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The Supreme Complete Guide For Lace Front Wig

Lace front wigs have so many fans out there because of its capability to make the hair look natural. Earlier used only by celebrities, not the lace front wigs are a hot favorite among the common girls as well. All the credit goes to its power to make the hairline look natural and believable.

Reasons For Choosing a Wig

Why to choose wig?

There are lots of reasons why one chooses a wig on a regular basis.

The first and foremost reason is the lack of original hair on the scalp. Apart from men, the cases of premature balding are increasing day by day in women as well. The reason can be a prolonged disease or genetic factors or just an unhealthy lifestyle. Side effects of medication or chemotherapy also cause a huge amount of hair loss.

In such cases, women wear a wig to feel confident about their appearance even after losing their natural hair.

On the other hand, for some ladies, it is about time and effort only. For them, it is really painful and time-consuming to handle natural hair. Therefore such women keep their hair as short as possible and use wig on a regular basis to create different looks and styles with their outfit.

With the modern techniques used by wig makers, nowadays we can see impressive front lace hair wigs available in the market which can easily trick anyone to be natural hair. When you go to purchase a wig for your head you can see a huge variety however in 2020, the most popular one is the Lace Front Hair Wig.

What Is a Lace Front Wig?

It is like any other wig made up of natural/ synthetic hair but it has lace on its frontal part which falls exactly around your hairline.

Basically, the lace front wig is a variation of the traditional lace wigs. The lace at the front makes it a very popular version. This lace gives an illusion as if it is your natural hairline. Initially, they were used by the fashion models and Hollywood actresses only, however, now the different varieties of these wigs are available and they are very much accessible to everyone.

Given the fact that front lace wigs are highly popular, there are lots of designs available in this segment.

Synthetic Lace Front Wig

Synthetic wigs are made by using man-made fiber material like kanekalon. Though they look realistic, however, if you buy a cheap synthetic lace front wig you will not get impressive results. There are synthetic wigs in the market which have a high cost but they really look like the one made up with human hair.

The good thing about synthetic wigs is you get texture and color of every kind which is sometimes not possible with the human hair lace front wigs.

Human Hair Lace Front Wig

As evidence from the name, these are made up by using real human hair. So if you wear this wig correctly no one would be able to tell that the hair on your head is not your own. Also, the hair is less prone to get tangled than the one in synthetic wigs.

These human hair wigs are nowadays very popular with Virgin hair. Virgin hair means hair which is not chemically treated. Therefore you can get them customized according to the color of your original hair.

In this way, they complement your personality while fulfilling the purpose of the wig.

Why it is Better Than The Normal Wig?

The lace wig gives a more natural and believable look to your “not-so-natural” hair and no one would be able to detect that you are wearing a wig actually. The transparent lace actually blends with the color of your skin giving the most natural look to your hair.

The hair used in this wig is not those artificial ones but the actual human hair. Also, every hair in the front lace wig is knitted with the hand at the spaced-out position. Both these facts give this wig a very realistic appearance.

How To Cut a Lace Front Wig?

Cutting Lace Front Wig

As you know that the lace front wig has sheer lace in the front. When you purchase the wig, it has a lace strip which can cover the whole of your forehead. This lace strip is to be cut according to the size of your forehead and position of hairline in order to get a personalized look.

The lace of the wig is to be cut according to the size and shape of your head which we call customization of the wig. Do not worry! You can do it yourself at your home after buying the wig.

Things Needed To Cut The Lace Front Wig

  • A good pair of scissors (you can use the pair of small nail scissors to get more control while cutting)
  • Twizzers
  • Wig clips and straps
  • Wig head (It is optional. If you like to cut the lace wig while putting it on your own head then it is totally okay. Most of the people like to do that as well)

Now as you start the cutting process, put the wig on your head and bring the hairline of wig just about your natural hairline. You have to cut the lace in such a way that only a little part of the lace strip remains extended by your hairline. With the help of adjustable straps and clips, secure the wig on your head so that it does not slide while you cut the lace.

Now draw a guiding line on the lace before actually cutting it with the help of scissors or razors. This tip is very beneficial for beginners. By following this hack, you can save yourself from the regret of cutting the wig too much.

After this, start cutting the wig with slow and balanced hands. You will complete this process within a few minutes. After cutting the lace, you need tweezers to pluck the hairline of the lace.

