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The Uncomplicated Complete Wig Guide

If we talk about the fashion of 2020 there is one thing which has become a hot favorite of every woman and it is none other than a Hair Wig. Women all around the globe are loving this hair accessory and why shouldn’t they! Wigs are everything they ever aspired to. They can now change their look instantly without having to grow hair for that style.

Wigs of different kinds are available across fashion stores. As the popularity of it is increasing with each passing day, women have lots of questions about it as well.

In this post, we have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about hair wigs for women. I hope you will find the answer to your query regarding wigs.

How To Style a Wig?

Different wig styles

If you have recently purchased a wig with no prior experience of dealing with them then you must be wondering about the correct way of styling the wigs. It is important because the wigs come for a good cost and one would really look forward to finding value for their money spent.

Here Are Certain Tips Regarding The Styling of a Wig

  • Use a good wig brush to detangle the wig hair. Better if its bristles are made up of metal.
  • If you have a synthetic hair wig, do not overexpose it to the heating tools such a straightener or curl iron. Instead of that, use the steaming method if you are looking forward to a certain style. We have talked about this method further in this article.
  • Get yourself a foam head or mannequin while working with a wig. It gives you good access to all parts of the wig which you can not access properly while wearing the wig at your own head.
  • Do not make very tight hairstyles for a long time with wig hair. It can result in a reduction in the lifespan of your wig.

How To Detangle a Wig?

Detangle a wig

It is common for a wig to get tangled easily when you wear it on a regular basis. There is no secretion of natural oil in wig hair like it happens with normal hair and scalp. Due to the lack of natural moisture, you notice more tangles in a wig than the hair on your scalp.

However, you need not stop wearing that wig if the hair in it gets tangled. A good wig comes for a great cost after all. Also if you keep it tangle-free then you can enhance its life. Making a wig free from tangles is a part of wig maintenance after all. There is no denying fact that tangles can harm a wig in the long run. Therefore in order to save your investment and make the most of your money, you have to keep it arranged and tangle-free.

Detangling the wigs is a very simple process. You do not have to use any special product or tool to do the task. Here we will tell you how it is done.

First of all, get a comb that has wide teeth. If you have a lace wig then you should be extra careful while choosing a comb. Make sure the tip of your comb is wide enough not to pull out the sheer string of lace.

If your wig has got dirty then wash it before starting the process. After it, saturate the hair strings using water and some leave-in conditioner. If you want then there are conditioning products available in the market which are specially designed for untangling the wigs. You have to dilute them using some water.

So after selecting the product you want to use for detangling the hair, apply it on the hair strands after putting the wig on a wig stand or mannequin. Once done, start combing the hair from tips to roots with firm hands.

If your wig has bangs then use a fine-tooth comb separately.

Some Tips To Keep It Tangle-Free

  • Get a wig stand. If you are spending money on a good wig then there is no harm in spending a few more bucks on a wig stand. One wig stand will serve you for a lifetime. When you wash or style your wig put it on the wig stand and minimize the chances of it getting tangled.
  • The hair in your wig is not natural. They can not repair themselves as our natural hair can. Therefore you should take care that they get minimum exposure to chemicals and styling. Do not over-wash your wig. It will make the hair of the wig rough and more prone to get tangled. If you are wearing the wig for all the six days in a week then it is okay to wash it once on Sunday.
  • Throughout the day when you are wearing the wig, try to get rid of those few tangles you see on your wig by using your fingers. In this way, you will reduce your wig’s exposure to combs while keeping it free from tangles.

What Does a Wig Brush Look Like?

Wig brush

Wig brush is a kind of comb/ brush specially designed to be used on wig hair. They do not cause such damage to the hair as the normal combs can do. They are made up of metal bristles instead of the brittle plastic once which are used in regular combs. Therefore they create less friction with the wig locks. Talking about the appearance, they look the same as the normal brushes do. However, they cost more than regular combs/ brushes.

If you are purchasing a wig then invest in some good wig brushes as well. They can really expand the life of a wig. Wig brushes are basic tools for wig owners which one can not manage to ignore.

There are lots of wig brush designs available in the market. From the wide tooth wig comb to the looped bristle brush, you can choose one or many according to your need and budget. From detangling to styling the hair locks, brushes are needed everywhere. So better you go for brushes which are specifically designed for wigs.

How To Choose a Good Wig Brush?

