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47 Eye-Catching Curly Weave Hairstyles

Weaves are extensions woven into your natural hair for a more in-depth explanation. Your natural hair is braided, and the weaves are sewed onto it. It’s similar to a wig in that it can be styled in various ways and has a more natural appearance. Changing the weave once a month is necessary because it cannot be worn for more than 4-6 weeks. Before putting your hair in braids, ensure your natural hair is adequately hydrated and cared for. Curly weave hairstyles are an excellent option for females who have never been blessed with naturally gorgeous curls.

Weaves are the most acceptable option for protecting your hair from the daily damage caused by heat, styling chemicals, and other hair care regimens. Dyes and bleaches and pollutants may have damaged your hair. Because of this, weaving is your only natural choice. 

Beach Weave Ombres

Beach Weave Ombres

When your hair is damaged and dry, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends. Do not fret; this ombre curly weave hairstyle is on point and as natural as it gets, as you can see in the photo. Until the next time you have to change your weave hairdo, your best friend will be the simple ombre hair with beachy curls.

Colored Weft Hair in Pale Pink

Colored Weft Hair in Pale Pink

Tempted by the beautiful pastels yet hesitant to subject your natural hair to the chemical damage they may cause? This curly ponytail hairstyle with weave is the perfect option, so don’t be alarmed.

Hairstyle with a Long Permed Weave

Long Permed Weave

The weaves allow for a wide range of possibilities with no effort. Natural hair might benefit from this simple weave hairstyle. A simple braid and weave are all that is required. long curly weave hairstyles are ready for you. In addition, unlike other extensions, weaves are as simple to style as your natural hair.

Curls of Goldilocks

Curls of Goldilocks

These gorgeous, short curly sew-in weave hairstyles are the epitome of beauty. You can have it in any color, style, and length, making it versatile. 

Copper Curls

Curly Weave Copper Curls

The length you desire is entirely dependent on your preferences. If you desire long hair but don’t have the time to grow it, this is an option.

Pixie Cut

Curly Wave Pixie Cut

You can even choose a shorter length, just precisely how long you want it to be. Go for a black weave curly hairstyle for short hair to give yourself and your hair a break. You’re all prepared to go with your styling choices now.

Short Curly Weave Hair

Short Curly Weave Hair

This weave hairstyle short curly is another option for those who want shorter hair lengths but don’t want to sacrifice their edginess. Remove the weave when you’ve had enough and hold both cakes in your hands. Enjoy both the trimming and the growing out of your hair simultaneous

Weave in Red Ombre

Weave in Red Ombre

If you have longer hair, you can buy this already styled, or you can do it yourself and style it whatever you choose. You can see how seamless it all is in this photo. Like natural hair, these hold on to your head for a long time and don’t fall out as wigs do. This year’s hottest weave hairdo is this one.

Golden Blonde

Curly Weave Golden Blonde

You’ll have it in a matter of hours, no matter what style you want. Here, you can see the results of a golden blonde curly weave hairstyle that is both realistic and easy to achieve. It’s possible to get a curly hairstyles weave that looks like natural hair! 

Perfect Redness

Curly Weave Perfect Redness

Once you’ve woven it in, feel free to play whatever you’d like with it. The bleached red weave shown here can be achieved using the same techniques as your natural hair. There isn’t much of a difference if you avoid damaging your hair. This short curly bob weave hairstyle is flawless!

Weaved on the Beach

Weaved on the Beach

Loose, beachy curls are the current hairstyle of choice. These are ideal for every occasion, from casual to formal, and can be purchased with little effort. This curly blonde weave hairstyle is ideal for achieving a natural-looking look!..

Jet Black Weaves that are Thick

Thick Jet Black Weaves

These black hairstyle curly weaves are ideal if you want to experiment with new hair colors but aren’t convinced yet. It takes little effort to make these long jet-black locks seem stunning. Moreover, you won’t be able to tell that these are synthetic hairstyles and not your own.

Curls in a Black Weave

Curls in a Black Weave

Just one more shot of that stunning jet-black tresses. If significant, voluminous curls aren’t your thing, consider these looser, more natural-looking curls instead. This is one of the sexiest ways to design your curly long weave hairstyles!

