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Top 16 Hairstyles For Round Face To Look Slim

Hairstyle plays a prominent role in determining the overall appearance of one’s face. Hairstyles can enhance or cut the sharpness of your natural facial features. So it is important to do some research and think before opting for a new hairstyle. 

It is best if one chooses the hairstyle according to the shape of one’s face. In India, one of the most common face shapes among women is the round face shape. No doubt this face shape makes women look cute but sometimes the round face ladies feel a bit concerned about finding the right hairstyle to make the face look slimmer and longer.

As it seems you have also been looking for the same, you are at the right place as we have brought you a list of the 12 most suitable Indian hairstyles for a round face to look slim. You can choose them according to your hair length.

Round Face Hair Cut

Short Hairstyle For Round Face To Look Slim

Short hair is getting very popular these days and why not! They are the most hassle-free to manage and look stylish also. Women with a busy working schedule are going short-haired as it requires nearly no time to style them. Here are the trendiest short hairstyles for a round face to look slim.

Pixie Head

Round Face Pixie Head

Pixie hair is a popular hairstyle among short hair women. In this hairstyle, no hair falls on the face. It is a great hairstyle for working women who have a tight schedule as it requires minimal grooming and styling. Also, you can enjoy that childhood tomboy feel that you lost somewhere while growing up. It is a good hairstyle for a round-face woman because it adds an extra height to your face so it looks slimmer.

Women with a round face can try having a pixie with side-swept bangs/fringes. This creates an angular effect on the face and it appears less round. For a day-to-day styling of pixie hair, you can use dry shampoo or hair spray for that voluminous look.

Angled Bob

Round Face Angled Bob

Bob cut has always been a favorite style of women with short hair length. Women with a round face can give a certain twist to the traditional Bob haircut. Instead of the blunt ends bob style, try the angled Bob Cut. This gives sharpness to your soft facial features. About the texture, we would say it’s your choice to go straight or curled. Both look good with Bob hair cut.

Razor Cut Bob is another great option if you want to look different. The whispy hair ends in this style make sure that your face does not look much fuller. 

Tapered Afro

Generally, it is a bit hard for women with a naturally curly hair texture to grow the length of their tresses. So they like to keep them short. 

Round Face Tapered Afro

If you are one such woman then you can try Tapered Afro style to make your face appear less round. In this hairstyle, the sides are kept narrow and the hair on the crown area is arranged in a heightened manner. This makes your whole face look longer and the roundness gets hidden. The natural texture of curly hair proves to be helpful in holding the style and the rest of the work is done by using a generous amount of hairspray.

Side-Swept Hair With Shaved Side

This look has got immensely popular in the last few years. Women with bold personalities are loving this look. One side of the head is shaved almost near to the scalp and the hair on another side is kept in a side-swept style. 

Round Face Side Swept Shaved Side

The whole look gives an amazing slimmed appearance to the face. If you are going for this style, keep the length of the side hair till your chin. It would make your face appear longer. 

Shoulder Length Hairstyle For Round Face To Look Slim

You get a wide variety of hairstyles if you have hair of shoulder length. This length gives enough scope to frame a round face and create that angular effect.

Bouncy Layers

Round Face Bouncy Hair

If you have naturally bouncy hair then we would suggest you go for bouncy face-framing layers. Add soft wavy texture into this hairstyle to get that dreamy look.

Keep the hair side swept to get that angular effect. One thing to make sure in the bouncy layer style is that not too many layers should fall parallel to your cheeks as your face would look rounder then. Instead, the layers should be more around the crown area of the scalp. 

Lob Hair

We all love Jennifer Lopez for her beautiful Lob hair. This style gives a crisp sharpness to her naturally round face.

Round Face Lob Hair

You can also try this hairstyle if you have hair of straight to wavy texture. Keep the length slightly below the chin and it would look like the chin. Shaggy Lobs can be a choice if you do not want to go for the traditional Lob hairstyle. Get them colored and nothing can beat the look.

If you want to have curly texture then you can try Lobs with edgy curls any day. It looks good with both middle and side parting. 

Asymmetric Bob

Round Face Asymmetric Lob

Bob style is considered ideal for women with a round face. Generally, Bob cut is done with short hair but if you have got a bit longer in your hair then asymmetric Bob can be a perfect choice to give the illusion of sharp dimension to your face.

Women with a short height and a round face look the best in this hairstyle. At times you can keep your hair straight or curl them from the end to create a wavy effect. This style would provide you with versatility. 

Medium length hairstyle for round face to look slim

Medium hair length is considered to be exceeding shoulder length but not crossing the waist. In India, the most common hair length is medium hair.

Not too long nor too short, this is the ideal length to be carried with both traditional Indian costumes and western dresses. 

