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All About Gold Cufflinks

Gold is one such metal that has been a part of human civilization since the time immortal. There have been numerous wars fought for this precious metal in history as it not only symbolized wealth but prosperity and power as well. Women have been wearing gold jewelry since ancient times. There are gold jewelry for men as well but they are very few. You can literally count them on fingers. Well, in the list of Gold jewelry for men, there is a very important one and it is none other than the Gold cufflink.

Cufflinks which are actually used to fasten the sleeves of a shirt, equally work as jewelry. In fact, cufflinks are one of those few pieces of jewelry which you can wear at work as well. Undoubtedly, they are functional but equally ornamental.

Cufflinks are available in various varieties. From the basic metal ones to the fancy stone cufflinks, you can have all of them. In the last few years, their popularity has risen to a great level. Now we can see more men demanding about stylish cufflinks.

Though you have a large pool of variety while choosing Cufflinks, the most popular ones are still the Metal Cufflinks. They are more durable than the other cufflinks and match with most of the outfits. Due to such facts, gold cufflinks are the favorite of many.

In this article, we have compiled lots of information about the Gold Cufflinks. So that you get all the knowledge to perfectly showcase those beautiful cufflinks with your attire. If you are planning to buy one in the near future then it will definitely help you to choose the right pair for you.

Types of Gold Cufflinks

While looking for any Gold Accessory, you get three major options i.e. Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold. All are Gold of course but differ in Color and Composition. Selecting the right one for you can be a bit tricky as all the three looks attractive. Here you will get to understand them some more so that you can make a wise decision according to your needs.

Yellow Gold Cufflinks

Yellow Gold Cufflinks

It is the traditional Gold we have been seeing for years. It is the purest color of Gold with the least mixing of different alloys. The best part is the yellow gold is less reactive thus it does not require too much care.

The Yellow Gold has four different varieties depending upon the percentage of pure gold used in it. They are- 24 Karat, 22 Karat, 18 Karat, and 14 Karat. The purer the gold, the higher will be the Karat.

When you are purchasing yellow gold cufflinks for you, remember that gold is a very soft metal. In its purest form, it easily bendable thus very less durable. Therefore higher karat gold cufflinks should be avoided as they may not last long due to more percentage of pure gold.

14 Karat and 18 Karat yellow gold cufflinks are the most popular ones because they give the richness of Gold plus they last for a longer time. Not to mention the cost is also less than that of the higher Karat Gold.

Another good news is while purchasing Yellow Gold cufflinks, you do not have to go to think about your complexion. They suit all skin tones equally. So no matter what the shade of your skin is, pick it if you like it.

White Gold Cufflinks

White Gold Cufflinks

White gold is nothing but Pure gold mixed with durable metals like nickel, zinc copper with a rhodium coating on it. The other metals are mixed with it to strengthen the Gold as we all know that gold is a soft metal.

White Gold looks almost identical to Platinum so if you are a big platinum fan but can not afford platinum cufflinks, you must go for the white gold ones. The price of white gold cufflinks is way lower than the platinum cufflinks, so it does not prove to be an unnecessary burden on your pockets in spite of the fact that the difference between the two is unnoticeable to the naked eyes.

Also, in terms of durability, white gold is more suitable for rough usage as compared to platinum. Platinum is more prone to getting scratches so it requires greater care which is not possible for everyone. White gold comes in two different qualities that are – 14K Karat and 18K Karat depending on the composition of the metal used in it.

There are people who do not like the traditional Yellow color of Gold but they still want to add the richness of Gold in their attire, White Gold is the best option for them. Get the white gold cufflinks for you and see the wonder created by them. Whomever you meet with those cufflinks on your wrist would get awestruck with your style.

There is of course a wide variety available in white gold cufflinks as currently it is more popular than the yellow gold cufflinks.

Rose Gold Cufflinks

Rose Gold Cufflinks

It is another popular type of Gold for those who like the Rosy texture in accessories. The rose gold is not gold actually but an alloy of it. However, it is still considered a precious metal as there can be 75% pure gold in it.

Rose gold is made by mixing Pure Gold with copper and a bit of silver. These two metals give strength to the gold and make it more durable.

It is the most affordable among all the three types of Gold therefore anyone can purchase rose gold cufflinks and make gold a part of their style. Also, they last for a really long time because copper is a strong metal. So people who are looking to wear gold cufflinks on regular days, rose gold should be your pick.

With rose gold cufflinks you get to pick from different shades. The redness of such gold is altered by using different percentages of copper. So basically there is rose gold, pink gold, and rose gold.

