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18 Incredible Rainbow Color Hairstyles

Hair plays a significant role in people’s appearances; therefore, changing one’s hairstyle can make one look entirely different. People often change their hairstyle or hair color to get a new look and get out of the monotonous appearance. Both are perilous jobs. If the stylist takes a wrong step or cuts a lousy streak, everything falls apart. Choosing the correct hair color for your personality and skin tone is essential. But luckily, stylists are also experimenting with ways to accommodate different shades of color to suit everyone. 

In the recent few years, many trends rocked the chart, but that one hair color trend that is still ruling the hearts is the rainbow hair color trend. Sometimes this hair color is also known as confetti hair. This trend is in cahoots among fashion influencers. A variety of colors make an assortment of attitudes and smartness. The rainbow hair color ideas bring forth a certain funkiness and sassiness. If you are thinking of trying out the rainbow trend, this article will surely help you get rid of your doubts; just stick through it until the end—rainbow hair ideas at the rainbow hair salon. Get rainbow hair extensions and rainbow hair clips at the store. 

Rainbow Pastel Hair Color

Rainbow Pastel Hair Color

Let’s start with a softer tone; coloring your hair in rainbow color is a big step in itself let’s make it easier by taking one step at a time. One might not still be doubtful. The pastel rainbow hair color is also a popular trend; it gives a soft girl vibe. People with light have hair have the best chance at it. But that doesn’t mean people will fail to emerge on darker hairs. People with darker hair need to bleach them before going for this pastel rainbow color. If this also feels less convincing, try out rainbow hair extensions first, then go for coloring and get rainbow hair long. 

Rainbow Oil-Slick Hair

Rainbow Oil-Slick Hair

If you have dark black hair, go for the rainbow oil slick. When light shines on oil, this kind of spectrum of colors is produced; going by that, the name rainbow slick was introduced. Some stylists even call it the dark rainbow. It’s pretty exquisite. This color is also more on the subtle side, so this is a good idea for beginners. 

Rainbow Roots

Rainbow Roots Hairstyle

Okay, this is for those who are not up to turning their entire hair into confetti or rainbow hair. They can dye their roots in rainbow colors, which is also a popular trend. This is especially recommended for blondes. This also requires regular visits to the salon to maintain the color in position, or else the natural color will get exposed. 

Holographic Hair

Holographic Hair Rainbow Hairstyle

It’s like a unicorn. Holographic hair is unique and pretty if you could pull it off. The shine is capable of blinding anybody in a room, and it will surely make heads turn. Make sure to do it at a reputable salon, or they could ruin the entire thing. It may not require multiple sittings with your stylist but a couple of hours. The shiny holographic rainbow hair looks very chic and ethereal. 

Rainbow Peek-a-boo

Rainbow Peek-a-boo Hairstyle

Again if coloring the entire hair feels a tad bit scary, then go for this option. Sometimes many workplaces frown upon bright hair colors, so it’s a safe option for them as well. In this method, the top part of the hair will retain its natural color, while the bottom part will have a vivid range of rainbow colors. So with the hair down, the color will be invisible, and when they want to flaunt the color, they can just make a ponytail or a half-bun. Rainbow hair colors to the rescue. Peekaboo rain hair and layered rainbow hair

Moonstone Rainbow Hair

Moonstone Rainbow Hair

When moved, the beautiful moonstone emits a rainbow of color; based on that concept, a Minneapolis stylist brought it to life. This color needs to be adequately maintained, so use a color-protecting shampoo and protectants before styling the hair. To keep it intact and proper, visit the salon at least four weeks after getting the color done. Long rainbow hair and galaxy short rainbow hair

Ombre Rainbow Hair

Ombre Rainbow Hairstyle

Ombre lipsticks took the fashion industry by storm, and so is this ombre rainbow hairstyle. This hair looks the best on a braided hairstyle. When the hair is braided, the gradient colors flourish one by one, making it aesthetically beautiful. 

Rainbow Tips

Rainbow Tips Hairstyle

Color the tips of the hair only; it can easily be styled and does not require too much planning behind it. It looks good on both loose or tied-up hairs. Again another method for those who are not confident enough to color their hair in vibrant colors from the roots to the tip. People with brown hair can try out rainbow hair clips to try out this look if they don’t want to go overboard. 

Prismatic Rainbow Fringe

Prismatic Rainbow Fringe Hairstyle

This is quite a standout style, and if anyone is up for it and is able to carry it with confidence, then they should go for it. For this, the entire hair needs to be black, and only the fringe portion has to be bleached and colored to get the desired effect at the rainbow hair salon. Also, opt for pixie rainbow hair

Rainbow Highlight

Rainbow Highlight Hairstyle

Like any other highlight, the rainbow hair highlights are also no different. Dye a small section of the hair, be it around the crown or elsewhere. This gives a sensual look, especially when the hair is tied up or in a braid; it gives the vibe of the peek-a-boo style but, at the same time, is quite different from it. Black and rainbow hair with rainbow hair clips. 

Neon Rainbow Hair

Neon Rainbow Hair

Talking about rainbow hair, then how come neon stays behind? Add that extra punk to your already wicked hair color for that overnight festival. Add UV dye to the regular dye to the ordinary one. This one is truly for the brave hearts. Pulling off a neon rainbow hair look is genuinely commendable. Changing the color of hair brings about changes in one’s personality, and with this neon hair, there will be a complete change in it.

