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Bandana Styles That Makes You Rock Like Celebs

You would be glad to know that bananas are back in fashion. You can actually see people walking around the streets wearing a particular piece of cloth which we call bandana. So if you have not got bandanas in your collection then probably it is time to update your wardrobe because this amazing fashion is going to last for a long time.

What is Bandana?

Bandanas are a kind of head wrap used by both men and women. They come in both solid and printed designs. Also, the shape and size also vary.

In medieval times, the hippies used to tie the bandana around their heads because they had to frequently travel from one place to another. Generally worn around the head, bandanas are now a popular accessory material. People wear them at different places to look unique and stylish.

Why Should Men Wear Bandana?

Bandanas can change your look in no time. You do not have to spend so much to get a new personality. All it requires is a piece of cloth which is called Bandana. You can always create new styles by wearing Bandana at different parts of your body. Nowadays, it is very popular to use Bandana as an accessory with the whole outfit.

Apart from this, the most prominent use of Bandana is to protect the hair from dust and dirt particles. Wearing a Bandana also ensures that you do not get covered into the sweat on a tough and busy day. Bikers, Trackers, Travellers wear Bandana on their heads to keep their faces especially the eyes sweat-free. This is thus their way to ensure that they feel less distracted while doing a particular activity.

The Bandana also protects one’s head from the harmful UV rays of the sun. As we have seen nowadays that the cases of pattern baldness are quite common in men of middle and old age so it is always a wise choice to protect the hair from all kinds of pollution from the early years of your life.

Lots of men who have a large forehead or a noticeable receding hairline also use Bandana. It conceals the extra space on their forehead in the most stylish way.

Wearing Bandanas Like a Pro

There is always a mixed opinion about wearing bandanas. Some people find it too risky to wear Bandanas in public as they think it will make them look like a member of a certain gang or thug organization. Though it is true to a certain extent at some places in America, things are changing now and bananas are getting a wide acceptance all across the globe.

At the same time, we cannot ignore the fact that many famous celebrities have endorsed this fashion with full pride. They wore bandanas publicly which really have huge popularity to this piece of accessory.

Here we are sharing some of the most popular celebrities who adored this accessory. While some wear it occasionally, some of them made it an integral part of their style. We remember some of them with the bandana image.

Coolest Bandana Wore By Celebrities

Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur bandana

The red bandana tied in the front of his head was his statement style. It was very rare to see him without a Bandana on his head. Throughout his whole rapping career, he worn bandanas of different colors. However, the red one was his favorite. He made bandanas a bold and dapper style.

No doubt, his mysterious death shook everyone but he gave a timeless fashion to us. Everyone remembers images of him wearing a bandana around the head with that knot in the front. Two of his bandanas are to auctioned for more than $3000 USD.

John Mayer

John Mayer bandana

The Bandana tying style of John Mayer was a point of astonishment for many. Especially during his Born and Raised Tour, people got wondered by his Bandana style.

He looked extremely attractive with that headgear. He actually wore two bandanas at a time, both tied together. Some part of the bandana was tied around his head while the remaining used to trail over his shoulders looking like long hair.

You can try this style if you are heading to an outing like a concert, beach holiday or pool party. This bandana tying style catches attention very easily.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp bandana

Who does not love Captain Jack Sparrow? He is one such character who has rarely got haters and if we ask what is his iconic accessory then everyone will say “Bandana” in a collective voice.

Not exaggerating the facts, but this guy took the popularity of bandanas to the next level. Everyone in the country wants to look like the celebrated pirate.

Not only in reel life, but Johnny Depp also seems to be a fan of bandanas in real life as well. Several times he has been seen making a public appearance with a stylish bandana tied around his head or wrist. Once in a while, he has kept it in the pocket of his pants so that people can have a close look into it.

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen bandana

Bruce Springsteen started playing the guitar from the age of 13 and he is still entertaining his fans around the globe with everything he has for them. Apart from his outstanding music, he is loved for his impressive dressing style. From his knitted t-shirt to the cowboy cap, he always manages to astonish his fans with different styles. Bandana is definitely one of those accessories which he loves the most as we can see it being an important part of his dressing.

Most of the time he tied it around his head while performing. The red bandana became his identity for many years. He has worn it with T-shirt, leather jacket, shirt, vest, and whatnot. We have also seen him topping his denim outfit with a bandana worn around his neck. No doubt he had a magical sense of styling.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt bandana

A lot of us may not know, but this handsome man too wore a bandana in the early days of his career. We have seen him tying bandanas around his head many times. Not to mention he looked really attractive with this accessory.

