Simple Guidance For You In Hair Colour

Be it hiding your grey hair or adding oomph to your present style, getting your hair pigmented is the best thing you can do. It can transform your look without taking a lot of investment from your side. All you have to do is to research a bit before heading to the salon directly. In this article, you would get to know a lot about hair dye and pigments.

What Is Semi-Permanent Hair Colour?

When you look towards hair colouring, you would not only find a large number of colouring options, you would also get options in the type of the colouring dye.

Yes, you read it right. Nowadays there are temporary hair coloring options available for those who do not want a committed relationship with hue and pigment. If you want to try hair color on an experimental basis then getting semi-permanent hair color is the most ideal for you.

It does not last for a long time. You would get your natural hair back after 12-14 washes only. If you liked the hue then there would always be the option of getting it done for a long time.

Women looking for a fun hair makeover by trying poppy and vibrant colors like electric blue, bleeding red, purple would love the concept of semi-permanent hair.

What Is Demi-Permanent Hair Colour?

This is the middle option which lies between Permanent and Semi-permanent hair dye. In other words, it would last you longer than semi-permanent hair colour but not as long as the permanent colour. To be more precise, it lasts you for about 25 shampoos.

Unlike semi-permanent hair dye, this dye comes with a developer which helps the hue in your hair to last for a long time. However, it does not contain ammonia like the permanent hair dye thus your hair does not have to undergo any harsh treatment.

Those who are always excited about trying new colours on hair while making sure lesser damage to the hair should go for demi-permanent colour. It would be more like a makeover every month.

How Long Does Semi-Permanent Hair Colour Last?

As already mentioned, demi-permanent color lasts for about 24-26 hair wash. Though the duration varies from woman to woman. Some women like washing their hair every day. In that case, the color of your hair would last for 4 weeks. On the other hand, if you prefer hair wash every third day then you can enjoy your demi-permanent hue for at least 8 weeks.

The texture of one’s hair plays an important role here. If your hair demands a wash every day then you can do nothing about it. You would have to settle for a shorter duration.

What Are Lowlights In Hair Colour?

Women who do not want a complete makeover through the color of their tresses but still want to add a flavour of style to their hair always prefer highlights or lowlights.

No doubt highlights are more popular than the later one, but lowlight style is also making its successful way towards mass acceptability.

While highlights means hair color which is lighter than the base color of your hair, lowlights mean darker shade than the original color of your tresses.

If you have a hair color that resembles blond, walnut or apricot then lowlights is the style for you. You can add a significant dimension to your overall appearance with this simple hair color technique.

How Often Should You Colour Your Hair?

Loads of synthesizers and chemicals are used in making hair color products. So no doubt it can make your hair brittle, rough and more prone to damage. Therefore it is an obvious question that how frequent one can be while getting the hair color.

Well, it largely depends upon your hair type and growth. The hair of a normal person grows about half an inch in a month. With that average, it is suggested to go for color treatment in 6-8 weeks.

However, if you have hair growth that is faster than usual and you want your hair to always remain coloured then you can colour them every third or fourth week. Though you should know the fact that frequent colouring can lead to serious hair damage. So if you are undergoing hair color treatment every month, make sure that the products used are of extremely good quality.

When To Wash Hair Before Colour or Highlights?

Coloring treatment is done on clean hair and also you would not be allowed to wash your hair for the next 24-36 hours after the coloring session is done. So you may think about when exactly to wash the hair before the color treatment.

Well, ideally they must be washed before 12-24 hours. Hair dye should not be used on immediately washed hair because at that time the hair is already deprived of natural oil and exposing them to chemicals then would not be wise. A 12-24 hours window should be there so that your scalp can form some natural oil and hair does not remain too dry.

How To Lighten Too Dark Hair Colour?

Sometimes you may not like the final outcome after a long hair color session. Due to different reasons, the hair color may look darker than expected and you may not like it.

If the darker color is due to a recent color treatment then frequent hair wash is the best solution for you. This technique is known as ‘bleeding the color’. For this purpose, use a general shampoo and not those specific ones which are recommended for colored hair. Wash your hair daily or every alternate day to lighten the hair color as soon as possible. Also, apply the moisturising mask onto it to fasten the process. This is the only harmless way of getting rid of ‘excess’ color on your hair. You would notice the results in a few days only.

