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Purple Hair Styles That Makes You Look Like A Celeb

 Getting the hair colored is the latest trend these days. It catches the attraction of people quickly and makes you look modern.

Women who love to look different from the lot and have the courage to choose a really unique hue can try purple hair.

Purple Hair

If you have been looking for ideas for a complete makeover then getting purple color on the tresses is a really nice idea. It can change your whole look. Not only famous celebrities like Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga, there are also lots of anime and movie characters with purple hair. This is enough to prove the high style quotient of this hair color.

One needs to be courageous to choose purple hair dye. If you really want to experiment with this bold color but do not feel confident about it then you can try coloring a small streak and see how it looks. 

In this era of fashion, there are lots of options available in Purple hair colors. You would feel wonderful to see the wide color range. Purple hair pigment can range from light lavender to bright electric purple. It is also mixed with other hair colors to create a different shade. 

Shades of Purple Hair

Purple Hair Shades

In 2022, there are lots of shades available of the same color and when we talk about a trendy color like Purple, the choice range gets much wider. 

There are lighter shade options like Lavender, Lilac. Such light colors are called Pastel shades. 

If you choose to have one such light purple color then you need to have blonde hair tresses. It is good if you have them naturally otherwise they have to be bleached first and then your desired purple color is used.

Moving from lighter to dark shades, there are colors like magenta, violate, dark purple, etc. Such hair colors are suitable for women of naturally dark hair pigment.

We are living in the era of fortune where everyone has got a really large number of options when it comes to styling. As you have decided to color your hair purple, it is normal to think about the durability of the hue. Like many hair colors, the purple one is also available in different duration options.

Temporary Hair Color

Purple Hair Color Temporary

This technique is for those women who always want to keep experimenting with the color of their hair. The pigment would last for about two to four washes in the temporary hair color method.

Permanent Purple Hair Dye Hue

In this kind of hair color, the color lasts for a long time but it may lose its vibrancy over a period of time. Therefore you need to visit your hair color expert once a fortnight or so. With the right hair care products and proper maintenance, you can enjoy your purple streaks for a long time.

Purple Hair Dye Ideas

Purple Hair Dye

We know that you are searching for purple hair color ideas. As it is not a common hair color, at times it becomes tough to find variety. We understand this problem of yours and that’s why here we have shared purple hair ideas which are the latest trend in 2022. Once you are done reading them, you would have profuse information about this hair pigment.

Deep Purple Hair

Deep Purple Hair

It is the most basic thing that you can do with your hair when you have decided to color them purple. Deep purple hair is the best for those who have naturally dark hair. You can try shades of Violet, Magenta for your deep purple hair look. 

If you are taking the help of experts then it is well and good however you can also try applying this hair color at home by yourself. There are lots of good hair color brands available in the market. Choose the shade of your choice and after following the instructions, you can easily get the pigment of your choice. The intensity of hair color shade can be increased or decreased depending upon the duration of time for which you keep the dye on your hair.

Pastel Purple Hair

Pastel Purple Hair

In Pastel purple hair dye, a very light purple hair color is created which is a great option for those who are feeling reluctant about getting dark purple hair color. It can be called a pale shade of that color. Such shade looks the best on blond hair.

In the Pastel purple hair color, one can notice not only purple but also a red or blue tint as the color purple is created by mixing these two pigments. 

The hair color helps you set a style statement of your own. For your next salon visit, you must definitely think about pastel purple hair dye.

Purple Ombre Hair

Purple Ombre Hair

We are not needed to tell how beautiful ombre hair looks. If you have chosen a purple hue for your tresses then you can definitely try it with Ombre. No matter you are a blond or a redhead, you can rock with purple ombre hair. 

Dark Purple Hair

Dark Purple Hair

The combination of black and purple hair looks really desirable. Those who have naturally dark hair should choose dark purple dye if they want to get a really intense pigmentation on their tresses without using bleach. Yes! You read it right. We know that most women avoid bleaching their hair. So what to do if you want to carry purple pigment on your hair without having to expose them to harsh bleaching agents. Well in that case choose the darkest purple color available for the dye. 

Believe us, this dark purple hair dye would take your look to a whole new level. Not only long but short dark purple hair also look beautiful. You should try this hair color if you want a balanced style.

Dark Hair Purple Highlights

Dark Hair Purple Highlight

If you are still unsure about whether to opt for that vibrant shade of purple, you can try the purple hair highlights first. It would add dimension to your personality while still giving you the liberty to maintain the original color of your hair. In another case when you are willing to try the purple color but feel hesitant as you have to go to the office daily then purple hair highlight is a blessing for you. You can keep your look modest yet stylish with such style.

