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23 Best Hairstyle For Black Girls

It is quite a challenge for parents to choose a good hairstyle for their daughters. Sometimes the hairstyle gets too monotonous because of parents’ fear of spoiling the quality of their daughters’ hair and sometimes it gets too dramatic raising concern for the parents. Finding the perfect option takes time and energy.

We are sharing some popular hairstyle ideas for black girls which would definitely help you in managing your daughter’s black tresses. We are sure that both parents and daughters would love them.

Mohawk Hair

Black Girl Mohawk Hairstyle

Mohawk hairstyle for black girls is the most popular one. It provides that bold and beautiful vibe. With those flaunting mohawks at the top of your head, you feel highly confident about yourself. It is a perfect hairstyle for black kids girls who like to look raw and natural. The hair is not needed to get styled every time you go out.

It is a pretty cute short hairstyle for black girls which should be tried at least once to attract lots of eyes.

Sleek Updo

Black Girl Sleek Updo

Confused about an updo hairstyle for black girls? Why not try a Sleek Hair Updo style! This is a beautiful way of styling the long tresses of a young black girl. It makes you look enthusiastic about your styling. Also, the sleek updo makes sure that the hair remains protected from the possibility of untimely breakage.

Braided Front Hair

Black Girl Braided Front Hair

Looking for a prom hairstyle for black girls? This can be her perfect look in which her tresses would stay away from her face giving the girl enough opportunity to enjoy the party. Also, the Braided front makes your little girl no lesser than a princess. 

Once braided, the hair at the back can be kept open. You can use a heating tool to style them. If you are looking for a sleek look then styling them in a bun is also a great option.

Twisted Pony

Black Girl Twisted Pony

If you are searching for a different black girl’s hairstyle for relaxed medium size hair then your quest ends at Twisted Pony style. So easy to make, yet super elegant, this hairstyle never fails to win hearts. Long hair if highlighted adds more beauty to this already amazing hairstyle.

Box Braids

Black Girl Box Braids

Looking for a stylish braided hairstyle for black girls? If yes then Box Braids would surely be your first pick. Once done, the hair would stay like this throughout the day so definitely, it is a low maintenance hairstyle braids for black girls.

If you make them for your daughter, she would love them. Believe us, it is the trendiest hairstyle for little black girls. You can add colorful strings and jewelry to the braids to make them look more stylish. 


Black Girl Pompadour Hairstyle

Pompadour is a really beautiful black girl’s hairstyle that can be made at any party. It makes the girl look tall, stylish, and prettier than before. 

Though the hairstyle suits all face shapes, it looks the best on round and oval faces. The heightened updo makes the round face look much slimmer. With a generous amount of hair spray, one can achieve this look and be sure about rocking all throughout the day.

Braided Locks with Bun at Top

Black Girl Braided locks with Bun at Top

Managing thick long black tresses is very difficult. The best you can do is to make braids. However, if you find simple braids too boring then you can style all your hair in a high bun after braiding them. If the hair is really thick then you can make two buns in the place of one. It is a perfect cute hairstyle for high school for black girls. 

Sleek Twists on The Crown

Black Girl Sleek Twists on the crown

Growing up with beautiful black hair and wondering what to do with them in order to stand out from the crowd is a very obvious thing. Well if you have got thick tresses then we have a very cute hairstyle for black girls prom which no one can dislike. 

In this hairstyle, multiple neat and slick twists are made in the scalp using your tresses. This is the best way of keeping all the hair away from your face. Once Twisted, you can keep the hair either open or make a bun. 

Braided Bow

Black Girl Braided Bow

Sometimes one wants to look unique in the lot and this is the time when the braided bow hairstyle for black girls makes its entry. It is a mesmerizing way of tying medium to long black hair. Such hairstyle looks very beautiful with frock dresses and long gowns.

Fine tight braids make the look more dramatic. However, if you have not got time to make multiple braids, you can make a simple bow.

Bantu Knots

Black Girl Bantu Knots Hairstyle

If you are searching for a cute braided hairstyle for black girls then Bantu Knots is a really great option for you. The fine tiny knots look amazing. If your girl has got thick, coarse hair and you always remain puzzled about styling her hair in a really attractive style then Bantu knots can be your savior for sure.

Whoever looks at those cute knots, can not resist oneself complementing. It is not tough to create the style and once you get the idea you would want to make these Bantu knots in your daughter’s hair every time she goes out.

Topknot with Bangs

Black Girl Topknot with Bangs

No doubt it is a highly loved hairstyle for young black girls. It is very simple to create this look. All you have to do is to form a high bun with those bangs kept loose at the front. 

It is one of those hairstyles you and your teenage girl can agree upon. Also, it is a low-maintenance hairstyle. Just make sure that the bangs are trimmed at regular intervals of time to prevent them from going uneven. Nowadays this style is getting very popular among young black girls because of the effortlessness it provides.

Twisted Ponytail

Black Girl Twisted Ponytail

Ponytail hairstyle has always been a top pick by women of any age and when it comes to little Black girls its popularity is no lesser.

