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The Answers To All Your Shoe Questions

Footwears are one of the most vital aspects of dressing and when it comes to shoes, things become more important. Choosing the right pair of shoes is essential because if you pick the wrong one then you will spoil your whole style.

In this article, we have tried giving you detailed information about shoes which would help you.

What Are Cross-training Shoes?

They are one of the most popular sports shoe types. Cross-training shoes can be called the hybrid of different athletic shoes. The main focus is given to heel cushioning and sole flexibility. As they are athletic shoes, they are designed for multi-directional movement. You can wear them to any sports activity, Zumba classes, gym, etc. They are the most ideal shoes for weight training. 

What Are Boat Shoes?

Ideally designed to be worn on the boats, at present, boat shoes are one of the coolest shoe types. They somewhere resemble loafers but provide a way stronger grip on a wet surface. Both men and women can wear them.

Boat shoes are generally made up of canvas or leather. They are highly comfortable and go well with various dresses whether be formal or casual. They are even accepted at the workplace. Boat shoes do not cover your foot completely therefore they are the ideal choice for summers.

How To Wash Shoes In The Washing Machine?

Athletic shoes are made up of using materials like nylon, polyester, and cotton therefore it is safe to wash them in a washing machine. 

Until and unless your shoes are too delicate and made up of material like leather or silk, you can wash them in the washing machine. Also, check the care instructions that came with shoes before you wash them for the first time in the washing machine/ dishwasher.

For this, first, remove the shoelace and insoles from the shoes. 

Remove the excess mud/dirt if any with the help of a soft brush. Wash your laces/insoles separately. 

Now put the shoes into a mesh bag and then inside the machine. Here it is advisable to put some old towels with them to maintain the required balance load of the washer. For washing, use a mild liquid detergent as they are way less harsh than the normal detergent powder. 

Select a slow/non-spim motion and let them get washed for 6-7 minutes. Once done, let them get airdry in normal sunlight. Using a dryer is not recommended for this purpose as the heat may damage the shoes. 

Once dried completely, place the insoles inside it and tie the laces again.

How To Clean Canvas Shoes?

As stated above, one can easily wash his canvas shoes in a washing machine. If you do not have one then also you can wash them manually with a brush and liquid detergent. 

Using liquid detergent is advisable because the powdered one is a bit harsh and may get stuck inside the shoes’ fine design. Now make a solution of water and liquid detergent and submerge the shoes inside it for a few minutes. With the help of a soft brush or your old toothbrush may be, rub it gently to remove the dirt. Take out the insoles and rub them as well. When you are satisfied with the cleaning, wash them with normal water and let them air dry. 

How To Clean Velvet Shoes?

Velvet is a delicate material and you can not regularly clean velvet shoes. They need gentle handling otherwise they would get damaged too soon. 

The first rule about velvet shoes is not to wear them during rainy or snowy weather. Despite your care, if they get stained then first let the stain/mud get dried completely. Do not try removing the stain when it is still wet as it may leave a permanent mark on the velvet. Once dry, start removing the dirt with the help of a brush. With a wet cloth, wipe it to remove the fine dust particles. 

Using a protective spray on them is a good option to ensure the least dirt. Apply it every time you set out in your favorite pair of velvet shoes. 

How To Clean Insoles?

Insoles of shoes need more frequent cleaning than the shoes themselves as dirty and moist insoles deteriorate the quality of shoes and at the same time cause bad odor.

To clean them, first, take out the insoles from the shoes. Prepare a solution of liquid detergent with water and dip the insoles into it. With the help of a soft cloth or brush, clean them and give the final wash with cold water. Let them air dry under the sun.

How To Polish Shoes?

First, pick a good shoe polish. It is available in cream, wax, and liquid form so choose one according to your convenience. Try picking a neutral polish as it goes with maximum shoe colors.

Apply the polish on the shoe with the help of a brush or old cloth. For shoe polishing, horsehair brushes are the most popular choice. With a gentle hand, apply the polish all over the shoes. You can apply an additional layer if you want but let the former layer get dried first.

Now brush off the excess polish to get an even finish. Once done, your shoes are ready to be worn in.

How To Soften The Back Of New Shoes?

Softening Back Of Shoe

No doubt brand new shoes are a great add-on to your style, but in starting they can be hard to wear. For shoes to be comfortable, they are needed to be worn in for some time. Here are some quick fixes useful when the back of your new shoes is biting. 

You must wear a thick pair of socks with new shoes. There are customised insoles available in the market which are great to get safety from shoe bites while at the same time, the insoles help in correcting the overall posture of the body as well.

