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Hairstyles for Undefined Jawline

Looking for hairstyles for an undefined jawline? Perfect! You have been guided to the right place.

Trust us, you are not alone with this problem. 

So are expensive treatments and surgeries the only option to treat undefined jawline?

Absolutely NO!

A simple change in the hairstyle can prove to be an absolute game-changer and can do wonders for your jawline.

A good hairstyle can camouflage the undefined lines, giving it a more chiseled look.

What Do I Exactly Mean by “undefined” Jawline?

Well, it can be defined as a jawline structure where the chin is round and puffy and is set back from the face. There can be many reasons for this, like poor tongue structure, poor upper body structure, genetics, excess fat around the neck and so many other reasons. 

The good news is that it can be fixed and overlooked just by adding the right hairstyle to the face.

Basics To Help You Understand Your Hair Better

The primary concern here is the undefined jowls, so you need a hairstyle that will create an illusion of structure on the face, taking the focus away from the jawline.

Layer The Top, Honey!

Style your hair with layers up and away from the face. The more the better! To counter the vertical draw, add more elements to the hair to give it a more horizontal emphasis. You can go for both short or long layers and it’s your choice. Adding layers to the hair gives a classy look to the face.

You can also add layers to the bottom, but remember not to go over the board.  Play with layers and colors. By adding a variety of brown and golden highlights and shades in, you can instantly see the difference in the face.

Short And Sassy!

A lot of women go for long or shoulder-length hair to hide the jawline. But it’s kind of the other way around. Short haircuts are often considered the best to refresh the face and give a kind of “facelift”. The idea is to either go shorter than the jawline or longer by at least 1-1/2 inches. There are so many short cute haircuts that take the focus off the jawline and frame the face with a voluminous top and tight sides. 

You can also add some layers to the crown area, which will help to create an overall balance to the face.


Perfect! If you are not sure about which one, then go for the option that will never let you fail. Light, airy fringes! It adds an instant contour effect and offsets the drooping along the jawline. And in case you have a “nine-head” fringes will help to cover them up too. 

For a face with an undefined jawline, asymmetrical, side-swept fringes and angular cut fringes can help balance the forehead and the chin area, making it look more snatched and defined.

 What About The Curls?

If you want curls, get it! Go with curls that elongate the face rather than making it rounder. You need to notice where the curls and falling and how are they structured near the face. Remember not to go with too short curly hairs as it will only make your face look wider and rounder, adding no dimensions. 

Curls, natural or tonged, lengthen the face, adding a natural life and balance. You can also go for some tight messy ringlets or a soft curly style.

Long and Beautiful

Well, if you want a cascade of beautiful overlong hairs, Great! Long sleek hair adds sophistication and an alluring sense to the frame. But avoid cuts that end at the jowls. 

Take advantage of the long hairs and add plenty of soft layers to the bottom. The curls should be towards the face to veil the jowl area.

Play With Colors

A sophisticated color can easily disguise an undefined jawline. Ask your colorist to go two shades lighter than your natural hair color and don’t forget the highlights. When done by a professional hair colorist, highlights can instantly lift the face with no expensive treatments.

In case you are afraid to change your hair color, you can opt for the French-dye technique called Balayage which gives a natural glow to the hair. 

Best Hairstyles For Undefined Jaws

 Here is the list of the top hairstyles that will complement the gravity-defying effect. 

We have sorted out the hairstyles in terms of length. You can add your own variations and uniqueness to your style with extra texture, layers, and elements.

Remember, every face shape is unique, hence hairstyles need to be unique too.

Short-Length Hairs

Graduated Bob

If you need that extra “oomph” on your short hair, then is the hairstyle is for you. It works great at hiding that undefined jawline, taking the focus away from the jowls. Longer strands of hair framing the face with a little volume on the top gives the face a proportional outline. With a minor blow-dry at home, you can add that beautiful texture to the hair. 

This hairstyle with the perfect hair color to complement your skin, accentuate the face, adding an air of subtle sensuality and sophistication. The tousled look also adds a modern trendy vibe to the whole look. You can choose your style from thousands of short bob hairstyles. 

Graduated Bob Hairstyle

Pageboy Cut

I know this might be an over-the-top hairstyle, but this short style works great to distract from the sagging jowls. If you have an oval face shape, this hairstyle will absolutely be a game-changer for you. Well, you can add different variations to cut with layers, with colors and so many other things. 

Pageboy cut hairstyle

But, if you have a round face, we suggest it better to opt for the other hairstyle that will look flattering on your face. Overall, this hairstyle is great for undefined jawlines.

Hairstyle For Undefined Jawline Round Face


A balanced pixie cut works great to soften the jawline, and add that extra height, exactly where it needs. With the angled temples and volume at the top, the pixie hairstyle can make a massive change in your frame. It is super easy to style and maintain, so you don’t need those extra hours in the morning to set your hair.

Pixie Hairstyle

Pixie hairstyle always gives a contemporary vibe and makes one feel that the wearer has a glorious sense of style. This is also one of the most popular hairstyles that adds an instant lift to the jawline.

Short Shag

This quirky haircut adds volume and dimension to the hair with a funky edge. You can play with colors, adding highlights for that extra depth. This hairstyle is great for all ages and the short length gives you that naturally voluminous.

Short shag hairstyle

The center-ish distribution point brings a better balance to the face. Go for chunky layers to complement this eccentric haircut.

Medium-Length Hairs

Now, let’s dive into medium-length hair. 

Honestly, medium-length hairstyles are not flattering on faces with an undefined jawline. It just brings the focus to the neck instead of taking it away. The catch here is to go shorter or longer than the chin.

