension and length to your face. 

Also, the beard looks equally great if you have started to get grey hair in the beard. So it can be said that the boxed beard is an ideal choice for all men irrespective of their age.

Anchor Beard

Anchor Beard Bald Style

Those who have gone for full-shaven hair can pick this one. This is a very attractive bald head beard style that can catch the attention of people in no time. 

If you have a big round face then you can try this style to create a whole new look. Also, the length of hair in this beard style is short so those men who are a bit particular about the length of their beard hair can definitely go for this one.

Style Tips For Bald Men

Those who have pattern baldness issues can choose a style that shifts attention from your hair. The best way in this regard is the use of accessories.

Using Bandana

Bandana Style Bald Men

This 70’s style never lost its charm. Men of all ages can be seen wearing bandanas. If you are out on a casual meeting then definitely you can tie a colorful bandana around your head to feel more confident among friends.

Tying The Hair

Tying The Hair Bald Style

If you have hair that is a bit on the longer side but a few bald patches on the scalp, then tying your hair is the best thing you can do to feel confident.

Just make sure that you do not make a very tight bun/pony otherwise it can lead to an aggravated problem of hair fall. 

Wearing A Pair Of Sunglasses

Sunglasses Bald Style

One of the most popular bald men style tips is to wear an attractive pair of sunglasses so that the attention can be shifted from your ‘not-so-hairy’ scalp to your face.

One tip here is to choose the color and shape of your sunglasses lenses according to the shape and complexion of your face. Do a bit of research about investing in a good pair of sunglasses so you do not end up wasting your money.

With the right style, you can certainly make a significant difference in your overall appearance. We are sure that you got to know a lot of new things about bald man hairstyles. 

Make sure that you keep changing your hairstyle so that your look does not get monotonous. We hope that with your styling, you get that desired confidence about your looks irrespective of the volume of hair on your head.

Hairstyles For Patchy Baldness

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut Bald Man Style

It is one of the best hairstyles for men who have started to get bald patches on their scalp. The length of hair is almost the same in all parts of your head so you can go for this style irrespective of your hair volume. This look is very popular among men in the army or security forces because no hair falls on your face and it requires no long grooming sessions on a regular basis. A saloon session once in a fortnight is enough to keep the look intact. 

As the hair fall in the front, men with a receding hairline around their forehead can also choose this hairstyle to make it look less noticeable.

Skin Fade

Skin Fade Bald Man Style

This hairstyle is the most appropriate for you if you have got several bald patches on your scalp. In this hairstyle, the hair is kept as short as possible. This skin fade style can successfully hide the bald patches and give you the desired level of confidence. Also, you would need a very short time for every grooming session. So you should definitely try this one.

Quiff With Taper Fade

Quiff With Taper Fade

No matter you lost some hair from your scalp, you can still look stylish with the Quiff hairstyle complemented with Taper Fade. No doubt this is one of the best styles for bald guys where you can easily manage to look super attractive. Various celebrities such as David Beckham, Justin Bieber have endorsed this look in the past. The Quiff also makes you look longer. So why not try this hairstyle in your next grooming session!

Choppy Spikes

Choppy Spikes Bald Man Style

The attractive choppy spikes can be the favorite style for bald men who are not completely bald but have grown a few bald patches on their scalp. The spikes falling in different directions would provide enough coverage to hide the bald patches and boost your confidence.

Also, spikes give an amazing volume to the hair which enhances your height by one to two inches. Thus it is right to say that the spikes hairstyle is a blessing for guys with premature baldness issues. 

Comb Over

Comb Over Bald Man Style

Comb Over has always been one of the most loved bald haircut styles among such men. Popular for a long time, this style never goes out of fashion, and in a state of confusion, you can always count upon it.

This style makes you look like a perfect gentleman. Use a generous amount of hair gel to make a style that lasts for the whole day. You can carry this look into your office and feel fully confident about your hair. Not to mention that the style requires minimal grooming. Guys with a busy working schedule can rely upon this style. 

Ivy League

Ivy League Bald Man Style

This hairstyle is the perfect one for young and middle-aged men. Ivy league is also known as Harvard Clip hairstyle. You can carry this look to your office and still manage to look stylish. The hair in this style is longer on the top so that it can be styled on either side to hide the baldness. You can use hair wax or gel to make them look more decent. 

With different hair partings, you can create varieties in your look. The most popular among such styles is the long side parting. This is the perfect prom night look that you can try for sure.

Crew Cut

Crew Cut Bald Man Style

Quite similar to the Buzz Cut hairstyle, the Crew cut is another popular bald men hairstyle. Unlike the buzz cut, in this hairstyle, you can keep your hair a bit longer. 

This is one of the most popular bald men’s styles as it suits almost all hair textures. You can hide those unwelcomed bald patches and look very desirable. 

The best thing about the Crew Cut is it goes well with both Formal and Casual looks. So you are not needed to think much about styling for that evening party after your office. 

Diagonal Fade

Diagonal Fade Bald Man Style

Feeling concerned about your receding hairline? If yes then in that case the Diagonal Fade can be your pick. It shifts the attention from your pattern baldness spots to its diagonally faded pattern. No doubt, it is a very popular bald guy style all around the globe.

Those men who like to keep changing their looks can try this one. The fade pattern can be created on either side of your scalp depending upon the state of bald patches on it.

Mohawk Hair

Mohawk Hair Bald Man Style

While talking about bald guys’ style, we can not afford to forget the stylish Mohawk hair. Men with long and thin hair can try this charming hairstyle to instantly become the center of attention.

If you are in the glamour industry then you can try colored mohawks as they look amazingly cool. The style can be completed with a thin beard style. Mohawk looks the best with side fade hair but yes, you can choose the length of your hair according to your liking. When it is Mohawk, nothing can go wrong!

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