Look for a brush which has a bobble design on each bristle. Such brushes are really gentle on the wig locks.

If your wig is made up of human hair, purchase an anti-static human hair wig brush. It will prevent your hair from getting frizzy and rough.

How To Straighten a Wig?

Woman Straightening a Wig

We all want to create different styles with our hair on the scalp, be it our own hair or wig. So there is nothing wondering about you wanting to straighten your wig hair.

However, you have to be a little careful because they are not like our natural hair which can repair themselves. The damage caused to a wig by heating tools is permanent and cut short its life. You can lower the amount of this damage by using certain tips and tricks.

First of all, your wig should be of really good quality if you want to use heating tools on it. For a human hair wig, it is okay but if you own a synthetic hair wig you need to be extra precautious. Also, the hair straightener should be of a good brand and not one of those cheap tools. A good hair straightener has a temperature control feature which is extremely beneficial while straightening the wig hair.

So to start the straightening process, put the wig on a wig stand after detangling it. If you have washed the wig then it should be dried completely. Secure the wig completely with the wig stand so that it doesn’t move while you straighten the hair.

Now spray some heat protectant on the wig. All the hair should be covered in the spray to ensure the least damage. Meanwhile, put your flat iron for getting pre-heated. The temperature of the iron should be at a minimum. Remember, the temperature should not be more than 120°Celsius i.e 248° Fahrenheit. Temperature more than this can cause serious born to a synthetic wig.

Start the straightening process from the bottom of the hair. Once you cover all the hair at tips, go for the middle part and then to the top. After straightening, keep them untouched for at least 5 minutes. Comb them and you will get hair which is super straight.

How To Straighten a Wig Without Heat?

Straighten a Wig Without Heat

Nowadays synthetic hair wig is equally popular as human hair wigs. There are plenty of reasons to support this popularity, for instance, they are affordable, have low maintenance and look good.

However, synthetic hair big has certain limitations as well. One such limitation is you can not use heating tools on them. Obviously, the synthetic hair is made up of fiber which is very much similar to plastic, and using heating tools such a straightener or curling iron will damage the wig or even burn it if the wig is not heat friendly.

Therefore it is common for the owners of a synthetic hair wig to look for ways they can straighten their wig without using any heat. Well, completely no heat is not an option but there are methods that use very low heat to straighten the wig hair.

For this, you need to have a steamer. If you have one, then the remaining things become simple.

The process goes like this

  • Put your wig on a wig stand.
  • Make sure it does not have any tangle. If there are, detangle it by using a comb and brush.
  • Now make small sections of all hair and secure them using clips or rubber bands.
  • Start steaming each section by unclipping it. While you do so keep combing the wig hair with firm hands.
  • Do this process with each section. However, make sure that you do not keep the steamer too close to the hair as it can damage the hair.
  • Once all sections are done, keep repeating the process until you get the desired results.
  • When the wig is completely straightened, let it air dry for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Finish the process by spraying the wig conditioner on all the hair.

Now enjoy your day with completely straightened hair that too without the guilt of damaging your wig.

How To Wear a Wig With Long Hair?

Wear a Wig With Long Hair

It is okay if you have got long beautiful hair but you still want to wear a wig. Sometimes we get bored with our natural hair but we do not want to cut them short so to try a new lookout, wigs are a great option. However, for most such women, the problem lies in how they will hide their hair inside the wig. This is tricky and time-consuming but possible.

We will tell you how to hide long hair inside the wig.

For this, separate your hair into two sections. Start braiding each section and secure the braids with a rubber band. Now crisscross the two braids at the back of your hair using bobby pins. It will look roughly similar to this Dutch Tiara Hairstyle.

Dutch Tiara Hairstyle

Once done, wear a wig cap. After this, you can wear your wig like you normally do. Instead of braiding the hair, you can also make to lower buns which are flat. Use lots of bobby pins to secure the hair properly.

How To Make a Realistic Hairline On a Wig?

Realistic Hairline On a Wig

If you have noticed the hairline of a normal human being, you will find that it is not straight but uneven at places.

Giving a close look at someone’s natural hairline, you will notice that they have got more or less baby hair around their frontal hairline. So when you wear a wig, you have to create these baby hair manually and also turn the straight hairline into a bit zig-zagged.

