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21 Incredible Demon Slayer Tattoos

One of the greatest tattoo fads in history is anime body art. When you’re a fan, it’s exciting to see your favorite style become mainstream so quickly. Koyoharu Gotouge came up with the concept for Demon Slayer, also known as Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Fans worldwide have adopted the Demon Slayer characters as their iconography since the series’ inception.

Demon Slayer Tattoos based on anime characters and their weapons and powers have become a common theme in anime tattoos.

Demon Slayer Tattoo

These Demon Slayer tattoos, inspired by fan art, will have you rushing to find a tattoo artist and setting up an appointment right away.

It’s not uncommon for people who love and identify with an iconic character to get a cool demon slayer tattoo in honor of their heroism.

Consider this list of 18 cool tattoos of the Demon Slayer to get you started if you’ve always wanted to get inked.

Ink by Tanjiro

Ink by Tanjiro Demon Slayer Tattoo

As the protagonist of Demon Slayer Tattoo Tanjiro displays an impressive array of supernatural abilities. This full-sleeve avant-garde tattoo of the popular manga character Tanjiro might be worth considering if you’re a fan of the series.

Demon Slayer Large-scale tattoos require a lot of time and attention to detail. Artwork on the back, biceps, and forearms is most commonly found in these large body areas.

The top of your hand might be an excellent place to show off this stunning Demon Slayer tattoo if you’re looking for more exposure.

Tattoos by Inosuke

Tattoos by Inosuke Ink by Tanjiro Demon Slayer Tattoo

In honor of Inosuke, this tattoo is a tribute to the character. Yosuke is strong enough to take on the show’s most powerful demons.

It’s a demon-killing sport for him; it’s all about the thrill of the chase. This bold and badass Inosuke tattoo lets you immortalize an iconic character from one of anime’s most beloved franchises.

Inking techniques, pigments, and sizes can create these tattoos on any part of the body, but the forearm and biceps appear to be the most popular locations among tattoo enthusiasts.

Tattoo of a Demon Slayer’s Sword

Demon Slayer Sword Tattoo

These Demon Slayer tattoos feature the Nichirin swords, a Japanese sword type. The Demon Slayer Corps’ use of this unique blade is well-known to anyone who has been following the show.

It is possible to scale down the Demon Slayer sword tattoo without losing any essential details.

Minimalist tattoo enthusiasts who aren’t ready to commit to a full-sleeve tattoo but still want to experiment with a new design should consider this option.

Consider adding complementary elements like orange flames or an image of a demon slayer holding the sword if you want to try a large show-stopper tattoo.

If you don’t want to go overboard with the demon-slaying theme, you could try a more mainstream tattoo motif like flowers or butterflies to compliment the sword.

Tattoos of a Demon Slayer’s Mask

Demon Slayer Mask Tattoo

Anime-inspired tattoos based on the masks of the Kitsune and the Sabito are popular among fans of the Demon Slayer tattoo series. With their demonic masks, these tattoos take on an edgier look. These can be customized with either plain black or vibrant color schemes to achieve the desired effect. The masks are frequently decorated with tribal and floral motifs for an extra dose of whimsy.

Tattoo of a Demon Slayer in Miniature

Tattoo of a Demon Slayer in Miniature

These adorable demon slayer tattoos are a must-have for anime fans who prefer to keep their tattoos simple. A lot of information can be crammed into a small tattoo, depending on the scope of your design and the artist’s abilities.

It doesn’t matter where you place these designs on your body; they’ll work. The demon-slayer tattoo on your ankles or thighs is an excellent option for a small, discrete, and only visible when you want it to be.

Tattoos by Rengoku

Rengoku Ink by Tanjiro Demon Slayer Tattoo

The Demon Slayer Corps regards Kyojuro Rengoku as one of its most formidable and skilled swordsmen. Admirers love him because he always puts the needs of others ahead of himself and how he’s always been a good guy.

Consider getting a tattoo in honor of this memorable character if you want to show your admiration for them forever.

