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11 Things You Need To Know About Sunglasses

A pair of Sunglasses is that one accessory that can lift your style quotient in no time. It is an accessory which both genders love equally. A good pair of sunglasses proves to be an amazing friend when we go out and want to save our eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Also when you have run out of accessory ideas to pair with your dress, sunglasses always come for your rescue.

If you do not wear prescription glasses then you must wear sunglasses whenever possible while going out.

What Sunglasses Are In style?

Gradient Sunglasses


The lenses of gradient sunglasses are in two shades. They are darker on the above part and lighter on the lower side. While the darker part limits the intensity of sun rays entering your eyes, the lighter part gives you the liberty to easily look through. Such lenses are best suited when you are driving, playing outdoor sports, or doing any activity in the sun.

So the next time you are heading on a beach vacation, carry a pair of gradient sunglasses. We promise that you would love your holidays a bit more.

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator Sunglasses

In these types of sunglasses, a metal frame of very lightweight is used with glasses of a larger size than usual. Initially, Pilots used to wear these oversized sunglasses while flying airplanes. This was to make sure that no matter how sunny it was outside, they could still see everything. Later, these glasses got popular among the common people as well and still top the list when we talk about the most favorite type of sunglasses in 2021.

The glasses in aviator are usually tinted, but you can also find the non-tinted ones. They are worn more like a piece of accessories during indoor events.

Nineties Sunglasses

Nineties Sunglasses

The vintage charm of the nineties is back with these beautiful sunglasses which were a hot sensation during the nineties’ decade. Men around the world are falling for these glasses and you must pick one to follow the trend. When you are to hit a fancy party or a gala event, try these glasses and become the center of attraction for everyone.

How Do Sunglasses Work?

The best thing you can do for your eyes while going out on a bright sunny day is to wear sunglasses. But have you ever wondered how these sunglasses protect our eyes?

Sunglasses act as a barrier between our eyes and the harmful UVA and UVB rays emitted by the sun. The lenses of sunglasses are made up of different materials like fiber, glass, polycarbonate, etc. These lenses are coated with a special chemical solution that blocks the UV radiation from reaching our eyes.

Nowadays we can find advanced sunglasses which have polarized lenses which provide better protection to eyes.

What To Look For When Buying Sunglasses?

It becomes challenging if you are purchasing sunglasses for the first time in your life. No doubt you would want to spend your valuable money on the right product.

Here we are providing you with some vital tips which would help you pick the right pair of sunglasses.

Choose Sunglasses As Big As You Can

You must have asked yourself so many times “What size sunglasses do I need?”. Well, the actual size of the sunglasses depends upon the size of your face but you should try to buy a pair of sunglasses which not only covers your eyes but most of the part of your cheeks as well. You can even buy an oversized pair of sunglasses to save your eyes from maximum sun rays.

Consider Your Face Shape

A sunglass is best suited when it gets complemented by the shape of your face. There are certain rules such as people with round glasses must avoid wearing round frames. Rectangular frames look better on this face shape. On the other hand, those who have squared faces must choose round or rimless frames.

Your Lifestyle

There are different types of lenses available in sunglasses that are to be chosen according to the lifestyle you have. If you are to spend most of your day outside in Sun then choose sunglasses that have polarized lenses. On the other hand, if you do not go outside very often and have less exposure to sun rays then choose normal UV rays protecting sunglasses.

How To Test If Sunglasses Have UV Protection?

One of the most important works of a pair of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. So it is important to ensure that it fulfills that purpose.

For this, you must buy sunglasses from authentic brands only. They come with stickers mentioning how much UV protection they provide. Glasses that provide 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays are the best pickup. Some glasses are also labeled as ‘UV 400 protection’. These sunglasses are also a good pick.

There is an instrument called a Photometer/ Spectrometer. You do not need to own it rather you can take your sunglasses to an eye care professional and get your shades tested for UV protection. It’s only a matter of a few minutes and you will get to know the effectiveness of your sunglasses against the UV rays.

You can also test them at home but for that, you need to have a UV flashlight. Flash this UV light on your credit/ debit card and you will see the security elements. Now take your sunglasses and flash the UV lights through them on the card. If the security elements are now invisible then congratulation your sunglasses are UV rays protected.

One thing worth mentioning here is that there is no relationship between the color of the lens and its capacity to protect your eyes from UV rays. Some people do think that dark-colored glasses provide better protection but there is nothing like that. The tint of the lenses is just to determine what kind of visible light will be blocked.

What Is The Difference Between Polarized and Nonpolarized Sunglasses?

The main difference is in the coating of the lenses used in them. Polarized sunglasses have a special chemical coating on them and are useful when you have to be out in the sun for a long time. This is because of the anti-blur and anti-haze properties of the lenses used in these sunglasses. They save your eyes from the horizontal light waves which are too bright for our eyes but let the soft vertical light waves pass through them. In this way, you get both vision and protection.