First of all, make the hairline of the wig less bulky by plucking some hair from the hairline. Once you are satisfied with the volume at the front, there comes the baby hair part.

For baby hairs, you have to separate some hair strands from the wig. Take them in the front while keeping the remaining hair at back secured with some clips. Chop the hair which you just separated, with the help of a razor. Once they get the desired length for baby hair, you are done.

The plucked hairline and baby hair will give the much needed realistic look to your wig.

If you do not want to pluck the hairline of the wig then you can cut the hair of wig into bangs. It would conceal the hairline at the front and at the same time look super stylish.

How To Pluck a Wig?

Pluck a Wig

Whenever you purchase a new wig, plucking it around the hairline is a necessary process that you cannot manage to avoid. The reason being it has a straight hairline which is quite uncommon in the human being. So in order to make the big hair believable, you have to pluck it by yourself.

Though nowadays lots of wigs come with an already plucked hairline. However, they are more expensive and you are still needed to do your bit because the hairline of everyone is different and one universal measurement can not fit everyone.

Do not worry! We will tell you how to do it with complete perfection. All you need is a good pair of tweezers and some clips.

Now it’s your choice you keep the wig on a wig stand or on your own head. If you place it on a stand then take a thorough look at your natural hairline and follow it on the wig. You can take pictures also for a better reference.

On the other hand, if you wear the wig on your head then your natural hairline which is visible underneath the shear strip of lace will guide you.

Secure the wig completely on the stand /your head. Once done, start plucking the hair from the hairline from one side to the another.

Point Of Caution

  • Do not pluck lots of hair in one go. Pluck a small bunch of hair strands first and see how the hairline looks. Go for a second round and if acquired, for third too.
  • Lace is a delicate thing therefore, always use your hand to press the lace around when you pluck the hair of a particular place.
  • Do not over pluck the hair as in that case you would not be able to hide the lace properly.

How To Make a Wig Less Shiny?

Shiny wigs

Synthetic wigs are a great deal from the affordability and quality perspective. Due to these reasons, they are actually very popular. However, they come with certain drawbacks, and being unbelievably shinny is one of them.

Most of the people who buy synthetic wigs have this complaint of having a wig that is ‘too’ shinny to believe. This much shine in wig which is of course over the top, states it loudly that it is a wig and not natural hair. People tend to notice such too-shinny hair and they will come to know very easily that you are wearing a wig.

In order to save yourself from this embarrassment, you have to minimize its shine and to your surprise, it is very easy to be done at home.

Here are some tricks and tips following which you can make your wig look completely natural.

Use Vinegar


We all know that Vinegar has surprising effects on the hair. However, you would be glad to know that it can work for reducing the shine of the wig as well.

The method goes like this. Fill a spray bottle with 3/4 water and 1/4 vinegar. Now put the wig on a wig stand and start spraying the solution you prepared. While you do so, use a wig brush all throughout the hair to disperse the solution well.

Once done, let the wig dry. You will notice a significant change regarding the shine in hair. If required repeat the process.

Give It a Wash

Washing a wig

The Chemicals present in shampoos work towards reducing the shine of your wig. You can try this method very easily. Wash your wig several times using shampoo. Please mind using a shampoo that is specifically designed for synthetic hair.

When you get desired result by using shampoo do not forget to condition them well.

Use Powder

Wig powder

Using talcum or translucent powder gives you very quick and effective results. However, make sure that you do not use powder on hair which is dark in color as the Powder would be visible on it. For such hair use dry shampoo instead.

If you have a wig which has locks of light color, then any powder like baby powder, translucent powder or talcum powder is more than suitable for the purpose.

To start the process, put the wig on a wig stand. Make sure the wig is dry completely. Now sprinkle some powder on the crown and using a wig brush, disperse it till the hair tips.

Almost each hair strand should be covered with some powder. Shake off the excess powder once you are done.

If you are using dry shampoo for the same purpose, do not worry. It is just dry shampoo at the place of powder. The rest of the process remains the same.

What Is a Half Wig?

Half Wig

As the name suggests, they cover only half part of your head. When you wear this wig, it covers the backside of your head while at the front, your natural hair is visible. Generally, they have a headband at the front to conceal the beginning of wig on your scalp. Both human hair and synthetic hair varieties are available in this kind of wigs.

Apart from being called ‘Half Wigs’, there are some other popular terms as well which refer to the same thing.