These shades ensure a huge variety when you are buying the cufflinks. When you actually go to purchase the rose gold cufflinks, take care of the fact that the redder the gold, the stronger the cufflink is.

Though the rose gold cufflinks can rock with any dress, they look the best with a navy blue or black jacket/blazer.

When to wear Gold Cufflinks?

Cufflinks are expensive accessories and when it comes to gold cufflinks, you spend a really good amount of money. Therefore it is obvious if you want to learn the trick of getting maximum attention with those gold pieces on your sleeves.

Earlier, Cufflinks were worn at formal and semi-formal events but in 2020, they are acceptable on every occasion. However, when it comes to gold cufflinks, you should reserve them for special occasions. Pick them when you are wearing your best shirt so that both things complement each other.

There are two points which you can keep in mind while wearing gold cufflinks in order to get a huge number of compliments.

Consider the Time

Time to wear cufflinks

Yes, there can be a certain time when the light is just perfect to outshine your beautiful cufflinks. However, it does not mean that you can wear gold cufflinks at only that time. What we are telling you is the best time to wear them.

If we talk about the traditional yellow gold cufflinks, you must wear them if the function is in the daylight. The natural light of the Sun enhances the beauty of gold cufflinks.

Coming to the white gold cufflinks, better if you wear them in evening or night. As they have an appearance like silver and platinum, white gold cufflinks look exceptionally well in artificial light.

The Red Gold Cufflinks are not that tricky. You can wear them anytime irrespective of the light around.

Other Accessories You Are Wearing

The general rule says that all the visible metal accessories worn by a man should be of the same color. Though not mandatory, it makes a huge difference. So if you are wearing a pair of white gold cufflinks, wear the watch, ring, belt buckle, and shoe buckle (if any) of white gold/ platinum/ silver color.

If you can not manage everything, try to match at least the wristwatch and ring with the color of your cufflinks. They are the most noticeable and do not look good if unmatched. Just imagine by yourself how the yellow gold cufflinks would look with a bright silver wristwatch. Not much impressive, right? So better if you take care of these small details.

Design and Pattern in Gold Cufflinks

As you already know that cufflinks nowadays come in a huge variety and when it comes to gold, the variety is endless.

Gold is a highly malleable metal therefore getting attractive design out of it is very easy. So you can have like any design in gold cufflinks.

Some of the most popular designs are given here so that you get a closer idea about the varieties available in Gold Cufflinks.

Round Plain Gold Cufflinks

Round plain gold cufflinks

Fancy Button Round Textured Cufflinks

Fancy button round textured cufflinks

Gold Cufflinks With Gemstone

Gold cufflinks with gemstone

Rose Gold Flower Cufflinks

Rose Gold Flower Cufflinks

White Gold Cufflinks With Diamonds

White gold cufflinks with diamonds

White Gold Crown Cufflinks

White gold crown cufflinks

Yellow Gold With Pearl Cufflinks

Yellow gold with pearl cufflinks

Close finish Imperial Art Cufflinks

Close finish Imperial Art Cufflinks

Comedy & Tragedy Mask Cufflinks

Comedy & Tragedy Mask Cufflinks

Custom/ Personalized Cufflinks

Custom/ Personalized Cufflinks

How To Take Care of Gold Cufflinks?

We all know that Cufflinks are expensive. So no doubt one would want to use them for the longest time possible. To this purpose, you must take be careful enough so that the cufflinks do not lose their luster too soon.

Whenever you wear gold cufflinks, avoid rough handling. If they do not get rubbed against the desk or any other surface for that matter, the possibility of them getting starches is minimized to a great extent. So you do not have to get them polished frequently.

If you are using perfume then be careful not to spray it on the cufflinks. Prolonged exposure to perfumes and cosmetics make your cufflinks lose its natural shine.

Once you are done for the day, remove those precious pieces from your sleeve cuffs and store properly in a box. There are boxes available in the market specially designed for storing cufflinks. You must invest in them as they provide great utility. In the box, there are individual slots to store the pairs separately. You can also take it with you while traveling.

Also, before you put the cufflinks into the box, clean them with a microfiber polishing cloth in order to remove any dust particles.

Cufflink Box

If you follow the tips above, you are definitely going to enjoy those stylish cufflinks for a longer time.

Cufflinks are an internal style that never goes out of fashion. Among all the cufflinks, the gold ones enjoy the highest fan base. So if you have not tried gold cufflinks yet, you should definitely buy one in order to create a style that attracts all.

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