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15 Tips To Make Your Wig Look Natural

If you doubt that your wig may not look real then let me tell you if you follow tips provided in this article, you can definitely make your wig look natural and no one will able to find if its a wig!

If you want to make the wig look real you have to make every part of the wig look real. This article is divided into sections each of which describes how you should handle every part of the wig like frontal line, hair shine, etc.

Always Match The Cap Color With The Scalp Color

Wig base/cap color is one of the most important things that you should look at. If the gaps in the hairline look unnatural and differ from the scalp color then it can be identified as a wig.

Wig Base Color

You can use foundation powder similar to your scalp color and apply it to the wig cap. This trick is really worthy and you should use it always. Pay special attention while applying foundation powder at the edges of the cap as that’s one part where most people do not apply even color. That is also the part that can get highlighted to others.

To make sure your foundation powder sticks to the cap you can use bonding glue. There are many types of bonding glue available and you can get some from your local store.

Make sure that you let it dry before you wear a wig so that it doesn’t stick to your hairs. You can use hair dryer to dry the glue faster.

You can repeat this process until you get the matching scalp color to make your wig look natural.

Take Care of Parting Line

Wig parting line

The hair parting line should always match the scalp color. Follow the same process that you have followed for coloring your wig cap. To make your hair parting space look more real, you can pluck out extra hairs between the hair parting.

Flatten Your Hairs Underneath

Before you wear a wig you should always flatten your hair. If you don’t do that that can result in uneven wig hold on your scalp and which can make it look very unnatural.

Wig properly styled

First of all, evenly flatten your hair by the comb and by hand. After it is done you can use small hairpins to hold it in the back of the head. Make sure you do that correctly and it is not loose.

After that you can optionally use stock band to hold the hairs flat. That will allow you to hold all your hairs flat throughout the day.

After that you can thin and flat hair bands on top of your stock band to hold all your hairs in place.

If you follow these tips you will definitely can hold all your underneath hairs that will result in natural looking hairs after you wear a wig.

Take Care of Lumps On Wigs

After you have done the above steps you can wear a wig. After wearing a wig look for any lumps that are visible on wigs. If you find any lumps that mean your hairs underneath are not properly flattened. You can just remove the wig and flatten the hairs by following the above advice before you wear a wig again. To make your wig look natural you should definitely not avoid doing this step.

Lumps on the wig

Some wigs have soft caps that can easily get lumps. If the wig has a hard cap then it might not get lumps as it is not easy to mold it. So you can prefer hard-capped wigs but be aware that some hard cap wigs can be uncomfortable. So surely check the reviews before you buy one.

Look Out for Extra Shiny Hairs

Some wigs have extra shiny hairs, especially synthetic wigs. As synthetic wigs are made from artificial fibers, it can result in extra shiny hairs which can look unnatural and can be identified as wig hair.

Extra shiny hair

Make sure that you remove the extra shine from wig hairs before you start wearing it. You can wash it with shampoo a couple of times until extra shine is removed. Also, make sure that you use cold water to wash your wig. Hot water can damage the synthetic wig.

Once you have washed the wig, use the towel to dry the wig hairs.

Be Careful While Selecting Wig Size

Most people order medium size for a wig as it is suitable for most of the people. You should always refer to the size chart provided by the wig shop.

If you get a slight large wig cap size then that might result in extra loose hold of your wig on scalp. This can really make it look unnatural.

You can measure your size with the tape. You can to consider below 3 measurements:

  1. Ear to ear
  2. Head circumference
  3. Front to back till neck
Scalp Measurement

If you order a small size then it slips and can also be uncomfortable to your scalp. If you have any doubt always contact a customer support team of the wig seller for advice.

Custom Sized Wig

Custom sized wig

Custom size wig for you is the best option to get a perfectly fitting wig. Wigmaker can also help you in styling the hair as you want. But buying a custom-sized wig can be costlier.

Use Bangs to Hide Front Line

Wig front line is the most important wig part that gets visible to everyone. Always make sure it is not revealing any wig cap part. Also, make sure you cut it properly so that no part of the base gets visible.

