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How To Do Makeup The Right Way

Be it hiding that tiny little scar on your cheek or just to add a little more oomph to your overall appearance, makeup is something anyone would love to do to look more beautiful. Which woman on the Earth does not like flawless skin after all! Makeup not only hides the natural flaws of your skin but also gives you confidence whenever you are to hit the world outside your home.

Why Do Women Wear Makeup?

Women wearing a makeup

Makeup is that one thing no girl can stay away from. It has been with us for centuries. From the ancient Egyptian civilization when they use the juice of crushed berries to get those tinted lips to the modern era where we have all kinds of advanced makeup tools and materials, women have never stayed away from it. And why not! Who does not want to look a better Diva?

However, the amount of makeup applied on the face may differ from woman to woman. Some apply just a bit of foundation and eyeliner while some women like to do that glamorous multi-layered full face makeup.

In this article, we have tried to answer some of the most asked questions by a woman who has just started doing makeup.

What Is Foundation Makeup?

Women wearing foundation makeup

Though Foundation is one of the basic makeups, as we understand that you may be just a beginner, you will find all the information related to foundation makeup in this article.

Foundation is a product that is applied on the face to get an even skin there. As its name suggests, it creates a ‘foundation’ for the rest of the makeup. It is like a canvas to do the actual makeup. All your skin blemishes and uneven skin tone gets hidden under a good layer of foundation. You get a different level of coverage to the skin depending upon the foundation and the way of applying it. Full coverage foundation makeup can even hide your tattoos. Amazing, isn’t it?

Foundations are available in different forms and shades. They are – Liquid-based, Powder-based, Cream-based, and Serum based. Though the most commonly used one is liquid-based. Also, there are various shades in the foundation which are to be chosen according to the complexion of your face. Choose the one which matches it the most to make the makeup look more natural.

Foundation is to be blended with the help of a beauty blender. It is a small application tool that is very handy to use. You can find a foundation blending tutorial on YouTube very easily.

What Is Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush makeup

The traditional powder and liquid-based makeup is an old thing now because, in 2021, we have Airbrush makeup. With the evolution of humankind, makeup techniques have also evolved and the highly popular Airbrush makeup is the proof of it.

In this makeup technique, you do not use beauty blenders, brushes, sponges or any such makeup applicator. Instead, with the help of an Airbrush machine, compressed air is used to give full makeup coverage to your face. You can make your makeup light, heavy, and advanced by adjusting the pressure of the compressor of the Airbrush machine.

No doubt if done correctly, the airbrush makeup can give you the appearance you had always dreamed of. However, if you have dry skin then you may not like airbrush makeup much because it is less creamy than the traditional foundation-based makeup thus your skin may begin to flake due to the lack of moisture. If you are planning to get it on an important event then we suggest you do a look trial earlier.

Good Things About Airbrush Makeup

This makeup lasts longer than traditional makeup as the airbrush makeup is silicone-based and also more waterproof. The best thing about the Airbrush makeup is that it is transfer resistant which means it does not get rubbed off on the clothes of other people. So Yes! You can hug your favorite people without worrying about the fact that you would get their garments stains with your makeup.

What Is Baking Makeup?

Every good makeup needs baking. It is a technique that helps your makeup to stay put on your face throughout the day. It is done after you apply foundation and concealer on your face. Here you apply a thick layer of translucent powder to the face. The natural heat in your body does the rest of the work. It bakes the makeup underneath as a result of which the makeup remains on the face as it is the whole day. After good baking, you do not need to touch up the makeup every second hour.

How To Bake Makeup?

Bake makeup

For baking the makeup, use a finely milled translucent powder of good quality. Avoid using pressed or tinted powder as they may not give you the best results. To blend the powder, you can use a fluffy makeup brush or sponge. If you are new to the baking technique, we would suggest you use a sponge however, you would be needed to use a brush at the end to dust off the excess powder. Believe us, once you master the art you will have a flawless makeup finish every time you are with your makeup kit.

Here we have an essential tip for those who have dry skin. It is advisable that you apply a moisturizing under-eye cream before starting the whole makeup. Because during baking, you would put a generous amount of loose powder there, and avoiding this step may give you patches and skin breakout. The skin around the eyes is very delicate thus it is important to use a good amount of nourishing cream there. Choose an under-eye cream that has a matte finish.

How To Clean a Makeup Sponge?

Makeup sponge

Who can deny the importance of a beauty blender in a makeup kit? Well, that little sponge has to be cleaned in the interval of a few days because it carries the remainings of foundation which not only makes it harder to blend the makeup but also becomes the home of bacteria and dirt and we are sure that you would not want to get acne breakouts due to these bacterias on your beauty blender.