There are different kinds of hair highlights such as foil, frosting, chunking, etc. Take the advice from your hair color expert before opting for any.

Plum Dark Purple Hair

Plum Dark Purple Hair

If you are looking for a unique purple hair dye for your dark hair then you can try dark plum hair. Plus hair has got huge popularity in recent years. It is a shade of purple with a tint of brown and gray. The pigment looks beautiful on women of every complexion. No matter what is the length of your hair, you can always try this hair pigment. 

Lavender Purple Hair

Lavender Purple Hair

Looking for that dreamy mermaid look? Then lavender purple hair is the thing for you. It is different than those common hair colors but looks so beautiful. Those with natural blond hair can go for this style. The pigment looks the best on wavy to curly hair. You can also try it if you want to try something different. Believe us, these faded purple hair would change your whole look for good. 

Women with dark hair color can avoid this as you would have to bleach all your hair first. This can damage your hair to a great extent. There are lots of other purple hair options for you as discussed in this article.

Blue and Purple Hair

Blue Purple Hair

Two-toned hair is a great option for those who find a single color a bit monotonous. You can mix two different pigments and create a whole new look. One of the coolest color combinations in this regard is Blue and Purple. The final output looks so lively on hair that no one can resist oneself praising the style. 

The shade of galaxy blue and purple hairstyle is one of the most popular in this segment.

Pink and Purple Hair

Pink Purple Hair

This is another beautiful hair color combination. It provides you with that dreamy look that never fails to fetch you a lot of compliments. Keep the hair open with a wavy texture towards the end and be ready to see the magic.

If you have naturally blonde hair then you can go for any shade of pink and purple without having to bleach the hair. Otherwise, any hair shade is fine if you can bleach your hair.

Purple Silver Hair

Purple Silver Hair

Want to make a statement with your style? Then choose Purple and silver hair color. One must be immensely daring to choose this hair combo and if you are one such lady then no one can stop you from stealing the show.

So in your next salon session get a vibrant shade of purple on your silvery toned hair. You can either get the purple hue around the roots, keeping the rest of the hair as silver, or color the roots with ice silver pigment and the ends with purple color. It looks good in both ways. 

No doubt that Silver purple hair is definitely a great pick in 2022. One thing we promise is that your mermaid silver purple hair would fetch you a lot of compliments.

Purple and Black Hair

Purple Black Hair

Looking for something different but do not want to expose your tresses to too many harsh chemicals? Well in that case you can try getting a single tone purple hair color on your naturally black hair. It looks the best when the hair towards the roots is kept black while the hair ends are colored in the shade of purple. 

While working on dark black hair, you have to choose an intense shade of purple to make it look visible on the color black. Pick a dark vibrant shade in such a case and we promise that you would love your look.

If you have the courage then you can also try half black half purple hairstyle in which one side is dyed Purple while the other is kept simple black.

Red and Purple Hair

Red Purple Hair

Red and Purple both are vibrant colors so if you are one such personality who can pull off this high-spirited look then you should definitely try this once in your life. This reddish-purple hair would definitely bring you lots of compliments.

Be it super straight tresses and dreamy waves, this hair color combination suits both. This is a very balanced combination as red is considered a warm color whereas purple is a cool color. So it’s a perfect mix. Those who have a dark skin tone would rock with this beautiful Red Purple hair hue combination.

Purple and Green Hair

Purple Green Hair

Want that beautiful peacock feeling? Then nothing can be better than a Purple and Green hair color combination. There are different shades available of both green and purple. Make sure you make the correct combination to create the best look. 

This look is being loved by women all around the globe and why not! No one can help to stare at the beauty of the purple and green color combination. You can choose either color towards the roots and the other towards the ends. It is a perfect live wire look for your undaunted personality. Those with medium to long tresses can rock with green and purple hair.

Orange and Purple Hair

Orange Purple Hair

A Purple and Orange hair color combination is the most vibrant thing that you can try this year. It catches instant attraction.

For that sunset effect, the hair must be bleached with an Orange color followed by the purple dye. One thing which you should know here is that not all shades of purple work with the shades of orange. So getting the right combination is the most important part. Therefore you should keep this work to an expert and should not be trying it at home so that you do not end up regretting and damaging your hair.

Purple Highlights on Brown Hair

Purple Highlights Brown Hair

Whenever in doubt, highlights can always be your savior. Without having to color all the tresses, hair highlights have the capacity to make a big difference in your appearance. A few purple streaks in brown hair would look very good.

