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12 Fascinating Men’s Bracelet

Bracelets have been a part of men’s accessory since the time immemorial. During ancient times, men used to wear bracelets made up of bone and skulls. There were traditional believes behind it. The time changed and the appearance of bracelets also changed. Nowadays we find bracelets of different designs made up of various metals.

Men who love to wear accessories always look for good bracelets and why not! It is one such accessory that adds an instant oomph factor into your style. There are some people who say rubbish things like straight men do not wear bracelets. In this post, we want to make one thing clear that wearing bracelets has nothing to do with your sexual preference. you can wear bracelets if you feel like wearing them without feeling worried about people judging you.

If you are confused about which hand you should wear the bracelet then we must help you there as well. Wear the bracelet in your non-dominant hand so that you do not feel any disturbance while working.

Here is a list of the trendiest bracelets available for men at present time. The options are worth considering and you are definitely going to have a good collection of bracelets if you choose a few from the list below. Have a look!

Black Bracelet

Black Bracelet

As already said many times black is one color that never goes out of context. Whenever you are confused about the color of your bracelet, choose the black one and you are good to rock any place. This kind of black bracelet is good for regular use. You can even wear them to your office. If you buy a black bracelet, you are definitely going to get value for your money.

Bracelets of all varieties are available in black color so you are not going to feel any difficulty while finding the black bracelet of your choice. One thing to take care if you are purchasing black bracelets for regular use that buy one which has a good quality so that the color does not runoff.

Cable Bracelet

Cable Bracelet

This is another popular design if we talk about bracelets for men. You can find them in different colors and materials. However, the most popular ones are the cable bracelets made up of steel. The stainless steel assures safety from any kind of allergic reaction. You can also try the cable bracelets made up of copper as copper is a metal that is good for our body. Many ancient scriptures have mentioned the benefits of wearing copper in hand.

Generally, the ends of cable bracelets are open so you can adjust the bracelet in your hand according to the size of your wrist after wearing it.

Man Titanium Bracelet

Man Titanium Bracelet

When it comes to bracelets for men, titanium bracelets are a great choice. They look really cool and stylish on the wrist of a man. Titanium is one such metal that is not only strong but good for your body as well. Yes, you read it right! For years titanium has been known to alleviate body pain.

Also if you are hypoallergic to metals then titanium bracelets are your savior. The titanium alloy has inert properties therefore it does not react with any other element. This fact makes titanium jewelry absolutely safe for the people of sensitive skin.

One thing which you should know before purchasing a titanium bracelet that titanium poses qualities of a magnet as well. Though it is not completely magnetic, it shows magnetic properties in the presence of an externally applied magnetic field. Therefore if you are one among those who are allergic to magnets then give the titanium bracelet a second thought.

The titanium bracelets are a bit expensive but you are definitely going to get a bracelet of excellent quality which you can cherish for a really long time. Titanium has a strong resistance from corrosion therefore you do not need to worry about it getting rusted and losing its shine with time. Buy a titanium bracelet if you prefer quality over quantity.

Men’s Wooden Beaded Bracelet

Men's Wooden Beaded Bracelet

If you are looking for something different and attractive try the wooden beaded bracelets. It will definitely impress you with its charm. Some people may say that the beaded bracelets are only for women but it is not true at all. Men around the globe are also adoring this jewelry.

Apart from the natural brown color of wood, the wooden beaded bracelets are available in other colors as well. You can pair those bracelets with some funky outfit that has vibrant color.

The wooden beaded bracelets are a new trend in the West but people in the East, especially civilization around the Indian subcontinent, men have been wearing wooden beaded bracelets and hand bands from centuries. They mostly wear it for their religious beliefs. So if the principles of Hinduism attract you, you can try the beads of their holy trees as well.

Men’s Stone Bracelets

Men's Stone Bracelet

Stone bracelets are another popular version of beaded bracelets. They have a great fan base due to the quality they provide.

If someone is looking for beaded bracelets but wants to use it in a rough and tough way then the stone bracelets are a better choice than the wooden beaded bracelets. The wood may get damaged with time due to exposure to water and humidity which is not the case with the stone. The stone bracelets are the best choice for being a daily-wearable bracelet.

Though they are available in various shapes and colors, the most popular of them is the planet stone bracelet shown in the picture above. It is one of the most loved trends of the year 2020. People looking for unique items should definitely try the planet stone bracelet.

Men’s Gold Nugget Bracelet

Men's Gold Nugget Bracelet

If you are a fan of accessories that look royal then you cannot manage to ignore the gold nugget bracelets. Just have a look at this accessory and you would be mesmerized by its beauty.

