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Eyeliner Style Guide For Those Beautiful Eyes

Eyeliner is an item used for daily makeup, but isn’t it always done in the same way without any particular review? Although it usually happens routinely, you might wish to review it now.

The impression will change dramatically if you can use items that suit you and how you can use them according to your own eyes.

Eyeliner can be roughly divided into three types according to shape and type. First of all, as basic knowledge, this post will introduce you to the eyeliner and types of eyeliner styles and their characteristics. The impression of the entire face changes greatly depending on what kind of eyeliner styles you use.

Types of Eyeliner Styles

Below is a list of different types of eyeliner styles.

Soft Permanent Eyeliner Styles

Soft Permanent Eyeliner Styles

One of the most popular eyeliner applications is Soft permanent eyeliner styles. The most excellent thing about a soft permanent eyeliner is that it works nicely for both a daytime and evening appearance. Start a soft permanent eyeliner in the deepest part of your eye, paying close attention to line your top lash line. Finish the liner precisely without any smudges by extending it just past the outside corner of your eye. And that’s how you achieve a soft permanent eyelinerIt is easy to draw, so it’s hard to make mistakes, but it’s also recommended for beginners and clumsy people because it allows you to draw simple eyeliner styles naturally.

Cat Eye Eyeliner Style

Cat Eye Eyeliner Style

Cat eye eyeliner styles begin with a fine line from the tear duct that increases in thickness and ends with an ascending corner at the end of the eye, creating the effect of slanted or feline eyes. This type of eyeliner lengthens the line of the upper eyelid, highlights the eyelashes, and enlarges the look.

Winged Eyeliner Style

Winged Eyeliner Style

A timeless eye makeup trend is winged eyeliner styles. It became well-known due to its vintage look and is now regarded as a beauty essential. As the name suggests, this trend calls for you to draw winged lines at the outer corners of your eyes with eyeliner. There are many various eye shapes, and since winged eyeliner has been a staple of eye makeup since its inception, there are a variety of winged eyeliner designs to choose from.

Eyeliner Styles for Hooded Eyes

Eyeliner Styles for Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes will look spectacular when painted with thick strokes that are bold over-the-top lash lines and razor-sharp at the ends. Furthermore, it makes it possible for a simple application rather than requiring you to concentrate on maintaining the lines thin. Keep your eyes alert as you first draw the acute winged lines on the outer corners and then define the top lash lines.

Egyptian Style Eyeliner

Egyptian Style Eyeliner

The bold and theatrical should wear Egyptian-style eyeliner. Nothing about it is simple. Give this a try if you don’t mind standing out from the crowd or have Cleopatra as your Halloween costume. But make sure you’ve properly washed and moisturized your skin before applying any makeup.

Bold Eyeliner Styles

Bold Liner

It’s easy to do. It goes along the line of the upper edge of the upper eyelid from the beginning to end, just where the eye ends. Highlight the lashes without lengthening the eyeliner line. 

Thick Permanent Eyeliner Style

Thick Permanent Eyeliner Style

As its name suggests, this creative white eyeliner style is applied to both the upper and lower eyelids; without them coming together. 

Greek Eyeliner

Greek Eyeliner

Consists of marking the upper line of the eye, from the tear duct to the end, in addition to creating a line on the lower eyelid but only a part; that is to say, from the outside to the middle approximately. 

Dot Outline 

Dot Outline

The Dot eyeliner was born in the 60s but remains in force in the most fashionable events and fashion shows. To do this, they must trace small moles at the level of the lower lashes. Normally, only one dot is drawn in the center of each eye, but they can be animated and do several along the entire edge. 

Smokey Liner 

Smokey Liner

The smokey is undoubtedly one of the types of eyeliner that should be a must on the list. The best thing is that you can manage to turn a very simple makeup into one with a lot of glam. It works magic!

Bold Liner 

Bold Liner

For those who are more daring, bold eyeliner arrives. Definitely, a style only for experts, but that promises to make your looks something unique. Its presence in fashion shows makes this one of the most fashionable types of eyeliner, so if you want to impose a style. Dare to try it!

Dramatic Liner 

Dramatic Liner

Among all the types of eyeliner, this one is perfect for a night out or a party. The intensity that characterizes it makes it perfect for giving your eyes all the power that a look needs. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse for those who don’t do very well with thin eyeliner. Just say that your intention was to make a dramatic one, and that’s why it’s the thick line.

Basic Eyeliner Drawing Method

How to Draw the Basics

There are several types of eyeliner, but if you remember the basic method of drawing, you can easily draw eyeliner on any item.

1. Pull from the black eye to the inner corner of the eye. The point is to pull it so that it fills the space between the eyelashes!

2. Pull from the black eye toward the outer corner of the eye. The point is to add little by little without pulling at once!

3. Make an eyeliner of about 3mm to 5mm according to the impression you want to be. Gently pull the corners of the eyes for a natural finish!

How to Apply Eyeliner?

Let’s explain the basic method of pulling by type.

There are various types, such as those that can draw natural and natural lines and those that can draw thick and clear lines.

The tips for drawing well and how to draw beautifully will change greatly depending on the type, so please decide which one to choose according to the impression of the eyes you want to be and the ease of use.

For Pencil Eyeliner

The basic point is to draw little by little in small increments. Especially for beginners, it is harder to fail if you do it slowly and carefully instead of trying to draw with a single stroke at once.

The key is to line the eyes from their inner to their outer corners, starting at the inner corner. If you slowly add it little by little, it will be beautifully finished.

Pencil eyeliner is relatively easy to use, even for those who are not accustomed to makeup.

For Liquid Eyeliner

The characteristic of liquid eyeliner is that the impression changes depending on the line of the outer corner of the eye and how to pull it. At this time, make sure to fill the hairline of your lashes.