If you have naturally brown hair then purple hair highlights will look good on it. From pastel to bright, you can choose any shade of purple. If you are choosing a light shade of purple then first you may have to undergo bleaching treatment on your brown hair. 

Ombre Purple Hair

Ombre Purple Hair

Ombre basically means color grading of hair. Your hair graduates from the darkest to the lightest shade of that color. The darkest color is at the roots and the most highlighted part is visible at the ends.

This low-maintenance hairstyle has got immensely popular in the last few years. Women of every age are loving it and why not! The style is beautiful indeed. 

If you are choosing the purple color for your tresses then you can try them in ombre style. 

Brown Purple Ombre Hair

Brown Purple Ombre Hair

As said earlier, brown makes one great combination with purple and the magic gets doubled when one tries Purple Ombre on brown hair. 

It looks just majestic whether you keep your hair loose or tied in a pony. Women with wavy to curly hair textures must try this hair color style.

Lavender Purple Ombre Hair

Lavender Purple Ombre Hair

Ombre is the most loved hair color trend of this decade and when it comes to dealing with the color lavender, you can not resist the beauty of lavender purple Ombre. It is indeed a dreamy look. 

If your hair has a Layered haircut then this hair color type would suit it the best. Try it once and you would want to get it in your every salon session.

Purple Burgundy Hair

Purple Burgundy Hair

Burgundy is one such shade that suits most of the complexion. Therefore in a state of confusion, you can always rely on this hair color. 

Mixing purple with the burgundy color gives an amazing twist to this basic shade. The best thing about such dark hair color is that you do not have to bleach your hair to get the best pigment. Also, this hair color is achievable at home as well by using basic hair coloring tools.

Purple Grey Hair

Purple Grey Hair

One need not be old to have grey hair. Nowadays, the younger generation is embracing this color shade because of the uniqueness it provides. 

A simple grey hairstyle may look monotonous, so to give it a good twist you must try the shade of purple on grey hair. Once done, you get a very cool and smokey look. 

Purple Under Hair

Purple Under Hair

‘Under hair’ is a color technique of great utility for those women who can not flaunt colored hair for various reasons. With the under hair color style you can keep your colored hair hidden underneath your normal hair until you yourself want to showcase them.

Women around the globe are loving this black hair with purple underneath style and why not! The style provides absolute liberty about its showcasing. Also, you can decide how much part of your hair has to be colored so this style can be your pick if you have certain restrictions about hair color treatment. Next time try blonde hair with purple underneath and we assure you that you would love yourself.

Smokey Purple Hair

Smokey Purple Hair

Want to keep the style minimal yet trendy? Then try smokey hair color. Purple looks beautiful with such smokey hot hair. Pick any shades of pastel purple and see the magic by yourself. With slight wavy hair, these ash purple hair look so beautiful.

Smokey hair color is somewhat similar to gray hair but unlike the latter, smokey hair color has a tint of yellow as well. This looks best on naturally blond hair. These hair are also called Lilac hair. 

Pink Purple Blue Hair

Pink Purple Blue Hair

Craving for that unicorn look? Try this Pink Purple Blue hair color. It makes you look the trendiest among the lot. You can keep the sequence of the three colors according to your choice. If you like a warm tone towards the end of the hair then keep the pink color at the end and if you like a cool tone then keep the color blue there. In most cases, purple is kept in the middle. 

If you have a good hair length and ample enthusiasm about hair color then you should definitely try this color combination.

Purple Streaks in Hair

Purple Streaks Hair

We understand that purple may be a bold color for many of you out there. So it is normal to feel a bit hesitant towards coloring all your hair purple in one go. But what to do when at the same time you want to look stylish? Well in that case a few hairstreaks colored in purple color can be a really good idea for you. 

In this way, you would not only maintain a sober look but make yourself counted under the trendy women. The number of hairstreaks that are to be colored can vary according to your choice. 

If you are looking for something really basic then you can try the two front strands of hair dyed in purple color. This is a very simple yet stylish look.

Purple and Teal Hair

Purple Teal Hair

If you are one of those women who are fans of trying new and different things on hair then Purple and Teal hair can be your next pick. Teal is the color that one achieves after mixing blue and yellow pigment. 

This is one such hair color that has the power to break stereotypes and make you a fashion pioneer. People remember you because of your hair color and what can be more beautiful than this!

Hair Highlights

Not feeling like having all your tresses colored? You can try going for hair highlights. It is a great way of raising your style quotient without having to put much. 

You can try combinations of purple with different colors. We are sharing some of the most popular hair highlight options with you.

