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Mens Guide For White Gold Bracelets

White Gold Bracelet

White gold refers to a white alloy made based on gold, mainly used for jewellery such jewellery. In addition, the abbreviation “WG” may be used by taking the initials of English letters, but the notation engraved on jewellery, etc., is 18K gold, such as “K18WG” or “K18”. In many cases, it is stamped with an abbreviation.

If your jewellery is 18K white gold, it is an alloy of 75% gold and the remaining 25% nickel or palladium metal. 14K white gold, which is a little less pure, is made by combining 58.5% gold with the remaining 41.5% nickel or palladium metal.

Regarding the difference between nickel-based and palladium-based alloys, the nickel-based alloy is used as a metal for decolorization, so it is hard white gold. On the contrary, the one using palladium is different in that it becomes soft white gold. You can choose white gold bracelets for men.

Hard white gold is a bright white colour, but it is hard to process, so the latter soft white gold, which is easy to process, is often used for jewellery. In World, there is a directive that the amount of nickel eluted from alloys should be regulated below a certain level for nickel, which is considered a cause of metal allergies. Therefore, the market distribution volume is decreasing, but since there are no restrictions on nickel-containing precious metals in Japan, white gold products imported from Europe are limited to clear products. It is the actual situation.

In short, White gold is an alloy of pure gold and nickel-based or palladium-based metals and is a precious metal that is harder than pure gold and suitable for use in white (silver-colored) jewellery.

Features of white gold

Since white gold is an alloy, it is a harder precious metal than pure gold. Unlike yellow gold and pink gold, it is a precious metal that both men and women can use without any discomfort because it is silver in colour. Therefore, many jewellery makers release pairings and pair bracelets, not limited to ladies’ products. Also, if it is a simple silver colour, there is no need to choose TPO for ceremonial occasions, which is why many people love it.

The disadvantage is that it is a rhodium-coated alloy, so the base will rarely be visible when it is peeled off. It’s a good idea to perceive that it’s a slightly delicate product.

How to maintain white gold

White gold maintenance methods are different from other jewellery and require caution.

If you polish it with a cloth other than a coarse cloth or a special cloth, it will be scratched, and the risk of the rhodium coating peeling off increases. They recommend using a special or soft cloth to wipe off the sebum gently.

Considering the risk that the groundwork will be visible, some people do not polish it, but it is not extremely nervous. Of course, it is difficult to repair it by yourself, including discoloration and scratches, so they recommend that you request repairs for white gold processing at the store where you purchased it or a jewellery store near you. 

If you purchased the product, there are some stores where the initial repair fee is free, so please consult with the store where you purchased it.  Please note that some products cannot be repaired if they have a complicated design or matte finish.

White gold is the recommended item

Since white gold has the same colour as platinum products, it has become popular in engagement rings and wedding rings, whereas platinum products were the mainstream a long time ago, in the last ten years or so.

It is often used as a base for casual brands and designer jewellery accessories and has a wide range of uses such as rings, earrings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches. This is not limited to white gold, but it is used in many jewellery products because the colour gold, an alloy such as 18K or 14K, is stronger than platinum products.

It goes back about ten years, but when platinum soared, rhodium-coated white gold, which could be made at a low price, attracted attention as an alternative, and as a result, it was widely distributed in the market. After all, many users choose jewellery by colour, which is now the opposite of platinum, but it is still commonly used as a jewellery material.

Who looks good in white gold?

The skin has a slightly yellowish flesh colour, so white gold, a silver colour, is a precious metal that suits everyone because it looks cute and bright. Depending on your skin colour, some people may think that coloured gold does not suit you, but any gold is considered to suit you.

However, if white gold is a delicate ring, it will be feminine, so men often choose yellow gold when ordering pairing. Of course, if you are concerned about whether it suits you or not, you will still be concerned about it, so if you should buy a new one or let it go, you can bring it to our store (eco-style) where you can understand the value and buy it at a high price. 

Is White Gold prone to allergies? Here, they will explain whether white gold is prone to allergies or difficult to develop. Alloy jewellery, such as pure gold and white gold, is a precious metal that is less likely to cause allergies.

However, as the purity decreases, if the rhodium coating peels off, there are cases where the underlying metal (nickel-based or palladium-based) touches the skin and reacts. Nickel and palladium are allergen-prone materials, so touching the peeled jewellery directly to the skin is not advisable. If you have allergies, it is safer to use high-purity platinum instead of white gold.

