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Top 34 Stunning Blue Hair Styles

The freedom of having a wide variety of hair hues as the standard may be incredibly freeing. When you’re dressed in an entertaining blue style, you’ll stand out in a crowd and earn praises everywhere you go. Whatever your age or present hair color, now is the time to dye your hair blue and take the leap of faith.

Look No Further These Blue Hairstyles for Inspiration.

Be More Experiential with Your Hair with These Imaginative Blue Hairstyles!

Blue can signify so many various things is one of its best qualities. From a dark navy to a bright pastel, any shade of blue can do. As long as you don’t mind showing off your blues, you can do both. If you’re a fan of the color blue, you’ll never grow tired of it. It’s almost impossible to go out these days and not notice someone with a vibrant shade of blue hair.

You’ll get a lot of compliments on your choice to color your hair blue, no matter what hue you choose. It used to be considered a sign of old age to have blue hair, but now even silver hair is fashionable. However, blue isn’t exclusive to the elderly or the young. Everyone may wear it. Blue no longer has an age restriction. 

Unique Fade Combo in a Stylish Blue

Unique Fade Combo in a Stylish Blue

The roots of this stunning blue color combination are a deep blue, which gradually fades to a darker blue. Blues fans will go crazy for this one because it is so fresh and different from anything else they’ve heard before. Several different shades of blue hair dye would be necessary, but the effort is well worth it.

Stunning Ombre Shades of Blue

Ombre Shades of Blue
Intricately Ombre Blue Shades

In this case, the hair isn’t entirely blue. In the beginning, it’s a darker brown color that gradually fades into a bright blue one. Amphibious patterns are trendy right now, and this particular ombre pattern is no exception. The black hair at the crown contrasts nicely with the blue at the ends, which is nearly ice blue.

Light to Medium Blue Mermaid Hair

Light to Medium Blue Mermaid Hair

The style of this hairdo is adorable. The hue of hair is a vibrant mermaid blue. It’s all the same color, but it’s an eye-catching and deep shade. With vibrantly colored hair, hair has a lovely volume to match. 

Long, Denim-colored Hair

Long Denim-colored Hair

In comparison, this shade of blue is much more subdued. It nearly has a denim aspect; it might be the color of your favorite pair of jeans, for example. It’s long and curly, and it’s pretty beautiful. This haircut appears to be simple, but it’s also a lot of fun. You can never go wrong with a hue of blue because there are so many to select from. Most importantly, they are all stunning.

The Long Blue Denim Style

Long Blue Denim Style
Denim in a Long Blue Denim Color

Another hair color that looks like denim. It would be challenging to make this hair dye, but it’s not impossible. In terms of fashion and entertainment, you can’t go wrong.

Short Dark Navy Hair

Short Dark Navy Hair
Short Dark Navy Hair

A little navy blue hair dye was needed for this one. In this case, you can tell it’s blue, but it’s a dark shade of color. In the sunlight, you’ll be able to truly see the blue in it, making it a stunning color. There’s nothing cuter than short hair, and this style is no exception.

Blue Green Shade of Mermaid Hair

The Blue-Green Color of Mermaid Hair

Another mermaid-inspired shade. It’s not as apparent as the previous one, but it’s better. This blue concoction appears to contain a small amount of green. As you can see, green hair looks fantastic with various blues, including this one. Hair turns from brown to a stunning shade of blue and green, giving the impression of the ocean; it appears as though it has darker roots.

Curly Light Blue Hair with Dark Roots

Curly Light Blue Hair with Dark Roots
Curly Light Blue Hair with Dark Roots

 It’s a lighter shade of ice blue. Hair dyes in pastel shades like blue can be a lot of fun, but they tend to wash out quickly. Hair appears to be a wash, dry, and go hairstyle.

Hair that is a Medium Blue Jeans Shade

Medium Blue Jeans Shade
Hair Colored Blue Jeans

What’s this? Is it a mashup of denim and baby blue?; it’s stunning. It’s a gorgeous color that fades from dark roots to a lighter skin tone. Hairstyles with beautiful curls complement her medium-length hair, darker blue hue. Different shades of blue, or a color that gradually turns blue, can be a lot of fun.

