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Top 22 Country Boy Hairstyles

 No matter how appealing a new hairstyle looks, there is something different about old classic hairstyles. It is not easy to always be with the latest trend and for those times what you need the best is a country boy haircut.

These are the haircuts that are evergreen and you can always count upon them no matter what the occasion is. 

How To Get a Country Boy Haircut?

Getting Haircut

As said, they are some classic haircuts that keep making their comeback. You can always associate with such styles. Some people even choose to have a haircut according to their profession. Such a trend is very common among men with an artistic background.

There are lots of evergreen haircuts that always look trendy. Some of those have been given here and we are highly hopeful that you would find a perfect country boy haircut.

Country Boy Haircut Styles With Beards

In recent years, the beards styles have become very popular. Men belonging to different age groups are loving various beard looks given the beard were earlier considered not so sophisticated. It has managed to get a lot of love and why not! Men look really charming in this style.

You would be glad to read about some famous country boy haircuts with beards. Find out which one you like the most.

Semi Bald Hair with Beard

Country Boy Beard Style

Those with receding hairlines feel highly concerned about their appearance. If you are one such guy then just hold on! Here is the perfect country boy haircut beard style for you.

The semi Bald style does not let you lower your confidence about the hair you lost. Also, it is a perfectly manageable hairstyle and you would not need more than 5 minutes to get ready every day. 

Bun With Beard

Country Boy Hairstyle With Bun

Men aspiring for a really stylish look with those long hair must try Bun with Beard look. It gives a classic feeling and at the same time, you would find your style very comfortable.

You can save a lot of time if you style your hair in a bun as regular haircuts and grooming would not be needed. So it is a perfect hairstyle for men with a busy life schedule.

Modern Mullet with Box Beard

Modern Mullet with Box Beard

Mullet hair is a popular country boy haircut. It makes you look bold and experimental. With time, mullet has changed its form. In 2022, Mullet’s haircut has shorter hair as compared to the traditional one.

You can create a really attractive look by pairing the modern Mullet haircut with a boxed beard style. Men with naturally straight hair would rock in this style. Be it formal or casual, you can have this style at any kind of event and charm others.

Short Middle-Parted Hair

Country Boy Short Middle-Parted Hair

If you have a short and round face then you can easily manage to make it look elongated with a mid parted hairstyle. No doubt long hair looks attractive in this style but you can’t disagree with the charmingness of short hair in this style. For those who can not have long hair due to work-life restrictions but still want a really cool hairstyle, this is the look for them.

The hair has an ideal length and the whole style looks extraordinarily attractive. If you don’t believe us then try this hairstyle the next time you go to the salon and see the magic.

Country Boy Haircut For Curly Hair

Curly hair is considered one of the most charming textures and you can do a lot of things if you are one of those lucky guys who have naturally curly hair.

There are various country boy hairstyles that look amazingly attractive with curly hair.

Side Swept Curly Tresses

Country Boy Side Swept Curly Tresses

If you have that beautiful curly hair then nothing can be better than a side-swept haircut. This style makes your face appear more dynamic and attractive. 

The hair slightly falling over the ear steals the whole show for you. It is one of the best country boy styles which you can find in 2022.

Sleek Back Hair

Country Boy Sleek Back Hair

So you do not have much time to groom and style your hair every day? If yes then this county boy haircut is for you.

Sleek back hair is the style that is being loved by men for a long time. It is a hassle-free style and a go-to-go look for men of all age groups. Even if you have very thin hair you can try this country boy haircut and look stylish.

Curly Top

Country Boy Curly Top Hairstyle

Have got naturally curly hair that is voluminous? Try this messy curly top haircut as your country boy look. We promise that you would love to see yourself in the mirror every time you are to get ready. This hairstyle looks the best on men who have light brown hair. 

This summer you must try this hairstyle to get a refreshing and youthful look.

Mullet Hairstyle

Country Boy Mullet Hairstyle

In this style, the hair is longer at the back while the front and the sides are cut short. There are lots of different mullet hairstyle options available and all are popular as country boy haircuts.

You would get that perfect retro vibe of the ’80s if you try one of these mullet hair cuts. Those aspiring for an authentic country boy haircut should definitely go for Mullet.

Long Wavy Hair

Country Boy Long Wavy Hairstyle

If you are looking for that famous cowboy look then this hairstyle is more than right for you. The neck long wavy tresses create that perfect country boy vibe.

Various celebrities like James Bay, Bradley Cooper, Kit Harrington have endorsed this hairstyle at times, and no need to tell that they rocked the style.

Mohawk In Mullet Style

Mohawk in Mullet Style

With time, Mohawk’s haircut has changed its forms, but still, there is a Mohawk style that is very popular after so many years. It is nothing but Mohawk in Mullet style. 

The hair despite looking highly attractive gives that old country vibe. If you want something to look different from the lot then you should try this haircut. 

