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Stunning Buzz Cut Hairstyles For Big Forehead Men

Buzz Cut Hairstyles For Big Forehead Men

The buzz cut is a style of hair which features hair of one length on the whole head. The length of hair is kept short and nowadays it can also combine low, medium and high fade. When we talk about traditional Buzz cut, it is nearly bald but there are definitely hair on your head.

This hairstyle is a favorite of lots of men irrespective of their profession. From the ones regularly going to the office to the army recruits, the buzz cut hairstyle suits all. The texture of your hair does not matter as the length is kept very short. This very fact makes it one of the most popular hairstyle for men.

When you adopt a buzz cut, you do not need to spend your precious minutes to style the hair. This haircut literally needs no styling not even combing. You just wash your head and you are good to go. Whatever hair you have on your scalp are air-dried without you putting any special efforts.

Not only manageable, but the Buzz cut hairstyle also makes you look really younger. The buzz cut style also prevents you from turning into a sweaty mess. So surely, this style is a great pick.

Type of Buzz Cut

Short Buzz

This is the hairstyle which we call the ‘Military Cut’. The short buzz cut is usually designed with the electric clippers at number 1 or 2.

This hairstyle is the most useful when your dyed hair starts to grow out and it does not appear that attractive because of the uneven finish. This style then helps you to reset the “canvas” of your head. However, in order to maintain the buzz cut style, you need to get your hair trimmed after every second week. Apart from this, the short buzz cut style does not need any styling. No doubt it is a very popular haircut.

Long Buzz

As evident by the name, in the Long Buzz cut hairstyle, hair is kept comparatively longer than the traditional buzz cut length. However, unlike the short buzz cut, all the hair is of not the same length. Generally, they are tempered on the sides.

This hairstyle is also called Number 4 Buzz Cut. The hair has a length of at least 1/2 inches in this haircut. It varies from the basic buzz cut on the basis of hair length. The long buzz cut is adopted by men who want a buzz cut but want to add more style into it. So basically, you get all the benefits of a buzz cut with an added benefit of styling your hair attractively. One can add styles like mini spikes or faux hawk in the long buzz cut hai.

Is Buzz cut a helpful Hairstyle for men with a Big Forehead?

If you want a straight forward answer then it is a Yes. The buzz cut is one of those hairstyles which is always suggested to a man with a big forehead.

If you want to learn more about how the buzz style helps in concealing an extra-large forehead then keep reading. Firstly, this style will make your forehead appear smaller by making it less noticeable. If you look into it broadly then you will understand that the buzz cut reduces the contrast between your hair and head. As it blends out your existing hairline people can not figure out the starting point of your hairline very easily. The lesser the contrast, the less obvious your big forehead is. For this reason, people of receding hairline also go for a buzz cut.

Apart from hiding those extra inches from your forehead, the buzz cut hairstyle makes you look more strong and masculine. This is definitely a statement hairstyle which speaks a lot about you. It states the fact loudly that you are a confident man who does not really care about his natural features.

Man with a Big Forehead

The Buzz Cut hairstyle provides a huge variety. This style is like a big Umbrella term which covers different types of short hairstyles. The dependence of all of them on clippers brings them under the Buzz Cut category.

As we do not have a head, bones, and face features that are alike, it is really great if you can choose the hairstyle according to your entire visible features. So if you think that the buzz cut hairstyle is all about hair trimmed down in the same length then you really need to see the following different buzz cut styles. Lots of celebrities with a big forehead have endorsed them in the past and the styles definitely serve their purpose as you will see in this post.

Popular Buzz cut hairstyles for men with a big forehead.

Induction Buzz Cut

Induction Buzz Cut

We can see Zyan Malik in this short Buzz hairstyle. This skin close shave look is really worth envying. Hair in induction Buzz cut is of the shortest possible length without actually being shaved. Hair of every direction is shaved in the same length giving a uniform look.

You can have this hairstyle irrespective of your age and profession. Not only men with a big forehead but those who have just started to lose their hair can have this hairstyle to still feel confident about their look.

Induction Buzz Cut is also called number 0 hairstyle as there are no guards used on the hair clippers. You can easily do this hairstyle at home with the help of your trimmer.

Burr Buzz Cut

Burr Buzz Cut

Technically it is also an induction Buzz cut but with slightly longer hair. Generally, all the hair on the head is of the same length but nowadays we can see the hair at the sides slightly shorter than the hair at the crown. However, the difference is not that noticeable.

Another popular name of this hairstyle is “number 1” cut as the guard of size number 1 is used to achieve this look. You can combine this look with some facial hair if you have good growth.

Butch Buzz Cut

Butch Buzz Cut

All three hair cuts, Induction, Burr, and Butch are popular as the army haircuts but the different lines in the hair length. While hair in induction cut is the shortest they are longest in the butch cut. Any guard between numbers 3 to 5 is ideal for the butch cut hairstyle.