Subtle Blue Streaks in the Dark Hair

Subtle Blue Streaks in the Dark Hair
A dark head of hair with faint blue flecks

Make your hair appear blue without being overt. Hair is a stunning shade of blue. This shade of blue is primarily obscured, making it more of a personal secret that only a select few are privy to.

Fading into White Dark Blue Roots

Fading into White Dark Blue Roots
Roots of Dark Blue Fade to White

There are many ways to incorporate blue and blonde into your wardrobe. On the other hand, this hair has a blonde base and a blue crown. This hair is adorned with a stunning array of blue tones. Hair is long and colored in a baby blue shade of midnight blue. ‘

Pixie Cut In a Cool Dark Blue Shade

Pixie cut in a cool dark blue shade
Pixie Cut in a Dark Blue Hair Color

It’s a lot of fun to have short blue hair. Although it is a simple haircut, you can do a lot with it. This would necessitate blue hair dye for black hair because it is so dark. It’s a great cut that’s now quite popular. 

Blue-Toned Long Hair

Blue-Toned Long Hair

Here is a hair color that begins as “normal” hair color and gradually changes to a darker shade of blue. It’s a darker shade of blue, making it a little more subdued. The darker the blue, the more subtle it is, even if it is still a beautiful and unusual hair color.

A Gradual Transition from Dark to Light Blue

Dark to Light Blue
Light Blue gradually replaced Dark Blue

This dark blue hairdo gradually fades into a lighter shade of blue toward the center of the hair. To achieve the desired look, you’ll need first to dye your hair a dark blue and then a lighter shade of blue. This ombre is one of a kind and looks great. The top is softer than the bottom, creating a striking contrast with an adorable haircut.

Dark to Medium Blue Unicorn Hair

Dark to Medium Blue Unicorn Hair
Dark to medium blue manes of unicorns

Take your pick from these two magical hair hues: mermaid or unicorn. Even if you don’t like the color, it’s still a delightful teal shade that conjures fantasy images. This is a striking shade of blue that you should wear with pride and self-assurance. 

Light Blue Colored Blue with a Silvery Sheen

Light Blue Colored Blue with a Silvery Sheen
Silvery Blue Pale Blue

This is a very delicate shade of pastel blue hair. Crystal blue hair almost gives the impression that she is grey or silvery. You can wear it in the winter and the summer, and it’s a pleasant color to wear at any time of year. It’s also a short hairstyle, which means it’s not only adorable but also easy to maintain.

Light and Dark Blue Combination

Light and Dark Blue Combination
Light and Dark Blue Combo

One of my favorite shades of blue with an attractive tinge of almost-greenish hue. The majority of this style appears to have a greenish tint blended with a baby blue tone. 

A blue-toned Light Grey

Blue-toned light grey
Gray That’s Almost Blue

A considerably paler shade of brown, this hair color is practically grey in appearance. A lot of bleaching is required to achieve this shade of blonde. A lovely hue that gives the impression of old denim.

Gray Hair Turns Blue in 20 Years!

Gray Hair Turns Blue
Gray Hair Becomes Blue as it fades

This is a highly unusual hairdo. At the top of the hair, a dark grey tone gradually fades to a blue hue. This is an understated yet eye-catching option in terms of hair color inspiration. The blue isn’t too dazzling, and the dark grey is subtle in its way.

The Blue In My Hair Has Faded To a Green

Faded to a Green Shade

Another mermaid hairdo is shown here. The green color fades into darker hair at the top of the head. It has a sea-inspired design, making it ideal for mermaids. The bottom of the hairdo requires a light blue hair color with a lot of green in it. 

Blue Hair with Brown Highlights

Blue Hair with Brown Highlights
Hair that Was Brown Turned Blue Over Time

There’s a gradual transition from brown to blue in this hairdo, starting with the top layer of hair. It’s a great look because it begins as “regular” and then transforms into a stunning piece of art because of its fantastic blue. As far as cute hair colors go, this is one of the best.

A Fading From Dark Blue To Light Blue

Fading from dark blue to light blue
Light Blue gradually replaced Dark Blue

This is a stunning haircut that will turn heads. It begins with dark blue hair and ends with a paler shade of the same color. It’s easy to see how the top and bottom look good together because they’re made of similar hues. If you’re searching for a fun approach to include a blue dye into your design, this could be a great option.

