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Dazzling Nail Polish Guide To Mind-Blow Everyone

Nail Polish Guide

Nail polish is one of the most common cosmetics which is used by every woman who loves fashion. It is an easy to apply cosmetic which is affordable and accessible to all. Nail polishes are available in various brands in all price ranges. These facts make nail polish a very popular cosmetic all across the world. We all know that every woman loves this cosmetic and want to have more and more nail polishes in their collection.

Nowadays nail polishes are available in various colors. From the basic nude shades to the bright poppy colors, you have a great range of choice. Glossy Matt, Transparent, Glittery, and whatnot. You just ask and you have the nail polish of your choice. While you check the recent cosmetic sale, you want to pick all the new colors. But wait! Every color is not for everyone. We are not exaggerating the facts but nail polishes play a crucial role in your overall appearance.

Lots of factors like your own skin color, the color of your outfit, the color of your eyes play a significant role in determining whether a particular nail polish color will suit you or not.

We all have certain nail polish in our collection which we do not apply on our nails. In the end, those nail polishes go into the dustbin without providing value for their money. We do not want this to happen with you anymore. In this article, we have compiled all the information needed for a woman to choose the right nail polish her.

How To Choose Nail Polish

Choosing Nail Polish

When you are to pick the right nail polish for you, no doubt the most important thing is its color. We acknowledge the fact that the color of nail polish is a point that can not be ignored. For this very reason, we have provided detailed information about this point further in this post.

However, there are certain other points as well which should also be taken care of. One of those is the brand. Do small research by going through the catalogs of various nail polish brands. It is always good to compare before buying.

Though with experience, you will get a clear idea for beginners, good research is important. Check which brand is offering the color of your choice at a price suitable to your budget. You can also go through the reviews by the women who have already used that particular nail polish. It will make your task much easier.

Another thing is not to always go for the ‘matching the color with costume’ game. It is an old fashion now to apply nail polish which is of the same color as your outfit. Though sometimes it is okay as if it is a festival or a grand celebration of something.

However, try avoiding this practice on normal days or on casual outings. Instead, try to mix and matching the nail colors. In this way, you will need to buy lesser nail polishes and you can invest in few but good nail colors.

Selecting Nail Polish

Selecting Nail Polish

In this section, we will tell you about the tips with the help of which you can choose the right nail polish color for you. However, first, you should know why this ‘right nail polish color’ is significant. It is an important aspect which you can not manage to avoid.

Why Choosing The Right Color In Nail Polish Is Important?

Believe it or not, the combination of colors plays an important role in making or breaking an entire look. For a look to be perfect the synchronization of all the colors is very necessary and when we say all the colors we include the color of nail polish as well.

Do not ever dare to consider the color of nail polish just a petty detail in an outlook because it is not. While we interact with people, our nails are one of the most visible parts of our body. Therefore if you end up picking the wrong color for your nails, it can definitely compromise your entire look.

Good Nail polishes come for a good cost and there is no point you pick up expensive nail polish and later do not apply it on your nails due to the color not suiting you. While choosing the color of nail polish remember that every color is not for everyone. therefore it is really necessary that you pay attention while buying certain nail polish for you.

You can not just pick a nail polish because you like that shade on someone else’s nails. No! It does not work that way. There are various factors that play an important role in determining which nail polish shade will look good on one person and not on the other.

Here are certain factors that should be taken care of while you are shopping for your nail polishes. You can get the best value for your money in this way.

According To Your Skin Tone

It is a very important factor to pick the right nail polish. Though every skin shade is beautiful, you have to know yours so that you can pick the nail polish which complements it.

Nail Polish and Skin Tone

People who have medium to light skin tone can go for nude shades of both beige and pinkish undertones. If you have a dark complexion and you still want to try nude colors in nail polish, go for the pastel shades.

If you have Pale skin then pick bright shades of red, blue, orange, purple. This creates good contrast and makes the overall look attractive. People with pale skin tone should not apply nail polish of nude shade. It makes you look more monotonic and boring.

On the other hand, you are free to choose colors like Pink and Blue without caring about your skin tone. All the shades of these colors work well with the skin tone of any kind.

Your Skin Undertone

You should take care of the fact that the color of nail polish should not create an extreme contrast with your natural skin tone.

Undertone plays an important role here. It is not about the nail polishes only but for every colored item, you wear/carry on your body. Once you know the undertone of your skin you would be able to pick the right colors for you.