This tattoo is unquestionably a show stopper with its brightly-colored hair and sword. If you want something more detailed, ask your tattoo artist to pay attention to the armor’s finer points.

Tattoo by Shinobu

Shinobu Ink by Tanjiro Demon Slayer Tattoo

Despite his role as comic relief, Shinobu Kochu brings a lot. For her unique methods of killing demons, she is a well-known figure. The character’s flaws and how they influence her decisions make her relatable to the fans, making her more relatable to the audience.

With her distinctive purple eyes and hair, Hashira is one of the most frequently tattooed characters from Demon Slayer Tattoo.

Ink the entire design in black to create a striking contrast for those who aren’t big fans of color.

Tattoos by Nezuko

Nezuko Ink by Tanjiro Demon Slayer Tattoo

In Kimetsu no Yaiba, the main female protagonist, Nezuko, is a deuteragonist. Despite her demon transformation, she fought demons alongside other slayers of evil.

Nezuko is the demon slayer universe’s symbol of contradiction. Her ability to fight her inner demon (literally) while retaining some of her human qualities has earned her a cult following among the show’s fans. The tattoos of Nezuko, the demon slayer, are bold and striking.

When designing a piece for her, you’ll need to decide which side of her personality you want to emphasize. These Demon Slayer tattoos require a lot of attention to the smallest of details, so expect them to take several hours to complete. It is possible to use large areas like the back, biceps, forearms, or legs as a canvas for these significant works of art.

Sleeve Tattoo of a Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer Sleeve Tattoo

Wear a half-sleeve outfit; sleeve tattoos are a popular choice because they are easily visible. Wearing full-sleeve clothing is all you need to do if you want to hide it from your boss or strict parents.

For the most part, the subjects of Demon Slayer Tattoos sleeves are depictions of a fight scene or a group of characters united by their swords or masks. When drawing demons, it’s common to use only black ink to emphasize how ominous they are.

Tattoos by Akaza

Akaza Ink by Tanjiro Demon Slayer Tattoo

At one point, Hakuji (aka Akaza) was also a human who became a demon in the Demon Slayer universe. One of the manga’s most formidable characters, Akaza, is a member of the Upper Moon.

Many Demon Slayer shippers have tattoos of the antagonist because he is such a beloved character among them. Using a wide variety of inking techniques, full sleeve Akaza tattoos convey the demonic nature of the demon.

Tattoos by Zenitsu

Zenitsu Ink by Tanjiro Demon Slayer Tattoo

When confronted with demons from the Demon Slayer universe, the thunder-breathing swordsman completely loses his shit. His constant self-doubts and whining in the face of adversity, according to many fans, make him more relatable than most characters in the series.

Despite his many flaws, Zenit refuses to give up, even when he feels like it. Anyone who has a spiritual connection to Zenitsu can get a tattoo of him (that would include me too).

A comical crying, whining guy or a thunder-breathing swordsman is entirely up to you in how you depict the character.

Tattoo of a Water Dragon Demon Slayer

Tattoo of a Water Dragon Demon Slayer

Tanjiro’s most potent and recognizable water move is his tenth variation on the theme of water breathing. This move has almost infinite power and intensity. The water dragon symbol symbolizes the demon slayer’s tattoo superhuman strength.

Also, the use of various shades of blue in the illustration is stunning. Many popular demon slayer themes are combined with the dragon to enhance the visual impact.

Tattoo of Demon Slayer Eyes

Tattoo of Demon Slayer Eyes

Fans of famous demon slayers who don’t want to commit to large-scale realistic tattoos have turned to the eyes of these characters as a popular tattoo theme.

In terms of drawing the human body, the eyes are among the most difficult to get right. It necessitates a high degree of precision. In the hands of a skilled artist, a tattoo can have a striking visual impact.

Tattoos by Tomioka

Tomioka Ink by Tanjiro Demon Slayer Tattoo

The manga’s supporting character is a tall, handsome young man with dark blue eyes. When Hashira, the 4th most popular Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps Tattoos is in the spotlight, his face always displays a calm expression.

