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Shirt Dress Style Guide To Make You Standout

Nowadays, girls are much more comfortable with various summer dresses, like- shorts and shirt dresses, than denim and sweaters. A shirt dress is a button-down shirt available in a reasonable length to help you wear it as a dress. 

It is a casual dress that comes with a versatile design. Shirt dresses are very comfortable and easy to wear. You can wear it not only on the weekends but also on your vacations. Although these shirt dresses appear shapeless initially, you can keep them in your wardrobe. 

This informative article includes all the style tips to wear a shirt dress day and night.

What is a shirt dress?

A shirt dress is a button-down garment available in length. These dresses have a collar, front button, breast pocket, and cuffed sleeve and are available in different sizes and patterns, like- mini, midi, and maxi.

Some shirt dresses come from plaid or denim material, whereas others come with silk, chiffon, or velvet.

Different Types of Shirt Dresses

Some of the stylishly designed shirt dresses are mentioned below that you can keep in your wardrobe-

White Shirt Dress: This white shirt dress is available in a classic design that you can wear almost everywhere.

Denim Shirt Dress: Denim lovers often wear denim jackets or jeans. How will it be if you add a denim shirt dress to your wardrobe? You only need a pair of sunglass and sandals to make yourself look stunning. 

Linen Shirt Dress: For those who love to wear natural fabric, a linen shirt dress will be a wise option. 

Long shirt dress: Besides knee dress, some shirt dresses come in maxi or midi style. You can wear just a tie sandal and this long shirt dress to make yourself look stunning. 

Satin Shirt Dress: Whether it is an evening or daytime party, you can wear a satin shirt dress to get a luxurious look.

Black Shirt Dress: Black shirt dresses are also trendy in modern times. Just wear red lipstick and a black shirt dress to make yourself attractive. 

Floral Shirt Dress: Floral prints are trendy for almost all dresses. It will give you an image of a landscape.

Long Sleeve Shirt Dress: Many women, especially those 40 or above, prefer to cover their hands. So, the long sleeve shirt dress will be an excellent option for them. It would help if you had a pair of leather boots and carried a handbag to look stunning.

Check Shirt Dress: Plaid is a widespread and well-known print available in the market. You can wear a check shirt dress on top of jeans to complete your look.

Maxi Shirt Dress: It is another excellent choice to enlist. Accessories ideally to get a complete look.

Green Shirt Dress: Animal print is another popular style available here. Whether summer or spring, go with reptile or snake print to make yourself trendy.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A shirt dress

It would help if you went through some of the following factors to make your choice perfect-


It is the primary factor you must consider when purchasing a shirt dress. You should choose the color as per the function you will attend. It is because color will define your personality.

It would be useless if you wore a red dress and went to a blue theme party. Also, it will reflect your mood.


You should choose quality material when purchasing a shirt or dress. Try to choose durable and long-lasting material.

Reliable shop

Purchase your desired shirt dresses from a quality shop to avoid getting poor-quality dresses. It would help if you tried to choose quality shops.

Correct size

Choose the perfect shirt dress size to make yourself look excellent and intelligent.


The shirt dress you choose to wear must follow the latest trend to make you look updated. 

Wash instructions

Always go through the wash instruction prior you purchase one for yourself. If you find it difficult to follow the instructions, choose another option to make your job easier.


Stress the garment’s texture, whether it is soft and comfortable to wear. So, it is another essential factor to check.


Also, you should check whether the shirt dress is local or branded. Try to buy the ones that are price worthy. 

Different Styles For Wearing Shirt Dresses

Just go through the following styles to make your shirt dress a perfect outfit-

Accessories with jewellery

You can wear unique designed antique jewellery to make a simple black coloured shirt dress look outstanding. Keep open your top button to free your neckline. Wear a thick neckpiece to make yourself glam.

Also, a pair of earrings and bracelets will complete your entire look.

Add belt and heels

You can wear a pair of heels to make your casual shirt dress look formal. You can choose bright color heels to highlight yourself. Besides, wear a belt to make your waistline cinch. If it is cold outside, you can wear a denim jacket over it.

Layer with a shawl

You can wrap a stylish shawl over your shoulders wearing a sleeveless one. It will not only make you look stylish but also make you look elegant. So, sometimes take a bright-colored scarf or shawl around your shoulders to elevate your attire.

Go with a leather jacket

Wear a leather jacket to complete your shirt dress. Suppose you are wearing a white shirt dress; you can wear a black colored leather jacket to contrast your entire look. 

Remember hemline

Always remember the venue you are heading to. If you are going to your office or college, you should wear a midi-length shirt dress. On the other hand, if it is summer, you can wear shorts to get a casual look.

Wear with sneakers

Those who are not comfortable with heels can pair them with sneakers. Try to choose slip-on or lace-up ones. Sneakers with thick soles are more trendy.

Wear over jeans or leggings

If your shirt dress is very short in length, wear it with your leggings. Choose either white or black leggings. Do not wear patterned leggings. It will fail to give a classy look.

Long vest

You can wear a neutral color sleeveless vest over your shirt dress to get a classy look.

Choose a flare shirt dress

Those who have a pear-shaped figure can try an A-line bottom shirt dress. It is because the regular cuts may not fit perfectly with your hip.

Roll-up sleeves

Fold your sleeves into 3/4th length. Some of the shirt dresses available in the market come with roll-up sleeves.

Combine with a boyfriend cardigan

You can wear a long-length boyfriend cardigan to make yourself trendy.

Flat sandals

There are many short-length shirt dresses that you can quickly wear with flat sandals.

Collarless shirt dress

Collarless shirt dresses will reveal your feminism more.

Wear with boots

It is another excellent way to make yourself stylish. Pair your shirt dress with a choker and combat boots to make yourself trendy. Choose dark-colored dresses to match your other attires.

10 Cool Shirt Dress Styles

White Shirt Dress

Denim Shirt Dress

Denim Shirt Dress

Long Shirt Dress

Satin Shirtdress

Black Shirt Dress

Floral Shirt Dress

Full Sleeve Shirt Dress

Check Shirt Dress

Maxi Shirt Dress

Green Shirt Dress

Top Brands for Shirt Dresses


It is a popular Spanish brand available since 1975, famous especially for women’s shirt dresses, and is possibly the largest online retailer. Zara comes with a unique and trendy design to satisfy its customers.


It has been a leading American brand since 1853, among the top 20 brands for women’s garments. It has garments for both women and men and is very popular for women’s shirt dresses.

Allen Solly

Allen Solly is the fastest-growing fashion brand and part of the Aditya Birla fashion trend. This brand has a vast collection of shirt dresses for all age groups.

Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans is an excellent choice for women who love to wear denim. This brand comes with all kinds of shirt dresses for every age group.


This brand comes with a wide variety of styles and designs. Every girl can find her match with AND. It also comes with a wide range of shirt dresses.


Here are the tips and styles to make a shirt dress a perfect outfit. You can also get various shirt dress styles along with their images. Choose any one type from them to make it suit your taste.

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