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How Long Does Perm Last?

If you really want to add both drama and volume into your lifeless boring hair then what can he better than Perms. For years, the world has adorned celebrities like Beyonce, Emmy Rossum, Yara Shahidi in those beautiful waves and you too can have that divine look.

What are Perms?

Perming is also one of those chemical treatments in which the natural texture of the hair is altered. The hair is made curly or wavy by a chemically treated process. Perm gives a new body and texture into the hair and makes them look voluminous instantly.

The word ‘Perm’ comes from ‘Permanent’ though the hairstyle lasts for several months but not forever. There are various methods and techniques to get perms of different types. They last between the time span of two months to six months.

Factors affecting the longevity of your perms?

There are various factors which determine how long you will enjoy your bouncy hair locks. Some of such factors are discussed here.

Strength of the chemical used- During the Perming Process, the stylist uses a Perm solution on your hair. Its concentration determines how long your perms will last. If your stylist uses a strong perm solution, then the perms may last five to six months before the regrown hair starts to become visible. However, the concentration of the solution does not affect the new line of hair which grows after a few months. This new hair will have its original texture only.

Hair Growth- As soon the new line of hair will start to grow, your Perms will also start to look less attractive. The lower ends of the hair will also need to get trimmed after a few months. So all-in-all it depends on the growth rate and texture of your hair. The average growth rate of hair is 1/2 inch per month.

Aftercare – If you handle that permed hair nicely then you can elongate their life. Those who use the right hair care products and follow the advice of their hairstylist enjoy the bouncy perms for a longer time.

Things to know before you decide to have perms

Well, there are some important things which you should know before actually go to the saloon for undergoing the Perm treatment.

Kind of Perms

Root Perms

Root Perms

In this style, only the roots of the hair are permed. In this way, the hair gets the necessary bounce and volume. This Perm style is mostly preferred by women with short hair. This gives the perfect Retro look.

Body Wave Perms

Body Wave Perms

Those women who are not the fan of too tight perms choose this Perm type. Body wave Perms give you a very natural look which is easy to carry as well. This type of perms is best suitable for those who have straight hair. These perms look more like beach waves.

Voluminous Perms

Voluminous Perms

As the name suggests, the style adds so much volume into the hair. The volumizing perms go well with hair of all length but look best with the short hair. This perm style costs very less than the traditional perms. However, it does not last for a long time and you lose your curls within six to seven weeks.

Spiral Perms

Spiral Perms

They are very tight perms which bounce like a spring. In Spring Perms, the rod is placed vertically into the hair to get those bouncy perms. This style is known for adding so much volume into the hair.

Multi-textured Perms

Multi-textured Perms

Those who are blessed with beautiful long hair choose Multi-textured Perms more often. In this hairstyle, perming rods of various sizes are used to get the multi-textured look. It gives a very natural appearance to the hair. The hair looks flawless when the curls of different sizes fall on each-other.

Spot Perms

Spot Perms

In spot Perms, you can actually choose one or more sanction in your hair to get the Perms.

This style is most popular among those who have thin hair at a certain spot on the scalp. As the Perm gives volume to the hair, it effectively hides the thinning or baldness. Spot Perms are also called Partial Perms.

Stack Perms

Stack Perms

This is the Perm type mostly adopted by women who have hair of equal length. The Perming is done towards the lower section of your hair. Though modern stack also covers the middle section sometimes. However, the section around your hair roots is kept naturally straight.

Hair texture best suitable for perms

It is the best thing about perm that it works well with hair of all textures. However, those who have naturally wavy hair will find perms more friendly. On the other hand, if you have really straight hair then only an expert hand can handle them. It is better to take the advice of a hairstylist before deciding to get perms.

Right Hair Length

We have seen that Perms look amazing with the hair of all length but when it comes to handling them, short hair length is the best. On the other hand, long and thick hair is a bit tricky for Perm treatment. Also, if you have lots of short layers in hair then you better give a second thought to your decision. Creating the ‘perfect’ perm in short layers is not an easy task for everyone.

Approximate Cost

If you are planning to get Perms then you probably want to know the cost as well. Like many other chemical treatments, the cost is in a big range and it differs according to the type of perms you are choosing, the method, your hair length, and of course, the hairstylist.

The cost ranges between $40 and $300 while the average cost is around $100.

Does the perming process cause damage to the hair?

You must be knowing the fact that Perming is a chemical process. Therefore, like all other chemical treatments, Perming process also damages the hair. Though it is not as harmful as the bleaching process but Yeah! It weakens your hair strands and also causes dryness.

