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What Beard Style Is Best For Me?

Man Styling Beard

Have you ever wondered why some men look more attractive with a certain beard style than others? This is because, like many other things, the beard style is also required to be chosen according to the shape of your face.

Round Face

Men with round faces must opt for a long beard. It would give the necessary length to your face to make it look thinner and longer. You can try a boxed beard style that is thicker at the jawline.

You can also opt for the Pointed beard style that is also known as devil’s beard. The pointy ends of the beard will give your face the edge most required for a round face.

Rectangular Face

This is a face shape good enough to rock any kind of beard style. You can choose anything but we suggest you avoid long beard styles as they will add unnecessary length to your face.

Oval Face

Men with an oval face shape need to choose a beard style that gives more prominence to their jawline. In this regard, a chin strap with a mustache, thin Goatee, textured beard are some good picks.

Long Narrow Face

Anyone with a long face should not do anything to accentuate it more. For this, it is best advisable to keep your beard hair at the chin to its minimum length. If you do the contrary then we fear that your face may look a bit disproportionate.

Your Hairstyle

The style of your beard should also complement your current hairstyle. A well-trimmed beard looks more attractive with taper fade hair. If you have hair on your head which are messy you can keep your beard sleek and thin to balance the overall look.

How To Choose a Beard Style?

Your beard style choice depends on several factors such as the volume of hair in your beard, your lifestyle, your face shape, and hairstyle, etc. If you have got lesser facial hair, you should go for Stubble beard, Goatee, Anchor beard, short boxed beard, etc.

On the other hand, men with thick full hair can try Viking, bushy, scruff, biker, or tempered beard. You should keep changing the style of your beard to avoid a monotonous look.

Those with a busy lifestyle should go for a low-maintenance beard. Styles like inch-perfect, chin strap beard is a big no-no. However, if you have got plenty of time to devote to your appearance, you must try tempered beard styles.

Choosing beard style according to the face shape has already been discussed above in this article. We hope that it has helped you.

How To Shape And Style A Beard?

Beard Shape

In this section, you would get to know about the manners of styling different kinds of beards. No matter what amount of facial you have, there are always ways to look attractive.

How To Style A Full Beard?

Man With Full Beard

Congratulation that you are one of those blessed ones who have got the capability of growing a full beard. It can be styled in various manners.

Some of the most popular full beard styles are Scruffy, Verdi, Tweard, Mutton Chops, Power beard, etc. To have a mustache with a full beard is all upon your choice. Your style would look good both ways.

How To Style A Patchy Beard?

Patchy Beard

If you have a patchy beard then you may feel a bit under-confident but believe us, the patchy beard is not uncommon. Lots of men have them and it is not as difficult to style them as it may seem. Handsome men like Keanu Reeves, Chris Pratt have patchy beards and we are not needed to tell you how breathtaking they still look.

If your profession allows, the best style for a patchy beard is to let it grow. With the growth of hair in your beard, the long hair would cover the patchy parts and then you can style it accordingly.

On the other hand, if you have to maintain a formal look, you can grow a Goatee. It is an effective way of concealing the patchiness of your beard.

How To Style A Goatee Beard?

Goatee Beard

Goatee beard is that sexy thing that is evergreen. No matter what your age, profession, or face shape is, you can always trust Goatee’s beard.

There are various styles which you can do with Goatee. Full Goatee, Petite Goatee, Classic Goatee are some popular styles. You can also try the Landing strip style someday.

How To Style Moustache With Beard?

Moustache With Beard

Moustache is back in fashion again and this time men of a young age are also loving it. The Moustache looks equally attractive with both short and long beards. If you are an entrepreneur, athlete, fashion, fitness enthusiast, you must try Moustache with a beard look.

Pointy mustache looks good with a long beard while trimmed mustache goes well with a short and medium beard. A Goatee will also look cool with the mustache.

How To Style A Ducktail Beard?

Ducktail Beard

Ducktail beard is for those who have full-grown facial hair. Though the length of the hair can be varied what distinguishes it from the others is its end which gets thinner with the length. It resembles the tail of a duck.

No matter you have curly or straight facial hair you can go for a ducktail beard. It can also be combined with Goatee, Mustache, and emphasized sideburns.

How To Style A Santa Beard?

Santa Beard

We all love Santa, don’t we? The Santa Beard is an evergreen style that looks damn attractive to men who have completely grey full facial hair.