If it comes off, they recommend that you ask a jewellery store or repair shop to coat it again if it is a piece of jewellery you are attached to. Nowadays, white jewellery is booming, and there is a lot of jewellery made of white gold. It’s cheaper than platinum and doesn’t get too heavy, so it’s especially suitable for voluminous jewellery. 

Nickel was often used as a split in the past, but since nickel often causes metal allergies, the platinum group “palladium” is now the mainstream. When you hear the word “gold,” you may think of it as a glittering golden colour, but did you know that gold has various colours? Among the many-colored golds, the most popular colour is white gold.

What is different from ordinary gold? 

If you don’t know much about gold, many people think that white gold is silver or mistaken for platinum. White gold is gold, not silver or platinum. It is wondering what kind of item such a mysterious substance is and what kind of properties it has.

Gold is too soft to be an accessory if it is pure gold (K24) with high purity. Therefore, It is a mixture of pure gold with other metals to make accessories. The mixing is called “warikin,” and the nature of gold changes greatly depending on what is used for the discount.

Only the appearance is almost the same as silver and platinum, so it is written as “K18WG” to be identified as gold by engraving.

The White Gold bracelet has K18WG and K10

The most popular item in white gold is 18 gold, but in addition to K18, K10 white gold is also available. The big difference is the grade of gold. The grade show how much gold is contained in parts per 24.K24 is 100%, K18 is 75%, and K10 is 42%. Mixing a split metal to lower the quality makes it stronger, less scratched, and less likely to break than K24.

However, lowering the quality will significantly reduce the price of accessories, lowering the hurdle to purchase. Items other than colored gold are made by mixing copper with a colour close to gold.

Another difference is the shade

K18WG is made of 75% gold, so it also has the characteristics of a discount while maintaining the unique colour of gold. The K10WG, which uses an overwhelmingly small amount of gold, contains only about 42% gold, so it depends heavily on the colour of palladium and silver.

If there is a lot of silver, it will be a dark and profound colour K10WG, and if there is a lot of palladium, it will be a platinum-like colour that shines white. When it turns black, it changes to black gold or green gold. With these differences, there are different grades of white gold.

In addition to K18 and K10, there is also K14WG, so please choose your favourite grade according to the colour and budget. You can try other shades of white gold bracelets and observe yourself at any event or occasion.

Reasons for the popularity of men’s white gold bracelets

Colour gold such as gold, yellow gold, and pink gold is in high demand worldwide, but white gold is popular in most countries. The reason is that many people desire to be humble and tend to avoid flashy designs. That’s why non-assertive white gold is preferred.

Another reason is that platinum is used as a material for wedding rings. White gold has also become popular because platinum and white gold are similar colours but can be purchased cheaper than platinum.

It’s not just white!

Of all the colored gold, white gold is particularly popular, and there are many items, so you have focused only on white gold, but from now on, they would like to introduce you to colored gold. Be careful of metal allergies when wearing!

You think it’s about metal allergies that you are worried about when you wear it. High-purity precious metals (pure gold, pure platinum, sterling silver) are less likely to cause metal allergies. Still, most colored gold uses a discount on colour so that allergies can occur. 

Here, they will tell you about materials that are less likely to cause metal allergies and how to choose accessories if you have metal allergies.


This time, they introduced you to White Gold. White gold is white gold, similar to platinum and silver but different. And white gold is an item that can be purchased at a fairly high price like other gold.

Suppose you have any unnecessary accessories or items concerned about the purchase price. In that case, you can make a purchase assessment at “Blariva,” operated by our company, so please feel free to apply from the following.

White gold bracelets for men, whose colour gives you a sense of power, are a fashion item that men who want to show off their masculinity should have. In this article, the editorial department surveyed men’s gold necklaces through web questionnaires, etc., and carefully selected popular brands. They have compiled it in an easy-to-understand ranking format, along with information from the ear, such as the market price of the budget, the attractiveness of the brand, the characteristics of the item, etc.

Rank up your outfit with white gold bracelets for men

The men’s white gold bracelets are recommended when you want to add glitz to your coordinator casually. The volume of the bracelet and the colour of the bullion can make a big difference in your impression, so be sure to know what type suits your style and mood.

Manly and edgy designs are attractive

Lion Heart is a Japanese jewellery brand founded in 1996. While brave and adventurous, the brand name comes from the desire to be like the King of England, who the “Lion King adored.” The white gold bracelets for men feature a powerful and edgy design.

The pendant made with thickness and three-dimensionality gives a bold impression and adds masculinity to the chest. There are various types of 10-karat gold and 18-karat gold materials, and it is also a point that you can purchase at an affordable price. On many occasions, white gold bracelets for men look attractive. And you can also use it regularly because it is very friendly to the skin.

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