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26 Best Low Drop Fade Haircuts

Assuming you are looking for ways to raise the notch on the signature faded look; we have the answer for you!

Low drop fade is THE ONE!

This hairstyle adds a fashionable flair and elegance to the style.

The neat curves with tapered downsides give a subtle and sophisticated look, with a dapper finish!

Any haircut combined with a low drop fade creates a unique hairstyle, instantly!

Let’s start with the basics.

So, what is a low drop fade?

If this term is new to you, we will try to explain it as simple as possible.

Drop fade falls under the category of classic fade that drops behind the ears creating an arc-shape. Any cut added with Low drop fades brings out the layer of definition and make your hairstyle stand out from the rest.

For a barber, low drop fade and taper fade is the same unless you explain to him exactly what you are looking for. Brush it up, mess it up, do whatever you want. But it never fails to look sharp and add dimensions to the haircut.

It’s finally time to up the game from your classic fade.

We have arranged our hairstyles from short to long length hairs. Take a peek into our list of the best low-fade hairstyles and find out the one for you.

Short Length Hairs

Subtle Low Drop Fade

Starting with the basic low fade, this one is clean and fresh. The temples and the back are gradually shaved with a “faded” effect.

Subtle Low Drop Fade Haircut

This hairstyle brings out the ruggedness in the hair with a messy top and with a bit of a sleek back. Paired with a bearded look, the hairstyle works like a charm.

The Butch Cut

This one goes for all ages. The close-cropped cut with the low fade blends gives a precise finish. You can get a design on the shaved parts of the hair, in case you like to.

The Butch Cut

For low maintenance, this military-based-cut is dope!

Your stylist needs to use the number three or four guards to give you this look.

Afro curls with a low drop fade

This hairstyle is suitable for all ages, preferably for afro twists. If you want to keep those curls yet want to keep it neat and clean, this trendy hairstyle is for you.

Afro curls with a low drop fade

Properly styled, anyone can pull off this haircut. You can give both high and low drop fades to the sides, creating contrast and style statement.

The V-slick back

This one is just like a jelly, and peanut butter put together. Low fade cut with a sleek black is too good to resist.

The V-slick back haircut

The perfect slick V-line in the back makes it alluring and sleek from behind. You can try it with medium length hairs too! Remember to set it with a gel, unless you want a messy look.

The Throwback Low Fade Haircut

Remember the time, when all we knew about styling was spikes with a lot of gels? This one is back combined with style and a low drop fade look.

The Throwback Low Fade Haircut

If you what that edgy look with short hairs and low fade, this haircut is for you!

Retro Inspired Low Fade Haircut

If you are a fan of the 50s and 60s hairstyles, you will love this one. With a small pompadour and neatly set hair, this style will surely remind you of James Dean.

Retro Inspired Low Fade Haircut

Though it looks elegant and simple, it’s not that easy. A LOT OF GELS with a bit of patience can do magic for you.

Mohawk Fade

If you want your Mohawk hairstyle to look less dramatic and more stylish, try Mohawk Low drop Fade. This hairstyle shows so much of a person’s character and suits distinct personalities.

Mohawk Fade Haircut

The sky is the limit, for this cut, and it undoubtedly stands out to people. You can tone this hairstyle up or down for more versatility.

The textured top

Ok! Enough of going back to the past! Let’s see some new styles with low drop fades. You can style your hair with long bangs of textured hair styled with the tapered sides looking almost invisible.

The textured top haircut

The layering on the top adds depth and structure to the style. If you want the textured hair to be the focal point of the whole look, go for this hairstyle.

The Gentleman’s Low Fade

This one needs a lot of work and hair-products to make it perfectly gentlemanly. The small yet well-groomed pompadour with a low drop fade style gives adds a posh vibe to the look.

To get those poised perfect sides, you need a special brush and right products to keep it in place. But the efforts are worthwhile!

The Gentleman’s Low Fade Hairstyle

In terms of short low drop cut, we have just touched the tip of the ice-berg. There are many designs and styles you can play in. You can add different textures, colors, highlights to get that perfect contrast.

Medium hair

Let’s dive into the variations of the low drop fade you with your medium length hair.

Honestly, medium length hairs allow you to play with innumerable styles.

Dense Volume with Bright Low Fade

If you want a hairstyle that will help you create a contrast with your low fade, this is the one. This Fohawk-inspired look creates a dense volume in the top and the low drop fade balance the whole style.

Dense Volume with Bright Low Fade

This one is trendy, cool and as it says “The bigger the hair, the longer they stare”.

Puffed Quiff with Neat Low Drop Fade

You might think this is kind of the same as the previous one. Well, not really! This hairstyle has a light quiff in the front with a neat drop fade at the sides.

Puffed Quiff with Neat Low Drop Fade

Unlike the previous one, this one is not on the top. You can also transfer the back of your quiff into a spiky one, with the help of some trusty hair styling products.

Medium Styled Pompadour

Frankly, there is nothing unique about this hairstyle. However, cannot deny the fact of how stylish and saucy it looks. The shaved design along with the thick side hair adds an excellent contrast.

Medium Styled Pompadour

The simple yet bold pompadour on the front added with a deep base can do wonders for your face.

Low Drop Fade with Mohawk

The old-fashioned punk rock style has been replaced by the modern style of Mohawk. Now you get long brush cut, added with a manly element. Originated in the military, this hairstyle adds a dramatic vibe to the look.

Low Drop Fade with Mohawk Haircut

Low drop cut with a part

You can get both hard and soft parts in a low drop fade, in case you want one. Well, the latter occurs naturally with a comb-over. Whereas, the former is artificially created with a razor by the stylist.

