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How To Straighten Synthetic Wig?

Perhaps your wig got curls and waves, or you just simply want to change your wig style from curly to straight. The first question that you might be getting is can you straighten synthetic wig?

Straighten Synthetic Wig

Yes, you can straighten synthetic wig. There are many ways you can straighten out a synthetic wig. Straightening of the synthetic wig has to be done carefully specially when you are using a technique involving hot water, steamer or flat iron. Synthetic wigs are more sensitive to temperature and can be easily damaged if exposed to high temperature.

If you have heat resistant synthetic wig then there are fewer chances of damaging it by heart but it is not also completely heat resistant and it also has a limit to how much temperature you can use to straighten it.

It is best to buy straight synthetic wig so that you don’t have to always put efforts in straightening it but yes if anyways you have a curly wig then worry not here are the ways to straighten it.

Straightening Synthetic Wig With Flat Iron

Hair Flat Iron

Simplest way to straighten synthetic wig is to use flat iron.

Things required:

  • Wig stand or wig head
  • Wide-tooth wig comb
  • Flat iron

Step 1: Place the wig on a wig stand and detangle the hairs with a wide-tooth wig comb. You can buy a wig stand from a local store or there are many online stores that deliver it. Using wig stand allows you to properly comb the hairs and control all the movements like washing and holding the hairs.

Wig On Wig Stand

Step 2: Remove any tangles on the wig hairs by using a comb. Do not use a personal comb. You can get wide tooth wig comb in any local store or you can order it online.

Step 3: Wash out the wig. This step is important as dirt on wig hairs can make it difficult to achieve good straightening. You can read how to wash wig properly here.

Step 4: Heat the flat iron up to 160 degrees. Be sure to not heat flat iron above 160 degrees as that can damage the synthetic hairs and can cause hard curls that will not be easy to straighten again.

Step 5: Divide the hairs into separate parts so that you can straighten each part one by one. Divide it in such a way that you can easily hold each part. Making bigger parts can cause some hairs to slip out of hand.

Section Hairs

Step 6: Apply flat iron on each part one by one. Use top-down movement while you flat iron the hairs. Do the flattening for 2-3 minutes until you get proper straightening.

Straightening Synthetic Wig With Hot Water.

If you don’t want to use flat iron you can also use hot water technique to straighen the wig hairs.

Things required:

  • Wig stand or wig head
  • Wide-tooth wig comb
  • Large pot with hot water

Step 1: Place the wig on a wig stand. You can use wig head rather than wig stand. Don’t use a metal wig stand as that can get corroded due to application of water while washing the wig.

Step 2: Detangle the wig hairs with wide tooth wig comb.

Step 3: Heat up the water up to 160 degrees. Use can use a thermometer to measure the temperature. Keep a check on the temperature of the water, not doing that can result in costly wig damage.

Heat Up Water In Bowl

Step 4: Keep the wig with wig stand or wig head on the basin and start pouring the water. Do it slowly and let the water distribute all over the wig hairs.

Step 5: Run wig comb from the top of the wig to bottom. Use straight movement while doing so. As hairs are drying this will result in straightened wig hairs. Do it for the time until you feel that the hairs are properly straightened.

Step 5: Let it dry on its own after you have done the 4th step.

Straightening Synthetic Wig With Steamer

Hair Wig Steamer

Things required:

  • Wig stand or wig head
  • Wide-tooth wig comb
  • Wig steamer

You can also use wig steamer to straightne the hairs. Wig steamer can also help you in removing frizz’s and achive soft look.

Step 1: Keep the wig on wig stand and remove any tangles with wig comb.

Step 2: Divide the hairs in different parts and start picking part one by one.

Step 3: Use steamer in one hand and comb with another hand. Be sure to not steam overly as it can get really bot for the hairs. Gently comb each part from top to down for 2-3 minutes.

Straightening Synthetic Wig Hair Dryer

Hair Wig Dryer

Things required:

  • Wig stand or wig head
  • Wide-tooth wig comb
  • Temperature adjustable hairdryer

Many sites suggest that you should not use the hair dryer for straightening wig but let me tell you, blow dryer used properly is the handiest tool you can use for wig hair straightening.

You have to be extra careful while using the blow dryer. Most of the blow dryer has temperature settings. You have to use a low-temperature setting for straightening synthetic wig

Step 1: Keep the wig on wig stand and detangle the hairs before blow drying.

Step 2. Wash the wig. Follow the guide here.

Step 3. Use a blow dryer with low-temperature setting and comb the wig hairs with another hand. Be sure to not use it for longer time. Keep the nozzle of hairdryer towards wig hair while you comb the hairs. Keep the hairdryer nozzle 2-3 inches away and be sure not to touch hairdryer nozzle to wig hairs. Just when you see that hairs are getting straight and are drying you can move on to next hair part.

What To Do After You Have Straightened The Synthetic Wig?

Leave the wig overnight after straightening and let it dry naturally if you following hot water technique. Do not use wig immediately as a wig can be in the delicate state after washing and drying.


Hope you have foud a useful way of straightening your synthetic wig. Let us know which one have you tried and how did it help you?

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