Layered Hair

Round Face Layered Hair

We all must agree to the fact that layers on the tresses look attractive. Using a layered hairstyle for a round face to look slim is a very old practice and still popular all around the globe.

If you have medium hair then you can choose layers. Make sure that the maximum layers fall below the shoulder and least around the cheeks. You can also color the hair to create a really beautiful style out of your layered hair.

Piecey Hairstyle

Round Face Piecey Hairstyle

For a woman with naturally straight hair, Piecey Hairstyle is the best choice. Complete the whole look with curtain bangs and you are ready to rock the world. 

No matter you are a corporate woman or a young college girl, you can count upon this style. The middle-parted curtain bangs would create the desired slimming effect for your round face.

Long hairstyle for round face to look slim

It is no hidden fact that women love long hair. The lustrous long tresses have this ability to attract anyone in no time. If you are a round-faced woman, you can use the length of your hair to make your face look slimmer and longer. Here are a few such styles that can be your next pick.

Long Highlighted Layers

Round Face Long Highlighted Layers

Layers are known for providing a slimming effect to the face and if you have long hair then nothing can be better than choosing a Layered hairstyle to give an elongated effect to your round face.

The highlights on the layers would take the whole style to a new level. You can choose the color of the highlights according to your complexion. Women with a dark complexion can go for red, copper, electric blue shade while the white complexion women can choose colors like Auburn, brown, pink, burgundy, etc.

Straight Hair With Wispy Ends

Straight Hair Wispey End

If you have thin long hair then you can go for this style. The whisky ends make your face look thinner. You can also add bangs with this hairstyle. Curtain bangs look the best with long hair and they will add more dimension to your face. Either keep the hair open or tie in a ponytail with bangs falling freely on your face. 

Multiple V-Cut Layers

Round Face Multiple V-Cut Layers

Women with heavy voluminous hair can try this hairstyle. In this style, multiple V-shaped layers are cut. These layers create a beautiful slimming effect around your face. Also, the hair gets thinner towards the end, thus it is easy to manage the length. The length of the layers can be according to your liking.

Such hair looks jaw-droppingly gorgeous when kept open. With the right color highlights, you can take the game in your control. 

Hairstyle For Round Face To Look Slim With Bangs

Choose bangs hairstyle for round face to look slim. Bangs give a new dimension to the face and also look super cute.

Whenever in doubt, you can always rely on bangs. However, those with a round face must be careful about not choosing plain straight-cut bangs with blunt ends. Either keep them side-swept or get them cut at an uneven length. 

Bangs With Short Straight Hair

Round Face Bangs With Short Hair

If you have straight hair which you have decided to keep short, You can try Bangs. They always go well with such hair. It gives a perfect chick look that can attract anyone.

Side-Swept Bangs

Round Face Side Swept Bangs

Side-swept Bangs have this amazing capacity to frame one’s face. No need to mention that they can make your face look longer. Also, they go well with hair of any length. 

If you have had side-swept bangs for a long time, but want to get a different look then you can try changing the direction of the hair swept to look different. It would also make sure that you do not get any bald spots which are very common among women when the hair parting is not changed for a long time.

Angular Fringe

Round Face Angular Fringes

If you are not sure how bangs would look on your face and that’s why feeling reluctant to cut them in one go then you can try Angular Fringe first.

It suits every hair texture and length. Women with a round face should try this style if they want to make their faces appear thinner without making much change in their original hairstyle. 

Hairstyle For Round Chubby Face To Look Slim

Chubby Round Face Made Slim With Hairstyle

As you are searching for the right hairstyle, we want to give you some tips in this regard so that you can look the best. 

Hair Volume

Choose a style that adds length to your face. The volume of hair should not be around the face. If you have long hair then the volume should fall on the lower side. On the other hand, those who have short hair should avoid having hairstyles with blunt ends. Keep them as edgy as possible. Asymmetric hairstyles are best for this purpose.

Hair Parting

Middle parting can give that much-needed elongated effect to your face. You can always try the middle parting with shoulder-length to long hair. Both wavy and straight texture is suitable for middle parting. 


You can add texture to your hair. If you have naturally straight hair, try having curls and vice versa. This would shift the attention of people from your face to your hair and it would not look as round as it is. 

There is another tip here If you want to have a curly hairstyle then do not go for tight curls. Rather choose loose/ wavy curls. They give an elongated effect whereas the tight curls just add more roundness to your already round face.


You can also do some color experiments with the hairstyle you chose. It would give more dimensions to your face plus the whole effect would make your face look slimmer as all the focus of people would be on your colorful tresses.

With the tips and hairstyle suggestions given above, you can make a big difference in your natural appearance and feel more confident than before.

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