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Everything About Fashionable Face Mask

Ensuring Protection From Covid Virus

Corona Face Mask

 Since the arrival of the novel coronavirus in 2019, the whole world has been going through lots of turmoil and chaos. The fast-paced vaccination drive has made quite a big difference in curbing the number of positive covid19 cases everywhere but still, the thread has not passed completely. 

One of those things which have proved to be the most effective in our battle against this deadly virus is the use of face masks. We have been wearing it for more than two years and now it has become a part of our daily lives.

As almost all the governments have made it mandatory to wear a face mask in public places, it is impossible to neglect the use of a face mask and face shield.

Understanding the need of the hour, we have tried to compile all the needed information about face masks and covers in this article.

Face Mask Vs Face Shield

Face Mask Vs Face Shield

 We all are very friendly with the face masks. One can carry them easily and its effectiveness against the virus has also proved to be satisfactory by the scientists. From plain surgical to fancy ones, face masks are available in a wide range.

While a face mask is a minimum requirement when you go to any public place these days, the face shield is used as an additional gear for protection against the virus. That means one has to wear a face mask and then the face shield to remove the slightest possibility of getting infected with the virus. According to researchers, if 80% of the population starts to wear both face masks and face shields, the spread of the virus can be checked soon. 

One thing to note here is that many people are seen wearing only the face shield without wearing the mask. They do so because they do not like the tight-fitting of the mask. You should know that there is no effectiveness in this measure as thousands of droplets can still pass through the gap between your face and the shield. Instead of curbing, it enhances the risk of getting infected so if you are wearing the face shield, do not forget to wear the mask first.

Where To Buy Face Masks?

Different Face Masks

You can find a surgical face mask at any normal medical store. There is quite a good range of options available under the surgical mask category also such as the three-layer mask, double filter mask, N95, valved mask, cone style mask. For those who wear spectacles, there are special masks that have a small metal strip that is to be pressed upon the nose after wearing the mask. This ensures elimination from the build-up of fog on the glasses of your spectacles. In medical and pharmacist stores, you can also find face shields that provide additional protection from the novel coronavirus.

If you want to wear colorful stylish face masks then head inside any general store having style accessories. A really large number of options are available to choose from.

You can also DIY a face mask/ face shield at home also. Using cotton cloth for making the face mask is the best option while the face shield can be made using plastic sheets. You can easily find such plastic sheets at a stationery shop.

How To Determine Face Mask Size?

Determine Face Mask Size

It is important to wear a face mask of the correct size not only to get a comfortable fitting on the face but also to ensure maximum protection from viruses and bacteria present in the atmosphere around. 

Though all face masks available in the market are made using the common body measurement which fits for maximum people nothing can beat the feeling of the exact measurement. 

We can guarantee that you would not like purchasing a face mask, taking it home, and finding it to have a saggy fitting on your face. For the safety of all, most of the time you are not allowed to try wearing the face mask while purchasing one. So what to do in that case? Well! It is best to be prepared in advance and measure your face size for the mask before going for the purchase. 

How To Measure Face For The Mask?

There are two ways of knowing the ideal face mask size. The first one is to measure the face with a measuring tape while the other is to guess the size of the mask using your general sense based upon the factors like your age, weight, and body shape.

With the second method, you may not get satisfactory results but if you have a measuring tape at home then it is best to check the dimensions of your face.

Use the measuring tape to get the correct idea about the length and broadness of your face. For knowing the length, check from the bridge of your nose to the lower point of your chin while for the breadth, measure the distance between your cheekbones. 

Once you get the measurement, refer to the chart given on the packet of face masks. The dimension of the mask in the packet is written as length*breadth.

If you are still confused then purchase the face mask which has adjustable straps. People with too wide or too narrow face shapes should try considering such face masks for their initial purchase. Keep noticing the size you purchase and with time, you would get an exact idea about your ideal face mask size.

How Much Does a Face Mask Weigh?

Face Mask Weight

The three-layer surgical masks are the lightest ones with a weight of around 8 grams each. Moving further, the non-N95 weighs 12 grams while the weight of the N95 face mask is around 14 grams.

Single-layer cloth face masks are said to be 5 grams. If you wear a fancy face mask that has additional accessories then the weight may vary according to the weight of the accessories used.

For a day-long use, the weight face mask should not be greater than 20 grams as it may create discomfort around your ears. 