Therefore once a week, clean your sponge with a mild soap/ liquid bar and water. Use only your hands to clean it and no brush or scrub. Once done, remove the excess water by pressing it gently and let it air dry.

How To Dry Makeup Brushes?

Makeup brushes

Your makeup brushes are those vital tools with which you add dimensions to your face. Thus it is important to keep them clean and dried. No matter how expensive your makeup brushes are, if you do not keep them cleaned and dried then they may ditch you at some crucial event.

Now many women know that the brushes should be cleaned once in a while but some forget an essential step that follows this act and that is called Drying the brushes. Yes, you read it right. Drying the makeup brushes properly is as important as cleaning them because if you do not do it correctly, they would not bounce back like earlier, and in that case, you may find it difficult to create ‘magic’ with them.

The best way for it is to airdry the brushes but before that, the excess water from them is to be removed. Once you clean the brushes, lay them flat on a soft towel and fold the other half of the towel over them. Now press the towel gently and once you are sure that the excess water has been removed, keep the brushes over the edge of a counter or table. You can also keep them upside down if you can. However, remember that the bristles should not be resting over anything or they will lose their shape. Let the brushes air dry for at least 5-6 hours. You can do this drying routine at night to avoid any haste when needed.

Also, remember never to try blow-drying the brushes. It may save your time but would damage your brushes.

How To Hide Pimples Without Makeup?

Women hiding pimples with makeup

We all face pimple and acne breakouts at some point in life. Well, makeup is the perfect thing to camouflage those breakouts but due to various reasons, sometimes it is not possible to do the whole makeup. Also, lots of women avoid applying multi-layers of makeup every time they go out. In that case, hiding the pimples becomes a bit tricky. However, there are some ways using which you can conceal those nasty skin bumps.

Wear a Face Mask

As the Covid-19 Pandemic has shaken off the lives of all of us, it is now considered wise to wear a face mask always. So what is the better option than this? Save yourself from the contiguous disease and at the same time, hide your nasty pimples with a mask on your face.

Use Accessories

Which woman does not love accessories and you would love them even more if we tell you that you can conceal your spots with accessories like sunglasses, big forehead pieces of jewelry.

Adopting Certain Hairstyles

There are a few hairstyling options like Bangs, fringes which are never out of fashion and they can perfectly conceal the pimples and acne around your forehead. Additionally, you do not need to get worried about chopping your hair permanently in order to get those bangs because now there is an option to get artificial bangs that look completely real.

How To Fix Broken Makeup?

The makeup product comes at a good cost therefore it is not a wise decision to just throw them away if any product gets broken. You do not need to feel sad over the loss of your favorite eyeshadow palette as it can get fixed with some easy tips given here.

Fixing Cakey Makeup Products

Cakey Makeup product

If your compactor eyeshadow gets a very small crack, just remove the excess of it by tapping the backside of the product, and you are done. Use a bit of rubbing alcohol over it with the help of a brush. This will not let the makeup get cracked further.

However, if any of your cakey makeup items are broken to a great extent then it is advisable to powder it completely and use it in this form only. Say if your compact powder is crumbled, powder it finely and use it in the form of loose powder.

Fixing Broken Lipstick

Fixing broken lipstick

Lipsticks are lovely, ain’t they? No doubt you may get a mini heart attack when your favorite shade of lipstick gets slipped out of your hands and it gets broken. Well, there is a quick way to fix it. If the lipstick is broken into just one or two pieces, then put the pieces together, gently press then close the lid and keep the lipstick in the freezer for the whole night. The next day you would get your lipstick in its old form.

If the broken pieces of the lipstick can not be put in their original form then you would be needed to melt it down completely. Find yourself a small container, put all the pieces of the lipstick into it, and microwave it for a few minutes. You can then apply this tinted thing on your lips with the help of a brush or can also use it as eyeshadow.

How To Remove Makeup From Clothes?

Remove stain on clothes

Getting the makeup stains on your pretty dress would be the last thing you would want to happen. However, if it does happen there are some quick ways to get rid out of this problem. Yes, you can remove those stubborn stains of eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, eyeshadow from your clothes if you know the right tricks.

The first rule is not to leave the makeup stains rest on your garment for a long time. The longer the time, the harder it would take to get removed. Now see the stain is of which kind of makeup. If it was a waterproof one then use an oil-based makeup remover and if the product was not waterproof then bring an alcohol-based remover.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you found these tips useful and we made you understand the makeup world a bit more. So go and get your makeup kit ready with all those essentials so that people can not stop complimenting everytime you meet them.

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