Point of Caution

  • Instead of cutting it in one go, cut the small layers of the lace.
  • Do not make the mistake of cutting the lace in a straight line. It will appear completely unnatural. Instead, cut according to your own hairline.
  • Whatever object you are using to cut the lace, it should be sharp enough to cut it in one go otherwise your wig will get unnecessary tears which are enough to spoil the look.

How to Pluck a Lace Front Wig?

 Plucking a Lace Front Wig

Tweezers are needed to pluck hair from the hairline of the wing. The reason is quite simple. Unlike our natural hair, the wings have a hairline which is too straight. Obviously, it seems unnatural. Though, nowadays some wigs come pre-plucked. However, the scalp of everyone is different and you have to pluck the wig according to your hairline.

In order to start this quick process, wear the wig and start plucking hair from it according to your natural hairline which you can easily see underneath the lace. Keep plucking till the point you want the look satisfactory.

Point of Caution

During the plucking process, makes sure you do not and up pulling the lace out instead of hair. Remember that the lace is a delicate thing, so take maximum time during plucking to ensure the best results.

How to Wear a Lace Front Wig With Natural Hair?

Wear a Lace Front Wig With Natural Hair

In order to wear the wig in such a way that it looks completely natural, make cornrows of your actual hair. This is done to make the hair look as flat as possible so that the final look after you put the wig seems natural. You can also wear a wig cap for the same purpose. you have to tuck all your natural hair inside the cap by combining them backward. The basic idea is keeping the hair away from the scalp line. Use clips and pins for this purpose.

In order to make sure that the adhesive works to its best, the skin around your hairline should be oil-free. Therefore, whenever you are to start the process of wearing a wig, first clean the skin around your frontal hairline with the help of a cleanser and few cotton balls. After this, rub some alcohol for better cleaning. Finish the process by using scalp-protecting serum and wait for it to dry completely.

If you do not do this process, chances are there that your wig may stick out. So in order to save yourself from this embarrassment, do not forget to do this step.

Now with the help of a cotton ball or a makeup brush, start applying a layer of adhesive on the skin around the hairline. Once you apply the adhesive you have to keep it for some time to let it dry. The amount of time your adhesive will take would be mentioned on the pack of glue itself. However, if it is a hard bond adhesive which is popular these days, you do not need to wait to put the wig on.

Now when you wear the wig, first adjust it on your scalp without letting the lace touch the adhesive. Once you are sure that the big is aligned with your scalp and it is hanging in a comfortable position, press the lace strap on the adhesive firmly.

Gently rub your fingers over it for 1 to 2 minutes to get the best grip. Once the wig gets stuck properly, it is very hard to remove it provided you have used an adhesive of good quality.

So finally you are all set for the day to flaunt the beautiful hair of the wig like your own.

Point of Caution

  • If you have a skin that is sensitive towards glue or such adhesive, then you must apply some skin protector before you put the wing on by using the adhesive method.
  • If you do not want your wig to get stuck out in the middle of the day, always use adhesive of the best quality.
  • With the layer of adhesive, you can also use the wig tape to get a fitting that lasts all throughout the day.

How to Put On a Lace Front Wig Without Glue?

Lace Front Wig Without Glue

Lots of people do not want to use adhesive to put the wig on their head. Obviously, the glue method takes time and energy. Apart from this, it is a bit challenging method as well therefore, the beginners do not feel confident with the glue. They need an easier and quicker way to put their front lace wig.

There are wigs which have clips and combs attached to it. You have to tuck them with your original hair to hold it at a place.

Using an elastic band is another popular method to wear the wig without applying glue. You can buy a lace front wig that already has elastic bands attached to it. However, if it doesn’t have elastic bands you can sew them by yourself at home.

When you are wearing a lace front wig without using glue or tape, tie a scarf or bandana around your head to make the lace flat for a longer time. This also gives you an ample amount of confidence to walk with such hair.

How to Put On a Lace Front Wig With Tape?

Lace Front Wig With Tape

There are women who do not want to use liquid adhesive due to their hypersensitivity towards the chemicals used in it. In that case, there is the option of using tape. You can stick your lace front wig with the help of tape and ensure that it gets a firm grip.