How Many Times Can You Use a Face Mask?

Washed Face Masks

The novel coronavirus is still going to stay for quite a long time. Whenever you head out of your home, it is mandatory to wear face masks. No doubt it has created an additional burden both on our pockets and the environment so it is normal to wonder about the lifespan of a single face mask.

You must have thought about how many times one can wear a mask before throwing it into the dustbin. Well, currently the most popular ones are the three-layered surgical face masks. They are the cheapest yet effective. These masks are to be disposed of after wearing them once.

The thick masks (both N95 and non- N95) can be worn quite a few times. Though such masks also come with the instructions of disposing of them after one time use but three to four use is okay. Just make sure that you disinfect the mask before and after removing it from the face. Keep it in such a place where no one touches it. If possible, you can also keep the used mask in the direct sunlight for some time for maintaining its quality.

If you are using the cloth face mask, then wash it using a disinfectant and warm water after every use. Air-dry it in the sun and make sure it is completely dry from both inside and outside before using it again.

How To Store a Face Mask?

Face Mask Storage

At present time, face masks have become one of the essentials for living a healthy life therefore it is best to have the most information about them. As you have successfully selected the type of face mask you want to use, here comes the part of organizing and storing it efficiently.

If you wear a disposable mask then there is no point in discussing it as such masks are to be used only once. Do not store these masks for multiple wearing as they can become an invitation to the virus in no time.

On the other hand, people who wear reusable filter masks or cloth masks can use small hooks to hang them. However, in this case, dust particles may get deposited on the masks if you do not wear them for some days. The masks that are not to be worn by you frequently should be kept in a box. If you can find any see-through box for it then in the future it would be convenient for you to quickly find the mask. 

Here is another quick tip by us. You should keep one mask hanging near the entryway of your house where you generally hang your vehicle keys so that you do not forget to exit the home without wearing your mask. 

 Fashionable Stuff You Can Use As a Mask

There is no need of wearing medical face masks always as you can use various other things to cover your face with. Here we are sharing some of the most creative ideas you can use to cover your face in the most stylish way. 


Bandana As Face Mask

Generally worn on the head, a bandana can also be your face mask. It is a square or triangular-shaped colored cloth with a solid or printed design. 

You can use a bandana to cover your mouth and nose while being outside. As it comes in different colors, you can always mix and match the color of the bandana with the color of your dress. Try incorporating a bandana as a face mask the next time you go out with friends and we guarantee that you would love this cowboy style.

Neck Gaiters

Neck Gaiters As Face Mask

This is another stylish option to be used as a face mask. It is worn around the neck and pulled up to the nose covering your mouth as and when required.

The neck gaiters are made up of quality elastic which adjusts on all face shapes. Unlike the normal masks, both men and women can wear them without feeling the discomfort of mask straps. Though for better prevention from the novel corona, choose neck gaiters that are not made up of synthetic materials completely.

DIY T-shirt Masks

DIY T-shirt Masks

Got bored up of wearing normal surgical masks? Well! You can do one good thing then. Try preparing your mask using your old t-shirt. You can prepare as many marks as you want with T-Shirts of different colors and prints. The internet is full of DIY mask tutorials. Using a single t-shirt, you can make same-colored masks for your whole family or can gift them to your loved ones.

One thing to note here is that the t-shirt masks are not 100% effective for protecting against the covid-19 virus. So it is best to use the mask in double layering or wearing a surgical mask below your t-shirt mask.

Fancy Face Mask

Fancy Face Mask

After the novel coronavirus being with us for more than two years, we have been noticing the arrival of fancy face masks having accessories on them. Such masks are getting popular among people who are to become a part of a celebration with their close ones. 

No doubt that they are not as effective as the surgical or double-layer cloth face masks but still they provide some amount of protection against the virus. At the same time, the fancy masks make you look stand out from the crowd.

At a time when there are still strict restrictions about wearing a mask, fancy face covers are the top choice of brides and grooms these days. They are getting specially tailored accessorized fancy face masks matching with their wedding dress.

Not only the wedding couple but the close family members are also liking the concept. Try one such mask in any upcoming function in your family and you would have a lifelong memory in photos wearing that highly fancy cover.

If you are going to a place that is crowded then it is better to use the double mask. Also, disinfect the mask regularly and keep changing your face cover in the interval of a few days to ensure maximum protection.

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