The human body can have one of the three undertones given here

  • Warm
  • Cool
  • Neutral
Skin Undertones

Determine the undertone of skin is a very simple process. For this, you have to find a place that has natural light and notice the color of your veins under your skin. Veins around the hand are most easy to notice.

For those who have a greenish color in their veins, have a warm undertone. On the other hand, if the color of your veins is blue or more similar to purple then your undertone is cool. People with neutral undertone have veins the color of which match with their skin itself.

Colors like Honey, Olive, Coral, Red, Gold, Yellow, and Peach look extremely well on people with warm undertones. On the other hand, Blue, Lavender, Emerald, Purple, Grey, Silver are the most suitable color if you have a cool undertone. People with neutral undertones should choose sober colors like off-white, cream, jade green, pink, sea blue, etc.

It all may seem a little tricky initially but once you get the point, everything becomes simple and fun. If you got to understand the trick, you are definitely going to get lots of compliments from people for the choice of your nail colors.

The Occasion You Are Heading To

It is very important to see the aura of the place you would be spending your time with. For example, very bright colors in nail polish do not look good at offices. If you are to attend formal meetings then it is better you go for neutral shades like nude, pastel, beige, etc. They are sober colors that do not get highlighted much but are beautiful enough to get noticed by people. If you are in the corporate world then try avoiding shimmer, too bright colors, and nail arts which are over the top.

Nail Polish and Occasion

On the other hand, if there is a festival around the corner then choose colors that get highlighted easily. You can match the color of your nail polish with the color of a particular festival. For example, if it is Christmas then you know the color. It is Red of course! You will look really adorable with that bright red Santa cap on your head and matching nail color on your hands.

Talking about the theme parties, if it is a fun party then go glittery with the colors. The bright shimmer nail polish looks really great in these fun parties with friends. If you do not want to go all sparkled on your nails then a Sparky topcoat on a dark base will also look amazing. Poppy nail arts are also a great choice for casual outgoings/ parties with friends.

For a dinner date with your partner, there are colors like dark purple, maroon, wine, etc. These colors look very good at the time of night. As you would be wearing light makeup also, there can be nothing better than these colors for such occasions.

If you are to go on a long holiday then be experimental and try new nail colors after understanding your skin shade and undertone. Experimental nail arts are for such occasions only as there are really very few people to judge you on a holiday. So you can try your heart out and if something goes wrong, do not worry! You always have the option of photoshop of course!

Your Personality

For someone to outshine with what they wear/apply on the body, they have to be comfortable with it. If you can not associate with the color you apply on your nails then there are chances you will not pull your entire look ‘perfectly’. For example, people of sober personality should not choose bold and metallic colors like black, silver, electric blue. Such people can also try bold nail arts such as animal prints which is very popular these days.

Nail Polish and Personality

On the other hand light colors like purple, pink, beige look more feminine. These colors are ideal to show the soft side of your personality to the world. If you are not very experimental then these colors will surely help you. They look good on any personality. So people who do not find much time to shop for new nail colors can try neutral and balanced colors.

How To Decide Matching Nail Polish Color

Matching Nail Polish Color

As said earlier, you do not have to find the nail polish color which is the same as the color of your outfit every time. In 2020, it is not necessary at all.

You can apply nail color which is in perfect contrast with the color of your outfit. Like black nail paint looks equally beautiful with an outfit of red, wine, or grey color. This is just an example and you can learn this art by constantly noticing how fashion influencers do it.

Color Blocking

Nail Polish Color Blocking

It is a technique which is used by women who can not invest much time to change the color of their nail polish every day. In color blocking, simple geometrical figures like Triangle, square, rectangle are drawn with different colors.

No doubt it looks funky and cute but the best part is you can change your outfits without having to change your nail color. You should definitely try this technique if you are one of those who can not devote much time to nails.

Some Nail Polish Designs

For making things easier for you, we are sharing some popular nail polish designs. You can any day try them out.

Glossy Nail Polish

Glossy Nail Polish

Matt Nail Polish

Matt Nail Polish

Glossy + Matt

Glossy and Matt Nail Polish

Accessorized Nails

Accessorized Nails

Half Glittery

Half Glittery Nail Polish

Checkered Nail Polish

Checkered Nail Polish

Musical Notes

Musical Notes Nail Polish

Random Pattern

Random Pattern Nail Polish

Newspaper Nail Art

Newspaper Nail Art

Try one of those designs above and see how many compliments you get for the choice of your style!

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