Earthy Toned Rainbow Hair

Earthy Toned Rainbow Hair

This is well-suited for medium skin tones. A minimal amount of hair wash and the use of shampoo will keep the color in place for much longer. Try to use dry shampoo and heat protectants. Wear your confidence on your sleeves to rock this peepy color. It looks good with short curly hair. 

Eye Candy Rainbow

Eye Candy Rainbow Hairstyle

Another bolder choice of color is the eye candy rainbow hair color. It works best on long hair. The paint gets enough plane to come forth a create a beautiful visual. The colors that complement your skin tone the most make sure to have near you. Again, use a color-safe shampoo to maintain the shade for a much longer time. 

Rose and Lilac Rainbow

Rose and Lilac Rainbow Hairstyle

A form of the pastel rainbow hairstyle is this rose and lilac rainbow color. It is more on the cooler side; hence it looks better on people with cool undertones. One of the downsides of using pastel colors is that it gets washed away almost after six shampoos. So maintenance is the key to having this gorgeous look for the longest time. 

Unicorn or Mermaid Rainbow Hair

Unicorn or Mermaid Rainbow Hairstyle

One of the most popular trends of this rainbow hair works best on people with light brown or blonde hair. But that does not mean people with dark hair cannot get this beautiful trend done. Darker-haired people need a few sessions at the salon to get their naturally dark hair lightened. Professional hair stylists suggest washing hair in cold water and sulfate-free shampoos. Regular appointments at an interval of four to six weeks to the salon will keep the hairstyle perfect. 

Rainbow of The Ocean

Rainbow of The Ocean Hairstyle

Rainbow hair with the colors of the ocean is also topping the charts of trending styles. It looks heavenly on people with beach waves. Mermaid colors plus beach waves make an exotic pair. Rainbow-dyed hair.  Rainbow-haired barbie is the latest trend these days. 

Rainbow Underlights

Rainbow Underlights Hairstyle

The vivid rainbow color underneath the natural color of hair is another form of hidden rainbow style. The bright tones stay hidden under the natural brunette hair, creating a gradient style, very funky and cool. The stylist can also use his creativity to give it an artistic touch. Get rainbow hair extension for galaxy hidden rainbow hair

Ombre Rainbow Balayage

Ombre Rainbow Balayage Hairstyle

If someone loves their black hair and wants to try out the rainbow hair color trend, this is the best pick. The rainbow ombre balayage is strikingly beautiful, with the darkest color at the top and some of the most vibrant blooms at the bottom. It will surely turn some heads when one flaunts it out. Rainbow hair underneath and rainbow ombre hair. It is also clever because the root potion will remain the same when hair grows, hence no maintenance in that portion. To maintain the color for the longest time, wash it with normal water and try using a sulfate-free shampoo. 

Essential Tips and Tricks Before Taking That Giant Leap

It is no rocket science to find out that using several kinds of hair color products damages the hair, and makes it dry, frizzy, and dull. All these hair products take away its shine. There are ways that can be followed to keep the hair healthy and color ready. 

  • Firstly do a market survey because getting rainbow hair can go beyond one’s budget, so plan and talk with their stylist beforehand. 
  • Check out as many options as one can as to which will be best suited in terms of skin tone. 
  • People with darker hair need to get their hair lightened, and for that, they need multiple appointments at the salon before the actual D-Day. 
  • As mentioned earlier, coloring makes hair dry and dull. Investing in an excellent Moroccan oil or coconut oil will also suffice. 
  • The shampoo also plays a vital role in maintaining the hair color, and it is advised to use a sulfate-free shampoo for best results. 
  • Consider shampooing once a week to maintain the color for the longest time. 
  • Hair color takes away the moisture from hair so stay hydrated to provide the water from within. 
  • Protein hair masks give the extra nourishment they require because of all the nutrition stripped off them. 
  • Apply a small amount of vinegar diluted with water all throughout the length of the hair, and it helps maintain the ph balance of the hair and, therefore, keep it healthy. 
  • Investing in a good shampoo is a given, but one must also invest in a great conditioner as well. Using conditioner after shampoo is a must, and after applying hair colors, it becomes a necessity. 
  • Stay away from heating tools as much as possible, and they will ruin the hair to its last level. 
  • Another lifesaver product for people who colored their hair is a live-in conditioner. They provide extra protection to the hair apart from other products. 

People do get bored after a particular time and look for ways to change their appearance, the biggest and most obvious that comes to mind is hair. Even a mere haircut can lift the look, and getting the hair rainbow colored will definitely catch the eyeballs of everyone around. Be bold enough to make this confident choice and turn the world around. This will boost confidence, and create unpredictable opportunities or the courage to face them. Stay within the loop of the most trending fashion and stay in the top tier with rainbow hair. Color in the rainbow shades and feel lively and accessible like the wind. Rainbow is also the pride color, and there’s a reason for that. Before anything, research is fundamental, do a thorough check before getting the hair done. Because when a hair color does not turn out the right way, it just adds to the already existing disappointments of life, and it’s pretty challenging to get out of it.

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