You can easily get the wig tape from the store you purchased the wig from. With the help of a pair of scissors, cut 8 to 10 small pieces of the tape. Now, start sticking these pieces on the skin along your hairline. Take your time to create an even line. Once you are done, with the help of tweezers, remove the backside of the tape to reveal its adhesive side. Be careful enough not to touch it.

Now wear the wig which you have already parted according to your choice. Align the lace with the line of the tape. Once you are satisfied with the position, stick it firmly by applying good pressure and you are done. Go enjoy your day!

How to Cut Bangs On a Lace Front Wig?

Bangs on lace front wig

Some people are not confident enough to cut bangs in their own hair so they aspire to try the bangs with a wig first. In this way, they can see how the bangs look on their face without risking anything.

If you want to cut bangs on a lace front wig, the first thing to make sure is it is made up of actual human hair and not of those synthetic materials. Also, your wig should be compatible to work with additional bangs.

So if your wig is of this type, Bingo! You can cut the bangs at home. Get a sharp pair of scissors for yourself. Now wear the wig on your head or a mannequin. Secure it properly by using clips at places.

Bring the hair in front which you want to cut in bangs. Take the rest of the hair away from the forehead. Best if you make a bun of all those hair.

Now get rid of the extra length of the hair which you have kept in the front. In this way, it will be a lot easier to cut the bangs. From one side start cutting the hair in the desired length. Start from one side and go to the other. During the process, trim small section of hair at a time with light hands so that you do not accidentally cut too much.

Once this process is completed, brush the hair you just chopped to see if there is any fine hair remaining. Cut that hair to get the beautiful bangs.

Point of Caution

  • Be extremely careful while cutting the bangs on your wig as you have only one chance to cut it correctly. If you end up cutting it wrong then there is no other way for you instead of throwing it without any use.
  • Use a pair of hair scissors instead of the normal ones for the perfect finish.

How To Put a Lace Front Wig In a Ponytail?

Lace Front Wig In a Ponytail

There are days when we want to style our hair in a ponytail because it is manageable or look outstanding with the outfit of any kind. Making a ponytail with natural hair is something every girl can do but one can be a little conscious when she has worn a lace front wig.

If you also think that making a ponytail out of a lace front wig can be problematic then you are wrong. Actually, it is quite simple and we will tell you how to do it perfectly.

Before you begin the process make it clear in your mind that it is going to be different then what we usually do with our own hair because at the end of the day it is a week after all. The beginners may feel quite hesitant but that is completely okay and you will get used to it within a few days.

For the beginners, it is suggested to use a wig which is light in weight so that you can easily pull all the hair in a ponytail and make it stay in one place for a longer time. Also, do not go for the high ponytail if you are not experienced enough as the wig needs a very firm grip. Make the low ponytail as it is less tricky and look equally good.

One thing which is must to have for making a ponytail with the front lace wig is Wig Band. This prevents your wig from sleeping or sliding due to the weight of the ponytail at back. Some wigs come with wig bands already attached with them however if your wig does not have it, you can do it by yourself.

Point of Caution

Before you start making the ponytail, first pin the wig into your wig cap properly. It will help you to get a ponytail which is stable.

How To Make a Synthetic Lace Front Wig Look Natural?

Natural looking synthetic wig

When you put a wig on your head, it is completely natural to feel a bit conscious. You may feel that people will notice the wig and may not find your hair real. Well, this feeling goes away within a few days of using a wig.

However, you should always take care of a few facts to make your lace front wig look really natural.

Invest In a Good Wig

Good front lace wigs come for a good cost. So if you are planning to buy one, be ready to spend a good amount of money. Buying a cheap wig and then regretting later after using it once or twice is not at all recommendable. Instead, invest your money in a good wig so that you can use it for a really long time without any complaint.

If you are aspiring for that flawless look that our Hollywood Divas have in movies, spend a few bucks more and believe us! You will find a value for your money.

Lace Should Stick Completely

If the lace gets lifted, you can imagine what blunder it would create. So always use a good adhesive and dry it properly while pressing the lace very well. The grip should be really firm to give that natural look. The soft lace is more prone to get lifted as compared to the hard lace. Good wigs only have hard lace because it lays flatter for a really long time.

