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Guide To Choose Lace Front Wig

So, you are thinking of buying Lace Frontal wig? You are in the right place because I am going to tell you all the important things that you need to consider before buying a lace frontal wig. I mean…

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Hairstyle is the most important part of your overall look that can make you shine like a star, tell about your personality and help you stand out from the crowd.

After all who doesn’t want to look that beautiful that makes other people go in awwww by looking at you 🙂

So lets get straight into how should you be choosing your lace frontal wig.

Why lace frontal wigs?

The most important thing about a wig is that it should not look like a wig. That’s where lace frontal wigs come to rescue. The most important part of any hair wig is the frontal hairline. Proper frontal hairline makes the wig look natural if that properly hides the wig base. Most lace frontal wigs are designed to keep this thing in mind.

Lace Front Wig

First Determine Your Purpose Of Buying A Wig

Before choosing lace frontal wig first decide whether you want to wear the hairstyle for long term or you just want to give a try for a new hairstyle. Determining this can also help you to save on your budget. Here are 2 things that are possible.

You want to just try

If you are just into trying out a new hairstyle for the short term you can go for synthetic lace frontal wigs. As synthetic lace frontal wigs are not that durable with proper care you can easily wear it for 3 to 6 months. But the thing to note here, Synthetic wigs are not that flexible and that can make it difficult to style those hairs.

There are 2 types of synthetic wigs that you can consider

Normal Synthetic Wig

Normal synthetic wigs are not heat friendly and can be uncomfortable during summer as it can give you feeling of floating wig base which can also make it look unnatural.

Heat Friendly synthetic wigs

Heat friendly synthetic wigs are more durable than normal synthetic wigs. But heat friendly wigs are still not that much flexible to handle.

You are thinking for long term

If you are very sure about the hairstyle and want to stick with it for longer-term then you should go for human hair lace frontal wig. Human hairs are more durable and can last up to 1 to 3 years. They are also more flexible and you can easily try different styles with it.

There are 2 types of human hair wigs that you can consider.

Normal human hair wig

Although normal human hair wig looks very natural it needs proper care to be more durable. Before ordering human hair wigs check from where those hairs are imported. Mostly humans hairs are imported from Asian countries.

Virgin Human Hairs

Virgin human hairs are the highest quality of human hair wigs available. These wigs are not dyed, permed or whitened before. This wig is also very flexible to style and is very durable.

Price Consideration

While human hair wigs look more natural and more durable but it also costs higher than synthetic wigs. So if you are not on a budget then surely you can go for human hair wig.

If budget is your consideration then you can go for synthetic wigs as it costs less than human hairs.

Choosing the wig size

There are mostly 3 types of sizes available.


Small hair wigs are suitable for someone having narrow forehead and small head size. Cosult a size chart before ordering small wig.


Medium wigs are mostly suitable for all head types and and mostly sold as it is considered by keeping in mind average head size.


If you are someone taller than average then you shoudl consider ordering large cap wig.

Choosing the Hairstyle Based on Face Shape

To choose the best hairstyle for you it is always to good to determine your face shape and then go by trying the hairstyles. Here are few tips for determining best hair wig based on your face shape.

Square Face

A square face has almost similar width and length of the face, you can try a wig having less bulk on the top and some flutters at the chick and chin side to disguise the width of jaw and make it look narrow.

Round Face

It is best to wear a hairstyle which has a mass at the top and which is straight at the cheek side. You can try some flutters around the chin and jaw side.

Peer face

As peer shape is narrow at forehead is is good to have a hair bulk at the top and cheek side which can give your face a fuller look.

Oblong face

Oblong face as the almost same length as width but is straighter in the middle. You can try hairstyle with bulk on the top and some flutter or curls on the jaw side.

Oval Face

The oval face is similar to oblong but has more curve in the middle. If you have this face then you can literally try out any hairstyle and it should look good on you. Try to highlight your best facial features like eyes or nose with the hairstyle.

Rectangle Face

Rectangle face has a longer length than width with the width of forehead and jawline as same. You can try a less bulky hairstyle at the top and more bulk in the middle. That can disguise a straight jawline.

Triangle Face

As triangle face is wider at the top and cheeks, it is good to have less bulk at the topless bulk as you come down to your chin. This can help you achieve a fuller look.

Diamond Shape

As diamond face shape has more width on the cheek side, you can try out hair style having curls on the top and along side jaw and chin line.

Heart face

For heart face shape it is better to have curls and bulky hair on the side of forehead. You can also try some flutters below chin line.

Caring for Your Wig

Once you have finalized the lace front wig and have purchased it, then you should also think of taking proper care of the wig so that it always looks good and lasts long. Here are some tips for lace front wig care.

Detangle before you wash

Always de-tangle your wig hairs before you wash it. It will help to make it longer last and also will help to keep its texture proper.

Towel dry

Always towel dry your wig hairs, using hair dryers can cause damage and if those are synthetic hairs then it might damage it badly which can result in unnatural looking hairs.

Use cold water

Use cold water to wash the wig as hot water can damage the hair. It can also cause hairs to com out of wig base which can result in thinner looking hairs and expose wig base.

Best Places to Buy Lace Front Wig

Local Wig Shop

It is always good to go to a wig shop and choose the lace front wig for yourself. By doing this you can make sure that the wig size is perfect for you and you can also verify the color quality of the wig before buying. You can instantly select and make a purchase in the shop.

Disadvantage is that local wig shops are mostly very costly and do not offer great discounts.


Amazon really has very vast collection of wigs and many top wig brands are using Amazon for selling their wigs. Also with Amazon you get a an option to return the wig if you have received defected wig or in case you did not like the wig.

Also amazon.com have lot of cheaper wig options. But before buying cheap wigs always loo at the customer reviews and buy wigs if the rating is above 4.5.

The disadvantage is you can not see through your own eyes until you receive the wig. Many times the wig color is different than what is shown on images on amazon. ordering and returning it can consume your time.

Wig Brand Online Shops

Almost all wig brands have their wig shop online. You can choose and get the wig faster from wig brands local shop. It can save your time.

But again some wig brands do not allow returns and can be risky for you if you are buying the wig for first time.

Informative Wig Buying Video

Below video by Stella Cini explains very good information that you should consider before buying a wig.

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