Dark Purple Hair With Silver Highlights

Dark Purple Hair Silver Highlights

So you want some more twists even after coloring your hair purple! Well, in that case, you can try the silver hair highlights.

The whole style looks like melted snow which is so soothing and beautiful. This is a perfect hair color style for women of light complexion. The style definitely has the potential of redefining your personality.

Dark Brown Hair With Purple Highlights

Dark Brown Hair Purple Highlights

Brown is a classy color so if you have got tresses whose natural color is brown it is understandable to not feel like making much change into it. However, in order to keep your style game on, you can pick purple highlights for brown hair. 

It is the perfect way of maintaining a natural feel with the spice of adequate fashion. You have got a wide range of shades of purple to choose from so do not worry about the variety at all.

Black Hair With Purple Highlights

Black Hair Purple Highlights

No doubt that women with naturally black hair look beautiful however sometimes they may feel the requirement of adding more oomph to their personality and this may be done by purple highlights on black hair. Dark and vibrant purple look really great with black hair. 

You must try this hair color style if you have got bored with monotonous hair color and want some twist in your fashion game. We assure you that you will not regret the decision.

Purple Highlights In Blonde Hair

Purple Highlights Blonde Hair

Blonde and Purple is a hair combination that can never go wrong. Any shade of purple looks well with blonde so be it the pastel lilacs or dark indigo, you can pick any shade of purple while dealing with blonde hair.

If you are not looking for too much drama then the best thing is to go for purple highlights with your blond hair.

Purple Hair Extensions

Purple Hair Extension

For women who do not want to color their tresses at all but still want to enjoy that chic feeling, hair extension is a blessing for you. Choosing a vibrant color like Purple for the hair extensions would make you look ultra-fashionable in no time. 

Aftercare for Color-Treated Hair

Purple is one of those hair colors which fade quickly. So you must be careful while dealing with them. Use only those products which are suitable for color-treated hair. You must also be needed to visit the salon frequently to maintain the hue.

Here are some tips which can help you retain the color for a longer time.

Using Purple Shampoo

Purple Shampoo

We understand that getting the hair colored requires both time and money. Once you find the right shade for your hair, you would not like it if your purple tresses start to look brassy after a few days at home. To prevent such a situation, you have to take some extra care, and using purple shampoo is one such caring tip.

Purple shampoo is nothing but a shampoo with purple pigment. It is designed to be used on colored hair so that the pigment can be maintained for a longer time. 

Those with blonde hair may face the problem of brassy hair soon after their hair color treatment. Therefore we suggest using a purple shampoo once a week apart from your normal shampoo. Though remember, it can not replace your normal shampoo. You can find different shades in purple shampoos that can be picked according to your hair color. Blondes should go for lighter purple shampoo and if you have got dark shades of purple then pick a darker purple shampoo.

How Long To Leave The Purple Shampoo On Dry Hair?

Women who have recently dyed their tresses should leave the shampoo on their hair for 5-10 minutes. On the other hand, if your hair has faded to a large extent then we suggest you keep the shampoo for 15-20 minutes. In this way, your hair would absorb most of the color. A time of 30 minutes or more is suggestable for women who have really dark pigment on their hair.

Once you are done washing your hair, do not forget to use a hair conditioner. For your delight, you get the option of using a purple hair conditioner for more intensity in the results. Otherwise, a normal conditioner is also fine. 

One tip that we would like to give is to use dry shampoo. It would ensure minimal washing and we are not needed to tell that the lesser would be the washing the longer your hair pigment would stay.

Using A Purple Hair Mask

Take one step further in your hair care routine and use a purple hair mask for maintaining the luster and glossiness of your color-treated hair. It would enhance the already present pigment on it and make you look stylish for a longer time. 

You can apply the hair mask cream once or twice a month. You have to leave the hair mask for 15-30 minutes depending upon the pigment shade of your hair. Once done, rinse off and enjoy the beautiful shiny purple.

How To Get Purple Out Of Your Hair?

With time any color will start to go fade from the tresses and so is the case with purple hair color. The color may not look much desirable after it has faded to a large extent and it is obvious to feel like getting rid of it soon. 

To fasten the fading process, start washing your hair frequently that too with a normal shampoo and not the one that especially comes for color-treated hair. However, make sure that you still do not use a shampoo that has got harsh chemicals because it can damage your tresses.

If done in the right manner according to your hair texture and personality we can promise you that you would adore the purple hair dye on your head. Make sure that you take proper care and follow all the instructions of your hairstylist to retain the color for a long period.

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