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The Ultimate Boyfriend Jeans Style Guide

Since the first true blue jeans were made in 1873, the “boyfriend” style has been widespread. As denim has been a fashion mainstay for as long as it has existed, it has consistently evolved from its initial design, culminating in today’s jeans’ “boyfriend” fit.

When she was on the set of Misfits, Marilyn Monroe started the boyfriend jeans trend. As a counterpoint to her often girly outfits, she wore baggy jeans to give herself a more manly appearance.

When Katie Holmes wore Tom Cruise’s jeans to her first New York City walk-through, it was in the mid-2000s! It was a dramatic departure from the fashionable skinny-jeans style for her diminutive physique, creating a sloppy and baggy image. Boyfriend jeans quickly returned, and celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Reese Witherspoon wore them.

What are boyfriend jeans?

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are the antithesis of straight-leg denim skinny jeans. Known as “comfort jeans,” they’re a kind of loose, easy-to-crop jeans that look great with sneakers and a hoodie. Instead of being tapered at the hem, this style’s leg openings are wide and straight. The rise in fitting boyfriend jeans is typically lower as well. 

How to Style Boyfriend Jeans?

Styling Boyfriend Jeans

A pair of boyfriend jeans is a trendy and versatile alternative to mom jeans. Typically, a classic shirt and pumps are worn with boyfriend jeans conventionally. High heels and a baggy, casual outfit give a polished “cool girl” image.

If you’re trying for a casual, model-off-duty style, slim-leg boyfriend jeans and a white shoe go great together.

That’s all there is to it! Hope this information helps you distinguish between boyfriend jeans and mom jeans, and most importantly, have fun with your particular style!!

How to wear boyfriend jeans?

Wearing Boyfriend Jeans

Let’s begin with some essential suggestions on how to wear boyfriend jeans, what to wear them with, and where to find them.

  • High-waisted and mid-rise styles are both appropriate. 
  • It’s OK to wear them loose, but don’t go overboard. 
  • Distressed denim is an excellent match for boyfriend jeans. See the latest ripped and distressed fashions.

How Should Boyfriend Jeans Fit?

Boyfriend Jeans Fitting

Slouched and casual, the Boyfriend jeans are made to be worn. That being said, this doesn’t imply you have to wear your boyfriend’s jeans oversized all the time. Slimmer and tapered versions of the boyfriend fit are being made; they’re still loose and sloppy, but they’ve been slimmed down.

The loose fit is flattering to many body shapes and sizes. Because of the latest boyfriend jeans, ladies can choose how saggy they fit and wear the jeans fall.

Choose slimmer and more structured boyfriend jeans to enhance your body if you enjoy fitted and tailored apparel. Choose a baggier cut if you’re going for an authentic look.

As a wardrobe staple, Boyfriend jeans are a must-have. It’s more relaxed than thin jeans, yet it’s just as stylish. With its loose and comfy cut, the boyfriend jean is a go-to piece for effortless chic with a dash of boyish charm.

What to Wear with Boyfriend Jeans?

Boyfriend Jeans Style

Everything is up to you based on the aesthetic you’re going for. If you’re going for a more casual look, you may wear this denim with tees, comfortable sweatshirts, cropped tops, short cardigans, flared tops, etc. Complete these basic outfits with sporty footwear, such as sneakers, trainers, Converse, high-top kicks, and any other type you want. The same boyfriend jeans take on a cool-girl vibe when worn with a crisp white shirt, an oversized denim jacket, and fashionable chunky sneakers.

In general, they are suitable for both slim and curvy women. 

  • If you want to look professional at the office, opt for a pair of blue jeans with no tiers or rips in the fabric.
  • If you’re a tiny woman, opt for narrower boyfriend jeans to avoid looking even shorter; if you like, you can wear high heels.
  • If you don’t want to look like a male, wear a feminine top and heels instead.
  • Additionally, you can spruce up your appearance by accessorizing with eye-catching jewelry;
  • Keep an eye out for fashionable accessories, such as a handbag or eyeglasses;
  • Make your boyfriend’s jeans complete by adding a little belt, which will do the trick.

What shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans?

Shoes With Boyfriend Jeans

Any pair of shoes will do, but make sure that it goes well with your entire ensemble.

Why are they called boyfriend jeans?

Boyfriend Jeans In Style

In case, boyfriend jeans were designed for female wearers and will not be seen in the men’s section of the online store.

Women used to steal jeans from their partners’ closets, but that practice has faded away.

With this approach, a new era of women’s jeans based on the style of men’s jeans was born.

The meaning of “boyfriend jeans” was popularised by these makers. 

In other words, women have gone from borrowing their partners’ jeans to owning a pair.

How to wear boyfriend jeans over 50?

Boyfriend Jeans Over 50

Choose faded to medium vintage-blue washes for your boyfriend’s jeans. The hems of your jeans should be rolled up over your ankles. Do not forget to half-tuck in the top and wear a belt. As long as you don’t zip up the jacket, you can still achieve the illusion of slimming down by wearing a moto jacket (leave it unzipped). For more fun and dressed-up style, go with ladylike pumps.

For a laid-back look that still has an air of sophistication, try a pair of boyfriend jeans instead of your go-to skinny pair. Avoid looking like a flabby slacker by following these styling suggestions if you’re worried about wearing boyfriend-style clothes that are too baggy.

Are boyfriend jeans still in style?

Boyfriend Jeans Still Stylish

Boyfriend jeans are currently popular and are likely to remain so. Boyfriend jeans are an excellent choice for young women who want to seem fashionable. How to wear boyfriend jeans, the best places to shop for boyfriend jeans, and more will all be covered in this guide, so read on for all the details.

Are boyfriend jeans supposed to be baggy?

Baggy Boyfriend Jeans

A more relaxed fit and a worn-in appearance are the goals of boyfriend jeans. The line between slouchy and ultra-baggy pants that droop with each step is a narrow one to walk. Your boyfriend jeans should have a loose fit through the hips and legs, with a narrower hem for a more tailored look.

How to distress boyfriend jeans?

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Step 1: Try on the denim to get a sense of where you want the distressing to go. 

Step 2: You may use sandpaper to provide an extra worn effect as a last finishing touch. To minimize distress, you might forego this stage.

How to style boyfriend jeans with sneakers?

Boyfriend Jeans With Sneakers

The low old-school shoes paired perfectly with boyfriend jeans, the most excellent denim trend ever. She teamed her denim and sneakers with a leather moto jacket, white shirt, and a hoodie tied around her waist in a fashion-girl outfit that was both stylish and comfortable. This weekend, we’re going to dress like the boys and steal their clothes.

How to wear boyfriend jeans with boots?

Boyfriend Jeans With Boots

It’s pretty OK to flaunt a fashionable pair of ankle boots if you have the means. You may have to cuff your pants to prevent them from riding up. Don’t forget that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. By shooting some selfies, you’ll figure out which method is most effective for you.

How to wear boyfriend jeans with heels?

Boyfriend Jeans With Heels

The most typical way to wear boyfriend jeans is with heels, which give them a dressy, feminine, and playful appearance. Put on a pair of crazy animal print heels or simple black heels for a more casual appearance. Cuffed boyfriend jeans are the best way to show off your stilettos.

What is the difference between boyfriend jeans and mom jeans? 

Boyfriend Jeans Vs Mom Jeans

Because mom jeans are defined by their waist, whereas boyfriend jeans are distinguished by their fit, this is the most significant difference. Mom jeans have a higher inseam, while boyfriend jeans have a lower inseam. They can be worn at the mid- or lower waist. However, these jeans will not sit as low as your hips and are thus superior to low-rise jeans.

How to cuff boyfriend jeans?

Boyfriend Jeans Cuffed

The cuff should not be higher than the top of your shoes. This is the second cuffing rule: The cuff must match the fit of your jeans. In this case, loose-fit jeans can have more oversized cuffs, whereas slim and skinny-fit jeans should have more little cuffs.

