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Men’s Guide: How To Set Hair All Day Long

Unlike the old days, men have become very particular about their over-all styling. At the present time, it is essential to look well-groomed and styled in order to get enough confidence among people. It not only make you look attractive but also boost your inner confidence which ultimately reflects in your work.

Man setting hair

Unlike women, men do not have so many options to flaunt their best features. They can not wear heavy makeup or shiny accessories on their regular days. Of course, there are men who love wearing makeup, fancy clothes, and gaudy pieces of jewelry but most of the men do not. So in that case, hairstyle comes to play an important part in a man’s appearance. It has to be stylish and yet manageable. Men always look for ways by which they can create a hairstyle that remains at place throughout the day.

Generally, their hair is open in every hairstyle, so keeping them at a place during the whole day becomes a tricky process for lots of men out there. No doubt there are a number of men who can make hairstyles like a pro and carry them effectively till the evening but most of the men end up feeling frustrated because their hair refuses to stay at the desired place.

In this post, we have provided detailed information regarding this aspect of men’s panache. Styling the hair is not limited to the only time when you sit in front of the mirror and start arranging the hair in a particular manner. It begins from the very time you decide how you want to groom your hair.

Lots of things such as the texture of your hair, the climate around you, the products you use, and the manner in which we apply those products affect the actual styling. Here we have tried to cover all these points and we promise you that by the end of this article you would be able to create a style which will receive your envious looks from people.

Before we begin, here are some points which you should know in advance so that you do not end up feeling disappointed later.

First and the foremost thing is that most of the time it depends on the texture of your hair. Some people can successfully carry a hairstyle all throughout the day while some can not and that is absolutely no fault of yours.

It also depends on the climate of the place you live in. If the climate around you has a high humidity level, the chances are there that your hairstyle will not remain at place throughout the whole day. The hair will naturally start to drop by the end of the evening.

The Ideal Length of Hair

Man with medium hair

It may seem over concerned here but the length of your hair actually affects the fact of how long your hair will stay at a place. The longer the hair, the harder it is to style them and make them stay in a particular style. Those who have fine hair can go for slightly long hair if they want. However, if you have thick hair then it is better to keep the length short so that when it comes to the styling part, you do not struggle much.

Now some may get upset by knowing this. After all long hairstyles look extremely attractive to many. So if you belong to that lot of man who has voluminous hair and want to keep their hair long then there is a solution for you.

You can keep the hair at the front long which gradually gets shorter towards the back. In this way, you can not only fulfill your desire for long hair but at the same time keeping the hair in a particular style throughout the day also remains no issue.

Beginning With The Style

After talking about your normal grooming, here comes the actual styling part. Here you would be using a number of products and tools to set your hair in a particular style. However, before that, prepare your hair for the upcoming styling. Did not understand? Let us simplify this for you.

Always Work With Clean Hair

Clean hair

Hair which is dirty is hard to style. The saturation of oil and dirt in your scalp will make the styling job tough and even if you become successful in styling them with the help of effective products and tools, you would end up having unmanaged hair later in the day.

If it is not possible to wash the hair in the shower using shampoo then use a quick spray of dry shampoo. It will set your hair for the upcoming styling. While you purchase a dry shampoo, try to choose the one which is sulfate-free. Lots of hair cleansing products contain sulfur but it is harmful to the hair as in the long run, it disturbs the natural texture of hair. Therefore it is better to choose a herbal dry shampoo or the one which has mild ingredients.

The Right Way To Dry The Wet Hair

Man drying hair

As you come out of the shower, do not make the mistake to rub them with a towel in order to dry them. The hair when wet is highly susceptible to damage and the rubbing can harm their strength and texture. It also causes the problem of split ends and frizziness.

The best way to dry the hair is air-drying them. No hard hands or hot tools but simple natural air. However, if you are in a hurry and can not wait for the natural air to dry your hair locks then use a blow dryer.

Before you begin the blow-drying process, it is good to apply some heat protectant on the hair. It will check the adverse effects of a blow dryer to a certain extent.