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas bandana

The dashing Nick Jonas also likes to tie the bandana around his head. He frequently wears it while performing or making a public appearance. Instead of wearing it like headgear, he tied the bandana like a headband. It keeps all his hair away from his face.

With a guitar in hand and bandana around the head, Nick looks so dapper and cool. Not only Nick, but the other two Jonas Brothers also love this piece of clothing. Joe Jonas has also been seen sporting Bandana several times.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber bandana

This guy has given music some new standards. He enjoys a huge fan base all around the globe and you would be glad to know that this talented Rockstar also loves Bandanas.

Times and now, he has been seen wearing bandanas of different colors with different outfits. His fans love him in the dapper bandana look while he performs on the stage with his unbelievable energy.

His most favorite one is the white bandana which symbolizes his belief in the principles of Mankind and Love. However, you can also see him wearing bandanas of vibrant colors at various public appearances.

A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky bandana

Now here is a man who has made Bandana his identity. He started wearing it after he fell off from scooter in 2018 due to which his face got cut. Rocky used the Bandana to cover that scar.

He has this really attractive way of trying the bandana around his face and head. He loves the Babushka headwrap style through which all his fans know him.

If you notice, A$AP Rocky has a really large collection of bandanas and scarfs. You can definitely get some strong styling inspiration for this man’s love for bandanas.

Steven Van Zandt

Steven Van Zandt bandana

He is a singer, musician, songwriter, actor, producer and what not! Steven Van Zandt is a man who apart from his talent and art, impressed people with his style too and guess! bandanas played an integral role in his unique styling ways.

He is hardly seen without a bandana or babushka tied around his head. Instead of wearing the bandana like a headgear, he wraps his whole head with it. He has such a huge collection of bandanas that he is sometimes referred to as to ‘The Man of Many Bandanas’.

If you are looking for a really attractive style you can try his. Pair a solid color bandana with an outfit that has catchy prints. You can also wear some funky jewelry with it to make the look more dapper.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise bandana

Who can forget this look of Tom Cruise in the movie Rock of Ages! The star looked deadly gorgeous with that Bandana tied around his head.

After looking him into this get-up, his fans started loving him more. Definitely, this Bandana look of Tom cruise gives new styling goals to his fans. So why wait! Loudly accept your love for the 1980s by tying this black Bandana with white prints around your head. If you have long hair then things become more interesting. Combine the look with a pair of trendy sunglasses and a leather jacket like your favorite star did in the movie.


Gerardo bandana

Gerardo has fans all around the world. The self-made Rapper and Singer was also appreciated for his amazing and unique styling manner. Everything he wore, gazed limelight and attention. One of his prominent accessories was the Bandana. He wore it like a head wrapper covering all his hair. This looked exceptionally well with his long black hair.

No one can forget his printed bandana he used to wear with the black leather jacket and also this look, which has been shared in the picture. Here you can see him clad in a red long jacket showing his bare chest. The black bandana makes the overall style worth staring twice or thrice maybe!

How to Wear a Bandana?

If you are looking for the answer to this then we would like to tell you that there is no “right” way to wear this piece of accessory. You can showcase a Bandana in any manner you like. Though still the most popular is tying the bandana around the head. In this manner, it is the most visible and at the same time, serves some great purposes which we have already discussed above. Well, there are different styles of tying a Bandana around the head as well.

Folded style– So you fold the bandana to make it look like a band and wear it like a headband. While you do so, you can keep the knot at different places for different looks. Keep the knot at the back of your head to show the design of your bandana. Those with a punky personality put the knot in front or side or on their temple.

Complete wrap– This is the way in which bandana was used traditionally. You wrap your whole head with the bandana covering all your hair. Bandana thus plays the role of protective gear for you.

Apart From The Head, Where To Tie Bandana?

So you are bored seeing bandanas wrapped around heads only and looking for a different style? Do not worry as there are many. You can tie a bandana around face, neck, wrist, and where not!

Wrap your favorite bandana around your face. It will not only show the design in the best manner but also protect your face from every kind of pollution.

Lots of people love wearing a bandana around their neck. It looks super stylish and cool. Tie your favorite bandana in the choker style to get maximum attention. You can also wet it with cold water to get some relief on one of those hot days.

Nowadays we see people wearing bandanas around their wrist, pocket holes, and ankle to create a unique fashion. So Yes! You can wear it in whatever you like and look super stylish.

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