If you pull the corners of your eyes up a little, you will get a cool impression, and if you draw a line that hangs down from your own eyes, you will get a gentle image. Liquid eyeliner is an item that is good at expressing delicate lines at the corners of the eyes.

It takes practice to pull it well, so beginners should try it several times.

For Gel Eyeliner

Gel eyeliner is good at drawing thick lines and strengthening the impression of eye makeup. Therefore, it works well if you do it while looking at the overall balance at the end of eye makeup. Finish eye makeup such as eye shadow and mascara first.

Use a little brush to apply the gel on the back of your hand when using a vial gel liner. By doing this, the point is to remove the excess gel from the brush to an appropriate amount.

Then slowly and carefully pull it out. Let’s add while looking at the entire eye area on the way so as not to make it too thick.

Explain the Tips by Dividing Them Into 3 Types

Since the shape of the eyes is different for each person, how to draw beautifully, where to put the line, and how to put it will differ depending on the shape and type. Here, let’s explain the characteristic points and how to draw beautifully for each of the three types: single, deep, double, and double.

An eyeliner that doesn’t fit your eyes’ shape may make your eyes look smaller. By remembering how to put lines that match the shape of your eyes, even beginners can improve the quality of their makeup.

How to Draw an Eyeliner When You Want to Look Like an Adult

On days when you want to decide on a cool pants style, try matching your makeup like an adult. The black liquid liner is recommended as the eyeliner to use. It gives a glossy and sharp impression.

The so-called “cat line” that flips up the corners of the eyes gives a cool impression. In this case, make the outer corner of the eye a little longer and pull it so that it sticks out about 2 to 3 mm.

How to Apply Eyeliner Naturally

If you want to improve your impression with natural makeup as much as possible, such as during job hunting or in the office! There are days like that. In such cases, you should use brown eyeshadow instead of eyeliner.

Take a brown eyeshadow on a thin tip and pull it thinly on the edge of your upper eyelid. At this time, you can get closer to a more natural image by diluting the brown color.

By blurring a little, it is possible to soften the impression that you are really making up. If you like natural makeup, please give it a try.

Points to Draw a Beautiful Eyeliner

Brown is recommended for beginners!

Eyeliners come in various colors, including black and white for creative white eyeliner styles and brown and color liners such as Bordeaux and terracotta. Among them, brown is recommended for beginners.

Not only does brown have a soft image, but it is also characterized by the fact that it does not easily come off even if you make a slight mistake in the place to put the eyeliner. Therefore, it is a good idea to practice with a brown eyeliner first and then try a black or color liner.

The Last Tricky Thing is The Pencil Eyeliner

The thickness of the liquid eyeliner changes depending on the amount of force applied, and the gel eyeliner may be partially attached, so it may not be easy to pull it well until you get used to it. The pencil eyeliner can keep certain thinness and is easy to pull without sticking too much.

For beginners, buying a brown pencil eyeliner and getting used to it is the first step to getting a good eyeliner.

The Point is to Pull Little by Little at First

The eyeliner is hard to fail if you pull it slowly and gradually instead of pulling it all at once with a single stroke. If you pull it all at once, it will become messy, and there will be a gap between the eyelashes and the eyeliner, which will make it unnatural, so be careful.

Before you get used to it, let’s add colors little by little with the image of drawing dots.

Liquid Eyeliner Uses the Tip of the Brush Well

The most important point when drawing an eyeliner with liquid eyeliner is how to use the brush tip. However, be aware that if you use too much force, the tip of the brush will be crushed, and the eyeliner will become thicker.

When using a liquid eyeliner, always try to draw eyeliner with your brush tip.

The Point of Gel Eyeliner is Adjustment Before Pulling

The pencil-type gel liner has a soft brush tip, but it is basically the same as the pencil eyeliner. Therefore, if you are used to it to some extent, you can use the pencil gel liner well.

The jar-type gel liner in a small bottle is the key to adjusting the amount before drawing the eyeliner. If the liquid gets too much, it will get thicker, so adjust the amount with the back of your hand and then put it on your eyelids.

Even Beginners Can Draw Eyeliner Well if They Follow The Basics!

Depending on the type of eyeliner and the type of eye, how to draw the eyeliner and how to draw it well will differ.

Get the hang of eyeliner with the item that best suits your impression and eye type.

Even beginners can draw an eyeliner as long as they follow the basics. It’s also important to think of an eyeliner location that suits you, so practice and get the hang of it.

In 2022, The Bold “eyeliner” Is The Trend! Makeup Artist Guides How To Draw

Everyone should have one of their favorite eyeliners in their makeup pouch. There are many people who need eyeliner for their standard makeup, such as bold eyeliner styles, where the lines at the corners of the eyes are flipped up, lines are added to make the eyes look horizontally long, and blurring is done.

The eyeliner itself is not new, but the number of celebrities showing different impressions with various techniques is increasing rapidly.


Q. How can I get out of the brown liner?

A. The red-based “dotted” liner is cute 

If you want to fill it up, don’t overdo it and make your eyes look moisturized. This preparation technique is the basis of modern eyeliner.

Q. How to makeup? 

A. (Right) Pull up the eyelids, insert the pencil from below, and fill the gaps at the base of the eyelashes with “dots,” not above or below the eyelashes.

(Left) Fill the space between the lashes with “dots” only on the outer 1/3 of the lower eyelid. Single. It’s okay not to put in the back double swollen eyelids.


Make your eyes cute and gentle on the day of cute skirts and dresses. The brown pencil type eyeliner is recommended. It will give you a fluffy, natural, and cute impression.

If you want to make it cute, hang down the outer corner of the eye slightly from the original shape of the eye and pull it. Doing so will give you a feminine finish, so it is recommended.

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