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The Ultimate Guide On Perfume

We humans associate memories with fragrance and that is why perfumes have become so important. Floral, Woody, Citric, Oriental, Aqueous, and whatnot, there is a huge variety of perfumes available in different concentrations.

If you smell good, you feel more confident. A good perfume also has the capacity of enhancing your mood. In this article, you would find very detailed information about perfumes and answers to some of the most popular questions about fragrance.

Why Is Perfume So Expensive?

Expensive Perfume

At present, there is a large range of perfumes available in the market from normal to premium ones. If we talk about the cost, then the luxury perfumes cost high. Some of the premium perfumes even cost $3500 for 33oz. The reason lies in the rare ingredients used in them. Rare oils from delicate flowers, tree roots, deer musk are used in preparing luxury perfumes. Also, costly preservatives are used to enhance the shelf life of the perfume. The high cost incurred on the marketing of such perfumes can also not be ignored.

All these factors make certain perfumes expensive but Yes! They justify their high cost.

What Is the Difference Between Perfume and Cologne?

Perfume Vs Cologne

Both are scents but there is a difference in their concentration. While the Eau the perfume has around 15-20% perfume oil with an 80-85% alcohol base, cologne has only 3-5% perfume oil. With 15-20% concentration, you get a very potent fragrance that can last for a whole day. On the other hand, cologne perfumes last just for a few hours. 

What Is the Difference Between Eau De Toilette and Perfume?

Eau De Toilette Vs Perfume

The same difference lies between Eau De toilette and Eau De perfume. In the former, you would find the concentration of perfume oil ranging between 5-15%. It lasts for about 4-6 hours normally. These perfumes are suitable for those who like a very light scent. The most popular fragrances in the Eau da toilette variety are floral, citrus, and oceanic.

Most perfume brands have both varients so you need not worry about the availability of your favorite fragrance in a certain concentration.

How Long Does Perfume Last?

Perfume Strength

Lots of perfume bottles do not come with an expiration date written on them. So you may wonder how long it would last. Well, if unopened then the perfume can last for several years provided you store it at a proper place. 

However, if you have opened the bottle then it is better to finish it soon. The shelf life of a normal perfume ranges between 3 to 5 years. With regular use, the original scent gets diffused because every time you open the lid of the perfume bottle, some amount of oxygen would enter the bottle which would oxidise it. 

If you have homemade perfume then it would last you 1 to 2 months due to its all-natural ingredients and no preservatives added. 

How to Choose the Right Perfume for Your Body Chemistry?

Choosing Perfume

Your hormones, skin type, pH balance, body temperature, even the bacteria present on your body play a huge role in determining how a particular fragrance will work for you.

You may have noticed that even you liked a certain perfume at the store or on your friend but as soon as you reached home and applied it on yourself, the scent did not seem right. If it has happened with you then you have probably witnessed the vitality of body chemistry. 

So how to pick the right perfume according to your unique body chemistry? Well! There is a small test for it. First, spray the perfume in the air, if you like it then the next step is to apply it to your wrist. Now let your skin absorb it. After 20-25 minutes, check the fragrance on your wrist. If you still like the scent then the last step is to smell it again after one hour. Yes, it is a process this long but you have to do it if you want to pick just the right scent for you. So after an hour, if you liked the scent on your wrist then congratulations! You found the desired one. 

While shopping for a new perfume variant, always complete these steps and you won’t regret what we promise. 

How to Apply Rollerball Perfume?

Rollerball Perfume

Rollerballs are very convenient perfume types that you can apply like anytime. They are not highly scented therefore are suitable for sensitive nose types as well. Also, when you want to apply scent just on your plus points, rollerball perfume is the most accurate. 

Like any other perfume, rollerballs should also be applied a clean, moist skin. Now open the cap of the bottle, slightly tilt it and rub it at your targeted points. Once done, let the perfume dry.

The best spots to apply rollerball perfumes are underarms, collar bones, elbow, wrist, and inner knees. You can reapply during the day if you feel necessary.

How to Use Perfume Oil?

Perfume oils are the most concentrated form of scent. Therefore they last for a longer time as compared to the perfume sprays. If you love to have scent around you every time then perfume oils are the right choice for you. 

Use perfume oil on clean skin after applying moisturizer. Use an unscented moisturizer for this so that it does not affect the fragrance of the perfume oil. Let the moisturizer dry before you apply the perfume oil. 

There are some specific points to apply the perfume to ensure maximum scent. These points are the neck, inner elbow, inner arms, and behind your ears. Apply a few drops of perfume oil around your knees as well for scented legs.

Avoid applying the perfume oil on clothes as it may leave them stained. 

How to Make Essential Oil Perfume Last Longer?