When some demons, such as Tanjiro, are no longer killing humans, he agrees to set them free. Tomioka tattoos are highly complex and meticulously executed.

Colors are used in various ways, and the majority of tattoos are full-sleeved. Even if you prefer an enormous bicep or leg tattoo, you can personalize the design by making it smaller.

Tattoo of a Demon Slayer on the Back

Tattoo of a Demon Slayer on the Back

A tattoo on the back is unquestionably one of the most attractive options. Large, elaborate demon-slaying tattoos can be done here, incorporating multiple characters, their powers, emotions, and other elements from the story.

But if you’re a tattoo fanatic who doesn’t mind sitting still for an extended period while a needle pokes your skin, then I’m sure you’re not afraid of commitment.

Tattoo of a Demon Slayer on the Finger

Demon Slayer Finger Tattoo

If you’re a fan of simple tattoos, this one is for you. When done correctly, Demon Slayer finger tattoos can be edgy and beautiful. An intricately detailed design of your favorite character can be conveyed to your skin in the form of a small but powerful tattoo design.

Tanjiro Tattoo in a Simple Style

Tanjiro Tattoo Simple Style Ink by Tanjiro Demon Slayer

In this tattoo of Tanjiro, the artist has used smooth strokes to produce an exquisite and clean design. This is also one of the few tattoos where his face can be seen alongside the mask, making it a unique piece. You can efficiently utilize this concept as inspiration for a Demon Slayer Tanjiro forehead tattoo or sticker that you desire.

Giyu Tomioka Tattoo – A Japanese tattoo artist based in Tokyo

Giyu Tomioka Ink by Tanjiro Demon Slayer Tattoo

Giyu is a prominent supporting character in the anime and the current Water Hashira, and she appears in several episodes. He also exemplifies strength, compassion, and a strong sense of justice, among other qualities. When he protects Nezuko, one of the demons who has decided not to kill humans, he shows incredible compassion. This tattoo is a fantastic choice for fans of Demon Slayer Tattoo since it represents the personification of optimism and protecting spirit.

Nichirin Blades Tattoo

Nichirin Blades Ink by Tanjiro Demon Slayer Tattoo

The two blades in this position represent the combined might of the water and fire hashers. Among those who have wielded the flame Nichiren sword are Shinjuro Rengoku and Kyojuro Rengoku, while those who have wielded the water Nichiren blade include Giyu Tomioka and Sakonji Urokodaki. These blades signify the strength of their owners, and the color of their energy reflects the color of their owner’s energy. This is a highly aesthetically pleasing tattoo concept that dedicated fans of the game will undoubtedly appreciate.

If it is one of your first anime viewing experiences, the series may have a particular place in your heart for a long time. Even in your older years, this specific anime continues to profoundly impact you, as it is a masterpiece that genuinely does honor the ink you have tattooed on your body. Demonic tattoos featuring well-known or mythical demons are incredible, and they can serve as a powerful symbol of the darkness we all harbor within us.

Traditional Tattoo of a Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer Traditional Tattoo

The warding masks worn by Demon Slayer trainee sworders are depicted in these large-scale tattoos. Using powerful spells, the masks can repel the demons.

The masks’ talismanic properties have made them so popular among anime tattoo fans.

Tattoo with the Demon Slayer Symbol

Demon Slayer Symbol Tattoo

Metsu (Japanese for eradication) is a demon slayer emblem typically tattooed on the top of the hand or wrist. It symbolizes strength and bravery in the face of hardship on an unprecedented scale.

The demon slayer tattoo symbol’s universality makes it appealing to people of all ages, including individuals who have never read a manga or watched an anime in their whole lives.


You have a list of some of the most unique demon slayer tattoo designs ever created. Extravagance and meticulous detail are the hallmarks of demon slayer tattoo designs.

Now is the time to act if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to wear a piece of art inspired by your favorite anime.

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