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9 Glorious Neck Tattoos For Women

Tattoos have always been a part of human civilization. They were present even when the humans were progressing towards the society in which we are living today. We can still see the visible proofs of this practice in many ancient tribes living in the forest.

With the passage of time, the tattoo changed its form. Now tattoos are made in studios by creative tattoo artists. Human beings of all around the globe have accepted tattoos with open arms. There are infinite tattoo designs. While most of them look good on everyone, some tattoos are gender-specific.

Tattoos are definitely more than just designs on the body. With a tattoo inked on your body, you can express a lot about yourself. Here we are talking about the tattoos which are permanent and in order to get them removed from your body, you have to undergo a really painful process. Therefore everyone wants to know the meaning of a tattoo before getting it inked on any of their body parts.

In this article, we are sharing some of the most popular neck tattoo designs for women. With each tattoo, we have also tried you to explain the meaning so that you can make your decision after knowing everything about the particular tattoo.

Neck Flower Tattoos

Neck Flower Tattoo

Flowers have been the symbol of Beauty, Charm, and Delicacy. All these adjectives are associated with women as well. Therefore flower tattoo is the perfect tattoo option if you are looking for a tattoo design for your neck. Floral tattoos are a big trend from the past few years. No matter what kind of personality you have, you will always find a flower tattoo with which you can associate an aspect of your personality.

In some ancient mythologies, flowers are considered sacred and symbol of gods’ contentment. They also represent feminity which makes them one of the most popular tattoo designs for women out there.

Now different flowers can have different meanings but one thing is for sure that all flowers look beautiful even if we talk about flowers in the form of tattoos.

Though black and white flower tattoos also look good, the more popular ones are the colorful flower tattoos. Of course, all those vibrant colors a flower have can make anyone feel attracted to it.

Moth Neck Tattoo

Moth Neck Tattoo

Moth tattoos are another big thing in the year 2020. Now you may think that moth and butterflies are similar creatures. If yes, then you should look into the facts more deeply. They are different not only in their physical attributes, but their behavior also differs.

Well, we can not claim that a moth tattoo is trendier than a butterfly tattoo. Of course, everyone has their own perspective. However, we can say that moths are interesting as tattoos because not so many people know about them. Therefore with a moth tattoo on your neck, you will always have something to talk about even with the strangers.

Now if you talk about the symbolism, both butterfly and moth tattoos are the symbol of change and transformation. Anyone who always feels ready to accept the challenges of life can try the Moth tattoo.

It looks the best at the back of your neck with its wings getting wider to your upper back. Though the colored moth tattoo also looks attractive, you should try the black and white one for a more experimental look.

Rose Tattoos On The Back of The Neck

Rose Tattoos On The Back of The Neck

While talking about flower tattoos, the rose tattoo is one of the most popular among them. Roses of different colors symbolize different things. For example, a red rose is a symbol of love, a yellow rose represents loyalty. However, you will be surprised to know that black and white rose tattoos are equally popular in the year 2020. Women of aesthetic beliefs really like such black and white tattoos.

Another popular trend is the black rose tattoo. Mostly it is associated with grief. Any woman who has lost her loved one can get this black rose tattoo in their memory. It symbolizes the feeling of ‘Hope’ that you would meet them someday.

The flower is a symbol of love and purity. Rose is a beautiful and delicate flower which blooms even with lots of thrones around it. It symbolizes balance in the best manner. Therefore it has a deep association with the basic principle of life. The universe is about the balance of course. You look highly intellectual with such tattoos on your body.

Tribal Tattoos Behind Ear

Tribal Tattoos Behind Ear

Lots of people have this fascination with tribal designs and imprints. So if you are the one who wants to get a tribal tattoo then it is completely natural. In fact, the tribal designs look very attractive and engaging.

The tribal tattoo makes you look at women of a creative attribute. If you want a short tribal tattoo then one of the best places for it is a tribal tattoo is behind the ear. It is then visible from the side and back of your neck at the same time. Also, needless to mention that a tribal tattoo makes you look different from the lot.

However, if you are looking forward to getting behind the ear tattoo, you should be aware of the fact that it is going to be a bit painful. The skin behind the ear is thin unlike most of the popular tattoo spots on the body. Therefore, a tattoo behind the ear is not suggested to someone who has never got a tattoo before. However, if you can bear the pain, then you can surely go for it.

Small Black and White Flower Tattoos

Small Black and White Flower Tattoos

Want to go for something simple yet elegant? Try these small black and white flower tattoos then. They look super cute and charming. These small tattoos are the most ideal when you have not made any tattoo earlier and want to try out this thing.

From the past few years, the craze for Minimal tattoos has increased to a great extent. They look really trendy and stylish. If you also want to try this small black and white flower tattoo on your neck, the best place for it is on the backside of the neck. It can be any flower of your choice. Every flower has its different meaning of course. For that, you can take the help of your tattoo artist or do some basic internet research.