  • 3/4 wig
  • Topper wig
  • Wigglet
  • Hair topper
  • Fall
  • Hair enhancer
  • Accessory hair

These wigs are mostly used by women who want to add volume in their natural hair. The reason for hair loss can be anything from genetic to a prolonged disease.

Using a half hair wig is a great way to add length into your hair tresses without anyone finding it. Also, there are hairstyles which require a good amount of hair on the head. In such cases, half hair wigs come out to be really helpful.

How To Wear a Half Hair Wig?

Like many other wigs, the half wig also has clips and comb attached to it. You have to wear it by securing those clips with your actual hair. The hair at the front is your own so you can style them like your normal hair. If worn properly, no one would be able to know that you are wearing a wig.

For those who are conscious at the beginning, can wear a headband where the wig front lies. It will give you good coverage while enhancing your style.

How To Make a Half Wig Look Natural?

A half wig is a great choice if you want to add volume and length into your hair in no time. Due to the busy lifestyle of the present world, it is too difficult for women to maintain a good volume and length in their hair. So what to do in cases when you want to flaunt your beautiful tresses because it looks well with your outfit of the day? The answer is a half wig. With this wig, you can showcase your real hair while at the same time can add a good volume to them.

Unlike the other wigs, some part of your actual hair is visible when you wear a half wig. However, when you buy a half wig, there is this one point you need to keep in mind. Pick a wig the color of which closely resemble the color of your own hair. The reason is quite obvious. When one wears a half wig, some part of their actual hair is visible. So if the color of your wig does not match the color of the hair on your scalp, everyone will get to know that you are wearing fake hair.

While You Put The Wig On The Head

Putting The Wig On The Head

Separate the hair at the front from the hair at back. Basically, the hair which would be covered under the wig is to be separated from the hair which would be visible. Now keeping the hair in the front section left open, make cornrows of the rest of the hair. If you have hair that is very fine and you are looking for volume in your hair then you can backcomb them instead of making cornrows braids.

Once done with this process, take your wig. See it has a comb attached inside. Insert this Comb inside your actual hair while wearing a wig on the head. There are clips and comb on the side as well using which you can secure the wig properly. Generally, they are pressure sensitive clips so there are fewer chances of them getting loose.

Now the hair which you left open, make a style of your choice. No one would be able to tell that you are wearing a wig.

What Color Wig Cap Should I Get?

Different wig cap colors

Wearing the wig without a wig cap is a mistake one should avoid doing. If you are aspiring for a look that seems completely natural, you cannot avoid wearing a wig cap. It is also good if you have a sensitive scalp. The wig provides an extra layer of comfort to your scalp. So you do not need to worry about the itchiness and irritation which you feel while wearing a wig without a wig cap.

No doubt you can wear a wig even without a wig cap on but it is always good to wear one. Now comes the question, “Which color of the cap is the most ideal one?” For the answer to this, first, consider the color of your skin around the scalp. Choose a wig cap that is one shade lighter or darker than it. If you go beyond this, the color may pop-up to say that you are wearing a wig. Though the chances of this are very less because the hair gives good coverage to the scalp but it is not at all recommendable to take the risk. Your wig-cap may show up when you make certain hairstyles like ponytail with wig hair. Therefore always remember to buy a wig cap that closely resembles your skin color.

How To Put a Wig Cap On?

Putting a Wig Cap On

So when you finally found a wig cap which is ideal for you, here comes the part where we will tell you how wig cap should be worn.

First, you have to prepare your actual hair to hide them under the wig. The best way is to make cornrows that you can conceal completely under the wig cap. If you are making these braids then Awesome! However, if you have short hair then you can directly tuck them inside the wig cap. You can also make a lower bun if you want.

After choosing the style for your hair, put the wig cap on. If you have a sensitive scalp then spraying some skin protectant is a good idea.

Now comes the wearing part. You have to align the wig cap with the natural hairline of your hair all throughout the scalp. The wig cap should hide all the hairlines. Once you wear it, stretch it from every side to make sure no lumps are there on the scalp. The bottom of the cap should completely in touch with the base of your head.

If any hair strand has remained outside, tuck it inside the wig cap. When you are sure that all the hair is covered under the cap secure the cap with some bobby pins. Better if you use lots of them as it will make sure your cap stays firm all throughout the day. After this, you can wear the wig as you do normally.

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