Bang hairstyle

Having a bangs on the front-line can take away attention from it and helps in disguising the wig cap in front.

You can also go for lace-front wigs that are specially crafted to make front line make as real as natural hairs.

Use Hair Styles to Divert Attention

You can use hairstyles with curls and flutters on the side to divert attention from the hair parting and frontal line. Yes! It works, humans attention is usually caught by flutters and curls. This can also improve your overall look. If you have not tried curls it can be your chance to try one.

Beautiful hairstyle

Regularly Wash Wig

If you want to keep your wig look natural then you have to take its care as you take care of your natural hairs. If you don’t wash wig regularly the wig hairs start to lose the natural texture and may also fade the color.

Wash wig

You have to keep 3 things in mind before you wash your wig.

  • Do you find dust on the wig?
  • Do you find unnatural waves and curls on the wig?
  • Is it too long you haven’t washed your wig?

Keep in mind that you do not brush very hard on wig when its weight. Use soft brush to flatten hairs.

Keep Your Wig on Wig Stand

It is always good to keep your wig on a wig stand when you are not wearing it. It helps to avoid causing unnecessary damage to wig which can make it look unnatural. Make sure you are not keeping your wig stand near anything hot. Keep wigs in a cold dry place.

You have various options while choosing wig stands.

  • Mannequin wig stand
Mannequin wig stand
  • Plastic/Metal wig stand
Plastic/Metal wig stand
  • Wig hanger
Wig hanger

Mannequin wig stand provides a better way to keep your wig hairs in shape but it can be costly. Also, the mannequin wig stand is not handy while traveling.

Plastic/metal wig stand is another great option to keep your wig in shape but again it is costlier than wig hanger.

Wig hanger is more handy while traveling but it may not help you to keep wig in shape.

I suggest you should have one mannequin or plastic wig stand and one wig hanger so you never have to worry about placing wigs at the right place wherever you are.

User Quality Wig Care Products

To maintain the natural look of the wig you have to use good wig care products to increase its lifespan and natural beauty. You can buy wig serum, conditioner, and wig spray to take care of your wig.

Wig care products

Use wig shampoo to remove any dirt on the wig. Be sure to use PH balanced shampoo to avoid any unnecessary damage to wig.

Use wig sprays to hold of the wig style in place. It also allows you to style your wig and keep it easy to manage. Be sure to evenly spread the spray at all places on the wig.

Use wig conditioner to detangle wig hairs. It also keeps wig hairs smooth and soft which in turn make it look more natural.

Do Not Try Very Complex Hairstyles

Sometimes it is very exciting to try that new hairstyle with a wig. For example, if you want to try out braids with a wig then it might damage your wig a bit. As braids require tying up hairs tightly there is a possibility of tearing the wig hairs out from the base. Also as you stretch the wig hairs it might lose its natural texture.

Complex hairstyle

If you want to try out some complex hairstyles with the wig, you can purchase a wig with ready-made hairstyles on it. The only caveat is that you can not try a variety of hairstyles with the ready-made hairstyles.

Protect Your Wig

If you want to maintain the naturalness of the wig then its important to protect it as your normal hairs. If you find the weather to be dusty you can use of hat or scarf to protect wig from dust.

Women wearing hat

Also if you find weather to be very hot then be extra careful while wearing a synthetic wig outside. It is important to keep a synthetic wig at a normal temperature to avoid any damage. You can also make use of heat protect spray to avoid damage to wig hairs due to high temperatures.

Do Not Wear Wig While Sleeping

Women sleeping

If you wear a wig while you are sleeping it can cause great damage to it. Apart from losing its natural texture, it can also form unnecessary tangles and curls. It will help your scalp to breathe at night and help your wig to stay fresh at the same time.

In Conclusion

The solutions in this article are done through research from academia.edu . If you have any general questions about the wig we recommend you go through this paper.

If you are looking to buy lace front wig, we also have guide to help you choose that. You can read that article here.

So these are the tips that if followed can make your wig look very natural and for a longer amount of time. It sometimes becomes difficult to follow every tip but try to follow as many as you can to have that beautiful looking enhance your beauty in every way.

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