How to make your boyfriend jeans?

Making Boyfriend Jeans
  • Get a pair of faded jeans. It’s common for me to purchase boyfriend or high-waisted shorts-style denim from a secondhand store. Goodwill sold me this pair of shoes. The Valdosta area also has fantastic secondhand shops, such as Repeat Boutique and Hope Thrift. A pair of baggy jeans is a good choice when looking for a new pair. It’s best to utilize a pair of vintage high-waisted jeans, such as “mom jeans.” However, you may purchase a pair of men’s jeans.
  • Using chalk or highlighter, tweezers, and scissors, you can distress your jeans to give them a worn-in effect, ideal for boyfriend jeans. Use a ruler to mark where the tears should go if you want the lines to be straighter. I’m more likely to wing it when it comes to drawing. Start by drawing a line where you want the rip to begin, then another line parallel to it, approximately an inch below it. If you prefer, you can do as little or as much distressing. More worn-in is preferable when it comes to boyfriend jeans. Avoid ripping the fabric too close to the crotch or where your underwear can be seen. Even while wearing the jeans and putting them on, it is possible to draw out where the holes should go.
  • The first step in distressing is to cut lines in the jeans after figuring out where the rips will go. Using scissors, cut along the lines you created. Do not cut through your denim pants; only the top layer should be harmed. Do this on every single one of the lines you drew.
  • The next stage is to tweeze off the vertical blue/denim strands of thread, which is the most detailed part of the process. The horizontal white threads in the jeans are the result of this procedure. Carefully separate the blue and white strands, taking care not to rip them. 
  • Remove all of the blue strands between the two cuts. The blue stands can be removed by tweezing, but if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. The rips you produced with scissors don’t need to be repaired; they will fade on their own with time. Tweezing gives it a more worn-out appearance, in my opinion.
  • Rolling the ends up a bit gives it a more adorable appearance. You can keep them folded up on a flat surface if you like.
  • Even after you’re done, it may look a little wonky. Aside from the fact that the jeans are excellent, they just don’t appear worn in enough. Last but not least, run your jeans through the washing machine and finish drying them in the dryer. A photo like this one will give you a complete look!
  • Jeans with a boyfriend fit can be worn with various tops and shoes, from heels to sneakers to blazers and tank tops. The first pair of boyfriend jeans you make should be a triumph!

How to style baggy boyfriend jeans?

Baggy Boyfriend Jeans Style

Style tips for baggy, boyfriend, and mom jeans + Wear a fitted or tucked-in shirt. An overabundance of material might appear chaotic and unattractive. Never be frightened to tuck. + My favorite way to wear jeans is to wear a bodysuit or even a large top tucked in.+ A white shirt and sneakers are a go-to for a smart casual outfit when in doubt.

Adding another layer of complexity. A white button-down shirt and jumper or sweatshirt are great options for those who don’t like tight tops or revealing their hips. This looks great with a pair of bootcut jeans or any other denim with less fabric. As a result, steer clear of a wide leg when preparing this dish.

Mom Jeans, Boyfriend Jeans, and Baggy Jeans can all be styled in numerous ways. How to wear mom jeans fashionably. Outfit for the spring in boyfriend jeans. 3rd outfit in a series of outfits

A guide to wearing Mom Jeans, Boyfriend Denim, and Baggy Denim: Style tips for wearing mom jeans. Outfit for the spring in boyfriend jeans. This is the fourth and final outfit in our Style Guide series.

How to wear boyfriend jeans over 40?

Boyfriend Jeans Over 40

The secret to wearing boyfriend jeans as you get older is to keep the denim looking as new as possible. Classic elements like a button-down, tweed jacket, and a block-heel flat are essential to complete the ensemble. H&M’s Boyfriend Low Ripped Jeans are $40. Low-rise boyfriend ripped jeans Amount: $ 40


Make the switch from wearing your boyfriend’s hoodie to women-specific jeans. This denim may be dressed up or down for any summer occasion. . You can wear these stylish yet casual bottoms no matter how you wish to dress them up or down.

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