The lenses in non-polarized sunglasses are not that special. Well, that does not mean that non-polarized are plain useless. As they are tinted, they still protect you from the harmful UVA and UVB rays, dust particles, wind, etc. They also reduce the amount of light entering your eyes making them good enough to be worn on a normal day for a couple of hours. However, if you are driving in the sun, hiking, tracking, or doing any such adventure activity then Polarized sunglasses are the best choice.

Those with sensitive eyes should always wear polarized sunglasses. You may find them expensive while purchasing but believe us, it would prove to be a great investment for both your eyes and style.

How To Check If Sunglasses Are Polarized?

When you are at an optic store to purchase Polarized sunglasses, you can ask for polarization test cards. There are hidden images on these cards which are visible only when you wear authentic polarized sunglasses. However, if these test cards are not available at the store then you can test the polarity of the sunglasses by using one of the following methods.

Hold the sunglasses in your hand and try to see the sky through them. It is better if you do not look into the sun but plain sky. Now start rotating the sunglasses clockwise. If you see the sky getting darker or lighter with the movement, the lenses are polarized.

Another method will require a computer, laptop, or mobile phone which does not have a polarization filter. Now place the sunglasses in front of the screen of any of the ones mentioned above. Open any image on the screen and start rotating the glasses in front of it. If you notice the picture getting lighter or darker, the lenses are polarized.

It is always advisable to make a polarization test before making the purchase no matter how automatic the brand is.

How To Organize Sunglasses?

If kept with proper care, the sunglasses last for a really long time. In this order, it is important to organize them well. Jumbling all your sunglasses in a single drawer with no cover on would only result in scratches on the sunglasses. Also, it would be super messy and you may end up breaking any of them.

It is advisable to always put your sunglasses in a glass case that you get while making the purchase. If you have lost it then buy one from any optic store. In this way, you would not only save your sunglasses from getting scratched but from the small dust particles which can make their room anywhere.

Use glass cases of different colors to differentiate them while picking a certain pair of sunglasses for yourself. Keep these cases in a tray or drawer near your door so that you can grab one while going outside.

How To Clean Sunglasses?

We believe that you want to wear your favorite pair of sunglasses for as long as possible. For that, they have to be cleaned to prevent the lenses from scratches and maintain their luster. Before you start the process, make sure your own hands are clean and dirt-free as you may transfer them to the glasses.

Now in order to clean the sunglasses, first wash them with lukewarm tap water. Water that is too hot or too cold should be avoided because it can damage the coating of the sunglass lenses. Rinsing with water is an important step as it removes most of the dirt from the sunglasses.

Now use a dishwashing liquid that has a mild composition to clean the frame including the nose pads. You should be using only your fingers for this purpose. If you have got lenses that have an anti-reflective coating then use a lens cleaner. You will easily find one in the market or online.

Once cleaned, dry the lenses and frame with the help of a microfiber cloth. Avoid using any random cloth, paper towel, or napkin for this purpose as it may damage the lenses. You should clean your sunglasses every week if they are worn regularly.

How To Clean Polarized Sunglasses?

As you know that Polarized glasses are different lenses than those of the usual ones. Therefore, they should be given special care while being cleaned. They have specific cleaning instructions which you would also find while purchasing. You should always clean them with a good cleaner. The pH level of the cleaner should be between 5 and 8. Any solution, containing alcohol must be avoided.

Also, remember to clean your sunglasses as soon as possible after you return from any holiday around the ocean. The salty water can damage the lenses of the sunglasses and they would start to look old before time.

How To Remove Scratches From Sunglasses?

It is very disturbing to see scratches on your favorite pair of sunglasses. They can get it due to various reasons and you would want to get rid of scratches as soon as you notice them. Well to be honest you can not remove them completely, but yes! With some tips and tricks you, and fade them off.

If your shades are really expensive, we would suggest you do a test of the efficiency of the hack on one of the shades you no longer wear.

To start with you must have plain toothpaste free from any flavor. Put a bit of toothpaste on the scratch and with the help of the ball start rubbing it in a circular motion. Now rinse the sunglass with normal tap water. Use a microfiber cloth to dry the lenses. You would notice that the appearance of the scratch has been minimized. Repeat this process if you feel so.

There are other ingredients such as vehicle wax, baking soda paste, brass polish which you can use at the place of toothpaste. The rest of the process remains the same.

If you have Sunglasses that are too expensive and you are not sure about the hacks then we recommend you to take the sunglasses to a professional only.

What Are Prescription Sunglasses?

Gone are the days when people with eye problems like Myopia, Hypermetropia, Astigmatism could not have the luxury of wearing sunglasses. Thankfully now things have changed for good. In 2021, we have prescription sunglasses that can be worn by people with blurred eye vision.

Prescription sunglasses are available in almost all kinds of corrective lenses. With these glasses on their eyes, people not only see things clearly but also get the necessary protection from the UV rays of the sun.


So here you came to know how to choose and store pretty Sunglasses. Apart from the information above, if you have any other query then you can comment below and we would try to answer them. Till then, keep rocking the world with this stylish piece of accessory.

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