You will need to grow your facial hair for at least 3 to 4 months for a Santa Beard. Now as you achieve the desired growth, give it a shape with the help of scissors and thinning shears. If you have thin facial hair, you can make it look fuller by perming the facial hair.

Use the trimmer to shape the Moustache. It is the best style you can have in old age to still look graceful and desirable.

How To Style A Long Beard?

Long Beard

No doubt a long full beard looks manly and attractive but it is also true that handling a long beard is tough. However, it should not stop you from getting all the attention. If you have got a long beard, you can simply tie it with the rubber band on a regular day. You can increase the number of rubber bands according to the length of your beard. Making plates out of this hair would also look beautiful. Sure it would give you the old Egyptian feel.

How To Style A Short Beard?

Short Beard

A short beard is required when you are to attend those formal meetings on video calls or be in the office. This is the best style when you are to choose between a full and subtle beard.

Short boxed beard, Vandyke, Balbo, shaggy are some of the most popular short beard styles. It does not take much to style such a beard. You just have to trim it every second week and you are good to go.

How To Style A Thin Beard?

Thin Beard

Full-grown beard is in trend these days but due to various factors, everyone can’t have them. Due to genetic issues, many men have thin facial hair and most of the time they feel amazed about styling them.

You would be glad to know that certain beard styles look perfectly fine with thin hair. Some of them are Faded Chin Strap, Patchy Goatee, and Contour Short Beard. A stubble bear can always be your pick whenever in doubt.

How To Style A Curly Beard?

Curly Beard

Curly beard gets curled and tangled very easily. Therefore it should be kept as short as possible to avoid more coiling. Afro scuffed beard is the best style for curly hair if you are looking for a style that is both formal and attractive.

If you are more on the experimenting side then you can try Bushy beard styles like Garibaldi, Shenandoah, etc. A two-toned beard also looks amazing with curly hair.

How To Style A Beard Neckline?

Beard Neckline

So you put all your efforts and energy into styling a beard but forgot the beard neckline? We feel sorry to inform you that all your hard work would go in vain. Trim it well and show the world that you are a man with a high style quotient. Also, it would make your jawline look sharper and your neck longer.

You do not need to visit a salon styling your neckline as you can simply trim it at home. For it, you would need a trimmer, clippers, pen/pencil, and facial cleanser.

Begin the process with a freshly cleaned face. Now comes the main part. If you are a beginner, outline your neckline. Use your Adam’s apple for deciding where to stop. It should be a curved line from one ear to another. Now simply shave/ trim the outlined part. See if you are happy with the results. If not you can shave further.

Finish the process with an alcohol-free aftershave lotion.

What Are The Most Popular Beard Styles?

Van Dyke Style Beard

Van Dyke Style Beard

This beard style got its name from the 17th century Flemish Painter Anton Van Dyck. This style is differentiated by a full-grown Goatee and a mustache with it. The length of the beard can be different from person to person. Lots of celebrities all around the globe endorse this hairstyle. Undoubtedly it looks professional and stylish.

Some may get confused between simple Goatee style and a Vandyke style. While the former is grown only on the chin, in Vandyke beard mustache is also included and it is often connected to the sideburns. Men with full and thick facial hair can opt for this beard style.

Wolverine Beard Style

Wolverin Beard

This beard style is for those who can grow full facial hair. In Wolverine beard, mustache and chin are shaved and the remaining facial hair is trimmed in a V shape. It makes your jawline look more prominent and gives an edge to the face. The extended sideburns give this style a whole new class. No doubt the thick mutton chops make you look rough, raw, and unique. Hugh Jackman in X-Men movies gave this beard popularity which is next level.

Stubble Beard Style

Stubble Beard

The beard which grows on your face naturally when you go at least two weeks without shaving is called a Stubble beard. Yes, it is an effortless style but it does not mean that you can let it grow like wild grass. It has to be styled in a certain manner to ensure that it looks proper.

Well, It is very easy to style them. All you need to do is to trim the edges of the beard when you see them going out of shape. Trim them once in a while if you are expecting thick facial hair. Regular use of beard oil will help more.

There are various styles that you can create with stubble beard such as long stubble, full neck stubble, complex stubble, professional stubble, etc.

Here is one extra tip is to keep changing your beard style once in a while to avoid a monotonous feel. Also, it helps to ensure full facial hair growth.


We hope that the information above has helped you raise your style quotient more and after reading this you must be able to confidently choose the beards style for yourself no matter if your face shape is round, rectangular, oval, or anything. We hope you got all the information that you need about thin, long, Santa, ducktail, and other popular types of beards.

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