It is a good hairstyle for black girls for a family trip as it is both comfortable and stylish. The hair remains manageable with the twist created in the ponytail. Any parent looking for a decent black little girl’s hairstyle can rely upon this one.

Multiple Braided Locks

Black Girl Multiple Braided Locks

It is a statement style. If you are one of those girls who like to get all the attention wherever you go, this hairstyle is for you. 

Though it takes time to make the whole style the final output is worth all effort and time. No wonder it is the most popular braided hairstyle for little black girls with black hair. By using colorful jewelry, one the make the look more dramatic.

Clip In Hair

Black Girl Clip In Hair

Looking for a simple pretty hairstyle for little black girls? Try this clip in hairstyle then. It is very simple to make it. This one is the best hairstyle for black girls with naturally curly hair which is short in length.

Small hair accessories like colorful bows, clips complement the look. We would definitely suggest this clip in hairstyle for black girls with short hair.

Braided Ponytail

Black Girl Braided Ponytail

We can not forget this one while talking about trendy little black girls’ hairstyles. The Braided Ponytail style is a combination of two different styles. This hairstyle is a blessing for girls with thick long tresses. 

The hair remains arranged beautifully which makes it a good hairstyle for black girls for a family trip. You should definitely try this one next time your daughter goes out somewhere. Only then you would understand why this cute braid hairstyle for little black girls is so popular.

Twisted High Bun

Black Girl Twisted High Bun

This beautiful black girl’s hairstyle 2016 is getting the same amount of affection in 2022 and why not! This twisted High Bun style looks so attractive and refreshing.

If you are looking for a long wrap hairstyle for black girls then nothing can be better for you than this one. This is one such style that can be worn at any place and it would do its magic.

Two Braided Ponytail

Black Girl Two Braided ponytail

The most loved ponytail hairstyle for black girls is braided ponytails. This sleek and pretty hairstyle can be made either for school or for a casual outing with friends and family. One can also create twisted braids near the scalp for a more stylish look.

It is one of the best short hairstyles for black girls when you want to grow your daughter’s hair long and strong.

Loose Waves

Black Girl Loose Waves

Waves are one of those rare hairstyles which look good on women of all complexions the respective of their hair texture. Young women are just loving this style and from the last few years, a similar trend is noticeable among growing teens. Beach wavy hairstyle on black girls looks very beautiful. These wavy tresses look can be the perfect pick for a party or outing with friends.

Poodlepuffs Hair

Black Girl Poodlepuffs Hair

We know that you remember these hairstyle pictures of 2019 black girls but what can be done if it is a popular hairstyle even today. This multiple ponytail hairstyle for little black girls braids with twists is winning hearts all around the globe.

Those who are looking for cascade balls hairstyle for black girls can try this one. It is one of the most loved hairstyles by growing teenage girls as it provides them with the opportunity to look stylish.

Bob Hair

Black Girl Bob Hair

Short Hairstyles are very popular among little girls because they enhance their cuteness. Also, loved by the parents because of the low maintenance. We are very happy to share this cute hairstyle for short hair black girls.

Try this bob hairstyle black girls and fall in love with the final outcome. You can keep the hair open and flaunt the beautiful tresses or at times, a pony can also be made. All in all, it is a very ideal hairstyle for small girls for all purposes.

Crochet Hair

Black Girl Crochet Hair

We understand it is not easy to manage long hair. That is why most of the parents prefer short hair for their little girls. However to fulfill the desire for long hair you can try a crochet hairstyle. A style, also known as latch hook braids is made by using synthetic hair extensions.

If you have got bored with the normal hairstyles and looking for a unique one just search ‘black girls crochet hairstyle for 10 years old’ on the internet and you would get lots of hairstyle Ideas.

Open Hair with Crown 

Black Girl Open Hair with Crown

Looking for some drama and uniqueness? Try this princess hairstyle with the crown for little black girls. Keep the hair open by applying some hair spray so that they stay in place. Wear a crown on the head and you are all set to rock the party. It is a perfect hairstyle for black girls’ thick hair when you do not have much time to style the hair but still want to look presentable.

If you are looking for hairstyle braids for black girls’ flat twists then do the twisting part near the crown area and keep the remaining hair open. The center of attraction in this hairstyle is the crown obviously. Try this style for that Disney Princess feel.

Blowout Hairstyle

Black Girl Blowout Hairstyle

Generally, the natural hair texture of black girls is frizzy and curly. No doubt it looks beautiful but sometimes one may get bored of it. In that case, when you want to change the look, try the blowout hairstyle and get a lot of compliments for your new look. 

All you have to do is to use a good blow dryer while combing the hair inward or outwards. You would get different results in both cases so first be sure how you would want them to look. While you use a heating tool on your hair make sure you apply some heat protectant serum/oil to minimize the damage.

There are many other hairstyles that you can create by doing different hair twists. Keep experimenting and checking what suits you the best. Also, by using different hair accessories, the style quotient can be enhanced. 

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