In order to make the small black and white flower tattoo interesting, some people insist on their tattoo artist to add some tiny figures like flying birds or stars. Your tattoo can also include a small text. Such flower and text tattoos are generally made in the memory of a deceased person. They are the best to express your endless love towards them.

Tree Tattoo On Neck

Tree Tattoo On Neck

If you are looking for a tattoo that has spiritual value but also looks attractive then it is a tree tattoo. They are one of the most loved tattoo designs among the youth. This kind of tattoo looks extremely stylish at the back of the neck.

With the tree tattoo on your body, you can show your love towards nature. The Yggdrasil Tree or ‘The Tree of Life’ is a highly popular tattoo when one talks about tree tattoos. It symbolizes the eternity of life. The Yggdrasil is an ancient tree which has got the reference in various cultures and mythologies. The tree tattoo is the symbol of wisdom, gratitude, and longevity of life. With the roots of a tree, you can also represent your strong attachment to your family.

The tree is one such creation of God which gives lots of things to the other living beings. Therefore this tattoo also symbolizes kind nature and benevolence. You can include the image of birds with the tree to make the whole tattoo look more interesting.

Small Butterfly Tattoos On Neck

Small Butterfly Tattoos On Neck

While talking about one of the most beautiful creations of God, butterflies top the list. They are the true beauty on this earth. No one is able to ignore the butterflies and it is a fact.

In this very post, we have discussed the Moth tattoo above. Well, moth and butterflies are somewhat similar as they belong to the same Lepidoptera family. However, there is some difference in their physical and behavioral attribute. The most significant factor is Butterflies open their wings wide open, unlike the Moth. Also, it has a longer and thinner pair of the antenna than the one owned by a Moth.

A butterfly is the symbol of Change and Rebirth. If you have undergone significant change in your life then you can surely connect with this tattoo. A caterpillar struggles a lot to get the shape of a butterfly. Therefore this tattoo symbolizes strong willpower and faith in oneself. The butterfly tattoo has also got some spiritual beliefs. In some mythologies, the goddess is drawn with the wings of butterfly around it. It, therefore, signifies constant protection from God.

One of the most popular styles of getting a butterfly tattoo on the neck is inking lots of small butterflies at one side of the neck. They may then go towards the ear or your upper back. Both versions look extremely attractive.

Lotus Flower Tattoo On The Back of The Neck

Lotus Flower Tattoo On The Back of The Neck

For centuries, Lotus has been associated with spiritualism. In various religions, lotus has got a significant place. From Buddhism to Hinduism to the western culture, the Lotus is a flower which is considered close to the divinity.

It is the symbol of tranquillity, inner peace, wisdom, and enlightenment. As we all know that the Lotus grows in the mud but it remains unstained and pious. Therefore the flower symbolizes the nobility of the character. Those who are interested in art always have some kind of fascination towards the lotus flower.

Like we see with many other flowers, Lotus of different colors have different meanings. For example, a red Lotus is a symbol of pure love, the white rose symbolizes enlightenment.

If you love Lotus just for its beauty and do not want it to associate with any particular belief, then you can try the basic lotus tattoo which has no other color than black like the one shown in the picture above.

Tiger Tattoo On Neck

Tiger Tattoo On Neck

Tiger is one of the most ferocious animals of the cat family. It is a very common tattoo among men but things are changing now in a positive manner. Now the women of this world have also accepted this animal as a tattoo and even feel highly excited about it. Tiger is the symbol of Bravery and Raw strength. As women have also started taking interest in the aspect of physical fitness, the tiger tattoo in women has got new popularity.

Surely, the Tiger is one of those predators on mother earth from whom everyone feels scared. This animal has extreme strength, power, and vengeance. Not only physically but the emotional strength of a tiger is also appreciable. It has got a really strong willpower and persuasive nature. This tattoo is also used to show the attribute of having strong opinions.

A major lot of people consider Tiger to be the symbol of Good Luck and Wealth. Various ancient mythological books have mentioned such things. Tiger is also said to be protected from evil spirits. So it is a tattoo that holds strong meanings. If you are a woman who likes to be bold and courageous both physically and mentally, have her independent thoughts then you should definitely get a tiger tattoo.

The image of a tiger with a butterfly is a modern-day up-gradation in the basic tiger tattoo. Tiger with a butterfly is used to show the opposite aspects of a human personality. While the tiger is for the ferociousness, the butterfly balances it with its aura of delicacy. This kind of tattoo looks extremely attractive on the neck.

This is not a comprehensive list of the neck tattoos for women but surely it includes some of the best tattoo options available in the present time. Also, you can include your creativity to make the tattoo look more unique.

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