Lavender Highlights in Platinum Blonde

Curly Weave Lavender Highlights in Platinum Blonde

This long curly weave hairstyles 2020, with lavender accents at the ends, is another fantastic way to wear your weave. 

Bob with a Short Hem

Bob with a Short Hem

These natural-looking short curly weave hairstyles 2021 with bangs are also a great option! The RiRi look is what you’re going for. Exactly what I wanted. Hairstyles like this are great since they’re simple to care for and look great when worn regularly. 

Curly Bob Hairstyle

Curly Weave Bob Hairstyle

Here’s a closer look at the black curly bob hairstyles with bangs curled to show their refined appearance. There are no rules for this curly weave hairstyle; you can style it any way you choose. You’ve missed out on class and elegance with a simple bob when you add big curls to the sides and front.

Braided Weave Hairstyles

Braided Weave Hairstyles

This braid hairstyle with curly weave is one of the simplest and most straightforward to achieve, and it elevates your weave to a new level of sophistication. You may plait your colored weave into large braids by simply dividing it into two sections and dying one of them. You can use a bobby pin or a hair tie to hold it in place if you like. A lot of hair sprays are used to keep it from moving.

Weaved Bob in Jet Black

Curly Weaved Bob in Jet Black

Your dark black weave hairstyle makes this short wavy bob an excellent choice for a stylish hairdo. This medium-length weave looks excellent with your natural hair color. This hairstyle is simple to accomplish and will look great all day long, no matter where you take it.

Inconsistent Golden Bob 

Curly Weave Inconsistent Golden Bob

In the short-haired world, the short curly weave hairstyles for round faces are the most sought-after style. You can notice how effectively the weave hairdo works with the additional highlights in lighter tones. It’s not the most luxurious, but it’s worth trying.

Short Curled Weave

Short Curled Weave

This short curly hair weave hairstyle is ideal for your weave if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to fix your hair. When you’re in a rush and need a hairstyle that’s simple, elegant, and easy to maintain, turn to the weave. 

Fringed Pixie

Curly Fringed Pixie

This jet black short pixie with bangs is another way to wear short hair. This short-length weave will give you a new style while still simple to maintain. This is one of our all-time favorite cute curly weave hairstyles, so we had to include it here.

Colors of the Orange Spectrum

Curly Weave Colors of the Orange Spectrum

Combining a weave with the haircut and orange highlights creates an enchanting hairstyle. 

The Best of Burgundy

Curly Weave The Best of Burgundy

If you’re not a fan of bright colors and dramatic patterns, consider a weave hairstyle with a slight tinge of burgundy instead. Highlights are fun but not the top addition to your hairdo. This is another stunning short weave hairdo.

Intricate Weave in Gold and Blonde

Intricate Weave in Gold and Blonde

Another picture of a hair dye job well done. Edgy with a twist” seems to describe her perfectly, and she’s a fiery golden blonde. Having a short weave hairstyle provides you with a stunning look that you’ll want to emulate for the rest of your life.

Jet Black Weave

Jet Black Weave

With this black weave curly hairstyle, you may achieve a more natural-looking appearance. While your natural hair is resting, your closest buddy will be jet black long waves with excellent waves to emphasize your facial features!

Weaved Platinum Blonde Hairstyle with a Twist

Weaved Platinum Blonde Hairstyle with a Twist

Another option for your weave is to go platinum blonde with long lengths in this color. Because of the uneven endings, your loose curls are the hair goals that everyone dreams of. This is one of the loveliest weave hairstyles for long hair that we’ve ever seen!

Weaved Auburn Hairstyles

Weaved Auburn Hairstyles

Auburn hair can be styled with the same loose curls for a softer look. This is the best weave hairstyle for long hair since it goes with everything, whether formal or casual. 

The Mermaid Wedge

The Mermaid Wedge

If you want to seem like a mermaid, why not try this aqua blue color? The color works well with style despite the short hair because it doesn’t draw attention away from the cut. Our opinion is that this is the best curly weave hairstyle for fine or medium-length hair.

Hairstyle with Natural Ombre Weaving

Hairstyle with Natural Ombre Weaving

Why not go with this highly long ombre effect weave with so many lengths and style options? Having long hair allows you to achieve the volume and attention to your hair that you’ve always wanted to achieve.