Obviously, you can play with colors, textures, elements and so many other things to make your hairstyle fun and interesting.

There are some excellent medium-length hairs for an undefined jawline.


If you have thin hair, lobs will do wonders to your hair. Try not to go super blunt. Add swoopy some layers to the hair. The soft wavy curls at the bottom help elongate the face and add versatility. The angled layers cut the cheekbones and add definition to the face.

Remember, layers are always good at taking the focus away from the jawline. You can either part the hairs down the middle or give it a side-swept. Experiment with colors, texture, balayage, to give your face the perfect hairstyle. A loose curly lob creates an illusion of fuller hair and keeps things sweet and soft.

Lob hairstyle

Blunt Bob

This center-parted straight medium-long haircut is ideal for people who want to hide those jowls. Wait! Isn’t long blunt cuts making the jawline wider? Well, not really, once you get that perfect blunt bob haircut.

Blunt bob hairstyle

Either you can go for a classic textured bob or a full blunt bob. Add colors and highlights to the hair to veil the focus from the jawline.

Medium-Length Hair With Soft Curls

If you are bored of your medium-length hair and you neither want to cut it short, then this hairstyle is hands-on for you. Soft curls add texture and volume to the hair without weighing it down too much. The fullness in the bottom gives the face a youthful look.

Medium-length hair with soft curls

Add some extra layers to this hairstyle with some good complementary colors. The soft curls will snatch the vision away from the undefined jawline and turn it towards the beautiful soft curls.

Long-Length Hairs

Long, sleek hairs are much in fashion. But will it do justice for your jawline?

Yes, it will only if you have bangs or fringes and the hair is not falling flat on the face. You can either go for side-swept or layered bangs with the hair and accentuate the focus towards the eyes and the cheekbones.

Here are a few of the long-length hairstyles for an undefined jawline.

Longer Cut With Feathered Layers

Longer Cut with Feathered Layers

This haircut is ideal if you want long hair and still want that chiseled jawline. Any long hairstyles with a set of bangs and feathery layers help to camouflage the undefined jawline. To get that naturally airy curls with those long hairs, you can slightly bend the tips which will add more volume and extra texture to the hair.

Long Hairs With Beachy Waves

The waves will not only add dimension to the face but also help to highlight the flattering features of the face. The layers along with the soft beachy waves offset the undefined jawline, helping the face look more sophisticated and relaxed.

Undefined Jawline Long Hair

This is a very easy hairstyle for long hairs and an undefined jawline. It only takes a few minutes to get those waves, if you have the right curlers at home. 

Long Layers With Highlights

Undefined Jawline Long Hair With Highlights

This hairstyle is all about the highlights and hair color. The highlights will add dimension to the ace while the layers will give it the volume it needs.

Remember, playing with highlights can be tricky and you better leave it to the specialists. Ask your stylist to get the best hues according to your angles and be amazed to notice the change.

Hairstyle For Undefined Jawline And Skinny Women

If you are someone who falls into the category of skinny women then the hairstyles suggested here can do wonders for you. It will not only make your face look less skinny but also will make the jawline look more defined.

Single Crown French Braid With Side Waves

Undefined Jawline French Braid Single Crown

French braid with single crown hairstyle is magical in a way that it makes your face look bigger than it actually is and the side waves take the attention away from the jawline which makes it look more defined.

You can also try a variation of french braid but make sure it spans the entire width of the head which will ensure an overall broader look.

Messy Ponytail With Bangs

Undefined Jawline Messy Ponytail With Bangs

A messy ponytail with bangs is the ultimate hairstyle for skinny women with undefined jawlines. It gives you a playful look along with a sleek look.

Red Flags For Undefined Jawline

Here are some tips that you should take up the sleeves before getting a haircut.

Solid Hair Colors

Hair colors can change the entire look only when you have the right ones on. Dark solid colors make your hairstyle look boring and enhance the imperfections on the face. Rather, you should opt for warm tones with bright highlights. 
Remember, dark colors add ages to the face while light colors highlight the features on the face. The best idea is to blend it with highlights so that illusion of volume gets a more natural look.

Hair Combed Back

You don’t want those jowls to appear wider and undefined. Never go for hairstyles that are combed backward, drawing attention to all the jawline and forehead. 
Instead, look for hairstyles that can frame your face better giving with angular dimensions. Fringes are never a bad idea to incorporate.

Don’t Fall Flat

If you want all the focus on your beautiful hair, don’t forget to add volume to it. A little volume at the crown area or around the face instantly lifts the entire face, giving it a more angular look.
Well, neither go for too heavy on volume and hair spray nor weigh it down that brings back the attention to the nose and the chin.

Don’t Go Too Long

If you have a long face with an undefined jawline, then keeping too long hair is an absolute NO-NO. It simply adds ages to the face. If you think keeping the back longer while adding some layers to the face will work, get ready to be proved wrong. 
Long sleek hairs, though, are stylish, but it elongates the face, making it harder not to get distracted from the undefined jawline.

Keep It Healthy

Healthy hairs are always attractive and it not only makes you look good but also makes you feel good. Go visit your hairstylist if you think you need a change in style or want to get rid of those split ends. 
Keeping hairs healthy and clean not only reflects your lifestyle and health but also helps to maintain youth and shine.

Final Words

Trust us, the right hairstyle can do wonders to hide the imperfections on the face. The texture, the hairline, the density, the maintenance, and many other factors contribute to getting the perfect hairstyle for an undefined jawline.

Talk to your stylist, let them how you envision your hair, and listen to their recommendations and suggestions. Hopefully, this article covered all your doubts. Happy Transforming!

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