You can also try shoe stretch spray if you have leather shoes. The spray not only stretches the shoes in no time but also helps to maintain the shine of leather as it contains conditioning ingredients. 

The best way is to try wooden inserts. They may cost you high at once but are a permanent and effective solution for shoe stretch. They can be bought directly from a shoe store or can also be customized. 

How To Get Grass Stains Out Of Shoes?

It is normal to get grass stains on shoes, especially if they have light color. So how to get them removed? The best is to give them a quick wash. Prepare a solution of laundry detergent (2 tablespoons) with white vinegar(1 cup) and water (5 cups). Submerge the shoes into it and rub off the stains using a brush then rinse with cold water. The stains would be gone.

How To Dry Wet Shoes?

You should know the right way of drying the wet shoes or else you would unknowingly keep shortening the life of your shoes. 

Avoid using the dryer for this purpose as the heat will cause gradual damage to the material used. Air drying is the best and the most convenient option. Once you are done washing the shoes, stuff some old rags or paper towels inside the shoes to ensure they do not lose their usual shape. Now place them on a cardboard/paper in natural sunlight. It may take 2-3 days to completely dry the shoes. 

You must dry the shoelace and insoles separately to make sure proper drying. When you notice no moisture remaining inside the shoes, put the insoles and laces back into the shoes.

What Shoes To Wear With Leggings?

Leggings are the most versatile bottom option. One can wear them during any casual outing, any sports activity, at the gym, or even while driving. 

Many people wear slippers with them to keep the overall look casual but by wearing shoes, you can make your appearance a bit stylish. Lace-up sneakers look the best with leggings. With it, a fitted crop top will take your appearance to a whole new level.

You can also pick a decent pair of loafers if you have worn leggings at your workplace. 

If you are looking for comfort also then slip-on shoes are the right choice for you. 

What Shoes To Wear With Flare Jeans?

The wide-legged bottoms popularly known as flare jeans or bell-bottoms are back in trend and people are embracing the fashion happily.

Now you may wonder what shoes to wear with flare jeans. Sneakers look super cool with the broad-legged jeans. You can opt for a sporty look. 

You can also try mid-calf or ankle-length boots with flare jeans for a classic appearance. Ballet and Loafers are ideal when you are wearing straight-fit or flare jeans to the office. 

How To Pack Shoes For Moving?

When you plan to move with one or two pairs of shoes it is best to pack them in a  box. This will make sure no physical damage to the shoes and at the same time, proves to be convenient for you while unpacking. For better protection, fill the gap inside the box with crumpled paper and secure the box with tape. 

If there are several pairs of shoes then carrying a box for each is not feasible. In that case, use packing paper instead. Wrap a single piece in one piece of paper and place it carefully inside the bag. 

Also, if you have worn a pair of shoes recently, make sure no moisture is left inside before packing it. 

How To Remove The Smell From Shoes Instantly?

Show smell goes away completely if you wash them but sometimes it is not possible to do that. Plus, frequent washing is not advisable also as it damages the quality of the shoes. So what to do then if you want to get rid of the smell? Well, here is an easy hack.

Put a generous amount of baking soda in a cotton cloth/socks and place it inside the shoes for a night. The baking soda will absorb the bad odor.

It is good to keep changing the insoles of the shoes as the moisture accumulated in them may become the reason for frequent bad odor. 

You can also try using odor removing sprays available in the market. They give quick and effective results. Also, they are suitable for almost all shoe materials. Therefore you can give them a try.

What shoes to wear to an interview?

Whichever shoes you pick, they should have closed-toe. Both round and square toe shoes would be suitable. Wear solid and dark colors like black, navy blue, and brown. 

Formal leather shoes are the best choice for an interview. You can also try loafers or even ankle-length boots if it is the season of winter. 

For women candidates, if you are planning to wear shoes with heels then make sure it is not more than 2-3 inches. Make sure they do not make sounds while walking as it creates a bad impression. 

Sneakers, Cross trainer shoes are a big no-no when you are to appear for an interview. Also, do not choose poppy colors like neon green, electric blue, bright red, etc. 

The last important tip is to make sure the shoes are properly cleaned and well-polished. 

What To Do With Old Shoes?

Old Shoes

You may get bored with a pair of shoes after a certain time. In that case, if the shoes are still in wearable condition then you can donate them to someone needy. You can also try DIY hacks with shoes. The internet is full of various such hacks and with them, you can explore the creative side of your personality.

If they have become too worn out, it is better to give them to any recycling unit.

For your shoes to last for a long time, it is important to buy good quality shoes and take good care of them. Invest in shoes, they would surely give you good results by enhancing your overall style and appearance. 

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