Also in this style, the hair at sides and back of your head are slightly tapered which is actually noticeable. However, the length of hair at the top is not as long as the hair in a crew cut.

Crew Cut

Crew Cut

In the Crew cut style, the hair at the crown area is significantly longer than the rest of the hair. Ideal for people who have a long face with a big forehead. You can see in the picture how the guy has used those small fringes to cover some part of his large forehead.

If you have had a haircut with fringes till now then you will feel more confident with this style than the traditional induction buzz cut. Also, hair of every texture looks good with this Crew Cut. We have seen people with curly, fuzzy, straight, and wavy hair endorsing this amazing hairstyle.

Ivy League Cut

Ivy League Cut

Believe it when they see you can never go wrong with an Ivy Haircut. It can be called a variation of crew cut but with longer hair. So you can actually style them in whatever way you like. Be it the pompadour, spikes, or side parting everything is possible in the ivy league haircut. This will surely divert the attention of people from your big head to your stylish hair.

The style is also called Harvard or Princeton style. With the help of a pomade, you can get a really nice and sleek look. Also, ivy league haircut with some facial hair perfectly balances your face.

High and Tight Buzz Cut

High and Tight Buzz Cut

Look at Ryan Renold’s attractive high and tight buzz cut hairstyle. While the sides and back of the head are skin-closely shaved, the hair at the top pulls all the style off. This is a subtle yet attractive hairstyle for men who are in the corporate world.

This hairstyle is also known as “walker” cut and it can be called a variant of the Crew cut. This style is not only popular among army personnel in the U.S but among the common men also. Of course, it makes you look so mature and sophisticated. You can actually carry this style to your office and to a dinner date as well. Not to mention that people are not going to notice your big forehead in a high and tight buzz cut style.

Caesar Buzz Cut

Caesar Buzz Cut

Want to get a buzz cut hairstyle but not confident about the short hair length then this is the right style for you. This is the style inspired by Roman general Julius Caesar, who is already famous for concealing a large forehead.

While the horizontal Fringe style is helpful in hiding the large forehead, the buzz cut across your head ensures minimum maintenance and attractive style. This hairstyle suits all face shapes but if you have a prominent jawline then it will be like the cherry on the cake.

Buzz Cut with Fade

Buzz Cut with Fade

Too lazy to style your hair regularly but still enthusiastic about looking attractive? If you can associate with these facts then buzz cut with a fade texture is the ideal hairstyle for you.

Fade hair got popularity in the last few years. It is done to make the uniform buzz cut more stylish and attractive.

This hairstyle has got everything that you need. It is stylish than the traditional buzz cut due to the temper fade plus it makes your big forehead look less obvious.

Mohawk inspired Buzz Cut

Mohawk inspired Buzz Cut

This style is suitable for those who have a large forehead with minimal hair all on their crown. Try those mesmerizing Mohawks so that everyone looks just at them and does not get time to notice your large forehead.

Mohawk is not only a bold hairstyle but one of the most attractive styles of 2020. If we talk about the traditional mohawk then you might not be able to carry them and move into the office but you can endorse Mohawk inspired Buzz style there for sure.

How to do the Buzz Cut at Home?

Buzz Cut at Home

The best thing about a Buzzcut style is you can do it on your own. So you do not really need to go to the saloon for the basic buzz cut. Isn’t it amazing that you save both time and money?

Some buzz cut styles may need professional hands but once it is done, you can maintain the haircut at home by occasional trimming. Though, do not be afraid. Believe is when we say it is one of the easiest styles to work with at your own.

To have a buzz cut, you need some gears. The clippers are the most important obviously. With their help, the length of your buzz cut is determined. If you want your hair to be really short, go for zero attachment. On the other hand, those looking for a long buzz cut like ivy league should try a number 3 or 4 maybe. Also, the clippers have a lever on their side to adjust the distance between the guard and the blad.

Always start the trimming process from the top so that you have full control over the final length of hair. While trimming, make sure you go against the grain of the hair to get an even and adjusted look. When you are to groom your hair, always begin with freshly washed hair. This ensures that your hair is in their natural position so that you can groom them according to your needs.

If you are the first timer in doing this, you have to be a little cautious. When you start the actual process, always go for longer buzz than what you actually need. In this manner, you always have room for correction if something goes off hand. Once it is done and you get confidence, go for the desired style.

If you talk about washing, drying and styling the buzz-cut hair, it is extremely simple and you are done for the day in no time.

You should definitely try the Buzz cut styles if you are not confident about your forehead length and find it too big according to the shape of your face.

If you are looking for more tips to hide a big forehead then we have written a well researched article here. We have compiled all the tips and tricks in the world to help one conceal their big forehead in this article.

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