Once you are done applying serum and combing your hair, blowdry the hair in the direction you want to keep them after styling. For this, use a brush/ comb which has soft bristles. This method will set a base for the hair and they tend to stay in place for a longer time. As we have mentioned the use of hair serum, we want to tell you that it is an important product which not only helps in better styling of hair but improves their health in the long run. The instant benefit of using hair serum is it tame down the frizz and make hair shiny.

If your hair has volume then you should use a small amount of mousse to style them. In this way, you will have a smooth hand while actually styling them.

There is this one effective tip which you should know. If you find a hairstyle that goes well with the texture of your hair and suits you perfectly, always remember its name so that you can get it again when needed.

Parting The Hair

Man parting hair

When you keep your hair in their regular side, it becomes very easy to style them. On the other hand, you will see that if you go for a style that asks for a hair parting that is not similar to your regular one then your hair will not stay in that style for a long time. Maybe with a lot of products, they agree to remain at place but using heavy styling products regularly will only cause harm to your hair.

It is thus not advisable to go for a new hair part when it has to be a long day outside and you do not want to mess up with your look. However, you can always work on it from some days before. Yes! It is possible. If you are planning to change the natural parting of your hair then work on it when you are at home. You can keep your hair in the new parting and stick them at their place using clips and hair belt. Sleep with this hair regularly and within a few days, you will see that your hair has beautifully adapted the new hair parting.

If it is your special day and you can not manage to look clumsy or out of the place then stick to your regular hair parting as it is the best. However, if your desired hairstyle needs no parting as all the hair is to be pulled towards the back then your natural hair parting will not make you feel worried. You can go for it without using any kind of hair styling products

There are different types of hair styling products available in the market the use of which differs according to the texture and volume of your hair. Another important factor which affects the product selection is what style you are choosing.

Like if your desired hairstyle is spiked then you can choose gel or clay. On the other hand, those who are looking for pompadours or such other quiff hairstyles are suggested to use hair cream or mousse. For critical hairstyles like Mohawk and Fauxhawk, men use hair glue. Wait! Do not get astonished as it is not ‘glue’ actually but a hair gel of highly stronghold. Using this hair glue, those beautiful mohawks are created.

All in all, first you have to experiment with different products so that you can figure out what works for you the best. For this, you can buy the trial packs of these products which are easily available in the market. Apply them and see if you find them appropriate for you.

Every good hair product available in the market has a label on it stating about its ‘hold’ on hair. They are available in normal, medium, and stronghold variety. Those who have fine hair should go for products that have normal to medium hold while the men with voluminous thick hair are advised to buy stronghold varients.

However, remember that most of the products with stronghold have a high amount of alcohol. Alcohol makes hair brittle and damages them in the long run. Therefore, it is advisable to always check the ingredient percentage while buying a new product. Hairstyling products of good quality keep the alcohol percentage in check. So it is better to go after quality rather than quantity or else you would end up harming the health of your hair.

Finishing The Style

Man styling hair

When you complete styling your hair in whichever manner you wanted it to be, it is time to ensure that throughout the day, your hair stays in the way you styled them.

For this, use a hair spray of an excellent quality to lock the hair at their place. This should be done as soon as you finish styling your hair so that they do not lose their place in between. Make sure that all the hair strands are evenly coated with the spray but the quantity should not be too much or else it will make your hair very greasy. Let the spray rest on your hair until it is completely dry. It is advisable not to touch the sprayed hair which is still wet.

While you spray your hair, do not keep it too close to your hair as it can harm not only your tresses but your skin as well. Keep the bottle at least six inches away while you are spraying your hair.

Some Extra Tips

Here are some tips which you should take care in order to achieve a style which stays on your head throughout the whole day.

  • Whenever you apply some kind of hair styling product, always begin with small quantity and gradually increase if needed more. It is better to keep adding the product according to the need instead of pouring a large quantity at one time which will only make your hair look damped.
  • Apply the hair product by creating separate layers of hair. In this way, all the hair is covered with the product which in turn gives excellent results.

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