Wear a Wig Cap

Your actual hair should have to be as flat as possible if you want to make your front lace wig look natural. Make a flat hairstyle like cornrows before wearing the wig cap. The flatter you can make your hair, the better it will look. Remember, any lumpy part on your scalp may completely spoil your attempt to appear natural.

Color Of Lace

The color of the lace should match with the color of the skin around your hairline. Take care of this fact while purchasing the wig itself. When you put the wig on your head, use makeup products like foundation, concealer or eyeshadow on the exposed lace around your forehead. It is done to conceal the lace completely.

Plucked Hairline

There should be no baby hair around your hairline. Always pluck that small hair with the help of a tweezer before you wear your front lace wig. If you do not do so, your hair may show from underneath the lace-making people aware of the fact that you have worn a wig. This can get really bad when the color of your natural hair does not match the color of your wig hair.

Balanced Shine

The human hair has a luster that is balanced. Hair of a wig which is too dull or too shiny can make your ‘natural’ look go really wrong. If you purchase a wig that is made up of real human hair then you may be needed to wash it before putting on your head. A quick wash with a mild shampoo will give it the needed shine.

On the other hand, if it is made up of synthetic hair then it will be unbelievingly shinny. In that case, use translucent powder on the wig to minimize the shine. It is necessary to make those synthetic hair look real.

Care While Styling

As your wig is not made up of human hair you can not use the same products which you use on your own hair. Take care of this fact while styling your synthetic wig. Avoid using hot styling tools on they can damage the synthetic hair very easily. Also to detangle the hair, use comb which has a wide tooth.

If you take care of these small facts then you can have your wig for a really long time. Also, throughout its whole life, the wig will look all-natural and flawless.

We have a more detailed with all the top-notch tricks of how to make wig look natural here

How To Blend a Lace Front Wig With Makeup?

Blend a Lace Front Wig With Makeup

The lace front wig is a great thing of utility however there are certain limits of it. One of these limits is the lace of this wig comes only in one nude shade. Though it resembles the skin color of your own to a large extent a close inspection by someone can reveal the difference. This becomes a problem, especially for the dark skin toned women. Therefore you have to use certain makeup products to blend the color of lace with the color of your skin around the hairline.

In order to make the hair of your wig look coming out of your own scalp, you have to do it with perfection. Here we will tell you how you can blend it in the correct manner.

First, we should tell you that you do not need any special makeup products to do this task. All you need is concealer, foundation eyeshadow which is common in every woman’s makeup box.

So when you stick the lace front wig using the adhesive or glue tape, put a layer of concealer which matches best with the color of your skin. Once it is done compare the result with the earlier case. If you need then use foundation as well. Finish it off with some translucent powder however, do not apply too much.

Once you are done, no one will be able to recognize that you have worn a wig.

How To Dye a Lace Front Wig?

Dye a Lace Front Wig

So you have a lace front wig but you have got bored with its color? No issues! You can dye the hair of your wig at home by following some easy steps.

If your wig is made up of human hair then you can use any kind of hair dye available in the market. However, if it is made up of synthetic material then there are special hair dyes. You can use only those hair dyes.

Now if you want a color that is lighter than the color it already has, first you have to bleach the hair as we do in the normal hair coloring process.

When you are to begin the drying process first you have to wash and condition the wig hair. Conditioning is important as it protects the hair from getting damaged. Once done, let it dry instead of blow-drying.

When the hair of the wig is dried completely mix the hair dye according to the given instructions on the pack. Detangle the hair of the wig and spread it in a newspaper.

If you are dying your wig with more than one color, make separate sections of the hair with the help of rubber bands.

Now start applying the hair color on the hair of wig in small sections at a time. Use a good brush to cover all the hair with dye. Once you color every hair strand, let the color sit. The time required varies from brand to brand. You can check the time required on the back of the hair color you bought.

After the sitting time is over, wash the wig using cold water. Do not use shampoo or any other cleansing agent to wash it at this moment because it can fade away the hair color. Keep rinsing the wig until it stops shading excess color. After this, you can put the conditioner on the wig hair if you feel so.

Now squeeze the water out of it completely and comb. In the end, you will see your favorite color on your wig.

Point of Caution

As you do the dying process be careful that you do not stain the lace front. It would be impossible to remove later.

It is advisable to apply a generous amount of hair spray on it. Let it try at least for 30 minutes before you start dying the hair.

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