Perfume Longevity

Nowadays most perfumes contain harsh chemicals. If you find such synthesizers not suitable then using perfume oils is a good option. Unlike regular perfumes, they do not contain toxic ingredients. Essential oil perfumes are not only good for your body but also your mood. Some essential oil scents like orange, lemon, lavender can lift your mood.

Now some may feel that the essential oil perfume does not last for a long time. If you are one of them then keep reading. We are about to tell you the best way of making the essential oil perfume last longer. 

It is best to combine the essential oil with any carrier oil like coconut, olive, jojoba, etc as these carrier oils having fatty acid can penetrate deeply into the skin. So in this way, your perfume will last for a long time.

Also, apply the perfume to clear and moisturize skin. Let the skin absorb the moisturizer before you apply the perfume oil. 

How to Store Perfume?

Storing Perfume

For perfumes to be effective till the last drop, they must be stored properly. If not, you will notice your favorite perfume losing its old smell too soon. 

After every use, close the lid of the perfume bottle tightly. Failing to do so may result in your perfume getting oxidized and diffusing its original scent.

Also, store the bottle in a dark and dry place as the excessive sunlight and humidity are not good for perfumes. It may seem feasible but do not keep your perfume bottle in the bathroom. The best place to store your perfume is on the shelf of your dressing. 

To keep the perfume bottles, try finding a place that has a bit low temperature. It is advisable to always keep the perfume in its original container and not in any other fancy one.

If you follow these tips, you will see that your perfume has not lost its allure 

How to Get Perfume Smell Out of Clothes?

Washing Perfume

You must wash your clothes to remove the perfume smell from them. Better if you can use warm water but make sure the cloth is tolerant to it. To remove the scent completely, you must give the cloth a pre-soaking in any odor-fighting ingredient. You can find many such in your kitchen such as lemon, baking soda, vinegar, etc. Mix the ingredient in warm water in the ratio (100 ML: 1 L). 

Now soak the cloth in this solution for about 6-7 hours. You can keep it overnight also if the cloth is not delicate. After this, wash the cloth normally with laundry detergent. You can also mix half a tablespoon of baking soda with it. Once washed, rinse it with cold water. 

Instead of using the dryer, let the cloth air dry for better results. Once it gets dried, if you still notice the scent then you can repeat the process. 

How to Make Perfume Out of Flowers?

Flower Perfume

Natural is the most beautiful and the same goes for perfumes. Since ancient times, perfumes have been a part of different human civilizations around the globe but during that time, it was made using natural ingredients like flowers. 

It is relevant at present time also as some people prefer natural things to artificial ones or are simply allergic to synthetic chemicals used in perfumes. There is one good piece of news for such people. You can make fresh perfume from flowers at home. It would not only prove to be good for your health but your pockets also as a normal bottle of perfume comes for a decent amount. 

For making perfume at home, first, choose the flowers of your choice. You would need 1 1/2 cups of chopped flowers to prepare 2 cups of perfume. 

First, clean the flowers then put them in a cheesecloth. Now soak them overnight in 2 cups of distilled water. Keep the container covered to avoid any loss of perfume. 

Now the next morning, grabbing all four sides of the cloth, ensuring no leak, squeeze the soaked flowers on a saucepan. Once all the flower-scented water is exacted, put this saucepan on gas on a low flame. Keep stirring the liquid once it gets concentrated till 1 tablespoon. 

Once it cools down, pour the liquid into an airtight bottle. This perfume will last you for about a month and after it, you can again prepare it with different flowers maybe. 

How to Make Perfume With Essential Oils Without Alcohol?

No Alcohol Essential Oil Perfume

Generally, people make perfume by mixing essential oils in alcohol most popularly in vodka. However, some people are irritant to alcohol. For such people, you can prepare alcohol-free perfume at home by mixing the essential oil with carrier oils. The carrier oils like coconut, jojoba, olive are high in fatty acids thus your final product would not only provide you good fragrance but also an ample amount of nourishment to your skin. The ratio of essential oil to a carrier oil can be kept at 10 drops: 15 ml. You can use two or three types of essential oils in a single experiment to get a unique fragrance. For such DIYs, take the help of YouTube.

What to Do With Old Perfume Bottles?

Using Perfume Bottles

Perfumes nowadays come in really pretty bottles having pretty designs and it is hard to throw them away in the dustbin after they get emptied. It is normal if you feel like keeping them and using them for any other purpose. You can use your old perfume to store homemade perfumes. Also, they can be used as a flower vase, planter, candle holder, reed diffuser, etc. Show your creativity with these cute bottles.

If you do not want to do any of these things and still want to keep them then fill them up with colored water and proudly display them in your perfume collection. 

While purchasing a new perfume, check the content list and make sure you are not allergic to any of them. For example, some smells can trigger headaches for many people so it is best to be preventive about it otherwise you would end up wasting your money. Always buy a trial bottle of a certain perfume if using it for the first time. 

We hope that you found the information useful. For more such fashion articles, be associated!

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