You can also color your hair brown if you want to make it a perfect country boy look. If not, then natural hair or any other natural shade would also be suitable.


Country Boy Pony Hairstyle

Those who want to have long hair but sometimes, find it hard to manage them can go for a pony look.

It not only proves to be a style booster for you but also looks elegant and makes you look desirable. Nowadays, we have started to see men with long beautiful hair and it is time we start talking about good long hairstyles for men as well. In this hairstyle, you can add beards also to balance the overall look. Those who can grow good facial hair should definitely try this style for a whole new look. 

Middle Parted Hair

Country Boy Middle Parted Hairstyle

This haircut is the perfect thing for men who have medium to thick wavy hair. Style the neck-length hair in a mid parting and enjoy the country boy vibe. You can get your hair highlighted in some blonde shade to make the style look more authentic. The whole hairstyle would make you look like a person who is well aware of his appearance. This boosts your confidence whenever you interact with others.

Layered Choppy Hair

Country Boy Layered Choppy Hairstyle

Looking for something that makes you stand out of the lot? Then without a second thought, you should try this Layered choppy haircut. This hairstyle provides an extraordinary dimension to your face so that no one can resist praising you.

Those who have got a good volume in their hair would rock with this style. This is a perfect country boy look for your casual outings. Taking a step further, you can also get hair highlights in this style to look more charming.

Long Curly Hair

Country Boy Long Curly Hairstyle

This is a really beautiful haircut which if done correctly, would fetch you lots of compliments. Those with a long face would look very good in this country boy haircut. If you have semi-curly hair then this is a perfect hairstyle for you.

Keeping the hair open would be the best, however, sometimes you can also tie them in a pony. This haircut is suitable for both styles.

Short Country Boy Haircut

We understand that due to various reasons you may have to keep your hair short so what to do in case you want to try a country boy style? Well, there are a lot of options for those looking for country boy haircut styles that require short-length hair.

Here, we have talked about some of the trendiest short hair country boy styles.

Short and Choppy Hair

Country Boy Short and Choppy Hair

Messy can also be beautiful and this hairstyle perfectly proves it. The hair when cut short in a choppy style looks amazingly cool. Also, they are easy to maintain. So if you are looking for a haircut for a country boy then you should try it this season. Men with a straight hair texture would rock in this style.


Country Boy Combover Hairstyle

The combover is one of those styles which can make you look like a gentleman in no time. You can achieve this style with minimum effort and styling tools. 

Side swept or sleek back, you can choose one according to your face shape. Both look good and help enhance your style quotient.

Short Razor Cut

Country Boy Short Razor Cut Hairstyle

There was a time when every second guy could be seen in this haircut. However, this thing does not make this one less popular today.

In fact, it is one of the most chosen country boy hairstyles in 2022. The short haircut with a razor finish makes you look young and energetic. You can complement the haircut with attractive pieces of accessories like a chain or earrings.

Ivy League Hair

Country Boy Ivy League Hairstyle

When one is talking about classic hairstyles then the inclusion of Ivy League Hairstyle is a must. This is a perfect office-going look that not only makes you look clean and well dressed but also enhances your charmingness. Even men with a receding hairline can try this look and get compliments for their style.

Bowl Haircut

Country Boy Bowl Haircut

This was one of the most popular hairstyles among the youngsters of the 90s. Not only the normal people but famous celebrities like Jim Carrey and Robert Pattinson were seen in this style.

The haircut makes one look cute and young. If you are looking for an energetic look then the bowl haircut is a must-try.

Classic Straight Hair

Country Boy Classic Straight Hair

Naturally, straight hair makes a man look super cute and adorable. So if you want to be the center of attraction at any place you go, you must try the classic straight hairstyle. It is an effortless yet elegant hairstyle.

Even if your hair is not arranged every time you go out, you would manage to grab compliments. It is a really popular country boy hairstyle among youngsters. 


Country Boy Spikes Hairstyle

Spikes is that style that can never go out of fashion. It was as popular in 2000 as it is today. So definitely, you can go for it whenever in the state of doubt about a good country boy haircut.

Use a good hair gel to get a defined hairstyle. It is a really good haircut for men with a round face because it gives an amazing dimension to your face thus the face looks thinner and sharper.

Caesar Hair

Country Boy Caesar Hairstyle

It is one of the most loved hairstyles by guys who like to have short hair. Caesar cut enhances your style quotient even with that short-length hair. It is a perfect country boy cowboy haircut.

If you are looking for low maintenance classic hairstyle then this is the look for you. All you would need is a visit to your favorite saloon in a fortnight and you are good to go without having to worry about your hairstyling.

Whichever haircut you go for, pick it according to the texture and volume of your hair so that you do not end up regretting your decision. Do some research before going for a new haircut. You can also take the suggestion of a hairstyling expert in this regard.

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