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Best Hairstyles For Shoulder Length Hairs

Not everyone is blessed with thick long tresses. However, it does not mean that you can not get many variations in short hair. There are various styles that go well with this hair length. Also, shoulder-length hair suits every face type which makes it so popular.

Why Is Shoulder-Length Hair Always Loved?

This length is easy to manage which is why lots of girls choose to have shoulder-length hair. No matter if you are an office-going lady or a young college student, this length is just perfect. 

Now lots of people say that you cannot create much versatility in your look with this hair length but that is not true. There are actually a huge number of options available for hairstyles in this hair length too. Some of them have been shared here. Just have a look –

Bobbed Haircut with Highlights

The bob haircut is the classiest one. No matter what your age is, this hairstyle looks good on every female out there. They are easy to manage as well. Bobbed hair with highlights looks like the deadliest combo ever. The bob hair will define your jawline while the hair highlights add the necessary drama.

Bobbed Haircut with Highlights

V-cut Layers

This is the basic look. If your hair has a good volume then you can try this look. These V-cut layers add more dimension to your personality. You can try any hair color with them and they look just mesmerizing.

Though, this hairstyle is not for those who have really thin/fine hair as the layers are cut at a very sharp angle in this hairstyle which will not look good in thin hair.

V-cut Layers

Rock This Summer With Fluttery Bangs

Bangs are never out of fashion if you know the game right. No matter your hair is straight or wavy, Bangs go amazingly well with both. If you are concerned about the fact how this hairstyle will look on your face then try soft bangs instead of those blunt ones.

One thing to take in consideration here is that bangs are a big No-No if you have a wide face as it will look wider with bangs.

Fluttery Bangs

Wavy Layers are Always Fun

Who does not like waves? Be it a maxi dress or a beach look, wavy hair is always good to go. Also, a Wavy hairstyle suits thin hair equally. You can add bangs as well. Especially the side-swept bangs look exceptionally well with this hair.

Wavy Layers

Short Length with Blunt Ends

If you are bored with layers then hair cuts with blunt ends are ideal for you. The blunt haircuts look amazing no matter what the texture of your hair is.

Those with sharp facial features should definitely give a try to this hairstyle as these blunt ends will soften their facial lines.

Short Length with Blunt Ends

Super Straight Hair with a Mid Parting

Sleek, Bold, and Beautiful! These are the words you will listen to when you try this style on. This hairstyle requires minimum effort but looks exceptionally beautiful. If you have an oblong face then this hairstyle is just for you.

Super Straight Hair with a Mid Parting

Dual Color on Curls

If you like to experiment with your look then try mixing two colors on your hair. The two-toned hairstyle is in trend nowadays. The best thing about this look is you can actually customize the combination of the two colors you want.

Those who want to get another step ahead can try a mix of various colors as well.

Dual Colour on Curls

Face Framing Layers

This hairstyle is suitable for bulky/thick hair as the layers remove the extra weight from hair. Those with a particularly wider face opt for this hairstyle to make their face look longer and slimmer.

Face Framing Layers

Ombre Hair Will Add More Drama To Your Look

Ombre hair has got immense popularity in the last few years and 2020 is nothing different. The craze for ombre hair is still the same. If you are thinking that shoulder-length hair does not go well with ombre hair, you might need to rethink it. Celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Margot Robbie have shown the world that ombre hair in short hair length too can pull off the look.

Ombre Hair

Side Bangs Look Classy

Unlike the regular bangs, you can carry this look at formal places too. The side bangs look sophisticated yet attractively feminine. They make your face look more oval. Make turned-in curls with a blow dryer with those lovely side bangs and Yes! You are ready to rock any party.

However, if you have really thin hair then avoid heavy bangs.

Side Bangs

Layered Bob Cut for a Chic Look

Bob Cut never goes out of fashion and when layers are added with it, the combination becomes worthy to stare at. It is different from the regular Bob which has blunt ends.

In this hair cut, the layers create a whole different look. Those with a round face must try this hairstyle as it gives more dimension to your jawline and your face looks longer.

Layered Bob

The Curly Head

Gone are the days when curls were considered inferior. Curly hair is a blessing in 2020. Those curly heads who want to keep their hair really short, go for asymmetric Lob Hairstyle. Its best suitable for thick hair. If you have voluminous curly hair then this hairstyle is for you. You can also have Baby bangs in this hairstyle to add more glamour. Keep them natural or get them colored, that is up to you. They will look beautiful in both cases.

Curly Head

Choppy Layers

This style gives an extra volume to your hair. Those with straight and thin hair can definitely try this look for an added volume.