You may think of going another hair color treatment to make your hair color look lighter but this is not advisable at all. It is no hidden fact that in one hair color session, a significant amount of chemicals is used so exposing the hair again to such chemicals in a short interval of time can cause irreparable loss to them. Therefore wait for at least a month before your next session to the salon.

How To Tone Down Hair Colour That Is Too Light?

You can find the solution to this problem by making a single visit to the salon but as said earlier, it is good to wait for 4-6 weeks before undergoing another chemical treatment. So till then, you can try some home remedies.

The lighter color is the result of bleaching treatment so you can try washing the hair every second day and you would notice significant changes after 5-6 washes. Use a clarifying shampoo for this purpose as it would wash out the dye pigment sooner.

What Hair Colour Looks Good On Dark Skin?

Dark skin is nothing but different shades of brown and you have an ample number of options available for hair color if you are the owner of one such shade.

You can find magical changes in your overall appearance if you get successful in choosing the right hair colour according to your skin shade. The colour of your eyes plays a significant role here.

Generally, women with dark skin have black, brown, walnut, apricot colored hair. So if you do not want to use too much bleach on your hair then choose the color which is one of the shades of your natural hair color. Copper, Caramel brown, Ombre Brown, Honey, Auburn, Red, Violet are some of the most popular options.

If your enthusiasm level is much higher about the pigment of your tresses then there are more options for you. You must have seen Beyonce’s ashy blond hair and there is no need of mentioning that she looks divine in them. Try going blond if you want to add a broader dimension to your present look. Icy blonde, Warm blonde or plain blond, choose whatever you like and see the magic.

How Long Does Temporary Hair Colour Last?

Temporary hair color gives the liberty of trying some experimental colors because their pigment lasts for a short period. So even if you do not like the outcome, you do not have to carry the hue on your tresses for a long period.

Temporary hair color includes both demi-permanent and semi-permanent hair color. While the former will last for 25-28 washes, the semi-permanent color would last for 12-14 washes. You can get one or two weeks extra if you take care of a few points like not washing the hair frequently, using color protectant shampoo and avoiding taking baths in swimming pools as the water in the pool contains chlorine that would strip off the pigment in your hair much sooner.

How To Make Hair Colour Last Longer?

When you head out of the salon, avoid taking a direct shower on your hair for at least 24 hours. Let the pigment settle into your hair so that it does not get washed away easily.

As you have got that desired colour on your tresses, now it is time to take care of a few points so that it lasts for a longer time. Avoid washing your hair everyday as it would strip off the colour from your hair. Use hair care products that are specifically developed for coloured hair. Clarifying shampoos that contain harsh chemicals are a big No-No. Completing your hair washing session with some leave-in conditioner is suggestible.

The water which you use to wash your hair should not be too hot. Remember, cold water helps to retain the color for a longer time.

Also, do not make frequent use of hair styling tools such as flat irons, blow dryers which cause heat. Apply heat protectant whenever you use any such tool on your hair.

How To Get Your Hair Back To Its Natural Colour

After a significant duration of having had coloured hair, you may want to go back to your natural hair colour. Those with semi permanent hair colour should not be concerned as it would anyway not last for more than 12-14 washes. The main issue lies if you want to go back to natural hair colour from permanent colour treatment.

Well, the hair dye would get faded gradually with regular hair wash and exposure to sun and heat. At your end, you can have a monthly visit to a saloon to get the dried section of your hair cut away. After a few trimming sessions, you would notice that the natural color of your hair is in prominence.

Use hair care products that have got vitamin C as an active ingredient as it is quite effective in removing hair dye.

If you want instant results then the best way is to color your hair with its natural hue. Keep doing it until you achieve a significant growth that can hide the artificial color.

How To Remove Hair Colour From Clothes?

While using hair dye at home, you can stain your cloth. If it happens then do not get panic. It is very easy to remove hair dye pigment from fabric. Just start the stain removing procedure as soon as possible so that the stain does not get much time to set into the cloth.

First, soak the cloth in a strong detergent solution and then rub it with a brush. It is called the ‘pretreatment’ of the stain. Now prepare a solution of fabric bleach and commercial color remover solution in hot water and dip the cloth into it for about 15-20 minutes. Take it out and rub it again with a brush then wash it with water. In most cases, the stain would get removed.

Getting a good hair dye is one of the best things you can do for your look. Once you get the pigment on your tresses, follow the major caring tips and you would notice that you have extended the life of your hair shade.

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