Perms are created using two methods – Digital (Hot) and Ceramic (Cold). In Digital Perms, curls are created by using heated Rods and various acidic solutions to change the texture of hair. On the other hand, in Ceramic Perms no heating rods are used and Alkaline solutions are used instead of the Acidic ones. Therefore, it causes less damage to the hair.

However, the perms created by the Ceramic method are tight and look a bit unnatural while the Heating Rod method creates curls that are more natural-looking and sophisticated.

The hair gets damaged in both the methods as the chemical solution which is used to soften the natural structure of the hair does it by breaking the protein bonds of the hair. Though Neutralizer is used at the end of the process to bring the PH balance to normal still it can not be denied that Perming is a damage-free treatment.

Coloring before and after getting Perms

Having colored hair does not hinder your dream of having perms. You can flaunt your beautiful perms even if you have already dyed hair. However, those who have only got hair highlights should avoid having perms as the chemical used in the Perming process does not go well with bleach and often result in breakage. It also causes Dryness in hair and you end up losing your perms too soon.

All in all, it is recommended not to undergo any color treatment on hair before and after one month of getting Perms. Also, those who want to take both Perming and Coloring treatments but are confused about the fact which treatment is to take first then here is your answer. Go for Perms first and then Color because the vice versa can cause your colored hair to get fade during the perm process.

Shampoo and Conditioning

When you are handling chemically treated hair, it is always advisable to use only the shampoos which are designed especially for such hair. Also, use a good hair serum every time you wash your hair. Your hair may seem a bit fragile after the exposure to chemicals, therefore choose the right products for them otherwise things can really turn into a nightmare.

One thing you need to know is that Dryness and Frizz in the hair are not good for your perms. These two may cause irreversible damage to your beautiful perms. Therefore what you need is to condition them deeply. Don’t let the natural oil of your hair strip away and the best thing to ensure this is washing them less frequently. In this way, you can also minimize the exposure to water which is also suggested to maintain the Perms. Water can open the outer protective layer of the hair and cause the perm chemical to leak out. Therefore it is always a wise choice to avoid exposure to water.

Also, use Hair Masks regularly. In this way, you can maintain the hydration in hair. You can use Hair Masks twice a month if you have oily to normal hair. However, if you have really dry hair then use the hydration mask every week because this is the best way to lock moisture in hair and avoid frizz.

Use of hair styling tools on Permed hair

Generally, Permed hair does not need the regular use of Hairstyling tools in order to be managed. You just keep them open and you are good to go anywhere. Therefore it is not at all necessary to use heating tools like a straightener or blow dryer. It is better you avoid using them because heat is not good for the Perms.

If we talk about the Comb then always use the one with spaced out teeth. This will ensure that your perms do not get pulled out while combing. Use a wooden comb instead of the plastic combs. Wooden combs are ideal for spreading the natural oil through the hair which results in minimal frizz. To remove the hard knots use a brush which is made up of soft bristles. Any hair care fool you use, use it with soft hands.

How to make the perms last for a longer time?

Perms do last between two to six months depending upon the method of Perming, the texture of hair, type of perms, and aftercare of them. However, if you follow the given tips you can probably enjoy your Perms for few more weeks.

Immediate care – Once you get the treatment, wait for at least 48 hours to wash your hair. They should remain dry and if you fail to do so then you may end up losing your beautiful perms too early. Also, do not comb them for the first 24 hours. Leave them on their own and do not tie them in a ponytail.

What not to use- Always avoid using hair products that have alcohol or silicon in it. Also, avoid swimming in water which contains chlorine. These chemicals are too unfriendly for Permed hair. Try not to go in Humid places as the sweat and humidity cause frizz in hair and make you lose your perms too soon.

Sleeping Habits– When you are handling Perms, it becomes very important to keep them tangle-free. When you sleep, always use a silky pillow cover to rest your head-on. Apart from this, you can wrap your hair in a silky scarf before going to sleep.

Protection from Sun- The harmful UV rays of the sun are not only harmful to the skin but hair as well. Therefore if you want to retain your perms, then always protect them from Sun rays. Avoid going out in direct sunlight and if it is necessary, then carry a wide-brimmed hat with you. Using a leave-in conditioner that has zinc oxide in it is also recommended.

The Final Verdict

Like any chemical treatment, perms also go away with time. However, you do the right care then Yes! They will stay with you for a few more weeks. Therefore always follow the experts.

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