Golden Curls

Curly Weave Golden Curls

Take a look at these gorgeous curls. These curls elevate your weave hairdo to a new level, perfect for a date or special occasion.

Red Chic

Curly Weave Red Chic

Those who want to experiment with color can’t go wrong with the attractive and stylish red bob. 

Long, Mid-Parted Hair

Curly Weave Long Mid-Parted Hair

Make a statement with long, flawlessly curled hair that will never go out of style. As you stroll about with your long, flowing curls, everyone will be thinking about you.

It was time to Shave it

Curly Weave Shaved Sides Hairstyle

To achieve this extraordinary look, you must have shaved sides hairstyle your hair short. It would help if you were not concerned because this edgy weave hairdo still gives you the freedom to style it in any way you see fit. The combination of pink and black is excellent for a little wild and wacky individuals.

Green Hair with Curls

Green Hair with Curls

This curly weave hairstyle is appropriate for any occasion, and it can be fashioned in a variety of different ways. Get this weave hairstyle for yourself today! It’s easy to maintain and simple to obtain!

Fancy Updo 

Curly Weave Fancy Updo

Go for a simple yet stylish updo that diverts the attention away from the weave and towards the updo.

Highlighted Ends 

Curly Weave Highlighted Ends

The golden highlights that blend wonderfully with your short weave will give it a funky feel and stand out. With the highlights, this fine weave hairdo looks fantastic and complements your skin tone.

Pixie Blue

Curly Weave Pixie Blue

You can also try this aqua blue pixie cut if you have short hair. The color is enchanting, and it looks lovely on everybody.

A Waved Fabric

Curly Weave Waved Fabric

At the same time, this curly weave hairstyle is both graceful and fashionable. 

Blonde Red Color Play

Curly Weave Blonde Red Color Play

The blonde and red weave is a lovely color combination for anyone seeking a new hairstyle. We’re swooning at the combination of these two hues at the roots.

Highlighted Pixie

Curly Weave Highlighted Pixie

 This natural-looking pixie cut, which we love, is enhanced by its natural-looking highlights.

It’s a Unicorn!

Curly Weave Unicorn

It’s a perfect hairstyle for folks who enjoy their hair color but are concerned about damaging their hair by applying harsh chemicals. Intriguing and eye-catching, this ombre effect of blue and pink looks fantastic.

Surely you can agree that this long jet black weave with a single faint blonde highlight is what you were looking for.

Curled up Corkscrew

Curled up Corkscrew

This curly weave hairstyle is ideal for those who enjoy the look of volume and texture in their hair. The corkscrew curls are pretty lovely, and they give you a graceful and refined appearance.

Wedding Weave

Curly Weave Wedding Weave

Your hair doesn’t cooperate on your wedding day; this bridal weave is the next best thing. Your hair finally gets the special attention it’s been looking for all along!

Effect of the Peacock

Curly Weave Peacock Hairstyle

Are you a fan of edgy colors to complement your style? Examine these blue and purple contrasts that pique your interest based on your sense of style. Is this something you’d like to keep? Try a new hairdo if you’re tired of your old one. You’ll love this weave hairdo if you use this component. To get a goddess-like look every day, you need just a sliver of this soft blushing pink.

Mohawk Weave Curled

Mohawk Weave Curled

This half mohawk’s red and black color curly hairstyle combination is quite stunning. Despite its edgy appearance, this hairdo is both beautiful and fun.

Huge Curly Burgundy Hair

Huge Curly Burgundy Hair

Everything about these lengthy Burgundy curls is lovely. This weave hairstyle for long hair has us swooning, and you can understand why. The lightest hue is the most acceptable option for this weave hairstyle. With this light blonde tint and an asymmetrical bob cut, you’ll be the show’s star.

Black Perms

Curly Weave Black Perms

These gorgeous long black curly hairstyles fall elegantly over your shoulders, behold. This weave hairstyle suits you perfectly, and we do not doubt that it will make you the center of attention wherever you go.


Make the best decision or develop something truly unique using these possibilities. Prepare to be the most beautiful lady on earth with some preparation time.

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