Also, people with the long face can get this hairstyle done to add a little breadth to their faces. Brown hair looks the best in this hairstyle.

Choppy Layers

Perms for a Bolder Look

Who does not like little wavy perms? No matter what the length or texture of your hair is, you can always trust this hairstyle and it looks best to the shoulder-length hair. If you have too thin hair then this hairstyle can give them a new life by adding volume to them. Your face also looks a little wider in this hairstyle. You can carry this look anywhere and you would be the center of attraction.

Just remember, perms are a little hard to manage. You have to use a lot of hair products to maintain those locks.

Perms for a Bolder Look

J-Law Waved

If you are among those blessed ones who have really thick and shiny hair, then this can be your style. Remember Jennifer Lawrence in her Red Carpet look of Oscar Ceremony last year? She looked goddess in those perfect waves and you too can.

This hairstyle looks superb with both traditional and casual wear. Also, it is easy to manage those waves when you have shoulder-length hair.

J-Law Waved

Natural Black Hair

Those who are willing to keep the look basic and formal can go for this. It’s nothing but simple shoulder-length cut hair in its natural color. If you have to go to the office regularly you can have this style. Keep them open or make a ponytail, both are manageable.

Natural Black Hair

Asymmetric Lob

When we talk about the trendiest hairstyle for shoulder-length hair, Asymmetric Lobs top the list.

It is the modern form of basic Lob and believes me, it looks beautiful. With varying lengths on each side, you will definitely have that chic look you are dreaming of. It is Unique as well as manageable.

This hairstyle suits hair of any type is it straight, wavy, or curly. You can also have bangs in this hairstyle.

Asymmetric Lob

Razor Cut

If you are among those who love to experiment with their hair then Razor cut can be your pick. In this hairstyle, hair is cut with the help of a razor which results in whispy thinner ends. It gives a whole new dimension to your look.

However, girls with too thin hair are not advisable to opt for this style because your hair can look very flat after that.

Razor Cut

Vintage Curls are No Match

Who says that short hair can not look sexy? Try the Vintage Curl hairstyle and make everyone go crazy for you. It is a popular hairstyle from the era of Marilyn Monroe and is still loved equally. This hairstyle is best suited for parties, clubs, date,s or even a photoshoot.

Vintage Curls

Side Shaved Hairstyle

Those looking for a Punk-rock style can try this Hairstyle. This Hairstyle is Bold and makes you stand out of the league. This Hairstyle is also Called Undercut. In the past, we have seen International Celebrities like Rhianna, Scarlett Johansson endorsing this look.

Women with really Dynamic personalities who do not fear to experiment should definitely try this one.

Side Shaved Hairstyle

How To Maintain Your Shoulder Length Hair?

1. Right Shampoo & Conditioner

For maintaining your hairstyle, it is necessary to use the right hair care products. Choose the shampoo according to your hair. However, in any case, stay away from shampoos that have toxic ingredients like sulfate and paraben. Such elements can damage your hair badly and affect its natural texture.

  • The correct way of shampooing

Before starting the process of shampooing, give your scalp a good oil massage using the tips of your fingers. Leave the oil in your hair for overnight or a minimum of 2 hours. This process increases the blood flow in the scalp, thus ensuring the healthy growth of hair.

Now the hair cleansing process starts. Take an ample amount of shampoo in your palm, spread it all across your wet hair and leather well. Start cleaning your scalp softly with the motion of your fingers. Do not use your nails to clean the scalp. It can damage the skin of the scalp and increase the chances of infection.

Now use cold or lukewarm water and rinse off the leather. After shampoo, use conditioner. Never leave your shampooed hair without conditioning otherwise you will see long-term damage in your hair.

  • Special care for colored hair

When you are handling hair color, you have to take care of them a little more. There are special shampoos for color-treated hair. Such shampoos reduce the speed of color fading to a good extent. Check the ingredient list carefully before buying the product or take the advice of your hairstyle specialist.

Also, shampoo less frequently. In this way, you can retain those vibrant colors for a longer time. Therefore avoid shampooing every second day.

2. Get regular trim

Trimming makes your hair healthier and prettier. No one likes unmanaged hair, therefore trimming is necessary. Regular trim in every 3 months removes the unhealthy hair and makes your hair look flawless. There would be a lesser split end thus your hair growth will also get enhanced.

3. Use of hair-styling products

Heat is never good for hair. Avoid hair styling tools as much as you can. Also, carry heating tools of Trusted Brands only and use them with care.

Remember to apply the serum on hair before using the heating tool. This reduces the bad effect caused by heat on hair.

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