Low drop cut with a part

Natural and artificial parts create an angular hairstyle that looks cool with medium length hairs and low drop fade.

Artistic Waves With Low Drop Fade

If you want to go creative with your hairstyle, go for it! Just like the waves in the ocean, the medium- length hairs create beautiful wave texture to the hair.

Artistic Waves With Low Drop Fade

You can either go clean shaved or even pair it with a beard. This layered sleek back hairstyle can never let you down.

Low fade and Curly Top

Well, this one gives a unique messy vibe. If you are gifted with naturally curly hairs, this hairstyle is for YOU! Itis suitable for all ages and you don’t have to spend those extra dollars on maintenance.

Low fade and Curly Top Hairstyle

The clean low drop fade gives with messy curls gives you a distinctive look and goes well with all face shapes and types.

The Tattooed Low Fade Haircut

We all are aware of hair tattoos and how cool it looks.Use your shaved part as a canvas for hair designs. Minimalist tattoos are an excellent pair with low drop fades.

The Tattooed Low Fade Haircut

You can opt for any design you want.But make sure they look good.Out of experience, we can say, simple even lines or geometric patterns work best.

The Teenage Low Fade Haircut

Looking for a hip, fresh, urban, messy style in a well-groomed fashion?Here you go! This hairstyle with the low drop, fade is an absolute win-win style.

The Teenage Low Fade Haircut

Paired with a pair of round glasses, this style gives a Harry Potter-ish vibe.Level it up with highlights and colors and let your hair do all the talking.

The Disconnected Low Drop Fade Haircut

This edgy style is a perfect combination- Faux hawks and discontinued haircut.The basic idea of the hairstyle is that the hairline or hairstyle is not continuous, unlike others.

The Disconnected Low Drop Fade Haircut

The hard part goes all around the head and adds a twitchy touch to the frame.

Messy Fringe with Fade

If you love long bangs and want to style it with low drop fade hairstyle, get this one.To get this style, all you need is a comb and some high-quality hair care products.

Messy Fringe with Fade Haircut

Comb your bangs to the front and give it a slick with a comb and gel.To get this look precisely, make sure your forward combed hair covers a part of your forehead.

Not to mention distinct people have unique head shapes so the effects vary from person to person.

Add your unique elements to your hairstyle and make them stand out from the rest.

Extra Long Hairs

Next in the list comes to drop fade haircut for men with overlong hairs.

If you are wondering, whether if it’s possible to get a low drop fade with overlong hair.

Let us tell you, it is possible!

Let’s find out how..

The Long Comb Over

This hairstyle is absolutely bougie if you want to style overlong hairs with a low drop fade. Comb over your hair over to one side and use gel to get the classy and versatile look.

The Long Comb Over Hairstyle

Pair this look, with a well-trimmed beard, and be prepared to get to see heads turn.

The Man Bun

This one is simple and has been one of the favorites for the past years.Get yourself a low drop fade and tie your hair in a casual messy bun to get this style.

The Man Bun Hairstyle

The Low Fade Haircut with Top Knot

Unlike the previous hairstyle, this low drop fade hairstyle features the top knot.Add some excellent highlights to your length and textured hair and be prepared to be admired.

The Low Fade Haircut with Top Knot

Is this hairstyle too much for office-goers?Absolutely, Nah! Whether you are going to the office or a night-clubbing, this hairstyle perfectly fits all occasions.

Drop Fade With Flat Top

It seems like high top haircuts are paired with low drop fades, complements each other. The high top with the neatly shaved sides adds a modern touch to this old-fashioned hairstyle.

Drop Fade With Flat Top

For a flat top, this hairstyle is the ideal one.Even if you don’t have naturally coiled and wiry hair, you can get this effect by teasing and brushing your hair out.

Low Fade Long on Top

This hairstyle is all about letting the creativity flow. As the name suggests, this low drop hairstyle features wavy outward curls, which the sides being tapered perfectly. The best part of this long textured hairstyle is that it doesn’t require a lot of styling.

Low Fade Long on Top

In case you don’t have naturally wavy or curly hair, we have a solution for that too. Get your curly irons and add some outward curls to your hair. It creates an illusion of volume and depth.

Braided low drop haircut

This trendy, unique, trendy is one of a kind. If you have overlong hairs but don’t like it let hang around and neither like put it in a bun then go for this braided style.Whether you are going to a wedding or a grocery store, this artistry urban look suits all, adding an overall fresh look.

Braided low drop haircut

Honestly, this one is not really a go-to style for professional or corporate settings, but never limit yourself to what others think about your style.

Difference between a low drop fade and taper

After looking at the pictures, some may be wondering…

“What’s the difference between a taper and a low drop? They kind of look the same!

Actually, they do! But the difference is subtle.

The demystification is, in a tapered cut, the fade is gradual and even, but in a low fade, it can be very abrupt.

How to maintain your low drop fade?

If you want to keep the look nice and tidy, you require a regular visit to your barbershop.

And if that’s too hectic, we have other solutions. Get yourself a clipper or trimmer and take care of your fade at home. But, if you are not well accustomed to trimmers and clippers, then it might be a bit of a challenge. But worry not! You will get it eventually.

Final Thoughts

Here we have listed a few of the popular low drop fade hair men. Whether you have straight or curly or wavy hair, you can pair this haircut with any style you want. Remember hairs are just like the crown of the head, so take good care.

Hopefully, you find this article useful. Now at least, you know where to start from.

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