Generally, the gold nugget bracelet is available in 14k yellow gold however you can find it in other quality as well. the white gold version is also equally popular. You can also get them customized as there are lots of stores that do it proficiently.

The gold nugget bracelet has this amazing texture which can attract anyone towards them. This bracelet looks extremely beautiful with festival clothes. If you are to head to a really special function then wear this bracelet on your wrist to add an unbeatable style in your appearance.

Men’s Watches and Bracelet Sets

Men's Watches and Bracelet Sets

Now, this is a fashion that is different from the traditional style. When you buy one such set, you get the bracelets that are in match with the watch. This style is popular among both men and women.

There are watch and bracelet sets available in the market however you can also buy the bracelets matching with your watch separately.

In this look, one wears the watch and bracelet simultaneously in one hand. The number of bracelets can vary according to your choice. Some people wear even 5 bracelets with a watch on the same hand. If you are wearing more than one bracelet in your hand, make sure that the bracelets are not the wide ones.

Another thing that confuses men while they are wearing a watch and bracelet simultaneously. They feel wondered what to wear first. Well, there is no hard and fast rule for it. Most of the men wear the watch first and then the bracelet. However, if you want to keep the look more managed you can wear the bracelet before wearing a watch. The watch will stay at its place and will not let the bracelet come forward.

If you do not like to wear both on the same hand then you can wear the watch in one and bracelet in another. It is also a style that is acceptable to everyone. In such cases, wear the watch in your dominant hand and bracelet in the non-dominant one.

Men’s Infinity Bracelet

Men's Infinity Bracelet

Over the years, the sign of infinity has managed to attract lots of people towards it. It is not necessary for one to be a mathematics genius to understand this sign. All thanks to our poets and writers to use this word to express different feelings.

The infinity bracelets are very popular among men. Generally, men are not very expressive and through this bracelet, they want to state a few facts about them without speaking a word.

The infinity bracelet makes you look sincere, intelligent, and observant. Most of the time it can be a conversation starter as well. You should definitely try the infinity bracelet especially if you are one of those shy personalities who can not initiate a conversation by themselves but expects the other one to begin it.

Men’s Coordinates Bracelet

Men's Coordinates Bracelet

Want to make your jewelry special? What about the co-ordinate bracelet then! This is a beautiful bracelet design which got popularity in recent years.

Generally, the co-ordinate bracelets are customized. You can get them for yourself or gift them to someone special. In these bracelets, you get the co-ordinate of a special place printed on the bracelet. This looks so unique and special. They can have the base of leather however, the metal coordinate bracelets are the more popular options.

Leather Cross Bracelets

Leather Cross Bracelets

If you want to carry the blessings of Jesus Christ on your hands then there can be nothing better than a cross leather bracelet. It not only looks beautiful but also carries some significant religious values.

For the cross bracelet, the base of leather is the most perfect. The cross is generally made up of different metals. It proves to be a great combination because both complement each other due to the sharp contrast in their texture. You can get the cross in the metal of your choice. These bracelets are also available in the customized form as well. So definitely you can find the bracelet of your choice.

Ankle Bracelets For Guys

Ankle Bracelets For Guys

While we talked about the bracelets for men, the ankle bracelets are the latest trend in the last few years. Those days are gone when anklets used to belong only to the women. In 2020 men around the globe are showcasing their love for anklets with full confidence.

There are absolutely very few people to judge a guy who is wearing an anklet. It looks very appealing to guys. So if you are one of those guys who love anklets but do not have enough confidence to wear one piece in your own feet, it is time to say bye to this stigma. There is nothing wrong with experimenting and it can definitely become a permanent part of your style.

Like women, anklets for men are also available in various designs and materials. From the metal ones to the bracelets made up of thread, anklets for men has got a really wide choice range.

Leather Wrist Bands

Leather Wrist Bands

If you are bored with the traditional bracelets then look at these wrist bands of leather. Available in various designs, the leather wristbands look super cool.

Whenever you are getting dressed for a casual outing and want some accessory to adorn your wrist then there is nothing better than the leather wrist bands. If you buy a leather band of good quality it will last at least 3 years so definitely it is a good investment for your style.

There is one thing which you should know that you can not wear a leather wrist band all the time. Like any other leather accessory, it has to be taken off while taking a shower, swimming, or sleeping. The water can strip the natural oil from the leather and make it shrank and cracked.

Also, wear it once you are done applying cosmetics and perfume around your hands. This is to make sure that the shine of the leather stays for a long time.

As the list finishes, we hope that you found the bracelet of your choice. Choose the best design for yourself and share it with your loved ones also.

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