A Medium-Blue Shade of Denim

Medium-blue shade of denim
It’s a Denim Blue Mid Blue Style

Another color that resembles a favorite pair of jeans or a jean jacket has been added to the mix. Although it’s not a neon blue, this medium shade of blue is stunning and is sure to garner you plenty of admiration for your choice of hair color.

Pixie Cuts in a Darker Shade of Blue

Pixie Cuts in a Darker Shade of Blue
Pixie Cut in a Dark Blue to Medium Blue

Short blue hair can be styled in various ways while still being simple to achieve. The color is stunning, with a dark to medium blue base and darker highlights. Highlights of blue are a great way to spice up your hairstyle.

Moderately Pale Blue Color Scheme

Moderately Pale Blue Color Scheme
The shades of blue range from pale to medium

Light to medium blue, having a darker top and a lighter bottom. A wide range of beautiful hair colors can be paired with this shade and look fantastic.

A Medium-To-Dark Anime Blue

Medium-to-dark anime blue
Anime Blue Light to Medium Brightness

Every aspect of this image is reminiscent of anime. Even her adorable hairdo and the somewhat futuristic blue color look anime-relate. This shade of blue is more like a pastel. The lighter your hair, the better this option would be for you if you are looking for a hairstyle to try.

Long, Medium-Blue Hair

Long medium-blue hair
Hair Color for Long Hair: Medium Blue

Here’s another shade of medium blue that has a denim-like appearance. This is a hue you’re more likely to see on a cherished pair of jeans than on your hair, but that’s part of what makes it so distinctive. Although this isn’t a look that’s easy to pull off, it is a lot of fun and will draw attention to you.

This Shade of Denim Blue Is a Medium-Blue Shade

Medium-blue shade
A Denim Blue Shade of Blue

It’s a shade of blue that’s closer to grey. Contrast it with the other blue colors, and you’ll see that it has a denim aspect. This is a lovely and understated shade of blue that isn’t as striking as some of the other options, but it is still rather impressive and will necessitate blue hair dye.

White to Blue Fade Purple Blue Roots

White to Blue Fade Purple Blue Roots
White to Blue Fading from Purple Blue Roots

Platinum blond hair is paired with light teal hair in this other blonde and blue hairstyle. There’s even a little purple at the roots, making it more straightforward to keep up with your hair as it grows longer.

Relaxed Blue Style in a Light Color

Relaxed Blue Style in a Light Color
Cool Blue in Light Blue Style

This shade of baby blue is a lot of fun, and despite its brightness, it’s not overpowering. A lighter shade of blue will blend well with various blues, whether in your hair or on your clothes. While it’s a paler shade of blue, it still packs a punch in terms of vibrancy.

Color Blue Denim Style Laugh Denim

Color Blue Denim Style Laugh Denim
Denim in a funky blue colorway

This shade of blue has been given a purple tint. If you want to achieve this shade of blue, you’ll need to mix in a little purple hair dye to acquire the desired result. Because navy blue hair dye is a deeper shade of blue than most others, you may want to use it in conjunction with purple.

The Dark Blue Faded To Light Blue

Dark blue faded to light blue
Light Blue gradually replaced Dark Blue

The hue changes from a dark blue to a bright blue as it progresses. To achieve this look, black hair at the crown needs to be dyed blue, gradually fading to pale blue hair at the nape. An extremely dark color fades into a high light color, requiring an extremely subtle transition.

The Combination of Light Blue and Purple In This Color Scheme Is Stunning

Light blue and purple hair
Spectacular Purple with Light Blue

This is a lovely shade of light blue with a hint of purple. Teal hair color and a dash of pale purple would be necessary to achieve this appearance. Start with a light blue hair dye, and then add purple highlights as needed to achieve this style.

Blue with a Dark to Medium Shade

Blue with a Dark to Medium Shade
Medium to Dark Blue

This medium-dark blue manages to be both bold and vibrant simultaneously. When it comes to hair colors, it might be challenging to find ones that are both black and bright at the same time, but dark blue has that rare ability. To acquire the dark hair color you desire, as well as the brightness and boldness of blue hair color, combine both.


Get noticed in the crowd with these creative blue hairstyles. The color blue is a lot of fun, and anyone can participate. This is a trend that people of all ages may enjoy. There is a blue hairstyle for every hair length. Let your hair down and join the blue movement; it’s a great way to have some fun!

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